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Isley Brothers - What would you do lyrics

ladies {Hello} How are y'all doin' tonight {Fine} Can I keep ... it real {Yes} And say what's on my mind {Yes} There you ... in that chair Waiting for me to take you there To break it down and sing to you And make you feel these words are true

If/then Musical - What would you do? lyrics

you met him tomorrow and knew you would lose him If you saw ... him and saw all the hurt you would know Would you hold him ... while you had him Or let him go? If

Debelah Morgan - What would you do lyrics

Chorus) What would you do if I stopped loving you What ... would you say if I just walked away I ... really gotta tell you baby last night it crossed ... my mind (Verse 1) What would you do if you came home and

Edie Brickell - What would you do lyrics

old enough to legally drive. She took off in her ... stepmothers van. A restlessness that blew her ... over the line. Like the wind inside an ... aluminum can. At a pay phone in a donut

Naomi King - What would you do? lyrics

Any day it could all end and What would be the last thing you'd ... that wont ever be me, so What would you do if I just left you? What would you say if I

Diana Ross - What would i do if i could feel? lyrics

would I do If I could suddenly feel ... And to know once again That what I feel is real? I could ... back for a while Oh, tell me what What would I do if I could

Kevin Hammond - What would you do for love lyrics

not a lot of things that I would do Even if I had a good ... reason to There’s not a lot of things ... that I would choose Even if I had every ... option to But there’s been

Inxs lyricsInxs - What would you do lyrics

road went narrow The bridges too far Screaming at ninety ... Whisper at ten Feel the towns make you spend Look see ... the story What would you do All the facts before me What would you do Another city

Zz Top lyricsZz Top - What would you do lyrics

would you do If you was to love me What would you do ... If I loved you too I' know that I'd Fall like ... sin than fall and lose ? What would you do If you was to

Bastille - What would you do lyrics

and girls wanna hear a true story? Saturday night was at ... about 5 or 6 strippers trying to work for a buck So I, took ... her name was Londi, she went to Junior High with me, I said,

So Solid Crew - What could you do? lyrics

main feature is about to begin Tee bone Vs So Solid ... It doesn't take much to make me happy or make me ... will I feel discouraged cause your loves no mystery Woahwoa you've got the best of my love

Matthau Mikojan - What would you do lyrics

me, I'm not your prince on your white horse Hear me, I'm ... not your prince on your white horse What would ... I do if you told me that you really love me What should I

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - What would you do? lyrics

some questions, questions for you I need some answers, answers ... from you, oh What do you do fighting for your life And ... no one's on your side, yeah baby I can't

Kelly Rowland - What would you do [bonus track] lyrics

up, stop, wait a minute I gotta ... admit it, shorty, you did it and gotta lie to you ... Hold up, stop, play that good, girl, are you doin' it to me? Let me see you in the gut, I'm steaming

Pleasure P - What would you say lyrics

is something that I gotta ask you And if I don't do it. It just ... might hurt me in the long run. Listen... We've had our ups ... and downs, rounds and rounds, cries

Van Morrison - What would i do lyrics

you leave me, if you grieve me What would I do ... without you to see me through. If you hurt me, if you ... desert me What would I do, without you, to see me

Jason Mraz - What would love do lyrics

s nice to meet you. No, I'm not from outer space ... But I'd like to take you, to a higher place, Where we won ... t ever have to leave the ground. Just ask what love would do now. If it's

Ray Charles - What would i do without you? lyrics

Would I Do (Without You) (Candy and flowers) For ... (Minutes and hours) You stay on my mind (Romance and ... love songs) I'm down on my knees (Promise me you'll belong) Oh to only me

Mike + The Mechanics - What will you do lyrics

will you do What will you do if you're left on your own What will you do What will you do ... there's no one at home? What will you do when I'm gone What will you say when you're out

B. J. Thomas - Would they love him down in shreveport lyrics

hair flying in the wind, Would they love Him down in ... Shreveport today? If they heard He was a ... Jew and a Palestinian too, Would they love Him down in ... Nashville today? If they saw Him talk

