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When He Sees Me He Sees The Blood lyrics

Browse for When He Sees Me He Sees The Blood song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed When He Sees Me He Sees The Blood lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to When He Sees Me He Sees The Blood.

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Sara Bareilles - When he sees me lyrics

Usually facts and figures. When information's in its place, ... I minimize the guessing game. Guess what? I don't like ... guessing games. Or when I feel things, Before I

Debase - The blood remains lyrics

a black raven sitting on my chest he drags me in to the ... house of hell on the bank of the bloody river ... Still hanging some strange fruits in the trees

Nina Simone - He needs me lyrics

needs me He doesn't know it, but he needs ... me And so no matter where he goes Though he doesn't care ... He knows that I'm there He needs me I ought to leave

Nicole Dollanganger - He hit me lyrics

He hit me, and it felt like a kiss, ... kiss, kiss, kiss) He hit me, and it felt like a kiss. He ... spanked me, as I laid over his legs. He ... put me on one knee and said, &quot

Alsou - He loves me lyrics

this feeling taken over me I'm neglect and that's not ... how it used to be He used to walk me home Talk ... for hours on the phone Never leave me alone ... So where did we go wrong If he

Bette Midler - He needs me lyrics

needs me. He doesn't know it, but he needs ... me. And so no matter where he goes, Though he doesn't care, ... He knows that I'm here. He needs me. I ought to leave

India Arie - He heals me lyrics

heals me Told him my biggest secret ... And he told me four. He smiled at me and said that ... makes me love more And then he made me laugh And I knew it

Harry Nilsson - He needs me lyrics

knew I knew at once I knew he needed me Until the day I ... die I won't know why I knew he needed me It could be ... oh Or maybe it's because He needs me he needs me He

Planetshakers - He touched me lyrics

touched me He touched me And oh the joy that floods ... my soul Something happened and now I know ... He touched me and made me whole He touched me He ... touched me And oh the joy that floods my soul Something happened and now I know

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - He touched me lyrics

by a heavy burden Need the Lord again and shame Then the hand of Jesus touched me And ... now I am no longer the same For He touched me, He touched me He touched me and what a

Richard Smallwood - He changed me lyrics

Since I found the Savior, my life has been ... complete, I'm moving in another direction, happy as I can be ... Since the Savior came, nothing's been the same,

School Of Seven Bells - When she was me lyrics

hold Those days close to my heart I know that we were good ... The best you, the best me We couldn’t see the dark for ... the light I didn’t see it coming

Rhett Walker Band - When mercy found me lyrics

can't count the broken roads I've been down ... But all I know Something had to give Something ... Finally caught up Oh it left me broken, left me hopeless But

Sixpence None The Richer - When you call me lyrics

alone, so loneliness follows me Night and day A friend that ... push away What you told me and what is the truth Well, they break my heart But they are

David Krumpholz - The devil is laughing lyrics

Krumpholz He repeatedly fell out of my ... claw when he sees me he knows that it has no chance ... his blood to draw on my face and let ... that bother. I'll go look for sure

Richard Smallwood - When jesus came into my life lyrics

a blessing from above. He's always there to comfort when I am in despair, a God of ... understanding, a God who sees and cares. Chorus: Jesus, ... Jesus, oh how sweet His name. He changed me, He cleansed me, I'll never be the same. I

Illnath - The blood is the almighty sin lyrics

sun is setting And night comes crawling back Out of the ... shadows deep Comes a creature of the night And ... now the stars are shining bright ... Hunting the innocent He draws their burning blood

Alison Krauss - When god dips his pen of love in my heart lyrics

god dips his love in my heart When god dips his pen ... of love in my heart And he writes my soul a message he ... wants me to know His spirit all ... fills a sinful soul of mine When god dips his love in my heart Well I said I wouldn't

Manowar - The blood of odin lyrics

ravens Hugin and Munin. They circle the earth by day ... seeing all At night they report to him the world's ... tidings. He wears a golden helmet and a golden ring At his

Before Nightfall - Blood for two lyrics

this after all you put me through? Who the f*** are you ... judge a rightful penance for these ghastly sins? You've got ... piece of shit! Oh what the f***!? He backhands me to the floor. You f***ing slut!' He

