We Tore A Prison Out Of The Ocean We Made Perfect Wine Out Of Posion lyrics

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Bonavox - Voice of the ocean lyrics

fiery wind Salt of the sea Warmth of the sun watching over ... me The voice of the ocean is Screaming my name As I ... hit the surface of the sea Where do we go? When the storm is coming? Let's cut

Arch Nemesis - A tale of the ocean lyrics

by the ocean lost in his own thoughts ... Memories of failures, of dreams that was lost Time has past and left him walking all alone With nothing more than sadness in his heart The anger weakens as he keep on

Mike Schmid - The house we built lyrics

you ever leave me Don't tell me why The ... river of your grievances Is deep as it's wide And I'll just go fishing And ... see what I find Well I know I have my flaws

Ivy - Edge of the ocean lyrics

s a place I dream about Where the sun never goes out And the sky is deep and blue ... Won't you take me there with you Ohhh, we can ... begin again Shed our skin, let the

Against Me! - The ocean lyrics

I could have chosen where God would hide ... his heaven, I would wish for it to ... be in the salt and swell of the ocean. Carried by the ... currents to all continents' shores. Reaching into depths where the

New Model Army - Ocean rising lyrics

dream of the ocean and the beautiful skies rolling out to sea I dream of the ocean and the ... rip of the tide west of Finnistair The weight of the ... water pouring down, holding on

Blink 182 lyricsBlink 182 - Bottom of the ocean lyrics

nights are foggy and weird Everyone I trust just disappears Breathing life into my ... deepest fears Take, now there's nothing to take Now you ... re haunted by your worst mistakes Watch me sinking underneath the waves I don't wanna

Atrox - The ocean lyrics

by the sea You can't resist Surrounded By darkness At powers devours ... Your mind Dark forces Avenging the past On a banished raft Body so shrinked

Grand Magus - Sword of the ocean lyrics

first was the last one The last one to fall He sounded the ... warning And put out the call Remorseless invaders or traders with gold? Stand or run ... Will flesh pay for metal or riches be shared - stand

Requiem - Shrine of the ocean lyrics

of the ocean The ancient paradise under dim waters Shrine of the ocean Won't lay to rest the waves of mystery Shrine of ... the ocean The ancient paradise under dim waters Shrine of the ocean The keeper of the

Caliban - The ocean's heart (feat. alissa white-gluz of.. lyrics

..And heaven shall burn upon those who set sail to kill... Between the ... tides where the worlds collide, A siren call ... from the other side. A storm and a raging sea - The waves

Gaelic Storm - Heart of the ocean lyrics

dies at the window And the night wind blows soft from the sea Though I lie in your arms, I'm a thousand miles away ... On the waves sailing fast, sailing free Now I'm bound

Led Zeppelin lyricsLed Zeppelin - The ocean lyrics

done four already but now we´re steady and then they went ... three, four Singing in the sunshine, laughing in the rain Hitting on the moonshine, ... rocking in the grain Got no time to pack my bag

Nightmare (fra) - Riddle in the ocean lyrics

you hear about a story, lost in the heart of a ... town Did you hear about it, a city never found [Chorus] ... Antigua Atlantis I wanna prove your existence No more

Cody Simpson - Children of the ocean lyrics

children of the ocean Got their positive emotion Take me ... to the place I wanna go Life ain't always easy But the ... simple things do please me Like the way the water always seems to flow Could

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Bottom of the ocean lyrics

s been in the past for a while I get a flash and then ... I smile Am I crazy? I still miss you baby ... It was real It was right But it burned Too hard to survive All that's left

Jupiter One - People in the mountain, people of the ocean lyrics

time ago We went down to Mexico And so we ... stayed And so we prayed Under the sun We were ... bound to have some fun But then it rained Oh it rained All

Prince - The other side of the pillow lyrics

as the other side of the pillow Smooth as another glass of wine, oh yes sir I'm so ... glad U're my baby, oh yeah I'm so glad that U're mine ... Bad as Bonny when she ran with Barrow {Clyde}, yeah

