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Nomy - When im gone lyrics

I remember when you stood outside my door ... But its too late to say Im sorry youre on your own Your ... wonder how you will live When you have nothing to give

Billy Ray Cyrus - When im gone lyrics

what'll you think about me when I'm gone, said and done? ... What will you think about me when I'm gone, said and done, When old memories fall like ... What'll you think about me when I'm gone? Will some other

Power Quest - When im gone lyrics

mark the holy ground And when I'm gone, the world carries ... And you must carry on too When I'm not around, time won't ... Always be together even when I am not there I'll be

Lykke Li - Im good im gone lyrics

shoulders Waiting for my time to come Working in the ... a stone and I'm all gone Give me the tone and I'm ... all gone Yeah, I'm walking by the ... I could know If you say I aim too high from down below

Chris Cornell lyricsChris Cornell - When im down lyrics

me to say, I only love you when I'm down You say that ... to roam I only love you when I'm down And I only love you ... m down And I'm only near you when I'm gone But one thing for

Jesse Mccartney lyricsJesse Mccartney - Gone lyrics

back You're gonna miss me when I'm gone You're gonna feel ... like to be lonely, alone And when you see That I'm happy on my ... own That's when your jealously will grow

Jay Sean - Im gone lyrics

s over now [Chorus] I'm gone I don't blame u at all Cuz ... Got beaten by temption I'm gone Girl you're better off alone ... at all [Chrous] I'm gone I don't blame you at all Cuz

Lissie - When im alone lyrics

turned my back you were gone in a flash like you always do ... go off somewhere else And when the phone rang and I thought ... scream like child, my insides when woah And when I'm alone

George Formby - When im cleaning windows lyrics

you can see what i can see when i'm cleanin' windows ... surprised at things they do when i'm cleanin' windows in my ... but i'll never stop i'll climb this blinkin' ladder till i

Faber Drive - When im with you lyrics

years to the day Half the time I've been away I know I'm ... the promise that I made When I'm with you I'll make every ... count Cause I miss you, whenever you're not around When I

Destination Anywhere - When its gone lyrics

it resting place and sometimes you don't really belong ... And when you think You found your ... could depend on it Cause when it's gone You beg for it and

Jon Secada - When youre gone lyrics

will I do when you're gone When my word has been you for so ... sun won't shine again and time could never mend A heart ... will do So what will I do when you're gone When my world

Lil Kim - Gone delirious lyrics

'em(Where it at?) Lil' Kim ( Swizz Beatz) Just to ... prove to yall niggas that im still on top I told Swizz gimme the guttest shit you got(I ... I only got one shot(oow) Aim straight for the middle like im throwing a dart(shoow) And when I spit beleave its going

Eden - Gone lyrics

fingertip but if you pull it im gone so just breath it, ... dont have to say it cos im leaving here yeah im leaving ... here yeah im leaving here right now and

Benzino - Im f***ed up lyrics

but i like this feelin, and im F**k'd up, im F**k'd up. ... shinin, cuz i stay grindin, im the man of the future, i got ... Great duce patron, now im gone, every song is not my song,

Dead Lay Waiting, The - The days im gone lyrics

no longer need me I'll be gone so far away But you promise ... no longer need me I'll be gone so far away But you promise ... You're counting the days I'm gone I'm counting the dreams we

Blu Cantrell - Till im gone lyrics

gave him love I gave my all I gave ... He won't love me Till I'm gone But I don't want him 'Cause ... Now he love me, 'cause I'm gone But it's just too late

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - Gone lyrics

you gotta keep up Cuz I been gone, I been gone, I been gone, I ... been gone Girl Why don't you f*** ... you heard, baby Cause I been gone You can see for yourself,

Nothing More - Gone lyrics

Another fight you face alone Im gone I'd like to save you ... pain, a thousand miles away Im gone Mother's due for deadly

