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Judicator - When crowns are shattered + sans souci lyrics

on a young face, he went into the light He saw the truth which meant a weight that no one can bear No god, no higher meaning I stress we are alone But worry not my dear, for death will bring your sweet release To be the wraith who wanders endlessly thro

Lucy Woodward - Sans souci lyrics

souci, ah, sans souci They got no room here for someone like me Oh, the mountains start to giggle When the springtime waters wiggle Down the mountainside I can hear the fishes swishing Just as loud as I'm a wishing When I hit the tide Go, go, go, go Go, go, go, go Sans so

Gil Scott-heron - When you are who you are lyrics

always go out of your way to impress me Don't you know by now, ain't no need to impress me I'm impressed every time you smile When I feel like you mean to smile You can be so very beautiful When you are who you are Every morning when you

Asylum Pyre - When we are wolves lyrics

daily life of any male The Torture we're submitted to When Biology tells its tale The torture that we pass on you! Her: Wandering in the street, I see him passing by my side (Him: Oh That's nice) I hear a crack in his neck and his eyes hurt me like spires Him: Forgetting everything

Martina Mcbride - When you are old lyrics

you are old and tired and gray wear you overcoat on sunny days when your brave tales have all been told i'll ask for them when you are old When you are old and full of sleep and death no longer makes you weep when your body aches with cold i'll warm your heart when you ar

Blue System - When you are lonely lyrics

a light in your window Keep a light in your heart A summer breeze is blowing softly Oh you tear apart Oh those days are over But you cant stop a real good love Dont you remember that day When we started our way Never ever forget - what you said Oh when you are

Carolina Liar - When you are near lyrics

ghost, left perfume on pillow Room without a halo Losing my sleep Almost on and off in echoes Time is passing so slow Dragging me deep I can't make anything out of 'might've beens' Will tomorrow bring all into light? When you are near me When you are here I see

Centinex - When bodies are deformed lyrics

tormention Bring death to all In agony and ecstacy A lethal final call Slowly fading away Never to return alive Dreams are done and lost A life to end in misery A spirit forgotten Enter the void of gloom Hide behind the shadows Upon the path o

Please The Trees - When you are lost lyrics

you go out not knowing where to When you go out not knowing what for Are you finding more When you get lost When you go out in the morning When you go out at night Just for the sake of keeping on going You might be finding out When you are lost You find more When you are lo

Texas lyricsTexas - When we are together lyrics

I remember you said can I fight and breathe So now I always, always hold my breath you see You're my heaven, you're my spaceman in your shiny shiny suit I'll send up all my prayers and hope they're understood Love started making sense I always make mistakes at my expense Love h

Apatheia - When you are not speaking lyrics

it’s not easy But I have to admit That you're talking too much About stuff I don't give a shit I think I might like you But you are way too loud Big mouth, big words No action, no results Guess it's not good to be naughty and rude But hey

Ivory Tower - When thoughts are running wild lyrics

whole life I've been waiting For someone like you The one and only But there are times I wonder Who you really are If you were alone It's in your eyes and in your smile It's in the way that you deny Don't leave me, releave me Don't run away and hold me When thou

November Blessing - When lungs are empty lyrics

see, I believe It was the look in your eyes That makes me feel so alive Like I don't want to die When you walked through that door I came to see, we live for times like these When lungs are empty Our reason for living isn't just to breathe We live for the moments t

Tony Bennett - When lights are low lyrics

how our happy hearts are beating Like the ocean beats upon the sand And our feet in rhythm keep repeating Every little movement of the band Sweet music soft and mellow Soothing and slow Strains of a mellow cello When lights are low Dear, we're so clos

Jeremy Camp - When you are near lyrics

s no need to say a thing, When I'm before you in this silence I feel refreshed with peace Break this noise that binds the voice That tries speak open up my eyes to see Your gracious sovereign reach [CHORUS] It's hard to talk when I feel that you are near, Whe

Salt The Wound - When people are shameless lyrics

smoke, awkward moments make reflections that Destroy our own. Thanks for the best times of my life this is how I express Myself. Creating the perfect escape, while imagining all of you, You can create a healthy style, whose helping you make, Your choices, who's helpin

Atreyu - When two are one lyrics

Bang! Explosions in my head that just won’t quit A train has crashed into the wall around my heart and left the old me dead Obliterated Stop! My breathing in t...

Moby lyricsMoby - When you are old lyrics

Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [2:19

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - Shattered lyrics

I worked so hard to get my aim Pulled out wrong card, is this my last game. Too fast too soon, you know it takes time Hasty deeds spoiled the chances of mine ...

