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Michelle Jubilee - Raise our voices up lyrics

the truth – When all along we’ve been their tools Building ... ignorant fools. Pre Chorus We can never ever become slaves ... who try and hide the light. We must only be forever brave –

Lawson - We are kings lyrics

re the victims of our pleasures, Taking control ... a walk across the wire I will take you home And you will ... be my soul salvation We will never be alone It’s a

Allen-lande - We will rise again lyrics

battle between two different worlds ... Different lives but we share the same sky I still ... by now I still wonder how We have been in darker places ... The angels will protect us We know evil has many faces We

Barbie - Raise our voices lyrics

One goal, one dream, 'cause we're on the same team, hey ... (Oh...) Raise our voices (Oh...) Raise our ... voices So it's time to show our faces and raise our voices

Matt Redman - Raise a voice lyrics

on church, come on church Raise a voice, raise a voice Tell ... your God how great He is Tell the ... world how great He is Tell our God, tell our God how great

Mean Streak - Raise your hands lyrics

waiting so long, bided our time. Waiting for the day ... When we're standing strong, united in ... line. Your time to pay We will follow our hearts this time, we are past point of no return

The Game - We will survive lyrics

The Game - Chorus] We will survive, we’ve been through ... stronger they know that we on the rise we will not live ... niggas on the front line and we all here hold your head high

Full Strike - We will rise lyrics

feel the pain no more. It will never end. We will face it ... all again where they crossed our way. We will stand for all ... and we will fight! We will make it all the way. We will rise and burn them to hell

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - We are the dead lyrics

with me it wasn't easy well we all fall down now and ... then we will raise the dead again ... with me it wasn't easy well we all fall down now and

Paul Baloche - Angels we have heard on high lyrics

we have on heard high Sweetly singing ore the plains ... Gloria in excelsis Deo We will raise our voices Deo, oh-oh ... song on high Deo, oh-oh-oh We behold your beautiful light

Michael Heart - We will not go down lyrics

up in the smoky haze We will not go down In the night, ... a fight You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our ... schools But our spirit will never die We will not go

Dj Antoine - We will never grow old lyrics

when we danced in the summer rain ... felt like burning flames Our love was wild like a ... hurricane We used to run away and be gone ... Hiding from the world in our secret place We made a

Majesty - We will ride lyrics

we stand together, our eyes are filled with pride. ... Dreaming 'bout our future and the glory of our ... fight. Our hearts are filled with power. ... Holy eagle spread your wings. Victory will be ours

Aviators - Our terrarium (remix) lyrics

fly together Take my hand we will reach for the end With a ... spectral speed we will run to the ocean And if you ... re unsure, we can use our potion We'll fight through

Rabia Sorda - Our land lyrics

ve cried for so long And your tears don't come out anymore ... back 'cause a new generation will strike back Heads up! Don ... t decay! Don't stop until our world is changed Heads up!

A Reason To Breathe - We will be legend lyrics

Nothing could stop us We were invincible like an arrow in ... high The deepest ocean was our home to no return And make ... Tearing down the walls between you and me Oh The sign

Being As An Ocean - We will never be the same lyrics

Those who have never felt Your love Feel Your warm embrace ... We will proclaim Your continuing creation Made ... evident by our many reconciliations The ... blind will see The deaf will hear Loving with every ounce

Dark Empire - We will never die lyrics

worn away How long can we hold out? A shallow game ... plays on every Day to please our kings Our lives held by ... Turn on the light let your eyes crystalize Your view

Slash - We will roam lyrics

beyond the storm The wind we ride until we can no more ... Just to find our own Just to find out own We ... can't let go And still we roam Now forevermore Tread

Adam Gontier - We will never forget lyrics

s threats in the truth, we deny it We pray somehow, we ... yet still violent Each time we hear cries, there is silence ... We won't take life for granted

Atreyu - We are the living dead lyrics

buries us deeply! Regret our days, when it's time to shine ... Roaming the night Stalking our prey We will take our time We are the living dead! Does

Jenny Woo - We don't need their respect lyrics

call us liars because we speak the truth They call ... us traitors ‘cause it’s too ourselves we’re true They call ... us cowards ‘cause we won’t fight their war And we don’t care anymore

Project Pitchfork - We will descend lyrics

burning cage Radio-Logically we will be killed Before that ... about the waste Which is not our friend but it will be with us ... cause it's already sent Into our future for it's our end

Atreyu - We stand up lyrics

this is for me and the boys We'll always play our part To ... know all that is the truth We are all we have, in a world ... got something to say here I will bear my heart and expose my

Carola - We will stand lyrics

for me to understand Why we pull away from each other so ... easily Even though we're all walkin’ the same road ... Yet we build dividing walls between our Brothers and ourselves

Hillsong Worship - We will see him lyrics

my eyes only to God alone I will set my heart trust in the ... Holy One I will live in faith knowing His ... is here and now Great is our God in all the Earth We will see Him Coming on the clouds

Lloyd - We will all go together when we go lyrics

WILL ALL GO TOGETHER WHEN WE GO When you attend a funeral ... or Later those you love will do the same for you And you ... Ives to think of all the weeping they will do (But don

Raised Fist - We will live forever lyrics

in the undertow. And as we all try to live forever our ... parents they pass away, and our friends they cannot stay. ... Meanwhile we will try to endeavor. We will

Rise To Remain - We will last forever lyrics

day comes forth to claim the weak I won't listen, I won't ... listen When we're face down, revelling in ... mess we've made When city walls ... transform into a cage We aren't victims, we aren't

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - We will never die lyrics

are your therapy cause we call us wild and free we are ... of the apocalypse long time we slept in the fire of lust ... but now we are awake we are the ones you can trust we play for you not just for

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - We will rise again lyrics

kisses lock us in this cage Our lives got twisted in this ... from the sky Heaven and hell will be burning tonight Covered ... in ashes I cry out your name And out of the flames We will rise again Run in to

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - We will rise again lyrics

kisses lock us in this cage Our lives got twisted in this ... from the sky Heaven and hell will be burning tonight Covered ... in ashes I cry out your name And out of the flames We will rise again Run in to

All That Remains - We stand lyrics

if this could change us Our roots are deeper than that ... Born and bred the masters of ourselves And of our hearts ... Walk a darkened road and We will be our own light Our

Chrom - We'll be alone lyrics

if we could reach the dark-side ... What if we could leave reality Would ... the lonely Would you except your destiny This is the time to ... lose your To lose your doubts and your regrets ..

