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Cascada - What about me lyrics

About Me, What About Me What About Me, What About Me ... 'Cause you got what you want But I'm the one in ... On and on and on Hey what about me (what about me, what

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - What about me lyrics

that won't stop pullin' on me I'm not complaining but it's ... true It's like I owe my time to everyone else 'Cause that ... but I need a good friend Someone to talk to when I'm down,

Emily Osment - What about me lyrics

I'm dreamin', I'm thinkin' What happened today Is it right? ... The letters and songs The memories The heart that you ... carved on the wall It's a shame Now that nothing's the same

Roy Orbison - What about me lyrics

misery You're happy I see, what about me? You pass me by ... You could at least show some sympathy You're happy I see, ... what about me? What about me? What about me? I live with

Chic - What about me lyrics

Strike up, up the band Makin' music is our plan Got to feel the rhythm if you can Just want to strike up, up the band Got to feel the rhythm Got to...

Kara - What about me? (feat. heo young ji) lyrics

da dwaesseo Holler holler me umuljjumul daeda ... naman barabwa Follow follow me Touch rush naege mameul ... ani wae? naega mame an deuni? ani wae? jom deo ... nugurado syupeo geol wondeo umeon hogeun beullaeg kaet umeon

Gerald Levert - What about me lyrics

that don't involve you What happened to all my dreams ... let them break up our happy home bags are packed and you're ... wihtout you baby [Chorus] What about how I feel What about me what about all our plans I

Lake Street Dive - What about me lyrics

might think you understand What turns a boy into a man You ... your plan proceeds to Say what about me Say what about me ... thing should be on your mind What about me You meet his

Anne Murray - What about me lyrics

hey, hey, what about me? I've got some feelings on my ... mind, too Hey, hey, hey, what about me? I'd like to have a ... song to sing, too Please let me in when you're singin' your

Jessica Reedy - What about me lyrics

But you keep turning to someone else But you cant do this ... wonder why Could there be something just ain't right Maybe ... you need me by your side When will you

Haddaway - What about me lyrics

into my life Doing things to me That I can't explain. Think ... twice, Baby, This ain't no game! If you can't commit ... little bit, Why do you keep me hanging on So long? You

Kamelot (usa) - What about me lyrics

just another night She held me in Her arms so tight We ... fly You had to be free But what about me? It was just ... fly You had to be free But what about me? Now the sands of

Kenny Rogers - What about me? (with kim carnes & james ingra.. lyrics

see you here with me I´ve waited all my life for ... someone like you Someone to give my heart and soul ... into your eyes Your look for me was such a welcome surprise

Sarah Brightman - What makes me love him? lyrics

makes me love him? It's not his ... Where I prefer that kind of milk. What makes me love ... he really knows A multitude of things They're mostly wrong. ... No one occasion He's used me ill And though he's handsome

Isac Elliot - What about me lyrics

I'm right here where you left me Patiently waiting for your ... If you thought higher of yourself, you'd be up in the ... clouds But here, let me help you down So don't tell me that you wanna start working

Badgirl´s - What hurts me the most lyrics

you will experience the loss of a loved one? me If you ... and hurting you in the heart of the most that life you ... thee that slowly wasting me and hard to come back

Lil Boosie - What about me lyrics

holla akon,and j-kwon but what about me they youngbloodz ... like nobody dont believe me what about eazy-e, yea he fading ... for sheezy what about aaliyah, what about

Hey - What about me lyrics

'Hurry up, it's time My wife is coming back'' My ... tonight So please stay with me dear Why do you never speak? ... What do you thinking of? ''I'm thinking of the wind

Crazy Lixx - What of our love lyrics

can't Get these thoughts out of my head I can't believe it, ... that you left behind All the memories of you and I Wish I ... t take another night alone What of our love, what of our

Blessthefall - What's left of me lyrics

let your eyes ever go shut on me. I won't let your voice be ... dripping from my hands Tell me, Is this what you wanted? I ... one that walked away For me, it's all that I needed

