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The Moffatts - When god made you lyrics

with a wave of his hand He made the mountains, the deserts ... floods, and hurricanes When I see the peaceful sky, ... one exception to the rule When God made you He had

New Song - When god made you lyrics

But now that I have found you, I believe That a miracle ... has come When God sends the perfect One Now ... in my life Oh, I wonder what God was thinking when He created you I wonder if He, He knew

Lil' O - When god made you lyrics

Dana Jackson] You make me feel like sunshine ... baby [x2] [Hook] When God made you, all my fantasies came ... all the rain and pain, you stayed true Them hoes, you

Ronnie Drew - When god made me lyrics

or every living thing? When God made me When God made me ... way to be close to him? When God made me When God made me ... say who we could choose? When God made me When God made me

Beyoncé lyricsBeyoncé - God made you beautiful lyrics

such a beautiful sight You took the breath And the ... we have been blessed And your love, it shines so bright You bring me back to life, back ... to life You make everything right And your love, it shines so bright You bring me back to life, back

Aaron Neville - God made you for me lyrics

time to make a woman like you Ooh baby, cause you're so, ... the sky, put the sparkle in your eye Baby, don't you know, you're my only desire When I ... enter the room, I smell your perfume The taste of your

Josh Henderson - God made you beautiful lyrics

hide the beauty of your hair Or change the colors ... Don’t hide the freckles on your skin, Hiding what he put you in I wish that there was sth ... Or let those tears roll down your checks Just be yourself,

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - God made woman lyrics

Standing here looking at you It makes me wonder what he ... to Was he thinking about me When he thought about you When God made woman He must've been

Five For Fighting - If god made you lyrics

Kid, your time has come to change ... Though I need you more than I've needed anyone ... s calling, come to see you back where we belong ... what I might believe But if God made you he's in love with me

Raelynn - God made girls lyrics

wanna hold his hand so God Made Girls He needed something ... lights up in the dark So God made girls God made girls ... the boys I'm bout to rock your world And God made girls

Alison Krauss - When god dips his pen of love in my heart lyrics

dips his love in my heart When god dips his pen of love in ... fills a sinful soul of mine When god dips his love in my heart ... he brought salvation and he made me whole But I found I

Tracy Lawrence - God made woman on a good day lyrics

all the clouds rolled away God made woman on a good day [ ... so fine walkin' this way God made woman on a good day Hips ... of that all that I can say is God made woman on a good day

Andrew Jackson Jihad - God made lyrics

dirt and dirt don't hurt God made pants and God made shirts God made dirt and dirt don't hurt ... God made our lives so much worse So ... much f***ing worse God made guns and God made knives He

Flame - Where god placed you lyrics

think this the way it is That God made us and God placed me in ... ain't get government aid A young ages feel like that we got ... He placed me right here (Do you think about your place on the

Chantal Kreviazuk - God made me lyrics

You got a quarter for your phone?) I'm jaded, and you're beautiful I'm deluded, ... and I'm envious of you You're carin' that I'm hurtin' ... 'cause I'm lyin' And you believe what I say to be true

Tracy Lawrence - You're why god made me lyrics

I grew up now I understand God made me I believe and had a ... {Chorus} Well my lips are made to whisper Sweet nothings in your ear My hands are made to ... Every single tear My arms are made to hold you tight My eyes are

Iron & Wine - God made the automobile lyrics

To pass all the things he made But then never bothered to ... And no one will hide it from you Like birds around the grave ... God made the automobile And i made a

Immolation - God made filth lyrics

and crying, for a savior you're calling Wretched and ... falling Selfish and wicked, you rape and you take Reach up ... and take the hand of God, For everything he touches

Sodom - God bless you lyrics

sea of blood For evil to be made Hell is burning From the ... death Scars of misery God bless you, the nations heart ... brothers With a rifle in your gracious hand You'll leave

