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Against All Authority - When it comes down to you lyrics

stands a target behind the counter. And ... she burns alittle more from every encounter. ... Spit on, again and again, till her eyes are ... bloodshot. Now, its slowly sunken in. &quot

Foreigner - When it comes to love lyrics

remember the day seems so far away When I walked into your ... life And the look in your eyes, how it took you by surprise But it ... Then I drew you in, told you anything 'Cause I wanted you

Jettblack - When it comes to lovin' lyrics

girl's on fire I'm talkin' top of the line, head of ... the heap She's so hot she burns my ... blues away Now I'm no liar She's got a body so fine ... she'd make a grown man weep It comes to mind I think she

Domain - When it comes to love lyrics

in my heart where it's cold and lonely Keeping the memory ... of you So far apart I wanna have you only This time no ... doubt about it This time - and when it comes to love I let

Minnie Riperton - When it comes down to it lyrics

it comes down to it and it’s time I get it on Ain’t no ... way to do it You can find yourself alone All you ... high falutin’ ain’t worth nothin’ when you’re

Jeremy Messersmith - A girl, a boy, and a graveyard lyrics

takes the long way home Meets me in a field of ... stone She says: "I don't know how I'm s'pose to feel ... My body's cold my guts are twisted steel" And

Liza Minnelli - When it comes down to it lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Tasmin Archer - When it comes down to it lyrics

ve done nothing wrong but it seems so long since we've shared some time and i say i don ... t mind but oh when it comes down to it do you really wanna? but oh when it comes

Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The - When it comes to us lyrics

turning up when it comes to us He is come and get you ... when you had enough You are gonna drop when it comes to us ... But we do it again Go and when it comes to us Way we dress

Aaron Carter - When it comes to you lyrics

yeah (oh yeah) Six thirty mama get you out of bed e-mail ... what you gonna wear to you girlfriend Skip you Breakfast, ... forget your backpack When your half way, and you runback Your daddy's angel with a

Incubus - When it comes lyrics

s coming around again they're letting it out again, again When it comes, its ... comes abrupt and it feels it feels like trading brains with an imbisul, for real. Yes

Tyler Hilton - When it comes lyrics

Piece of wood to follow A day that doesn't come To ... the lucky And I realize there's tomorrow But I ... would rather wallow In the rain then moods that seem So

4him - When it comes to livin' lyrics

s only one thing that matters in life in spite of the ... way it might seem it's not when you're born it's not when you ... die but what have you done in between so don't spend

Evans Blue - A cross and a girl named blessed lyrics

Clarkson, Kevin; Lauzon, Joseph; She wears her ... butterfly on her wrist But she might as ... well cut it's head off She's holding different ... weapons To kill the ghost inside Or

Rockpile - A knife and a fork lyrics

you let a knife and fork dig your grave You eat every kind of food you ain't ... nothing but a slave If you don't slacken up your pace They ... re gonna throw food in your face Girl, you let a knife and

U2 lyricsU2 - A man and a woman lyrics

sister Don't you worry about a thing today Take the heat ... from the sun Little sister I know that ... is not ok But you're like honey on my tongue True love

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - A rose and a baby ruth (george hamilton iv co.. lyrics

doo, doo, doo... We had a quarrel A teenage quarrel Now I ... m as blue as I know how to be I can't call you on the phone I can't ... even see you at your home So I'm sending

Death Cab For Cutie - A diamond and a tether lyrics

Take pity on me 'Cause I'm not half the man that ... I should be Always turning to run From the ... people I should not be afraid of And darlin' you ... should know That I have fantasies about being alone It's

Linda Ronstadt - A number and a name lyrics

many times have I read farewell lines In the things that you never seemed to say How ... many times have I read those last lines And wondered why it ... ended this way Words of goodbye and all

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - A number and a name lyrics

many times have I read farewell lines In the things that you never seemed to say? ... How many times have I read those last lines And wondered why it ended this way?

