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When She’s Hungry I Cum In Her Mouth lyrics

Browse for When She’s Hungry I Cum In Her Mouth song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed When She’s Hungry I Cum In Her Mouth lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to When She’s Hungry I Cum In Her Mouth.

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Smosh - Meat in your mouth lyrics

re playing games and need something to ... chew You're super hungry so what do I do? I PUT THAT ... MEAT IN YOUR MOUTH I PUT THAT MEAT IN YOUR MOUTH ... YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT WHEN I PUT THAT MEAT IN YOUR MOUTH

3rd Bass - Herbalz in your mouth lyrics

t drink the milk (why?) IT'S SPOILED! [Pete Nice] Eyes ... to open, alarm clock's broken I'm steppin out the bed but ain ... t a booty line spoken Stick a 40 to my lips, I sips and

Akinyele Adams - Put it in your mouth lyrics

me Left me sad and blue I didn't know what to do... Without my baby baby baby baby ... And then I met his best friend And hetook me to his ... house And I said... I said... (what you said baby) let

Scarface - In and out feat devin too hort lyrics

Hotel, motel, deep up in a hoe's tail P**** smellin ... Knock that top back, told her I'd be right back Nigga where your wife at, y'all niggas ... don't like that I bring a bitch the rough shit, you be on

The Pack - In my car lyrics

Chorus] Riding down the street and I see ... a pretty girl she wants me, I want her I will take her to ... my world I'm in my car I'm stunting in my car You

Brown Brigade - In the mouth of baddness lyrics

anums deep in trainfare, alond the path to ... badness. Funk forged with blues to serve their , ... of peace not warfare. Into The Mouth he goes. You ... ve got to know In to The mouth of badd(d)ness he goes Those

Sacred Steel - In the mouth of madness lyrics

is the new Bible Wretched Sanctity Gather ... the Disciples Madness reigns supreme Take heed, the ... new Religion Spreading like Disease The Hunter now the Victim The Elder Ones break free

Deez Nuts - In your mouth lyrics

that shit, Deez Nuts in your mouth, bitch! F*** that shit, Deez ... Nuts in your mouth, bitch! F*** that shit, Deez ... Nuts in your mouth, bitch

Alabama - She's got that look in her eyes lyrics

s still got those pretty eyes Like ... she did in school The first time that she looked at me My ... heart went ka-boom Today I saw that look again On sale in summer square She looked so

Atmosphere - In her music box lyrics

had a bad dream in the back seat Same one as ... as last week Surrounded by her favorite favorites Elmo, ... Barbie, her purple baby blanket And that ... little Matchbox it looks just like Dad's car It's fast on the leather,

Nightmares - In the mouth of madness (ft. tyler carter) lyrics

can see the light even though I can't reach it But I know ... yeah I know one day my world will change Standing on the ... edge of the world I can see everything from

Basshunter - In her eyes lyrics

s A Saturday Night Nothing Will Go Wrong But If It Does Do ... I Care ? I Just Don't Know How To Run It's A Saturday Night And I ... Hope You Believe My Heart Is Calling Your Name So Hear

Gwar - In her fear lyrics

her fear in her fear in her fear You tried to walk away ... How far did you go And then you came ... You called to let me know I went to visit you I rode on

Alesana - In her tomb by the sounding sea lyrics

I'm thinking we should maybe just run ... away from here with no plan of coming back. We ... stay away forever, our anguished love will be all we have ... and... I will save your life, (it's happening again, it

Beseech - In her arms lyrics

so I close my eyes I wait for her Please help me die ... please end my tears Standing by the sea, watching her ... ragering waves Beautyful as she ... no one could ever be Praying for the rain, to wash me

Converge - In her shadow lyrics

is at the end chasing her own fading light running ... from her shadow in the name of living searched ... for worth in the lust of men paid in ... blood in different beds mistaking sex for true love

Josh Groban - In her eyes lyrics

my shadow She sees something more Believes there's a light in me She is sure And her truth makes me stronger Does ... she realize I awake every morning With her

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - In her eyes lyrics

never seems to say alot But I know she's got alot to say ... She keeps her feelings to herself But I know she's feeling ... to me Of love that never dies I can see her feelings In

Pursuit Of Happiness - In her dreams lyrics

offer She does not take By night she dreams she's taken ... who laugh as they prey She's wild, Satan's beautiful child ... And she giggles at the thought of being