Rotersand - We will kill them all lyrics

gods have blessed our soil and blood It was meant ... to be We carried on through drought ... flood It was meant to be We built this land upon our ... meant to be As fortune favoures just the brave It was

Journey - We will meet again lyrics

Her eyes that spoke to me were sending my heart A thought ... For love right then But we met destiny, and it sealed our fate [Chorus:] We'll meet ... again (we will meet again) I know we will (we will meet again) On my heart

Laibach - We will go to mt. paektu lyrics

go in springtime, we’ll go in winter too We'll go ... in our dreams, we’ll go at any time We’ll go ... for a lifetime, we’ll continue going through ... the home of my heart We’ll go, We’ll go, to Mt.

H.e.a.t - We will never die lyrics

to like and to fight for We will never die, stronger than ... ever As we won't back down We will never die, we'll be ... ever The years pass fast by, we will never die The times

Lenka - We will not grow old lyrics

and me will be lying side by side ... Together, together And you will hold my heart Inside your ... The one to tell me Oh, we've got a long, long way to go

Lowkey - We will rise lyrics

hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and ... the power they took from the people will return to the people. And so ... long as men die, liberty will never perish. Is it just

Nightshade - We will fight lyrics

resolve is firm On to battle we will bring them to their ... knees Chorus: We will fight for freedom We will ... fight for glory We will fight We will fight for

Rumer - We will lyrics

s over now you've had your fun Get up them stairs go on ... quickly Don't run Take off your shoes the both of you's ... opposed to those flakes. We will, we will That

Russell Brenda - We will find a way lyrics

Strength follows pain Ohhh, We will find a way there is ... follows understanding Ohhh, We will find a way and in ... means theres a long road, we will sail among these waters

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - We will find a way (dar um jeito) lyrics

can´t escape the heat but your heart could feel that beat ... so you get up off your feet ain´t no mountain you ... can´t reach grab your star and take wish We´re

Audiovision - We will go lyrics

town, show the burning flame We will rock the house Come on ... and sing along Lift up your voice for the living One We will go all the way for the ... Let the music talk and fill your soul We will go all the way

Bosson - We will meet again lyrics

You're always in my dreams We we will meet again Far ... beyond the stormy weather Far beyond the cloudy ... skies We we will meet again When we do we will last forever When we do we will stay together You and me We were meant to be In perfect

Damian Marley - We're gonna make it lyrics

up Don't you ever give in We will have our way some day ... I... [Chorus:] I know we're gonna make it It's not ... too late, No! We're gonna make it Yeah Yes I

Our Last Night - We will all evolve lyrics

I haven’t been here for long Will I learn from my mistakes? ... Stay with me This is how we aspirate Take your eyes off ... the lies surrounding you We will all evolve Into working

The Saddle Club - We will be friends forever lyrics

what i'm thinking and if your hearts are sinking i'll ... by you. through all kinds of weather, i'll stick by you. ... me and i want you to see we will be friends forever

Arch Enemy - We will rise lyrics

So fed up with second best Our time is here and now I am ... Watch me closely I will stand up - now We will ... Anything I want to be We will rise I am the enemy

Mark Owen - We could rule lyrics

you so where is it that your love comes please take mine ... with you we could rule the world together ... oh yeah say it can be it will be hallelujah us forever we could rule the world together

Radical Face - We're on our way lyrics

your hands If you need a new coat ... of paint If your bones are now heavy things ... hidden somewhere 'neath your skin Or if your head's ... just an empty box If your heart has become spare parts

Gungor - We will run lyrics

face from You Teach us of Your ways oh God, oh God For we ... from You Lord have mercy We will run to you, we will run ... to you Turning from our sin we return to You Father heal your world, make all things new

Arch Enemy - We will rise (live) lyrics

So fed up with second best Our time is here and now I am ... Watch me closely I will stand up - now We will ... Anything I want to be We will

Basslovers United - We only live once to night lyrics

na na na We only live once for tonight ... Tonight we live for the run Run to have ... in the right direction And we will find our satisfaction ... Just give me your hands tonight And we will

Scanners - We never close our eyes lyrics

would take your place If your world fell down I would take ... your pain And leave a smile For ... If you feel a kiss When your dreams are dark And a voice

Mewithoutyou - We know who our enemies are lyrics

are heavy, and the night's wearing on Your story's ... familiar, and your innocence is gone We'd burn ... the morning then break like your heart Fall in love without

Dappy - We will rock you (bbc live lounge) lyrics

some day. You got mud on your face, Big Disgrace, Kicking ... your can all over the place ... Singing We will, we will Rock you So we tell ‘em We will, we will Rock you.

Ross The Boss - We will kill lyrics

in my back I feel alive We Will Kill – the day has ... finally come We Will Kill – we turn the power on We Will ... Kill – come what may, as it will, now we will We Will Kill

Jonathan Coulton - We will rock you lyrics

man some day You got mud on your face You big disgrace ... Kicking your can all over the place We will we will rock you We will we will rock you Buddy you're a

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