Eucharist - The religion of the blood-red velvet lyrics

like dying eyes through the window I was still awake as ... a body rose before me A boy in small age embraced ... the velvet in which he had created His eyes enriched the beauty of all

Jennifer Hudson - He loves me still lyrics

am not perfect but he loves me anyway Wasn´t I angel in my ... That´s no better comfort when be in, in his old He ... loves me still He loves us still I am not

Gateway Worship - O the blood lyrics

1 O the blood Crimson love Price of life ... €™s demand Shameful sin Placed on Him The ... of every man CHORUS O the blood of Jesus washes me O the blood of Jesus shed for me What a

Patsy Cline - He called me baby lyrics

called me baby, baby, all night long ... Used to hold and kiss me until dawn Then one day I ... woke, and he was gone Now there’s no more baby, baby, all ... night long He called me baby, baby, all night long

After All - The blood and the mission lyrics

The ice is melting down, but the dreamer ... what is wrong, or what fate they will come upon. It's ... breaking down their world, will it survive another light ? It's breaking down their world, will it survive another night ? The wolf and the hunter, they will decide

Hammers Of Misfortune - The blood-ax speaks lyrics

Blessed with endless lust for blood My appetite cannot be sated ... free now, You're free now When the light of the moon Is ... reflected in red When there's blood on the stone In the sacred event Costly, the

Dawn Of Demise - The blood stays on the blade lyrics

the urge compels once more Remember the words - the rule The ... doctrine tells us The blood stays on the blade To show them who has the power The blood

Drowning Pool - By the blood lyrics

see my demons at night They whisper in my ear They say ... will be alright Burn with me, don't you feel no fear! ... One shot, to take away the sting And I don't care about

Debauchery - Blood for the blood god (p**** version) lyrics

for the Blood God Blood - Death - Gore For the skull ... throne Rabid bloodletting The honour of killing Forward ... rip apart I will spill your blood There is no honour without blood Killing in masses As the

Disneymania - He's a tramp by the beu sisters lyrics

But I love him Breaks a new heart Ev'ry day He's a tramp ... They adore him And I only hope He'll stay that way He's a ... tramp He's a scoundrel He's a rounder He's a cad He

Dying Fetus - The blood of power lyrics

Conduit of anger, tools of the trade Essential supply of ... patrol compulsory Instruments of wrath, in need of the ... lifeblood Never ending skirmish for ... resource control When entry contested, instigate

Kirk Franklin - He loves me lyrics

Franklin, Kirk; He loves me even when I fall beneath His ... will He loves me, oh, oh, oh, He loves me When my broken heart ... just won't keeps still He loves me oh, oh, oh, He loves

Manowar - The blood of the kings lyrics

the battle is raging Choose ... your side Sing with us the BATLE HYMS INTO GLORY RIDE ... HAIL TO ENGLAND THE SIGN OF THE HAMMER's our ... Forever we're FIGHTING THE WORLD Side by side On a

Manowar - The blood of the kings mmxiv lyrics

the battle is raging Choose your ... side Sing with us the Battle Hymns Into Glory Ride ... Hail To England The Sign Of The Hammer's our guide Forever ... we're Fighting The World Side by side On a

Queens Of The Stone Age lyricsQueens Of The Stone Age - The blood is love lyrics

in a way Beyond figure out These lines of life have been ... are one, out of two Oh, my bloodshot eyes Open up your ... a ring We of flesh & blood are only carrying It's so

Sinister - Blood follows the blood lyrics

staring at my misery Blood follows the blood, my fate ... of pleasure, a passage to hell it seems Where am I, what ... have I done, to be here in this place. Painfull

Saywecanfly - The art of anesthesia lyrics

about who I should believe The people that are dead or the ... people who are free Sometimes I hear them as they whisper ... to me I try to stay awake so I don

A-ha lyricsA-ha - The blood that moves the body lyrics

s the way we feel Tonight As if ... right My love, won't you come back to Our love, you know ... I'll react to the blood that moves my body Now ... covers the ground The blood that moves the body The blood that moves the body There

Discharge - The blood runs red lyrics

down by machine gun fire The blood runs red, the blood ... Hot lead rips through flesh The blood runs red, the blood