Brandy - In my own little corner lyrics

as mild and as meek as a mouse When I hear a command I obey ... But I know of a stop in my house where no one can ... stand in my way In my own little corner In my own little

Ex Deo - In her dark embrace lyrics

she sleeps in my arms She caresses the ... storm inside of me The thunder wakes ... the tyrant Unleash the beast inside of me She rules with a ... deadly grip Colossal and unmerciful Her majesty is vast and wide

Foxes - In her arms lyrics

ve been dreaming over I've been dreaming over half ... the lies You've been looking at me You've been looking ... at me eye to eye Take it easy Lift your feet up off

Converge - In her blood lyrics

are nothing more than dying royalty you are nothing ... more than a fading drama queen your spelling ... errors in love letters just stole your ... crown you are nothing more than late night

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - "when they come for me" (live in red square) lyrics

pattern that we follow. The pill that I'm on is a tough one ... to swallow. I'm not criminal not a role model. Not a ... born leader I'm a though act to follow. I

My Bloody Valentine - (when you wake) you're still in a dream lyrics

the same You know, you're simply a game I see you've ... messed up your laughing head I'll take you again, again When you wake you're still in a ... dream Not real, though I love you unclean I'm telling

Busta Rhymes - Wife in law lyrics

Jaheim] Yeah yeah yeah yeah, Yeah ... Jah and Busta-Bus (Heh) Jaheim and Busta baby (Heh) Jah ... .. [Busta Rhymes] Yeah.. wife in law, my bitch for the triflin whore Type of bitch to

Icon ( Usa ) - Hungry for love lyrics

since she can remember She'd ... play with love and never lose She ... more than one man could give her She'll find a way to get to ... you HUNGRY FOR LOVE Had a taste and she

Jessica Andrews - Hungry love lyrics

in the woods in a shotgun shack Right ... above the railroad tracks In old junk cars and tractor ... Marylou, she grew up Hungry love Her daddy, he left with a new barmaid Mama's in

A Very Potter Senior Year - Get in my mouth lyrics

away from me, oh no Baby I cannot breathe Without you inside of me When I look at ... you I think of one thing I feel embarrassed 'cause I ... know it's obscene I want you I need you I'll

Nickelback lyricsNickelback - Something in your mouth lyrics

meet the hottie With the million dolar body They say its ... over budget But you'd pay her just to touch it Come on ... Needs to hit the big screen And shoot a little

Gretchen - Mouth full of nails lyrics

She says so She won't stop Till she knows That she can ... pull your every string She wants to bring you ... clown, Your the... Ruby lips Silky hair Don't get

Sophie B. Hawkins - Your tongue like the sun in my mouth lyrics

met a woman from another time I couldn't think But a drink from her eyes Was like ... water to wine She wet my dreams with her ... distinctive mind I search the desert for a

2 Live Crew - When we get them hoes lyrics

) = the fellas [ ] = Mr. Mixx Intro: Mr. Mixx ... YEAHHHHHHH, BA-BYYYY!! It's the boys, we gon' do it like this, one time for ya mind ... All the boys in the house ... y'knahmsayin!

Rage - Mouth of greed lyrics

you, you wanna know what time it is You could say it's too ... late for you, that's how it is It's the time of the ... superhuman intellectual And we learn how

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Trapped in the closet (chapter 14) lyrics

opens and someone gets out First thing you see is some ... Black shades on scarf around her head and mouth Who could it ... be? Why are they here? Up the stairs they're goin

Dave Navarro - Hungry lyrics

is her dinner? Where are the flowers she can ... press? When will she leave here? Been here for hours and no ... less Please leave me here in the empty world Where is

Navarro Dave - Hungry lyrics

is her dinner? Where are the flowers she can ... press? When will she leave here? Been here for hours and no ... less Please leave me here in the empty world Where is

The Kooks - Bad taste in my mouth lyrics

night’s just getting longer Oh, am I still ... lonely? And the days are getting slower Is this for some ... reason? I’m still lonely [Chorus:] Now ... that I’ve got everything I wanted Still a bad taste in

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - When a man lies lyrics

he makes her feel When he look her in the eyes and ... tell her I love you, yeah He seems so ... for real When he whispers and says I'll never ... And he speaks them words to her heart And make her feel like

Juelz Santana - Her, him and me lyrics

Lil' Wayne talking:] What's up It's me Yep, ... uhm I've had plenty episodes with various women, but it's just this one I must tell ... you about... [Verse: Lil' Wayne] I met her in Victoria's She was hotter than a

