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Kill Baby Kill! - Fight for your life lyrics

sea, he brought us Aids and misery He took our land we ... met his greed, abused our welfare for his own need We ... fought him hard - we fought him well, in Europe

J2 & Chroma Music - Fight til the end lyrics

re told all of our plans will fail We're sold make ... believe fairytales But we're not blind to all of their ... lies We'll fight our own way, just look in our

Manowar - Fight until we die lyrics

Are Moving Soon They Will Align Thor God Of Thunder ... Me Die With A Sword In My Hand Raise Your Hands Swords ... In The Wind Brothers Of Metal Together

Nightshade - We will fight lyrics

the air the stink of mud and blood and iron No quarter ... resolve is firm On to battle we will bring them to their ... knees Chorus: We will fight for freedom We will fight

Jennifer Hudson - We gon' fight lyrics

up If you with me, put your hands up Hands up Wait a minute, ... not enough With all that we've been through we should ... give it up Why sweat and cry, just leave and make it

Segment - We are the aliens lyrics

You think that’s not OK We must to hold together It’s ... closer? I can’t say: Wait, we’re innocent (So) why we ... must be here? We are, we are the aliens We are, we

After The Burial - Your troubles will cease and fortune will smi.. lyrics

in the palm of my hand. I am the contortionist, we ... feel this distance is further and farther without you ... I create, from these towers, built of nothingness. I will fall. And like these

Phil Collins - We wait and we wonder lyrics

To the outsider it seems that we in Britain live daily under ... then suddenly something will happen...' We stand, hang ... disbelieving then not knowing how could such a thing be

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - And we danced lyrics

-"He comes from a land, far far away. A little place ... or striking at the royal wedding. He left his mother land ... up! He talked all nations and all peoples across all seas.

Ryan Lewis - And we danced lyrics

hey hey oo lay hey hey and we danced and we cried and we laughed and had a really ... really good time take my hand lets have a blast and ... quit cock blocking we're having a ho-down you hoe

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - I will talk and hollywood will listen lyrics

Come back to the old five and dime Cameron Diaz give me a ... would compliment mine I will talk and Hollywood will ... listen See them bow and my every word Mr Spielberg

Crash Test Dummies - And so will always be lyrics

I went out walking And saw a crippled man He couldn ... glass to lips So crippled were his hands I stopped and ... not Bring myself to lend a hand And so it is, and so it

Within Temptation - And we run (ft. xzibit) lyrics

darkness that you fear. You were never free, and you never ... realized. And love is a word you never ... of life upon your chest. And I know wherever it goes And we run, with a lonely heart And we run, for this killing love

12 Stones - We are one (the nexus theme) lyrics

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa We walk alone In the unknown We live to win another victory We are the young Dying sons We ... So be afraid It's the price we pay The only easy day was

Paddy And The Rats - We will fight lyrics

jam jam Serious in fight, fight Swagger to the wild side ... Give a wink, pay a drink If you wanna win We will stay together And ... only feel alright We will live forever If we can drink

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - We take the chance lyrics

ll take the chance - we'll win again It's our dream and you ... will see - we'll go hand in hand I know we're here, but I ... feel we're not alone Millions of

As It Is - We fight back lyrics

that we were after was an escape To ... the things that made us who we are And oh, the way you ... shattered and swept away The bigger piece of ... happiness we'd found 'Cause if this is

Majesty - We will ride lyrics

we stand together, our eyes are ... Dreaming 'bout our future and the glory of our fight. Our ... hearts are filled with power. Holy eagle spread your wings. Victory will be ours and

Joseph Arthur - Voices will fight lyrics

where we live Is where we hide Cause we can't forgive ... What's inside We have sweet love We have sweet love We have sweet love We have sweet love In the night

Rudimental lyricsRudimental - I will for love (feat. will heard) lyrics

Even if our world is done, and the sky is falling down It ... t even matter to us, no Oh, we could risk it all We'll fight until we fall Oh, we could