Kirk Franklin - He will supply lyrics

Though your vessel be empty He will supply For His yoke is ... easy He will supply He will supply, He will supply ... Oh, Jesus said that He will supply Though your

Kirk Franklin - The blood song lyrics

+ J. Velasquez You have the power to make the seasons ... change The river flows for You, the wind ... whispers Your name For me You left Your throne and ... by Your skin but because Your blood was red Some say You're

Hole lyricsHole - He hit me (and it felt like a kiss) lyrics

hit me, and it felt like a kiss He ... hit me, but it didn't hurt me He couldn't stand to hear me ... say that I had been with someone new And when I told him I

In This Moment - The blood legion lyrics

fly Tonight, it feels like the gods are alive Tonight, we ... bow down I’ll rise through the sun I’m transcending I am ... are immortal We´ll rise from the wraith We are eternal You

Mortal Sin - The blood of my enemies lyrics

island of death in the madness of life Where the ... bodies are left to decay Smelling the stench of the ... rotting of flesh All the victims are left with their

Sick Of It All - The blood and the sweat lyrics

through the hardships everyday I do ... what I can to fade away {the bullet has passed it's got ... our state} it helps our pride {all the merry ... disillusions} Scratch in the dirt, trying to find, a

Asphyx - The blood i spilled lyrics

home after the war all that's left is a ... prisoner of two worlds the past is red of all the blood ... I spilled the future's black because there ... hope nothing is sacred to me i want you, father, to fall

Anaal Nathrakh - The blood-dimmed tide lyrics

not available not available not available not available not available not available...

Love & The Outcome - He is with us lyrics

when Your hope is lost and faith ... is shaken Remember when You wonder if you're gonna ... make it There's a hand stretched out Through your deepest ... We can't pretend To see the ending or what's coming up ahead Don't know the story of

Manowar - The blood of my enemies lyrics

sons have I, and they Ride by my side. - The ... fierce, The black, and the wicked are their names - we ... ride down my enemies on their half-hearted flight. No

Megan And Liz - He's not him lyrics

but I thought twice He told me he didn't like it, but I ... out to have a drink with some old friends Can't put down ... my phone, 'cause in a minute he'd call again Every time I

Bette Midler - When a man loves a woman lyrics

he held me in his arms, when he held me in his arms and said, ... Baby, baby, baby, you are the only one for me." When ... his mind on nothing else. He'll trade the world for the

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - The blood lyrics

t love What can never come back You can never forget ... how it used to feel The illusion is deep Its as deep ... as the night I can tell by your ... tears you remember it all I am paralysed

Dean Martin - Let the blood speak for me lyrics

as charged I stand Got here by my own hand I’ve no ... defense, the evidence is clear Left to my ... own design I thought the world was mine But all I ... found were chains that bound me here I can’t deny I’m lost

Ronnie Drew - When god made me lyrics

about my country, or the colour of my skin? Was he ... about my religion, or the way I worshipped him? Did he ... create just me in his image, or every ... living thing? When God made me When God made me Was he planning only for

Sam Cooke - He's my friend 'til the end lyrics

Things Out Allright For he’s a friend I know He is and ... now Until the end In my saviour always ... and hope in disgust for he’s a friend I know He is now

Amy Grant - He gave me a new song lyrics

gave me a new song-- He really came down here Himself ... and sang it for me In every key just for me. ... He gave me a new light-- Now even when ... clouds hide the sunlight, life is still

The Bangles - He´s got a secret lyrics

There he goes Everybody's watching ... Everybody knows Something's going on It certainly ... shows When he's got a secret for you It ... s there when he walks It's there when he smiles He kisses

Carola - The blood lyrics

blood that Jesus shared for me Way back on Calvary The blood that gives me strength From ... lose it's power It soothes my doubts And it calms my ... And it dries all of my tears The blood that gives me strength

The Frames - The blood lyrics

You('ve) lost your place To the girl behind With the honest ... face Ain't that the way.. Your heroes They ... pass by on broken feet With the girls they find Between the

Holy Cross - The fortress of asgard lyrics

a brother Dying in the dark Fire burned in his eyes ... Never he has failed Tonight the blood was spilled His ... salvation has come You am now on the way The

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