Babyface - God must love you lyrics

must love you I said to myself Cause you ... beautiful than anybody else God must adore you It's easy to ... be wonderful to wake up to yourself From the moment I

Alan Jackson - When god paints lyrics

feather on a sparrow’s wing When God paints, the wind blows ... I can be His biggest critic when it starts to rain But ... picture I can’t explain When God paints, a heart beats A life

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - You make it easy lyrics

bed, twisted up all day long You're my inspiration girl, you ... babe I see forever when I see your face And I swear God made you for me You make ... it easy Lovin' up on you Make it easy With every

Skyclad - When god logs off lyrics

There'll be Hell to pay when one day God logs-off

Nas lyricsNas - Made you look lyrics

here´s the anthem Put your hand up that you shoot with, ... count your loot wit´ Push the pool ... stick in your new crib, same hand that you ... hoop with Swing around like you stupid, king´a the town, yeah

Skid Row - When god cant wait lyrics

that’s what we say Sometimes you’ve got to shovel shit To ... make a little pay When we hear the whistle we break ... gate To lead ‘em to freedom when God can’t wait God can’t

All Them Witches - When god comes back lyrics

Ten thousand souls in your right hand Never lost ... man Ten thousand souls in your right hand Juggernaut child

Hank Williams - When god comes and gathers his jewels lyrics

words he did say: "When God comes and gathers his ... of diamonds and gold You'll meet her up there in ... heaven so fair When God comes and gathers his jewels.

Alistair Griffin - When god was a boy lyrics

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Kenny Rogers - When we made love lyrics

We already had it all. When we made love, we made love ... nothing else could touch When we made love. Through the ... that divides us I can feel you're reaching from the other

Diggy Simmons - Made you look lyrics

of famous and i ain't even made it. The flow i cater is ... happens later is greater than you've anticipated. Some people ... like robotissin.I hear you coughin i treat you often

Craig Mack - When god comes lyrics

like a villain Let me tell you something real Is how the ... and represent no steel I tell you one thing though MC's better ... Mack's on the earth to let you know I'm on a mission from

Black Veil Brides - God bless you lyrics

all told that when we die We leave to a better ... place And all I know is what you left A love I can’t erase ... my name and ashes scorn You left me with these broken

Everly Brothers - God rest you merry, gentlemen lyrics

merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay, Remember christ our ... us all from satan's power when we were gone astray. O ... of comfort and joy From God our heav'nly father a blessed

Bad Candy - When i made love to him lyrics

But I swear it's true When I made love to him I was ... thinking of you Yeah, when I made love to him I was thinking ... of you I can understand you're jealous But he didn't

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - When we made love lyrics

I'm hopin' that it might be you, but it wasn't anyone at all ... were If I could only bring you back, then I wouldn't need to ... say a word When we made love, it felt so strong, I

Rachael Lampa - God loves you lyrics

about the time That you have the whole world figyred ... That would be the time that you Eneter in a season of doubt ... I tell you That every time those ... thoughts begin To enter your mind You Father picks you

Falling In Reverse - God, if you are above lyrics

to hell for me, I know And when I get there, At least I've ... They say the truth will set you free Then why am I still ... I've got no truth left, can't you see? Am I making myself

Chester See - God damn you're beautiful lyrics

the days I can't see your eyes, I don't even want to, ... On the days I can't see your smile, Well i'd rather sit, ... while. For the days I know you'll be near, 'Cause a day

Culture Club - God thank you woman lyrics

thank you thank you God thank you woman What we ... I would give the world to you Or anything you need There ... I won’t do Just promise that you’ll never leave Chorus: God thank you woman Thank you

Naomi King - God dammit, you asshole lyrics

me take you back to just a few months ago ... I was so sure and so ready, you know I was so set, my whole ... To move away Let me take you now and see how I'm so f***ed

Libera - God rest you merry gentlemen lyrics

rest you merry, gentlemen Let nothing ... us all from satan's power When we were gone astray O, ... of comfort and joy From god our heavenly father A ... was born The son of god by name O, tidings of

