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What If I Can’t Reach lyrics

Browse for What If I Can’t Reach song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed What If I Can’t Reach lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to What If I Can’t Reach.

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Jason Castro - What if i fall lyrics

ve always tried to walk this life With my head held high But ... lately I've been filled with doubt And I don't know why ... I'm so afraid to let You see my scars I

Chiara - What if we lyrics

of wisdom, prophets and quotes, Wise men talking, tales from the ... old, I reach for the stars, wherever they ... are, in darkness, We’re lost, fading away, What if we could

Esmee Denters - What if lyrics

can remember all the times i tried to tell you Just what ... was on my mind But i couldn't find the words to ... say I'm so confused by the thought ... Of you and me together And i'm afraid you might not feel

Jadakiss - What if lyrics

Jadakiss] Yo, take a second What if we could rewind the hood? ... Better yet, what if the Lox woulda signed wit ... Suge? What if Puffy neva signed us? What if Oprah made

Aaliyah - What if lyrics

if.. every guy I saw What if.. sitting down at the bar What if.. I told him to give me a ... call What if.. what if, what if, what if What if.. every guy

Creed - What if lyrics

can't find the rhyme in all my reason Lost sense ... of time and all seasons Feel I've been beaten down By the ... t sleep beneath the trees of wisdom When your ax has cut

G-eazy lyricsG-eazy - What if (ft. gizzle) lyrics

Verse 1: G-Eazy] What If I had a hundred million dollars ... I'd f*** up some, f*** up some, ... f*** up some commas What if I did f*** Madonna? What if I

Purenrg - What if lyrics

if i was a cheerleader What if i was the girl next door What if i was a rock star What if ... i was something more What if i was an astronaut What if i

Craig David lyricsCraig David - What if lyrics

What if did, what if I did, what if I) What if, what if, what ... if (What if did, what if I did, what if I) What if, what if Must have been about 3 o

April Wine - What if we fall in love lyrics

in love is fair Young and free, so easy to ... care, without pain We can laugh and we can ... cry We can have it all without askin' why, without chains But, there comes a time

Barbie - What if i shine lyrics

spend too much time thinking about who I'm supposed to ... be I play by everybody's rules ... that don't seem right to me I'm cool and polite on the ... outside When I get a chance I run and I hide If your eyes

Casting Crowns - What if his people prayed lyrics

if the armies of the Lord Picked up and dusted off their ... swords Vowed to set the captives free And not let satan ... have one more What if the church for heaven's sake

Darin - What if lyrics

yeah) (Oh... yeah) Just imagine how you would feel if ... you'd be the one they're picking on Would you, would you ... honesty Would you let it slide, brake down and cry? or

Darin - What if i kissed you now lyrics

here we are Trying to talk some sense into our ... hearts This cant be love We’re best of friends, and that should be ... enough But If that’s true Tell me why I’m

Ani Difranco - What if no ones watching lyrics

my life were a movie There would be a sunset ... would pan away But the sky is just a little sister Tagging along behind the buildings ... Trying to imitate their grey The little boys are

Jason Derulo lyricsJason Derulo - What if lyrics

if? What if I'm the one for you? And you ... re the one for me? What If... If you are the one ... then us meeting here is fate Future with a dog ... named Ben Buy a house with a fireplace This is the first I've seen your face but

Echo & The Bunnymen - What if we are? lyrics

I'm not the world Maybe I'm not the stars Maybe you're ... not the girl What if you are? Maybe I'm not the ... boy Maybe I'm not the man Maybe I'm not ... the one But what if I am? What if I am? Then it's love,

Vince Gill - What if i say goodbye lyrics

if I say I love you Would it mean as much as it used to ... Could it help the hurt that we're ... putting us through What if I said goodbye What if ... tomorrow you wake up And I'm not around what you break

Go Radio - What if you don't lyrics

m building my own cell tonight And I will never make a ... key It's just me and the dark ... Alone here with my heart And won't you ... set me free And you and I we have a history And not