Colin Hay - What would bob do lyrics

well be it, yeah we're goin' down Ocean's fast approaching, ... box, that they all listened to The last words that were ... spoken were, "What would Bob do?" What would

Gary Allan - What would wille do lyrics

new day, and I ain't afraid to say You're not alone when you ... re down and out And I think you know who I'm talking about ... When I don't know how I'll get through

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - This body lyrics

cover The finest girl that you've ever seen Just had to buy ... me Had to try me Oooh You're in love with The hottest ... girl in the magazine You do whatever to have me all to yourself I know you can't stop

Dave Matthews Band - What would you say lyrics

and down the puppies' hair Fleas ... 'Cause of original sin Down the hill fell Jack and Jill ... And you came tumbling after 'Cause of ... away the tears Drink a hope to happy years And you may find

The Cranberries lyricsThe Cranberries - Do you know lyrics

need you awhile My this was smile My ... on And I'll always hold on to my smile What would you ... say? Would you say that it's sad for feeling ... this way? What would you do if you were in my shoes? In

4backwoods - What if i were dead lyrics

night I celebrate disaster What would be if I should die? Would there be anyone who´d cry? ... heart-blaster Damn tell me what I am when I come to the end

Falsettos Musical - What would i do lyrics

(left alone): What would I do If I had not met you? Who would I blame my life on? Once I ... was told That all men get what they deserve. Who the hell

John Cena - If it all ended tomorrow lyrics

Would You Do If It All Ended Tomorrow? Time Runnin Out, Ain ... t No More You Can Borrow So Many Paths, ... which one you gonna follow? What Would You Do If It All Ended Tomorrow? What Would You Do

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - What would i do without you lyrics

it feels like madness So, what would I do without you? ... When colours turn to shades of gray With the ... at the end of the day Oh, what would I do without you? A

Gabrielle Aplin - What did you do? lyrics

running inside, knocking your door Nothing ahead, no one to hold, you know you cant fall ... the floor, I didn't look for you, I didn't ask for this,

Vince Gill - What if i say goodbye lyrics

if I say I love you Would it mean as much as it used to ... we're putting us through What if I said goodbye What if tomorrow you wake up And I'm ... not around what you break up Would you take one towards me to

Taylor Dayne - If you were mine lyrics

see you out in places Almost every ... Empty smiles and lonely faces... Leaning towards the glow ... of your light... Can't get enough Now me, ... I always wonder What's goin' on inside What's

Phora - If i gave you my heart lyrics

she's prettier than ever, she don't ever need no make up ... It assures me when I look into your eyes I'm not alone She ... me & I never ever dare to take advantage Grab me by my

Shoe Cut - What lyrics

would you say if I cried to the god What can you do if I ... tell you kid Im f***ed What would you do like girl would you ... cry What could you say if I found out I would

Double You - What did you do with my love lyrics

all the love we shared but you never thought I was at your ... I Remember all the love you gave but you never saw all ... my honesty You were the ghost in me

Lee Ben - What would jayz do lyrics

want to look sharp Be strong, refuse ... when I know it's wrong. I want you to know my name ... And I want a big car I want to be a self-made man I want to

Local H - What would you have me do? lyrics

just go home defeated? Take your pride and eat it Crawl back ... Sources are depleated Can you take the final hit and admit ... that you were wrong? Dont even call it even Bleedin'

The Calling - Your hope lyrics

your hope is lost When your hope is fading... What would you do if you had Just one ... little pill in your hand That changed around ... all you could be That helped you forget what you're seen If

Jennifer Lopez lyricsJennifer Lopez - What did you do? lyrics

in our eyes And truth had no doubt in your eyes Yesterday ... we promised each other we would conquerethe whole world ... Yesterday you swore that our love would be

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - What can you do? lyrics

and gray in the head, And you're hearing lots of stories ... 'bout the happy times you have ahead. There are other ... folks in power so you kick back and get farther

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - What'll you do about me lyrics