Kris Kristofferson - What about me lyrics

We sat there in the silence of a cold and empty room Down ... in a spoon And nailed me with the anger in his eye ... I said, I do He said, oh, what about me? They killed both

Lucky Boys Confusion - What gets me high lyrics

freedom of expression and elation is my ... strongly on the shoulders of giants And hoping they'd be ... down to Stubhystyle Is what gets me high, it's what gets me high If you don't know what

Quicksilver Messenger Service - What about me lyrics

my children Was the cause of their disease. My world is ... good to breathe. And those of us who care enough, We have ... to do something....... (Chorus) Oh..

Richie Havens - What about me lyrics

feed my children is the cause of that ill disease My world ... fit to breathe And those of us who care enough, we have ... to do something Oh, what you gonna do about me Oh, what you gonna do about me

Ricky Nelson - What about me lyrics

begged me to stop my fussin' There's ... something that needs discussin' ... inside you And it's high time I know There's no way to ... it gently When you told me forever It doesn't mean it

Age Of Daze - What's left of me lyrics

would be easier if I never met you at all It would be ... Why am I still thinking of you? Why am I? It would ... you anyway I want to save what's left of me It would be

The Cribs - What about me lyrics

around Your bed's full of idiots from town to town But ... t mind that you know Out of sight It's not right, she ... now, say Oh oh oh oh Out of sight (Oooh) It's not right,

Holding Onto Hope - What you make of me lyrics

as You give I’m left with what You leave We give thanks ... creator, destroyer Mold me, make me, shape me Cause I ... my feet grow tired Carry me, carry me home Why do I only

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - What's left of me lyrics

this is what it feels like To get back up ... against the wall And this is what it looks like When you’re ... feel right But you did what you did and I have to end it

Avantasia - What's left of me lyrics

think of the days I was thrilled by ... this road ahead When the moment won over what was to come ... Not afraid of the distance but the distance ... afraid of me Everytime I made it there I found

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - What's left of me lyrics

and a pad God I miss the smell of paper and the ink on my ... Another war was waiting for me when I got back home In ... the name of the flag some gave their lives I'm still

Elvenking - What's left of me lyrics

Were the only friends for me For years I thought They ... I fooled myself Leaving me a pearl Without a shell ... hole to hide my love To save what’s left of me They put me

Nick Lachey - What's left of me lyrics

my life, Pass me by, In the rear view mirror ... Pictures frozen in time Are becoming clearer I don ... day Stuck in the shadow of my mistakes Yeah...

More Than Life - What´s left of me lyrics

I could walk you home everyday and every night Of ... I'll always be a part of you, As you have been a ... part of me. You're worth more to me ... and insecurities. Take some time to realize I never meant to make you cry, I never

Sandra lyricsSandra - What d'ya think of me lyrics

in all of my dreams Only the moon is ... I lie awake all night What d´ya think of me What d´ya ... think of me What d´ya think of me (what d´ya think of me) What d´ya think of me (what d´ya

Alexz Johnson - Me out of me lyrics

you always trying to make me something that I don't wanna ... be? Ooo, push me over, make me over, try to make a joke out of me There's something you ... m not letting go There's something you will see You can't

F(x) - Because of me lyrics

Geudael saranghaneekkah Meeyanhaeyo nehgah meeyanhaeyo ... ahlgguhtgahtaeyo gahseumee wohnhaneun hansahrahm

O.l.d - Two of me lyrics

when this happens, it's time to bleed again and again...