Panda Bear - A musician and a filmmaker lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available (instrumental

Amber Gris - A mercherant and a red flower lyrics

mata shirase ga todoita. kawaita nodo o shimetsukeru you na ... surechigau imin no kora mo yuku saki sae shiranu no ... darou. sakamaku sajin ni oku suru koto naku, KYARABAN wa nishi e susumu. ashiato, tachidokoro kaze ni sarawarete kieyukedo, sore mo sadame deshou. hanayagu hibi ni

8ball & Mjg - When it's on lyrics

Verse 1: MJG] I'm just a drop top flippin', flippin' ... Fifth of Yacht sippin', sippin' Dope crack that's going in the strip ... clubs tippin' MJG ah, P.I.M.P. ah F*** a blind date, oh no, I got to see her

Black Lungs - A blessing and a curse lyrics

re getting closer to Babylon. Will you let me go to

Harry Connick Jr. - A blessing and a curse lyrics

forget what happens on the fourth of july Or when ... the rent is due Dates and deadlines just float by But I always remember you What ... set out to discover Isabelle already knew There’ll be horizons and skylines and other

M83 - A guitar and a heart lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available (instrumental

Mayhem - A bloodsword and a colder sun (pt. i of ii) lyrics

came like a sudden death in the family No one ... coming of... In the multi layers of paralyzed christened ... lies But which the earth exploded And bodies

Jo Dee Messina - On a wing and a prayer lyrics

sits in the dark Quietly cursing him and ... this love While she's rehearsing every line She's gonna ... say when she walks away On a wing and a prayer Looking

Okkervil River - A king and a queen lyrics

you want to see and be seen, then be seen Your ... dress is dark red and your opening eyes are ... bright green Make a scene, but don't lie on the ... bed Laid out like you're dead, because honey, you're

Rotersand - A number and a name lyrics

we are Shapin' your tomorrow We're not afraid To beg or steal or ... borrow Now here you are Welcome to confusion We ... ll keep you safe Stuck in your illusion

Defeater - A wound and a scar lyrics

stand next to an empty grave Where my friends will lay ... down Into their resting place. Got a purple heart For a ... wound and scar They just send letters home

Elessär - A kiss and a rose lyrics

into my eyes And see your future inside What is awaiting for me At the ... end of this road I have always been afraid of losing ... things that I don't have those things that make me

Camel - A nod and a wink lyrics

Tired little eyes. Time to climb the ... wooden hill. Sleep tight Safe in the night. Wander ... through your dreams at will. The stars are awake ... And blinking their silvery tears on the moon. Don't be afraid, For carpets of magic can

Cephalic Carnage - A king and a thief lyrics

misled by certainty is like confusing pessimistic despair for ... wisdom Said the joker to the rectopath ... thief Well its better the imperial abattoir ... he replied Onslaught and plunder Stains her thighs with murder Brutal c-section is

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - A time and a place lyrics

is a place, a time and a space Just no one can trace, that non one can trace. ... Somewhere a hill, where things are still ... rain water spill, just rain water spill. Sleep in a dream

Flogging Molly - With a wonder and a wild desire lyrics

with a wonder and a wild desire I will crawl ... from under every weight With a wonder and a wild desire ... Bless the day it was I shared your name Yesterday

Goodnight Nurse - A shadow and a prayer lyrics

lies deep within Lead the way, Lead the way blinded Be afraid, Be afraid of this Fate ... cuts through my skin Lead the way, Lead the way ... blinded Be afraid, Be afraid of this Pain runs

Hot Water Music - A flight and a crash lyrics

s one of time passed of a flight and a crash, over and again, In Boulder and San Francisco, a halfway house pack ... home Back out of his head. Out searching, for the escape. for an answer, or a reason

Meat Loaf - A man and a woman lyrics

as the band began to play Without a song they lose their way A song of love and custom ... dreams A song of yesterday When they danced When ... they danced Her skirts were lifted

Shok Paris - On a wing and a prayer lyrics

through life you take chances all the time situation, ... do or die all frustration, no reply till you die life ... never treats you kind it's problems, fill your mind

Atmosphere - A heave and a ho lyrics

i heave and a ho a heave and a ho and i heave and a ho a ... heave and a ho and i heave and a ho a heave and a ho and ... i heave for them hos as we approach another eve momentum

