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What Is The Meaning Of Ata Ein Kamocha lyrics

Browse for What Is The Meaning Of Ata Ein Kamocha song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed What Is The Meaning Of Ata Ein Kamocha lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to What Is The Meaning Of Ata Ein Kamocha.

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Fractured - What is the moment of truth lyrics

wish I was like you, I wish I had it all mapped out, I ... wish I was in more complete ... understanding of myself and my role within this wondrous world, and by that I

Monty Python - The meaning of life lyrics

are we here, what's life all about? Is God ... really real, or is there some doubt? Well tonight ... it all out For tonight it's the meaning of life What's the

Gangstarr - The meaning of the name lyrics

meaning of the name GangStarr, well I'll ... can excel to a greater type of thought, brought by the ... and combine with a sense of confidence Accomplishments,

Mandragora Scream - The veil of neith lyrics

is the meaning of our lives if we die? ... my mind For you want me to rise above mankind Draw aside ... reweave my soul Tonight in the gloomy streets of Sais On the eve of your supreme sacrifice

Powerman 5000 - The meaning of life lyrics

wait, wait, wait, wait What's the meaning You must be ... dreaming To want the meaning of life I heard you screaming ... To know the meaning To know the meaning of life Yeah! What's the meaning You must be

Joe Bonamassa - The meaning of the blues lyrics

you know what it means to walk alone? And ... be by yourself? Do you know what it means when there's no one ... to bring you good news? Then you know, you know the meaning of the blues Do you know what it means to cry alone? And what it means to cry by yourself?

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - The meaning of love lyrics

more than a hundred books Seeing love mentioned many thousand ... times But despite all the places I've looked It's ... clearer I'm still no nearer The meaning of love Noted down

Firehouse - The meaning of love lyrics

But honey you made a believer of me Now I know it's true Now ... they say this will last forever Just as ... long as we stay together So now we can see just what

Oasis lyricsOasis - The meaning of soul lyrics

m gonna show you about the meaning of soul Takin` a load ... Get outta my way about to do what you say An that ain`t enough ... Get outta my way about to do what you say An that ain`t enough

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - The meaning of life lyrics

by someone trying to tell me what to say and do I don't want ... way I gotta go make my own mistakes sorry man for feeling ... feeling the way I do oh yeah,oh yeah

Jump5 - The meaning of life lyrics

tried to find the meaning of life Somebody told me I was ... for You And now I know whatever I find There is nobody ... who can do what You do In so many ways In

Hawk Nelson - The meaning of life lyrics

a new beginning Lately tired of the life I’m livin Find a ... way to make a change In the lives of all of us who need ... To find the meaning of life We run the race just

Midas Fate - Liars in the name of faith lyrics

about holy war? Made in the name of god What can we tell ... about the future? A tormented life There are no killers in paradise ... And there's no pride in this kind of life And the meaning

Iu - The meaning of you lyrics

Neoui geu han madi maldo geu useumdo Naegen keodaran uimi Neoui geu jageun nunbitto Sseulsseulhan geu dwitmoseupdo naegen himgyeoun yaksok Neoui modeun geo...

Rush - The stars look down lyrics

the fly on the wheel, who says, "What ... a lot of dust we're raising." Are you under the ... illusion That you're part of this scheme? Seems like a

Crisix - The last monkey lyrics

Return to a primitive state What is the meaning of life? If I ... am alone in the world I am the last monkey (Monkey…) ... Hallowed be the monkey! (Monkey…) I am the

Forbidden - What is the last time lyrics

you notice the sun had turned orange for the ... last time? The last time... Did you notice the moon on the seventh day? The ... last time... did you see the people gathering for the last

Griffsnuff - What is the things lyrics

Hva er dette, jo det er en skog. Hva inneholder skogen? den inneholder elg Hva har jeg funnet, jo jeg fant en dam. Hva inneholder dammen? den inneholder f...