Godsmack - What if lyrics

disconnected for so long And ... gone So many fears have remained the same I see a faith ... I swim and play Yet drowning all possibilities Beyond what I believe and know I cut the

Lyrycyst - What if i lyrics

if I never had a chance to be ... grown What if I never saw the sun that's lighting up my home If I was ... you throw me away BeCuz, this kind of thing happens every

Reba Mcentire - What if lyrics

I don't understand Feels like I'm living in a world gone ... mad look around all around it's just the same people they ... just rush everywhere No time to ever take the time to

Reba Mcentire - What if it's you lyrics

ve got something to tell you that I just can ... t say So I'm writing it down in case maybe someday Our lives take a turn down a road ... We can't see right now I know you're happy and I'm

John Cougar Mellencamp - What if i came knocking lyrics

if I came knocking On your front door some night? Would you open the window And drop me down the key ... And what if I came knocking On your bedpost that same

Montell Jordan - What if i never lyrics

Verse 1] Pick up the phone Where are you ... I'm fiending girl for you Laying here I saw ... you Damn girl, I adore you I cant believe Came so close ... To losing you, almost But oh I

Phora - What if lyrics

what if I met God, what would he say? Would he love ... me like his child? Would he look at me and ... Would he be ashamed? Cause I know I have my share of sins

Sarah Geronimo - What if i lyrics

that she has hurt you bad I think that is really sad ... That she's made a cynic of you now If only you'd ... let me try I think I could change your mind And

All That Remains - What if i was nothing lyrics

let it go, don’t want to argue ... anymore I cant be sure I know just what we’re fight ... for I know that you’re scared and ... that you’re thinking I may go I’m not leaving, I’m

Emilie Autumn - What if lyrics

you sit in your high-backed chair Wonder how ... the view is from there I wouldn't know 'cause I like ... to sit Upon the floor, yeah upon ... the floor If you like we could play a game Let's

Eric Benet - What if we was cool lyrics

if I made some time to listen to you What if you made ... some time to hear me too What if we took the time to realize Givin' some love is givin' ... compromise What if I could show you that my love is true Without all these

Five For Fighting - What if lyrics

a line out to pull you to me If you don't get it, then you ... don't get it You made your mind up before you knew me If ... you don't get it, then you don't get it Take

Foo Fighters lyricsFoo Fighters - What if i do? lyrics

and forth that voice of yours keeps me up at night Help me search to find ... the words that eat you up inside I go side to side like the ... wildest tides in your hurricane And I only hide what is

Get Scared - What if i'm right lyrics

takes the blame They wanna fill my head up And scare me ... half to death And when I bought what they want I'm ... there with nothing left How can you stand

Goldhouse - What if ? lyrics

if you let me love, you? What if you let me love, you? What if you could read my dirty mind? What if I could keep you ... for the night? What if we don't fight the fire? We

If/then Musical - What if? lyrics

s how it starts, and here's how it ... ends Two different hearts, maybe lovers or ... friends No one knows the ways ... Once every day, your life starts again No one can say

Jason Reeves - What if i told you lyrics

if I told you Who I really was What if I let you in on my charade? What if I ... told you What was really going on No more masks and no ... to play There's so much I want to say But I'm so

Joe - What if a woman lyrics

if a woman Had a man on the side And she never spent time with you What if a woman Said ... she's working late And it's always the same excuse What if a woman Took the keys to

Chantal Kreviazuk - What if it all means something lyrics

I could do anything for you, believe me I would ... same? Feel the same as me? If I could be anyone for you believe me I would I'm not ... ashamed not ashamed to be Its hard for me to know sometimes I feel like letting go

Lemar - What if lyrics

yeah Yeah, yeah baby Listen Yeah Woah Yeah, yeah, ... Everyday was the same old thing Waking up out of bed Put ... Just tryna get ahead Jumped into my ride To avoid the lights Girl I took a different