Perry Como - A bushel and a peck lyrics

oodle ooh doo, doo ! ) What'cha doin' Hutton? Doodlin' ... . . . can you doodle? Can I doodle? ~ I can't get it ... outta my noodle! How come? 'Cause I love you a bushel an' a

Bright Eyes - A spindle, a darkness, a fever, and a necklac.. lyrics

turn on a spindle. You are so much looser now but you ... re not explaining how you gained such new repose. I touch ... the clasp of your locket, with its picture held, some

Belinda Carlisle - A woman and a man lyrics

took a walk today to where the ocean meets ... the sky I thought about the way They always say ... love never dies And as the sun went down I saw a ... lovers silhouette A woman and a man in a dance I envied

The Smiths - A rush and a push and the land is ours lyrics

HELLO I am the ghost of Troubled Joe ... Hung by his pretty white neck Some eighteen months ago I travelled to a mystical ... time zone And I missed my bed And I soon

Primal Fear - When death comes knocking lyrics

s a sign in the sky And the thunder is calling my name When it comes to the point ... Agony turns into pain There's no surrender! I ... know I'll never give in I won't stop fightin' When death

Shaman's Harvest - Here it comes lyrics

t do it baby don't put yourself against the wall. I could do it more. And ... to know this, they're just waiting to watch us fall. We'll ... disappoint them all. All day I wait I wait all day.

Astral Doors - When darkness comes lyrics

on the bible; hand on the book that speaks of war ... Two different faces of the world Now and for always; look there behind the walls of time To blind the

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - When christmas comes lyrics

whole world Feels a little bit more love When Christmas comes When Christmas comes And ... everywhere that you go People singing &quot ... Let It Snow" And hanging up That mistletoe And me and you gonna have

Great Big Sea - When i'm up (i can't get down) lyrics

am the fountain of affection I'm the instrument of joy And ... just put your trust in me, Cause we'll keep the good times ... rolling Wait and see, wait and see....oh wait and see!

Grim Reaper - When heaven comes down lyrics

heaven comes down, look out They say I ... m a loser, and it's tearing me apart, But I'll show ... them they're wrong, and believe me I don't fool around One thing you can bet on is I ain't losing heart, I

Rosanne Cash - September when it comes lyrics

s a cross above the baby's bed, A saviour in her ... dreams. But she was not delivered then, And the ... baby became me. There's a light inside the darkened

Jamie O´neal - Ready when it comes lyrics

wakes up some days life is cruel She's on a ... chain gang sittin' in a typing pool And her brain ... feels all dragged down The gossip flies, ... the coffee's stale She wants to run outside and scream

Sean Paul - It's on lyrics

Well dey a hav some bwoy a gwaan like dem a gal short ... (Dem a get caught) Yuh bwoy a dem mind a nuh too sharp Yuh ... dun kno say right now, Blackshot and Sean-A-Paul a lef

Bay City Rollers - Let's go (a huggin' and a kissin' in the moon.. lyrics

let’s go Let's go, huggin' and a kissin' in the moonlight ... I know, you and I together make it so right Let’s go, girl ... I told your mumma and it’s alright We’ll be alone, baby

Deliverance ( Usa ) - A little sleep (w/ 12th tribe) lyrics

Rapps Galore) Oh what a trip when it comes so swift, drift ... into a state of tranquility, but it’s my curse of fallacy, flow trails of idiocy, ... hope gone astray, can’t find it, nope, nope – no

Ice-t - It's on lyrics

Ice, the organization say they can't stay in business with us any longer. What you gonna do? We always knew we were ... gonna come to this point sooner or later... we have absolutely no option but to

H.e.a.t - It's all about tonight lyrics


Eddy Arnold - When it's roundup time in heaven lyrics

they tell me of a place and they tell me of a day ... Where the saints shall be gathered to stay They shall ... come from the east they shall come from the west Whe we

Jonas Brothers - It's on lyrics

A little guitar please 1,2,3,4! I hope your ready for the time of your lives ... Just look at me I put a gleam in your eye Buckle up we're ... gonna take you for a ride Let's go we gotcha

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