Arcane Symphony - What is life for you lyrics

are moving And you’ll see this show You know life passes ... so you shouldn’t stop It' is really so easy so you must ... get up What is life for you? I know your

Alabama - What in the name of love lyrics

morning and as I rise You won't even open your ... eyes You used to love this time together Now you won't ... even say goodbye With the passin' time I've watched you

Darin - What is the love lyrics

is the best night of my life and when I'm at the ... in my jacket and step in to the dance Tonights is not about ... romance I can't even feel the floor Feel so high Girls

Scooter lyricsScooter - The question is what is the question lyrics

na Just me and you Start the danger Rearranger Not so ... cool Mercy I’m the vapour On the radar Get up ... on the mic and shout it Yah Move ... it I spit bricks got the kicks in the mix My pricks

Scooter lyricsScooter - The question is what is the question? lyrics

na Just me and you Start the danger Rearranger Not so ... cool Mercy I’m the vapour On the radar Get up ... on the mic and shout it Yah Move ... it I spit bricks got the kicks in the mix My pricks

The Dubliners - The banks of the sweet primroses lyrics

midsummer's morning To view the fields and to take the air ... 'twas down by the banks of the sweet primroses There I ... where can you be a going And what is the occasion of all your

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - The price of a mile lyrics

the sound of a machinegun Hear it echo in ... night Mortars firing rains the scene Scars the fields that ... green It's a stalemate at the frontline Where the soldiers

Abba lyricsAbba - What's the name of the game lyrics

think I can see in your face There's a lot you can teach me ... So I wanna know.. What's the name of the game? Does it ... mean anything to you? What's the name of the game? Can you

Ace Of Base - What's the name of the game lyrics

s the name of the game Age of time Looking through the ... windows It's the age of time Travelling through the ... world Age of time Leaves no room for ... like blood that never dies What's the name of the game

Amanda Palmer - What's the use of won'drin'? lyrics

s the use of wond'rin if he's good or if ... he's bad or if you like the way he wears his hat? Oh, what's the use of wond'rin if he ... and you love him thats all there is to that. Common sense

Amen - The price of reality lyrics

you, inject you freely The sores of truth reprised ... Truth mended with the razors - deny I stand ... accused at the end of our lives And did they ... want to find you? And did they bury your life? It's just a

Innerwish - The waves of destiny lyrics

screaming a long time ago. There is a fire and there is a ... siren it calls my name. In the waves of destiny I fall The ... time yet never been told What is the purpose of this world

Billy Ocean - The colour of love lyrics

to paint a picture To show the world how true love can ... really be I would use the brightest colours To create ... a vision of harmony It would be a ... reality Cause it's only what's inside of my heart You

Mortal Sin - The price of peace lyrics

of the past, destiny is falling History ignored ... again as the war machine is calling Strategy and ... Armageddon final warning by the sword to live and die The

Lostalone - The downside of heaven is the upside of hell lyrics

out And starve your thoughts of all this motion Under siege of doubt Walk your fears into the ocean This is all I need to ... Sacrifical scribe A war of the words A dark psychosis

Take That lyricsTake That - Meaning of love lyrics

and lies is all I've taken Let me ... run free I thought, I knew the meaning of love Now I'm ... asking you, why? Meaning of love I thought, I knew the meaning of love Now open wide Meaning of love, meaning of love Meaning of love I thought, I knew

Van Morrison - Meaning of loneliness lyrics

Nowhere to turn Far cry from the streets that I came from It ... own back yard Nobody knows the existential dread Of the ... Someone else's head Whether it be trivial Or something

Gary Barlow - Meaning of a love song lyrics

a loving start That's the meaning of a love song To take the ... pain away It's the meaning of a love song To help you ... each day Walk into this sound of music and memories

Bell Book & Candle - Meaning of my heart lyrics

do you think about my dick what do you think, you think it's ... perfect as can be you are the meaning of my heart I want ... away just away you are the meaning of my heart so don't you

N-sync - I never knew the meaning of christmas lyrics

days I can't believe my foolish phase I thought that Christmas only came from a store ... Had to know what was there for me Underneath the Christmas tree I didn't know that there could be so much more

Bob Catley - Meaning of love lyrics

your love i could break down these walls With your heart i ... can fly like an eagle Break thesechains when you call You ... feed the fire that burns deep inside