Lene Marlin - What if lyrics

if I don't wanna move on If I like it as it is Wanna keep it like this, for a while.. ... .forever Just let me lie close to you Don't wanna ... go, don't wanna let you go If I said I want you, if I said I need you If I said I love

Mandisa - What if we were real lyrics

If We Were Real Well, I'm tired of saying everything I ... feel like I'm supposed to say I'm tired ... of smiling all the time I wanna throw the mask away

Mindy Mccready - What if i do lyrics

m afraid we're moving a little to fast He think we're ... moving too slow (it figures) I'm sittin' here praying this ... movie Will last another hour or so He

Mclean Aj - What if? lyrics

if the sun never rose again What if the sky turned from blue ... to red What if the love we once had was ... never there What if you told me you loved me but

Meg&dia - What if lyrics

down They don't make them like us anymore You failed to ... see that I am not your shadow I can be ... more You said the world is hard to face I am your

Idina Menzel - What if lyrics

Yorker: Here's how it starts And here's how it ... Another New Yorker: Two different hearts Maybe lovers, ... or friends New Yorkers: No one ... Once every day Your life starts again Drummer: No

Nashville Cast - What if i was willing ft. chris carmack lyrics

if you were wearing a sundress, Sitting out on ... your front steps, Waiting on someone to run with, Oh ... baby, what if? What if you were needing some ... restless heart, Kickin' up dust in his fast car,

Neil Patrick Harris - What if life was more like theatre lyrics

if life were more like a theatre? What if ... you heared a band? Wouldn’t life be so much sweeter if you ... could queue the weather with your hand. And what if

Plain White T's - What if lyrics

if nobody likes me what if I don't succeed What if I give it all that I've got and I still don't got what they ... need What if I don't get anywhere at all Will I consider myself a failure

Safetysuit - What if lyrics

if it makes you sad at me? And what if it makes you laugh now ... cry as you fall asleep? And what if it takes your breath And ... you can hardly breathe? And what if it makes the last sound be

Simple Plan - What if lyrics

if I lead, the way? What if I make, mistakes? (Will you be ... there?) What if I change, the world? What if I ... take, the blame? (Will you be there?) I

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - What if lyrics

am down for something Come pick me up in your car Don't ... let me down for nothing I wanna know who you are And if you don't do something I ... wanna piece of your heart Come let's

About Last Night - What if i died tomorrow lyrics

day I try to see the closeness ... that you promised me, fades away, it fades ... away. Every night I try to dream of what you ... wanted me to be, in your life, in your life. Every

Armin Van Buuren - What if lyrics

if right into My mind's velocity What if I...finally discovered The rules ... of Eternity What if I tell you What we live for.. ... .what we die for What if I tell you That you will be

Colbie Caillat - What if lyrics

other Born to become best friends and lovers I want to ... stay right here In this moment with you Over and ... over and over again What if this could be a real love A

Gabriella Cilmi - What if you knew lyrics

is the night I'm gonna try Something's ... been playing on my mind I'm gonna tell you the truth ... even if it hurts Now that we're dancing on the floor Feeling like

Cipher System - What if lyrics

if we wouldn't do those primary choices? What if we ... wouldn't do those things we do right now? Life can ... take a different way so easily Every choice we make

Coldplay lyricsColdplay - What if lyrics

if there was no light Nothing wrong, nothing right What if there was no time And no ... reason or rhyme What if you should decide That you ... don’t want me there by your side That you don’t want me

Harmony - What if lyrics

nice and shiny Always fit for fight Never show no ... weakness, always strive to look alright Always ... keep my head high No matter what's within Never need nobody,

Holy Mother - What if tomorrow never comes lyrics

my life ten for noneWill my savior call me done Life on land, time falls from me ... Red hot sands from burning sun Oh, my life Highter ... pastures, dying sheep Time for war dance, passions of

Joshua Radin - What if you lyrics

if you Could wish me away What if you Spoke those words ... today I wonder if you'd miss me When I'm gone It's ... come to this, release me I'll leave before the dawn But

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