Signum Regis - The secret of the sea lyrics

I gaze upon the blue sea All those pleasant visions haunt me All the old romantic ... legends, all my dreams They keep coming back to me ... Like the waves on a shore Where the sand as

Lana Lane - Queen of the ocean lyrics

on a sea of glass In autumn rain's Winds of change ... And underneath the waters still and dark I swear ... I saw her face Lay me down in leaves of grass

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Sitting on the edge of the ocean lyrics

asked me to come And so here I am Has ... everything gone According to plan Don't know ... what to play But something still burns As soon as we touch again That

Freedom Call - Edge of the ocean lyrics

remember, I still can see All the waves are breaking over ... everything, when times are passing by Where the ocean ... flows to burning skies A sailors heart still cries And

Lorien - The island of the dragon lyrics

Island of the Dragon are away in time A land of wonders ... existed It was the center of everything. During ten ... thousand years The Empire reigned on Earth.

Sacred Blood - Heart of the ocean (nearchus advancing) lyrics

heart of Poseidon Is the heart of the ocean - Fathomless ... blue, Deep ark of secrets Kept in the depths Of the sunken realms... The ... heart of Poseidon Is the heart of the ocean - It beats to

I Am Kloot - The same deep water as me lyrics

out to the ocean Drown your thought out at ... sea And dip your hands in the water The same deep water as ... me You've been watching for cloudbursts You've

Mercury Tide - Souls of the ocean lyrics

I feel my life is over Candlelight surrounds me An appearance leads me into the ... light The light of nowhere I am ready for this ... way... I'll go I stand here in the circle of the

Porcelain Raft - Think of the ocean lyrics

I think about it Just don't get me started The way you begin it ... Decides the way that you own it If I could take ... off this mask Will you laugh at me? Will you laugh at

Insomnium - Out to the sea lyrics

thought that love and sadness Could ever walk hand in ... hand Never thought that laughter and sorrow Could live ... within this same heart We came far living on stolen

Royal Blood - Out of the black lyrics

did it feel when it came alive and took you Out of the ... black It broke your skin and shook through Every part of me, every part of you You made a fool out of me And took the skin off my back running So

Explosions In The Sky - Six days at the bottom of the ocean lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available (instrumental

Hordak - The rising of the warhammers lyrics

the remembres of a man Bring shadows from the past ... Of hard struggles for the power And surviving one more ... night These remembers bring him back And from the shadows, rays of

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Ghost of the ocean lyrics

ghost of the ocean Tells of the women of the sea They ran ... from opression In the forgotten history No ... innocents No leaders to defend No god, no ... government And it's hard to believe They were

Dayseeker - The home we built lyrics

but I simply can't sleep My hand on my heart but it keeps ... skipping beats I know there is a man in my place He ... put a ring on your finger and showed I'm a waste of your

Electric Light Orchestra - Ocean breakup/king of the universe lyrics

s all making me ready It's all doing what you gotta do I ... know "A" I see my life come ... shine. Golden sunrise Tragic daydream I am so afraid

Everdome - Secrets of the ocean lyrics

hellfire into the deepest sea Eternal maker of frozen fire ... rings Enlight my darkness with sorcery unknown ... Black shells of wisdom, sea dragon's rotten throne

Janis Ian - The other side of the sun lyrics

on a boat For beyond the other side of the ocean I’ll bet ... you in the morning You won’t even know ... I’m gone Tired of living here In the middle of

Lil' Flip - The way we ball lyrics

Ho (This is the way we ball) Ah ha, Houston, Texas (This is the way we ball) Ah ha (This is the way we ball) (This is the way ... we ball) And we like to floss, all my diamonds gloss I represent the

Hawkwind - The days of the underground lyrics

visions of acid We saw through delusion And brainbox pollution We knew we were right The streets were our ... oyster We smoked urban poison And turned all this

Chris Norman - Out in the night lyrics

m dreaming of you And I feel love coming on And ... baby I got no excuse Though we both know that it's wrong ... use Yes I know Chorus: Out in the night Making love to