The fire of the wine and the touch of a man But I fell in ... love and ruined all of your plans So what'll you do ... me? Imagine the faces on your high class friends When I

Willie Nelson - What can you do to me now lyrics

Cochran, H; Nelson, W; What can you do to me now? That you haven't done to me already You broke my pride and made me ... cry out loud What can you do to me now? I'm seeing things

Delirious? - What would i have done? lyrics

can you do with a heavy soul? When you ... no rock 'n' roll Where can you go, if the sun doesn't shine? ... You sing the words, but none of ... them rhyme What would I have done if it wasn't for Jesus? Where do you go when you've

Jethro Tull - When jesus came to play lyrics

ugly friends of mine when he door came off its hinges like a ... cork from fizzy wine. He said, "My name is Jesus: I'm the leader of the band. ... Got to set up my equipment, if you

Percival - Jesus‘ needs lyrics

only want more We cannot undo what’s already been done ... the bullshit in here I think Jesus needs a big glass of water ... It’s much worse now, don’t you think? Than when he was

G-eazy lyricsG-eazy - What if (ft. gizzle) lyrics

Verse 1: G-Eazy] What If I had a hundred million dollars? I'd f*** up some, f*** ... up some, f*** up some commas What if I did f*** Madonna? What ... at once with no drama? What if the whole world believed

Betty Curse - Do you mind (if i cry) lyrics

if someone found you, with your feet up off the ground? No ... one there to listen, tuck you down. We could stay together, If only life was ... fair. We could live forever. Do you care, that I

Naomi King - Never forget lyrics

if I can't stomach it? What if I can't keep it down? What if I do throw a fit? Will you change your mind and turn ... around? What if I can't let you go? What if I can't be alone

Sign Of Decay - Whatever you want lyrics

1 what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail what ... would you dream if your dream became real what would you think if your thoughts ... could be heard what would you fight if you knew you

Lene Marlin - What if lyrics

if I don't wanna move on If I like ... keep it like this, for a while...forever Just let me lie ... close to you Don't wanna let you go, don't wanna let you go

Lindsay Lohan - If you were me lyrics

thing that I could count on You were my everything And then ... I believed all the things you said I believed in you If you were me would you push you? Would you turn the other cheek and

The Pharcyde - If i were president lyrics

onnnnnnnn, good things I wouldn't have no lint in my pocket ... it rock it I'd shock it I would not jock the fact that there ... If I was President (what would you do?) I would not carry,

Chicago - If it were you lyrics

heart can no longer give in You'll try to stand up and fight ... You've known pain for so long and ... you know what's gone wrong But you can't ... Another broken heart is all your feeling How can you go on

George Jones - If not for you lyrics

anything I am or hope to be If any compliments are ... paid to me If any praises I receive ... I'll never rightfully belong to you. For when I wonder you ... me that I could Knowing you depended on me proved I

Naked And Famous - Girls like you lyrics

Further and further away Into the sun In, 20 minutes ... Everyone will remember you when you’re gone And your ... heart, is a stone Buried underneath your

Sammy Hagar - Would do you do it for free? lyrics

you do it for love? Would you do it for pride? If you gave ... it away Woud you be satisfied? On your ... the price is right, yeah Oh, you say you believe But baby, would you stand up and fight? Oh

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - If we lyrics

I never thought J: Who would've thought baby M: That I'd ... be J: Missin' you baby M: Without you J: I ... need you baby M: Why me? B: Why me? ... Ja Rule: Love I want your body next to me On me

Fearless Vampire Killers - Dream of you lyrics

had a dream of you, A fallen angel lost enough to say goodbye. Said you were ... The strands of memories torn apart and cast aside. The ... ones that die alone. I had a dream, Its

Idina Menzel - What if lyrics

Busker: Once every day Your life starts again Drummer ... New Yorkers : And then What if What if What if You ... wonder What if What if Elizabeth: What if I

Priscilla Renea - Would you come lyrics

Afraid of trying new things You’re trying not to complain ... But it’s not what you think It’s just hard to ... explain I’m scared to breathe, for fear of losing

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