The Byrds - Hungry planet lyrics

m a hungry planet, I had a youthful face They ... were in hurry to go to outer space ... bombs and tungsten, ore and iron too So they climbed and ... they dug and they blew divided me right in two I'm a hungry planet orbiting in the sky

Twin Shadow - When we're dancing lyrics

Verse 1:] I'm trying to remember all the things ... that I've moaned They all shine soft and stand alone Like I picture you waiting at the ... end of a bridge But it's hard for me to render up

La Coka Nostra - Gun in your mouth lyrics

Charlestown bank robbers, this one's for you. C'mon I ... mma rob a bank then I'mma bounce down south With a ... smile on my face and my gun in your mouth Stick up the

Merril Bainbridge - Mouth lyrics

feel like i've been blown apart There ... are pieces here I don't know where they go I ... don't know where they go Kiss me on my salty lips I bet ... you feel little crazy but for me We'll

Ian Brown - Corpses in their mouths lyrics

tell lies when the truth will do You are the social ... What on earth we gonna do with you? Slip your neck into a ... rope Show me a smile, youd run a mile Then you

I Am Ghost - Lady madeline in her coffin lyrics

was a time when stillness meant nothing to me. ... Once, silence meant lack of sound; ... Fall came once a year. I danced, redcheeked, each year ... s first snow, tongue out to taste

Naglfar - Emerging from her weepings lyrics

in grief Across the distant fields I am the desire ... of which engraved thee... The ... formation was set An enormous storm ... arouse As the thirteenth night ablazed With its web of

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Trapped in the closet (chapter 16) lyrics

quot;Mmm... [blows smoke] I see." Sylvester looks up ... And says, "Congratulations, man, it looks like you ... went And had yourself a little T." Twan says,

Drive-by Truckers - When walter went crazy lyrics

Walter went crazy she was sitting on the couch Painting her ... toenails and drinking a Tab He walked out of the ... bedroom with a cigarette in his mouth and he poured gasoline in a circle all around the

Emmure - Looking a gifthorse in the mouth lyrics

called me captain. I dragged her into the deepest seas What ... am I supposed to do now with these pictures and these ... memories Now that I've thrown you away This is

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - Once upon a time in the projects lyrics

upon a time in the projects, yo I damn ... near had to wreck a ho I knocked on the door - &quot ... Who is it?" It's Ice Cube, come to pay a little

Max B - Fif in yo mouth lyrics

Hook:] I ain't tryna battle rap I'm a ... put the fif' in ya mouth I ain't tryna be ya homie I'm a ... put the fif' in ya mouth You's a cream puff nigga I

The Amity Affliction - Blood in my mouth lyrics

around, but I can feel it It looms above me, and I still ... fear it There's no one here Yet I am screaming Buried alive, wish I was dreaming. ... .. No love could f***ing save me It's far away,

Motionless In White - Dead as f*** lyrics

is a girl driven mad by the relentless ... forces of the beyond He will not relent, as he comes for ... her again and again I put my hearse in reverse, ... gonna go for a drive Up to cemetery, get inside

The Bled - Ruth buzzi better watch her back lyrics

frozen layers sleeps a fragile woman. Waiting for her ... glass. The sun betrays the light that it once shed. And ... daughter cuts the hair. Tangled in a silver brush.

Blondie - Words in my mouth lyrics

wrote this song for someone else to sing To see what a meeting of ... the minds might bring But we're not exactly two ... of a kind And our meeting has come to a grind

Jimmy Fallon lyricsJimmy Fallon - Balls in your mouth lyrics

oil spill, by BP Has left tar balls, ... over the sea So don't go swimming, down in the south ... Unless you want, tar balls in your mouth Balls in ... your mouth, balls in your mouth Don't swim in the ocean you

Gucci Mane - Mouth full of golds lyrics

pardon me but I'm passin gas To my entourage, no gas ... masks I'm in my old school, with the Georgia tag With my ... Georgia ass and my red flag I'm g'd up from the feet up In

Jimmy Fallon lyricsJimmy Fallon - Balls in your mouth lyrics

oil spill, by BP Has left tar balls, ... over the sea So don't go swimming, down in the south ... Unless you want, tar balls in your mouth Balls in ... your mouth, balls in your mouth Don't swim in the ocean you

Dead Boys - Caught with the meat in your mouth lyrics

flashes burning my brain Your tongue lashing drive ... me insane From New York City to L.A. You're known as ... the hottest lay Anya pink canopy gonna shackle ya'

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