Magna-fi - When i leave you lyrics

bad. So sad. You're not the one i wante. It's ... o.k. It's your fualt. But you should take it with a grain ... of salt. When i leave you don't come crying. Don't

Opus - When i met you lyrics

was it true I closed my eyes when I saw you I never thought ... happen My heart went bang when I meet you A licky chance, ... nothing 'Cause it went bang When I meet you uhhh... When I

Roy Orbison - God love you lyrics

with no place to go. Then you said hello. And now i walk ... with you.I talk with you. At last you’re here.In my ... me, with the everything you do. Long nights through.God

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - When somebody knows you that well lyrics

from drunk to really sick When I walked in my house I ... stumbled just a bit. You play it cool but its no use, ... won’t cover up that smell You can’t hide one single thought

Deathgaze - God bless you lyrics

ll sing god bless you And I'd sing god break you ... glad Hear me screaming for you loving Let's share this way ... follow, baby Tell me where your voice I am going crazy

Beth Hart - God bless you lyrics

love you and all that you do I need you to see me ... through I want you and I say Oh and god bless you She told me you're going ... away I said how can I make you stay I love you and I say

Faber Drive - When im with you lyrics

Thought I'd try to talk to you Babe, am I ever glad you ... I'm coming back To show you that I'm keeping the promise ... that I made When I'm with you I'll make every second count

Elvis Costello - You'll never be a man lyrics

A proposition for invasion of your privacy Give yourself away ... and find the fake in me You'll never be a man No matter ... how many foreign bodies you can take You'll never be a

Girls Dead Monster - God bless you lyrics

kie kasanaru hamon no you na hitotachi o zutto mitekita ... ga tsukureru soto wa ame kyoushitsu de kyoku o kaiteta ... daremo hitori da aki no sasu you na kaze ga hontou ni itai

The Kiddie - God bless you lyrics

nado choukantan desu hitsuyou na mono o nashi de sumashite ... ikirarenai no dakedo Kyou wa nanni mo yaritakunai

Alan Jackson - When i saw you leaving lyrics

t it funny how, in a minute, your whole life's looking fine ... it all just comes untied? You can't believe you're looking ... it's staring right back at you, yesterday you couldn't tell

Shane Filan - When i met you lyrics

a heartbeat Then it hits you like a drum You’re deep down ... But it’s only just begun You’re looking up at the ceiling ... Wonder why you can’t get to sleep Coz you’re deeper in that feeling A

Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - When he leaves you lyrics

Though I don't really know you I know you're in love with ... him And he's made your world brand new I know you ... think he loves you And he may believe it too

Beast - When i miss you lyrics

uyeonhi yaegil deureosseo jal jinae neunji jal jinae neun geot gata na dahaengira saenggakae haengbokae boyeo nan ajig himdeul jul aratneunde jogeum na sseul ...

Bic Runga - When i see you smile lyrics

I see you smile It feels like I'm ... anybody else to know The way your face could light the bitter ... For anybody else to know When I see you smile First thing

Fantasia - When i see you lyrics

put your picture on my mirror Start ... to blush when somebody says your name In my stomach there's a ... pain See you walking my direction, I go ... other way I start to stutter when I speak Try to stand, but my

Macy Gray - When i see you lyrics

ya all i wanted was to hold you tight i'm sorry baby never ... to be mean to ya and i hope your coming back tonight you ... re heasitating cos you don't wanna laove affair i

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - When i saw you lyrics

beside myself. I could see you and no-one else. When I ... saw you. When I saw you. I could not breathe. I ... fell so deep. When I saw you. When I saw you. I'd never

Erasure lyricsErasure - When i needed you lyrics

-Chorus: Where, where were you When I needed you most When ... a friend Where, where were you When I needed you most When ... d live a different story If you were next to me Chorus

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