Bailey Madilyn - When i'm alone lyrics

still be missing you Cause Im good at moving on and Im good ... like nothing is wrong But when the spot lights are down ... get around Chorus Sometimes when Im all alone I still

Danger Danger - When she's good she's good lyrics

she's all together, oh yeah When she goes it down, it's a hell ... nobody! She turns me on when I wanna get off Than she ... sundays She picks me up, when Im feeling down She blows my

Busted - When day turns into night lyrics

s there when you get home Your renting ... And i need you to be strong when im walking away And i i ... goodbye it gets harder everytime what i feel you feel

The Almost - Call back when im honest lyrics

it feels like it's almost time Acting like it, you know ... lies Be what you wanna be When you're doing what you do ... Free what you wanna free When you're coming so unglued Don

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - Who are you when im not looking lyrics

all your cooking Who are you when I'm not looking? Do you ... the hallway in your socks? When you undress, do you leave a ... all your cooking Who are you when I'm not looking? I wanna

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Gone be my girl lyrics

they do A dangerous thing, when you're part of the game So ... girl I feel you when you get emotional And don't ... off but the question is: So when you gone be my girl? (When

Krayzie Bone - When i die lyrics

Man what the f*** is we gone do man? Shit man I can't ... motherf***ers done killed him We got to ride for this ... like it's the thang to bust When I looked at my nigga f***ed

Juelz Santana - Gone lyrics

ya dig [Juelz] Old timer want the block back, stop ... that You been gone too long the young nigga said ... niggaz head As the old timer stood and grilled him

Mxpx - Dont forget me when youre gone lyrics

blame And I know I hurt you time and time again And don't ... forget me when you're gone And don't forget me when you ... re gone Cause my heart still hurts

Outlawz - When i go lyrics

m gonna be aiight The only time I see my family When a ... relative die When you gone No pain Is it better to ... Please accept that I'm gone I lived mine Accomplished

Griffin House - When the time is right lyrics

it can be a lonely night when you're on your own and you ... it can be a real long ride when your running out of time ... so when the time is right don't hold back when the time is right don't hold

Betty - Brave old world lyrics

my eyes Everything left when I lost you Everything keeps ... keeping on It’s a brave old world Even though ... you’re gone Even though you’re gone

Leona Lewis lyricsLeona Lewis - Brave lyrics

me Still your holding on When you should be gone I wish I ... was that brave You go to fight for love ... fall and surrender I'm not brave I'm not brave Keep my

Andre Nickatina - I'm gone lyrics

what became of your only son im back from hell you tell from ... pocket suckas'll hate saying im blood in the market speak my ... it double up my profits now im bankrollin controllin my

Euphoria - Gone with the wind lyrics

away Oh, god i want to be brave Secrets and courage and ... lies Gone with the wind Your placid ... to be free Yeah, thats all Gone with the wind My devil,

Jennifer Lopez lyricsJennifer Lopez - Brave lyrics

have been heaven-sent Sometimes we should be hesitant, but ... this is your day It's time to be brave Say I'm not ... m not afraid Cus I've become brave As the light of day straight

Massari - Gone away lyrics

you kno i like you so ima gonna sing about it Gone i ... your man home Songtexte and when i hear you crying girl i cant ... t call Songtext when all you need from me is just

Ricky Hil - Ricky hil - fix me f/ leona lewis lyrics

can't find my way You were gone, when im awake (if you’re ... how to breathe Before all is gone and all my hope is lost, baby ... you [Ricky hil verse] When im lost, can't find my way

Dj Ironic - Stay with me lyrics

there just helpin' You out whenever i can Everybodys Free ... the words Dont cry for me when im gone No point of wasted ... tears our Time will come one day and im

Dj Ironik - Stay with me lyrics

there just helpin' You out whenever i can Everybodys Free ... the words Dont cry for me when im gone No point of wasted ... tears our Time will come one day and im

Cashis - Serenade my life lyrics

suicidal situations now im placed in that position to ... the whole nation and im spottin niggas hating im ... my own *existance some say im a mental patient drugs is