Cock Sparrer - We love you lyrics

t care if you only love "we" We don't care if you ... only love "we" We love you. We love you, and we ... hope that you will love "we" too We love "they

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Fight and scratch lyrics

and scratch, fight and scratch That's all we ever ... must be more to love Than to fight and scratch with you, you, ... you To fight and scratch with you Well you

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - We love you lyrics

t care if you only love "we" We don't care if you ... only love "we" We love you. We love you, and we ... hope that you will love "we" too We love "they

Full Strike - We will rise lyrics

feel the pain no more. It will never end. We will face it ... where they crossed our way. We will stand for all and we will fight! We will make it all

Drysill - We're coming to rock you lyrics

left to loose That's why we're lucky to lead this big ... parade we are immortal - invincible - a ... the skies high above ground we are the strong survivors ~

Shawn Mcdonald - We are brave lyrics

are brave!  We might bend or even break The ... journey's long, but we will celebrate When we get ... through the valley We're not defined by the fall We get back up Keep pressing

Hatebreed - We still fight lyrics

things you don't have the power to change Do you even ... You've taken your freedom and safety for granted How do ... those who gave their lives And how do you justify (you have

Like Torches - We burn like the phoenix lyrics

Just screaming cuz' we think it's fun That's why ... you lost every battle we won You see us everywhere ... There's more of us than you will ever know Oh no! Look,

Bethel Music - We dance lyrics

steady me Slow and sweet, we sway Take the lead and I will follow Finally ready now To ... close my eyes and just believe That You won't ... When my faith gets tired And my hope seems lost You spin

Frankie J - We still lyrics

Verse 1] I know that you and I have been through many ... away to love each other more We've struggled and we've fought ... To keep us both between the lines oh yeah...

Kris Kristofferson - Eagle and the bear lyrics

will fight and I will die for Freedom Up against ... an eagle or a bear And I will help my brother and we'll ... sink or swim together And if you don't like it mister I

Malignant Tumour - We are malignant [bonus] lyrics

shoot power to your heart, a mighty ... thunderbolt We charge all batteries, we save ... your soul We don't know when we're licked, But we turn lead ... into gold We know alchemy, we bring you rock and roll We

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - We are motörhead lyrics

shoot power to your heart, a mighty ... thunderbolt We charge all batteries, we save ... your soul We don't know when we're licked, But we turn lead ... into gold We know alchemy, we bring you rock and roll We

Paddy And The Rats - What we are lyrics

it’s worth Let’s start a fight Be what you wanna be All ... To follow your dreams Coz We are only all what we are We ... love and we dream And We are only all what we are We

K.will - We never go alone lyrics

itdorok hamkke haejun neo we never go alone idaero ... jabeun soneul nohji malgo we never go alone geuddaeneun ... seoroui mideumeul mandeulgo himdeuneottdeon sigan

Laibach - We are millions and millions are one lyrics

become I saw the light We’re all so much alike Come ... to me, do not fight I lost control Over the ... your star In the dark We’re rising higher Come, don’t

The Lonely Island - We like sportz lyrics

I'll be right there. We like sportz and we don't care ... hoops, to the Super Bowl We like sportz and we don't care ... I got my snacks, my friends, and a beer Just two normal guyz

Katie Costello - We are the way we are lyrics

the sidewalks, wiser now We are tall like the buildings, ... other than the city in me? We are the way we are We are ... the way we are We ran away from where we couldn

Chrissy Depauw - We always want what we can't have lyrics

Always Want What We Can't Have We Always Want ... What We Can't Have We Always Want What We Can't ... Have We Always Want What We Can't Have We Always Want ... What We Can't Have We Always Want What We Can't

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - We will find a way (dar um jeito) lyrics

When you got nothing to eat and you find it hard to sleep ... you struggle on the streets and you can´t escape the heat ... can´t reach grab your star and take wish We´re

Bob Catley - We are immortal lyrics

there's a holy ground Where we will be safe from the spells ... around And I believe there will be an end To the hunt that ... us to live in the dark And hide from our lives Only