Laura Branigan - Meaning of the word lyrics

a wind blowin' leaves Along the empty street Down by the ... place on the corner Where we used to meet ... too proud to give Afraid of what the heart demands Two of a

Greedy Invalid - Meaning of life lyrics

laid myself down into the shadow Hoping to find myself ... all in vain Seek for the meaning of life Seek for my place in ... the space Seek for the nature of whole human race

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Show me the meaning of being lonely lyrics

many words for the broken heart It's hard to ... with me, and maybe Nights of light so soon become Wild ... and free I could feel the sun Your every wish will be

Billy Currington - Life love and the meaning of lyrics

I’d be where I’m at At this point in my life looking back ... I think I just might spend the day looking up at the clouds ... life and love and the meaning of Well I posed my

Shadows Fall - The art of balance lyrics

am sheltered by this apathy Nothing left to do ... but torch the day Retreating deeper into ... my mind What is it that i hope to find? This is the aftermath in me

Cristal Y Acero - The meaning lyrics

feel your skin next to mine The heat of your body is fire ... see your eyes I can see that the love you got for me Is ... will wait for you Tell me the meaning of this love Tell me

Bruce Dickinson - Return of the king lyrics

your mobile phone Return Of The King Bruce Dickinson ... lyrics Artist: Bruce Dickinson Album: ... Year: 1998 Title: Return Of The King Print Correct

Aina - The siege of aina lyrics

[translation:] (Darkness is coming your way see it ... Baktuk:] My Lord, everything is now in place Our years of ... Long have we waited for this day Now let us set out with

Run Dmc - The ave. lyrics

D.M.C.] These are the words that I wrote so I hope ... t man I'll never joke about the coke that you're smok-in ... you're f***in up, f***in up the block Got shot rocked and

Pro-pain - The prisoner lyrics

down the four walls forever Time's ... up, set me free I'll do what I want to whenever Pissin off the powers that be Led a ... life of death and destruction Bet

Dark Moor - The hanged man lyrics

in the crossroads of my life wrapped in the ... world of eternal strife I'm looking ... for the meaning of the universe searching in ... melody to drive me to the harmony I'm hung from my

Immolation - The rapture of ghosts lyrics

forward,across the barrens A life long lost ... shell,already dead Show me the meaning of pain... Tempt me ... with the promise of death Cold winds from their

Killing Joke - The fall of because lyrics

at the faces Whose is the meaning Forget the passion ... Feeding the dead The fall of because Look at the faces ... own Staying indifferent The fall of because It's cold

Despised Icon - In the arms of perdition lyrics

Seduced by an ocean of discontent Carrying an ... insouciance Cultivating this disconnection with every ... You won't lure me any further I've been drinking too much

Invocator - The chemistry of restlessness lyrics

blue pearls The terror of the kiss You're the reason I'm ... high Presence of guilt, the meaning of bliss Forever enmeshed ... So sweet this is It's the chemistry of restlessness A

Nightwish - The riddler lyrics

Riddler ask me why The birds fly free on a mackerel ... sky Ask me whither goes the wind Whence the endless ... begins Make me guess if the earth is flat or round Set

Anderson .paak - The season / carry me lyrics

Part 1: The Season] [produced by: 9th ... Wonder] [Hook] My faith is buried somewhere underneath the town (Until it’s paid for) ... Strawberry season, my sweetheart is coming ‘round (I hear

Reba Mcentire - The secret of giving lyrics

this life, we all go through hard ... needing someone To show us the way To you, the glass ... to have faith [chorus] If there's just one secret to living

Renascent - Corrosion of emotions lyrics

minds Weary fragile souls What is the meaning of your life ... keep digging down deep into the pain Walking among the ... living dead Dwelling in the supremacy of sorrow

Drakkar - The price of victory lyrics

Finally now I understand the last words Oracle said ... Bridge: Whatâs the meaning of it all? Why to find a brother lost Just to lose him once

Edenbridge - The final curtain lyrics

outcast of victorian society a crying ... long-gone childhood days the dream to be an albatross ... wings to be flying before the last bell rings the ... crushing arms of loneliness embracing still the sear and yellow leaf is

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