Ironik - Stay with me lyrics

there just helpin' You out whenever I can Everybodys Free ... VERSE 1. Dont cry for me when im gone No point of wasted ... tears our Time will come one day and im

Flipsyde - Fell in love lyrics

love with my girl again but im fallin down in her sorrows ... the love i found with you when im gone its gonna push me ... love with my girl again but im seein things for the first time through her eyes ive been

Fearless Vampire Killers - Brave the night lyrics

of what you made us, Let's brave the night another day. I'll ... and feel the cold. The magic gone I'm feeling old. The ghosts ... of what you made us, Let's brave the night another day. I'll

Ann - Im with you lyrics

me (watching me) But im not afraid no more because ... if my parachute dont open when I fall im with you im with ... the curtains start to close when they call im with you im with

Bow Wow - She's my lyrics

mama bad man she fine she a dime she a problem bedroom time ... got every bag Niggas mad say Im slippin her girls think she ... and pippin don't be trippin When she here im at the club with

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Dont let me die lyrics

Lord, dont pass me by Cause whenever I did wrong it was ya ... over and over again But when I found out I love you, you ... (I see dead people) And sometimes it's me Lord I never

Donovan - Brave new world lyrics

s a brave new world awaiting all you ... for you Ego is easily shaken when you find that it's only you ... And this brave new world Brave new world Brave new world

Lil Boosie - When you gonna drop lyrics

bitch ass niggas askin me when I'm gon drop. I got you ... shit pressed up (uh huh ) Im Ready! (I'm ready) Cuz I'm ... ] They like look Boosie when you gon drop, why not Boosie

Cashis - Ms. jenkins lyrics

never hide, You know where Im at boy I aint hard to find, ... weeks went by, we passin time, He seen me in the alley ... I started runnin, duckin, now Im hidin, The whole time

Alan Jackson - Farewell party lyrics

the last breath of life, is gone, from my body, And my lips, ... are as cold, as the sea, When my friends, gather round, for ... from those, wholl cry, when i go, And leave you, in this

Blue October - You waited too long lyrics

I'm surprised that you chose him. I'm surprised that i'm not ... i never saw you alone when they brought me home. so who ... you call,what we have love? when you don't even notice that

Geri Halliwell lyricsGeri Halliwell - Brave new world lyrics

m innocently wild To welcome Brave new world Gotta believe I ... wanna be, giving you energy Brave new girl Gotta believe in ... to you Going deeper for a brave new world Catch me when I'm

Vanessa Hudgens - Gone with the wind lyrics

could do until i found out Im okay (dig it) Sometimes you ... silence too long Well shes gone with the wind And now i'm ... that you knew Well she's gone with the wind She's gone gone (she's gone she's gone) She

Action Item - Brave lyrics

all feels like everything's impossible And you don't fit ... never fly But you gotta be brave, yeah Say you're out of ... up the fight, yeah Sometimes, running on low Takes you

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - John hurt lyrics

out of my f***ing way cause im coming through again Move ... out of my f***ing way cause im coming through again Oh ... out of my f***ing way cause im coming through again Move

Moriah Peters - Brave lyrics

marks And make me Brave I'll fight like a soldier Brave Rise like a warrior Brave ... t stop till the final day Brave I want to be stronger Brave

Peter, Paul And Mary - For lovin' me lyrics

me Everything you had is gone, as you can see Thats what ... Movin is my stock in trade Im movin on I wont think of you ... when Im gone. So dont you shed a tear

Idina Menzel - Brave lyrics

you're not there to catch me when I fall. If this is the ... But it's my turn to be brave If this is the last chance ... Cause it's my turn to be brave All along all I ever

Nomy - Life is a bitch lyrics

That is all I need When I wake up in the morning just ... gonna make your moma cry And when it snow I gotta go This is ... what Im living for //REFR-----------

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