Bokor - The island of st: menée (beach of the living .. lyrics

fare is one dollar a ritual The fare is one dollar a ritual ... Paid in advance Paid in advance From the tall ships of ... old Europe, to the cruisers of today They've always come,

Diviner - Out in the abyss lyrics

places of the unknown Where spirits arise ... Away from the universe far Are holding the answer To ... where powers divide In lights paths or ... gates of the dark Beyond all the tortures of life We'll

Luna Sea - The end of the dream lyrics

no toki o ukeireta mama de... Kamigami no uta o kaki ... keshita mama de... Oh 〜 Eien nado nai ... toki no owari ni mukai Setsuna no uta utau sekai wa Aru ga

Rock, Michael Learns To - Out of the blue lyrics

Richter, Jascha; I was almost about to lose my faith Was still dreaming but feared it ... was too late But then you came along to my surprise And ... stole my heart before my very eyes You

Art Garfunkel - The things we've handed down lyrics

t know much about you Don't know who you are We've been doin' fine without ... But we could only go so far Don't know why you chose us ... Were you watching from above Is there someone there

No Use For A Name - The feel good song of the year lyrics

never thought the day would come when I Would be the poison in the pen I use to ... write You said you were alone in somewhat of a nervous ... tone I guess it was the blank look on your face that was

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Out of the blue lyrics

walked through the dark. You’ll know we’ll land. ... I was sure that we belong together. And I always thought there'll be no end. ... And a love like ours would last forever. Oh baby out of the blue. In your eyes I found

Before Their Eyes - The way we operate lyrics

your time Take it slow You've got to hold ... on to what you know Breathe in now and let it go If you ... live too fast you'll find Your whole ... life has passed you by And my whole world is upside

Dave Days - Out of the box lyrics

another side of me Not always speaking so sarcastically The lights turn off The wall ... goes down And my mind is been set free ... Open to all possibilities Whoa So

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - Out in the cold lyrics

day fell down, the air got cold I walked out in the street Daydreamed for a mil ... e or two Staring at my feet Like a workin' boy ... out of luck Fallin' through the cracks

Freedom Call - Out of the ruins lyrics

s got the power to defy the tyranny One by one they all were gone Far too many heroes came and went but never won ... Everyone has lost his soul forever They've opened a door And

Ghost Machinery - Out in the fields (gary moore cover) lyrics

doesn't matter if you're wrong or if you ... re right It makes no difference if you're black or if you're white All men ... are equal till the victory is won No colour or

Gravitonas - The pain we love to hide lyrics

wrote my safe word on your skin Taking the pain to seek and hide You ... broke the surface from within Lonely together I stand accused in ball and chains Walking the aisle

Judas Priest - Out in the cold lyrics

m layin' awake at night I can't get you out of my mind All i can hear is my heart beat ... And a voice in the dark of some kind Where are you ... now The fears are comin' back to me once again Oh, i

Lange (stuart Langelaan) - Out of the sky lyrics

Lange feat Sarah Howells – Out Of The Sky* Possible, ... that it could all be wonderful Sweet the ... sound, as all the stars come crashing down But I

Mono Inc. - Out in the fields (gary moore cover) lyrics

doesn't matter if you're wrong or if you ... re right It makes no difference if you're black or if you're white All men ... are equal till the victory is won No colour or

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - The beginning of the end lyrics

ll be left behind This is the beginning Watch what you ... think, they can read your mind This is the ... beginning. I got my mark, see it in my eyes This

The Rapture - Pieces of the people we love lyrics

t try to tell me that my intentions are untrue My ... eyes like butterflies you caught 'em and they're open wide ... Clouded and hazy future clear whenever I'm with you Just

Digital Underground - The way we swing lyrics

Shock man people be comin up to me sayin "Yo man, what's up ... with the Underground, man? You guys old school, new ... school, R&B or hip-hop?" What

Ana Johnsson - The harder we fall lyrics

astray, it seems we lost our way Come to learn the price we ... pay Bought it all to fill the empty space How did it get ... this far Lost track what we're looking for Got

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