Elegant Machinery - Shattered grounds lyrics

feel like a man without a face like a foregner at this place when you are standing by my side I am completely in control with a tighter grip around my soul there's no way out, there's no return I thought I was dreaming when I found myself screaming hurt by wounds

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Piss crowns are trebled lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Lapis Lazuli - When dreams collide lyrics

seems to stop forever When you are trapped within a lie Days turn to weeks, months into years As we ignore the voices Can we keep on going like this Will there be no end to this? Still I remember, have not forgotten Broken dreams and shattered hopes Th

William Fitzsimmons lyricsWilliam Fitzsimmons - Shattered lyrics

road that I can travel I am drawn by what I see Spirit living deep inside me Is fighting to be free I'm a homeless man who's trying (And i do not have a home yet) Find a place to lay his head Find some comfort in this journey (Just another taste of pleasure) At

Incrave - Shattered lyrics


Jose, Julie Anne San - When you said goodbye lyrics

I know I watched you walk away Everything we had Was dead and gone I’ve waited for so long You know you’re the only one I wanted It’s too late and I was wrong instead I want to be back in your arms I’ll walk a thousand miles Just to be right there

Neurotech - When the night falls lyrics

me with The shape of yours Colour me with Each shade of yours When the night falls And you feel cold inside When the night falls And you feel petrified Fractured senses Purify All the shattered memories By my side Unknown weakness D

Mindy Smith - When you're waking on my grave lyrics

cold you left me for dead And now your hands must be bloody red You can't wash it away, the stains that you've made Will haunt you till your dying day You've shattered that mirror to pieces And now you say you gave your life to jesus So he can wash them away, the stains you have mad

Zetta Bytes - When the rain falls lyrics

.. ooh ooh I don't understand This should be so easy To just reach out my hand And know the world is real But nothing's as it seems Though I can tell you freely Touching's not the only way to feel When the rain falls It's like heaven's crying When the name'

Cannabis Corpse - When weed replaces life lyrics

the doritos bag Munching religiously Dealings from the ones who plant the seeds of weed Wasting inherent smoke Confronting an inner cough Praising subconsciously the ones who harvest the seeds of weed How can humans play God when they are all stoned? Their lack of weed w

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - When death replaces life lyrics

the human horde Crushing religious filth Nailing invertedly the ones who plant the seeds Of doubt Wasting inherent truth Confronting an inner hell Cursing subconsciously the ones who reap the Seeds of doubt How can humans play God when they are all Slaves?

Rage - When you're dead lyrics

s got a pleasure in his life that's a real chill I think it's funny but the people say he's ill He likes to keep what's transient, save it from decay That's what you've got to know if you should pass his way He's not a killer, but death is his dearest friend It is for everyone, beg

Bad English - Ready when you are lyrics

a dream you were with me last night I was your prisoner in a castle Hands tied Yeah Was it pain Was it pleasure You couldn't decide No A mistress who can call my name I wanted more Yeah Cause baby I'm ready Ready when you are Ready in a heartbeat A slave for love tonig

Badgirl´s - Every time when we are together lyrics

always when you come I have a feeling the warming-up as for Christmas When you do you drink warm tea always when you come I want to pamper you as for Christmas When are you frying the goodies and I very well know that my heart does not feel alone my heart k

Beyond The Dream - When man exists no more lyrics

true i do hold the master key to sinful hearts They´ll replace the juries while saints are locked in Asylums and penitentaries When this court is over man will no longer exist As a content of this world `cause i demand - the so called walls Between t

William Fitzsimmons lyricsWilliam Fitzsimmons - When you were young lyrics

months and they would drag you from your throne, but you ain't got no place to go. You were the bad one from the day that you were born. You can run. I don't think that you can hide. Have you found the knife and cigarettes in your locker with your books? Smoking weed with J

Megadeth - When lyrics

hears a word I say And my prayers are never answered But you'll never see the pain inside of me Stabbing me over and over and over I trusted you and I loved you And you spit back in my face How could you do this to me? When will you stop trying to hurt me? I've wal

Elis - Are you missing me lyrics

you missing me? Not knowing where I am Out there somewhere Do you remember me? Do you think of me? When you are on your own Do you wish that we Had the chance to meet? Never met you Searching my roots Lack of identity Searching a proof Are yo

Little Brother - When everything is new lyrics

.. (Hah!) Waddup y'all? It's Phonte, I got my man Big Pooh up here with me (Yeah!) It's about 6'o clock in the Chopp Shopp, man We... y'know finally reachin the end of this album and I just wanna thank y'all, like... I was never a big fan of doin the whole long talk M

Paul Simon - When numbers get serious lyrics

have a number in my head Though I don't know why it's there When numbers get serious You see their shape everywhere Dividing and multiplying Exchanging with ease When times are mysterious Serious numbers are easy to please Take my address Take m

Anata - Released when you are dead lyrics

seeds sown once in not buried past Hatred grows With the thoughts of a liberation See my eyes and you shall see They're deeper than the blackest sea Emancipation - serenity to be received Release me My mind all serene My consciousness relieved This is the only confession

Blue - When summer´s gone lyrics

baby (yeah uhu check it out) Whooahh baby (yeah yeah yeah) Gotta make a little room for me to breathe Gotta feeling that your about to pull me in too deep The more I try to walk away (ooh yeah) The harder it gets to believe that I don't need you Ooh no You've got a

Jason Reeves - When life was good lyrics

is easier when we are young It's easier letting it go It's easier hurting than being alone If only I could've believed that time wouldn't take you from me Then I would have never let you leave And now it's haunting me I remember staying up lat

Slade - When i'm dancing i ain't fightin' lyrics

me tell you about the ins and outs of love Let me tell you about a bit of push and shove Let me tell you when the hooded terror strikes (oh oh) He reaches fever pitch, that every lady likes It doesn't matter if you're naturally one way It doesn't matter if you're actually,

Adept - When the sun gave up the sky lyrics

heart bleeds and the anger inside me dwells From an emotion so absent it burns. Our feelings will turn into ashes. She said: Its better if I leave... But tonight you will die. You will never wake up again. My hope is my failure. Why should I listen when nothing is said?