The Hollies - What to do lyrics

do now that she doesn't want me? That's what haunts me What ... to do? What to do to keep from feeling ... lonely? Want her only. What to do? The record hops and

Dead Or Alive - What i want lyrics

anything that I want And what offer me I don't what none! ... that stuff don't appeal to me! *But what I want's got ... simplicity What I want it wants only me What I want, don't say no at all

Infected Rain - Me against you lyrics

insult me 'cause I'm different You ... accuse me 'cause I'm strange Yes! you ... like me it's apparent But here I am ... up on this stage Come over here Tell me, what you

George Gershwin - You've got what gets me [from girl crazy] lyrics

ve got what gets me What gets me, you've got You've ... got what gets me I don't know just what ... But when you smile on me I get prouder and prouder ... and louder You've got what gets me You're simply a wow

Andra - What about us lyrics

about you I'm wondering what have you done to me 'Cause ... when we're together So mesmerizing the way we... Dance ... and the sun 'Cause you make me feel like I wanna Dance

Dope - What about lyrics

voices in my head They say What about me? Everytime I feel ... way I feel I just don't know what I should do What about you? What about you? What about me? What about everything? What about

Buddy Holly - What to do lyrics

do Now that she doesn't want me That's what haunts me What ... to do What to do To keep from being ... lonely Want her only What to do The record hops And

Heather Nova - What a feeling lyrics

s the time when this will turn to fruit ... afraid it's clearing Oh, what a feeling Oh, what a feeling ... Oh, what a feeling Life is only ... there Waiting inside Oh, what a feeling Oh, what a feeling

John Barrowman - What is this thing called loved lyrics

Why should it make a fool of me? I saw you there one ... ask the Lord in heaven above What is this thing called love? I ... ask the Lord in heaven above What is this thing called love?

Gabriella Cilmi - What if you knew lyrics

the night I'm gonna try Something's been playing on my ... that you were mine What if you knew Your best ... Maybe I'm just in denial What if you knew Your best

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - What is this thing called love lyrics

Why should it make a fool of me? I saw you there one ... ask the Lawd in Heaven above What is this thing called love

Vince Gill - What the cowgirls do lyrics

And party till the cows come home Chorus: I love it ... know I'm a sucker baby for what the cowgirls do What the ... to see they'll be the death of me They're gonna drive my

A Long Winter - What runs through lyrics

we could have had. What we could have been is now ... s no feeling left anymore. What I felt is gone. Gone. I ... And my heart with it. Burn what's left of me. Sacrifices

In Dying Arms - What should have been a past lyrics

this path- I keep present what should have been a past I ... on this path- Your touch is what i can't resist What does it ... away You will be the death of me..

Lee Rocker - What i don't know lyrics

I love em in song I’ve known me a few, before she came along ... This one tested my metal, yeah she grounded down ... good Turns out what I don’t know about women

Bowling For Soup - What about us lyrics

sitting feeling sorry for me. Since a week ago last week. ... clothes and wash the lipstick off my cheek. I can't explain ... walking away. Fading.... What about me? What about you?

Kid Ink - What it feel like lyrics

I can tell you what it, yeah yeah I can tell you ... real light I ain't have a meal night I can tell you what it feels like I can tell you ... is real life I can tell you what it feels like In the back of the 'Lac AC/DC Back In Black

Rachel Macwhirter - What did we know? lyrics

so long ago that in the name of loyalty we started on ... our own. Answering the call of a house we once called home, ... we knew that we were right. What did we know? We swore

Anne Murray - What'll i do lyrics

'Tis broken and cannot be mended. You must go your way And ... our love dreams have ended: What'll I do When you are far away ... And I am blue? What'll I do? What'll I do When I am wond'rin

Nikki - What did i do lyrics

in the rain Like every part of me is on this day Try to act ... everything's oke,no way! What did I do? You said I've ... was one slip, and I lost you What did I do? But maybe it's not

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - What have i done to deserve this lyrics

I gonna get through? I come here looking for money (Got ... love, oh, oh Now you left me with nothing (Can't take it) ... Such pretty flowers, so tell me What have I, what have I, what have I done to deserve this?

Pinhead Gunpowder - My boot in your face is what keeps me alive lyrics

Was it really necessary? What do we have to show For all ... stress and worries? I remember all the late late nights ... and trying to write Down something to make some sense of it

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