The Moffatts - We are young lyrics

around, anymore Chorus: We are young, we are free You ... can run away with me We are young, we are free If ... you want is not so far away We are young, we are young,

The Saddle Club - We will be friends forever lyrics

you know what i'm thinking and if your hearts are sinking i ... by you. through all kinds of weather, i'll stick by you. ... you stood here with me and i want you to see we will

Chastain - We bleed metal lyrics

Bleed Metal! We know that we got the disease and We will ... do as we damn well please We will never accept silence Nor ... boil, Feel my heart race We will sacrifice and we will pay the

Graveland - We shall prevail lyrics

shall rise, and we Shall hasten On the paths of ... our ancestors We will pick up our broken and rusted ... swords And we will pierce them, for the death ... carrying steel A tribe will be reborn through the blood

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - We've had enough lyrics

was taken from a young life And no one told her why Her ... that you get to choose Who will live and who will die Did ... ? You saw he didn't run And that my daddy had no gun

Dsds - We have a dream lyrics

... We believe the dream comes true ... Everything we tried to do It wasn’t easy ... all the time We never felt like this before ... But we love it more and more Every day and every

Hinds - And i will send your flowers back lyrics

in decrease in my chest We have three more nights They ... re winning the ride Their magnet is ... Honey This is what we both were looking for, babe ... Space, f***ed up mess We have two more nights They're

Alex & Co. - We are one lyrics

It happens with a friend We complete each other Like ... scribbles in the sands The bruises always mend ... The hand you take a lend We are one another Oh, one and one will make a pair Three

Blessthefall - We'll sleep when we're dead lyrics

the light shine in. Cause We're not alone. We're Not ... the light shine in. Cause We're not Alone. We're Not ... Alone (We will tear away) This awful ... lets start the bleeding. (We will wash away) (All of Your

Busta Rhymes - We comin' through lyrics

my niggas ONE TWO Line up and COME THROUGH I got shit for ... all of you to wild out and DUMB TO Back and bust your ... is the jerk So run your jewels and your ones too All my

Death Of An Era - We the people lyrics

What have you become? Land of the free, granting freedom ... to their open mouths. The weak and weary, traded as slaves ... their backs on fellow man, And raise the prices. We're

From First To Last - And we all have a hell lyrics

take a bite, but I know one will turn To three or four or ... young (By morning her soul will be gone, gone, gone.) I ... reality Hold still, it will be over soon Tonight,

Radical Face - We all go the same lyrics

some of us will be revered, and some forgotten And some of ... us will sleep out in the rain And ... some of us will die lonely And others' in grace and warmth

Ricky Nelson - We always want what we can't get lyrics

for more? Chorus: Guess we always want what we can't get ... us blind But in the end, we always get what we can't want ... You'd have thought we'd have learned But we fall

Septicflesh - We the gods lyrics

the gods - we, the gods - live high - to ... - right above your heads We, the gods - we, the gods - ... hide well - it's so difficult to find ... us Don't ever claim we are dead - we rest here and we guide you You need to be

Beyond Fear - And... you will die lyrics

talk about you and you don't care The things ... they tell us, We must beware Out in the ... you take your prey You rape and kill them, That's what they ... you, You cannot hide They will get you and you will die

Norma Jean - And there will be a swarm of hornets lyrics

this destruction with my own hands With my hands I will help ... pull it down. And like the worker bees, ... me up, just leave me here And I'll find my way back home I

A.c.a.b - We are acab lyrics

a look around and tell me what do you see All ... society Live in protection and misery The way I look it, ... of cunts now This is what we call DEMOCRACY! But I'll

Deadstar Assembly - And ashes will fall lyrics

away Existence hollow and vague I'm nothing that I ... s no resolve Behind a wall And ashes to ashes we fall We ... fall We fall These fingers in my ... s no resolve Behind a wall And ashes to ashes we fall And

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