Billy Joel - When in rome lyrics

I see you in the morning Putting on your pretty clothes And I watch you do your make-up Like they do in all those fashion shows Then you turn to me so that I can see If you put yourself together right Then you go away and you're gone all day But I know you're coming

1910 Fruitgum Company - When we get married lyrics

there'll be flowers baby, for you and me just wait and see, and everyone is gonna come and there be sunshine baby, in every room that afternoon when we get married chorus: When we get married (When we get married) When we get married (When we get married) When we g

Korn - When you're not there lyrics

Verse 1] It's a pretty little way to hold your head It's like a sanity is hanging on a thread The flesh is cold and needs a nails And the look you give, it never fails [Chorus] I love the way you hurt me I love that you don't care My love is da

Bed & Breakfast - When i think of you lyrics

I think of you - my dear All the problems start to disappear When I think of you my love My heart keeps missing a beat No time to relax No time to hold on No time to see you And hold you tight I'm longing for you When will I see you again No dis

Brighten - Ready when you are lyrics

said it to me once or twice tonight i'll be the first to call your name if i die tonight i want your name written on my grave just go, let it go you know now its not a race but don't let me know i'm ready when you are, take me home you know i shouldn't be left alone

Carola - When i close my eyes lyrics

I close my eyes I can still recall the time I just close my eyes And turn turning out the light Darkness brings you back in sight Why did you have to go Will memories of the time Show up in a dream that won't come true Things we used to do will make me Dream o

Drop Dead Gorgeous - Are you happy lyrics

you happy? you got what you wanted I'm lucky, i'm here with my somone my everything. you'll bleed to death on me you're a ten when you are lying next to me heavy breathing are you happy? you got whtat you wanted you're winter, i left you for summer my everything, you'll bleed to death on

William Fitzsimmons lyricsWilliam Fitzsimmons - When i come home lyrics

t seen you in quite a while Seems I forgot how your face looked when you smiled The interest in you that I gave The interest in me that you faked Have you heard that I'm coming home As much as I can? I've always been out on the road I'll let you know when I'm in town S

Kaiser Chiefs - When all is quiet lyrics

you've got 24 hours left on the clock What you gonna do? What you gonna do? When you are the last apple pie in the shop What you gonna do? What you gonna do? Think about me Think about me When all is quiet, won't you think about -- Maybe I have missed the

Liz Lawrence - When i was younger lyrics

I was younger I told my mother I said one day I'm gonna make you proud Now that I'm older It's so much harder To say those words out loud You're growing taller A little smarter And one day you're gonna leave home Oh will you look like your mothers father Oh when you are fully

Perkele - When you're dead lyrics

he was a little boy No one seemed to care about him The boy was all alone And no one talked to him The day he became 24 he disappered And no one cared It started to smell in a couple of months Found him hanging in his flat Then the competition begun

Deine Lakaien - When you lose lyrics

you lose your fears you can say yo can say that i am losing you fly away fly away when you are losing me you can say you can say that you've lost your tears dance away dance away when we lose ourselves we can see we can see that we've lost our fears up to you up to

Robert - Sans domicile fixe lyrics

le nom des rues Qui jamais ne me lassent Dans l´immense marelle De ma ville palace Je suis la craie qui trace Et aussitôt s´efface Sans domicile fixe, je passe Sans domicile fixe, je passe Sans domicile fixe, Sans domicile fixe, je passe Sans domic

Enrique Iglesias lyricsEnrique Iglesias - Sans l'ombre d'un remord ft. tyssem lyrics

est L'heure D'ouvrir ton coeur, Enrique Go ahead just leave, can't hold you, you're free You take all these things If they mean so much to you. I gave you your dreams, 'cause you meant the world So did I deserve to be left here hurt ? You think I don't know you'

Devildriver - Crowns of creation lyrics

re a f***ing hustler, Wearing crowns of creation! I was born a troubler, Spitting venom, I've been a hunter! I was on probation, you were on parole, When you're wrong, you're wrong... You know! To err is Human, to forgive divine, What's yours is yours, what's mine is mine! L

Dropkick Murphys - Shattered lyrics

gone wrong with the world today What’s the matter with the human race Everybody’s fighting for more power and money Braveheart’s a racist The paperboy’s a junkie And whats with the role models for all our boys and girls Anorexic skinny monsters who seem to ru

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