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Dierks Bentley - Up on the ridge lyrics

s blow out these city lights Let's just ... leave it all behind Get up where the air is still You ... can hear the whippoorwill Start a fire, ... pass the 'shine Won't be home till

Black Steel - Up against the world lyrics

away your hopes and dreams They can take away your pride ... used to be inside CHORUS We're up against the world It's ... us against the world In raging seas we swim

Ice Nine Kills - The people under the stairs lyrics

a time it seemed so long ago the world was painted gold ... before the hope began to corrode and ... all the people awoke to the cold that they had let the

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The gates of the seven seals lyrics

there in the distance, the lightning strikes the Earth ... Full moon is rising, the thunder hits the world We're ... so close to the edge of our life Running

Billy Talent - The navy song lyrics

rolling along with the waves, A thousand miles ... away Holding you close in the rain, Seems just like ... I gave my life to save her The ocean turned to red In the

E-dubble - The in between lyrics

to make a dance song I been up on my introspective shit too ... with my friends And watch the girls ride the subs Cuz' their boys are just treble But the bass can make them come And

Seals & Crofts - Forever like the rose lyrics

like the rose, I suppose that's the way to be. ... showing lots of beauty to the world. I know it's not an ... that you try. Try for me, be like the flower, within it's hour

Lil' B - Up to bat lyrics

big fun Wo bitch, look, it's the based God I'm a keep it ... As far as money goes, I'm on the road Only go to the gold, ... cast the cast elbows 45 and drough,

Jurassic 5 - End up like this lyrics

Hey, yo, We used to be young, dumb, full ... gum, with no funds, But we still had fun. Don't worry, ... be happy, that's what we was. We was family, caring

Pretty Ricky - Up and down lyrics

sexy ladies Wanna know how we do it I like it real slow Like walking through the door ... a trench coat Makin' love on the stove We can take it to the ... I'll let you know girl Up and down we go Like the

Bad Suns lyricsBad Suns - We move like the ocean lyrics

My mind put to motion We move like the ocean But I ... can't swim anymore Wake me up I fell in love in a dream, ... me for a test drive Chew me up, spit me out I don't need

Chamillionaire - We breakin up lyrics

It just ain't good enough and we breakin up We breakin up, we ... breakin up, we breakin up Cuz love just ain't enough ... mean somethin I ain't say, then you gossip and try to break

Da Backwudz - I don't like the look of it lyrics

that? I don't know (I don't like the look of it) (I don't like the look of it) When we pull ... up to the do' Gator shoes on 24's ... Haters wanna throw them bones and (I don't like the

Phora - The way we are (feat. versailles the everythi.. lyrics

she need is company Acting like she don't wanna f*** with me ... And she hit me up when I least expect that shit ... she over here asking what's up with me I told her same old

Prince - We gets up lyrics

gonna happen' Come on! We gets up, everybody get down ... Make a sound, make a sound We gets up when we come 2 your ... town I said the lost is found We gets up -

Black Light Burns - We light up lyrics

and you can see what you look like. You got your camera, you're ... and I can see what I look like too, with you, who knew that ... You call your girlfriends up and then we're gone. We

Busta Rhymes - We put it down for y'all lyrics

it out [verse 1] yo it's like tic tac toe the god is back, ... nigga let's make dough pull up to the lot, valet the Range ... Rove flyer than a motherf***er, all day glow in the

Tino Coury - Up against the wall lyrics

Now you know what it is, when we in this place If you give me ... the time, then I'll give you the space Hell no this ain't no ... take it [Hook] You got me up against the wall You keep

Digital Underground - The way we swing lyrics

Shock man people be comin up to me sayin "Yo man, ... what's up with the Underground, man? You guys ... average everyday rap song We won't be rockin bells that go

Tone Damli - The bliss song lyrics

open still Goosebumps from the morning chill On your skin ... You are A still a sleeping, sweet And we are Painted by ... bliss And here it is We wake up The days just

Horrorshow - The show lyrics

] Check, one two Yo Adit, we good to go man? (yeah man) Well alright, let's start the ... show What's up? Nick's the name, that's my man Adit We ... a quick break but f*** it, we back at it With Part Two,

Illy - We don’t care lyrics

some forum user saying what they think of me Literally away ... at least twice a week playing The crowd noise ... counter every f***ing word they're saying Long may it live,

Krewella - We are one lyrics

wanna go for a ride Until the morning comes Show me the ... meaning tonight Of what we could become I can't go any ... longer Feels like I've been underwater You are

Lupe Fiasco - The emperors soundtrack lyrics

1:] I told you I would show up screaming FNF Till the world ... blow up, they said I was so finished I ... Fiasco's in it Disrespect the dress code; wear my street

Lydia - We clean up so well lyrics

Everyone believes. I watched the blood spill overseas, All ... from the TVs, but I could give, I ... taste your hatred. Yeah, we clean up so well. Sure as

Quizno's Rats - We like the moon lyrics

like the moon coz it is close to us we ... like the moooon! but not as much as a ... that's more use for eating soup and a fork isn't very useful ... has got many vegetables and then you might be better off with

A Faith Called Chaos - We woke up a fire lyrics

for nothing. As bitter as the rope around our necks we hang ... Lofty from the high of last year’s tired ... clichÈ, A cheap after glow we’ll keep close to further

Adept - The sickness lyrics

ve been living on the edge of our seats to feel ... alive We've been drinking from the ... fountain of our youth But we don't know that the water is ... poisoned I hear the sirens of the world getting

Atmosphere - Like the rest of us lyrics

years Lookin' at myself in the same dirty mirror So it ain ... t like I don't comprehend Open that ... shit, do that shit, lady She went vegetarian for the baby

Bi Rain - Up in the club lyrics

hazusu koko kara nukedasu? We're bouncing up in the club ... kageki na shuumatsu no yoru We're bouncing up in the club ... ni mi wo makasete Girl… We're bouncing up in the club

Big Time Rush - The city is ours lyrics

BTR] The city is ours (2x) (The city 2x) [Kendall] ... walls Billboards lighting up the block Everyone one of us on ... my side Cars beep, beep when they pass us by We ready to get

Bt The Roots - The show lyrics

and gentlemen The greatest stage show you've ... Appearing live, from out the 2-1-5, The Roots crew ... Verse 1: Big respect to the Get fresh, yes Have you ever

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Up jumped the devil lyrics

wretched life I was born on the day That my poor mother died ... My daddy did a jig With the drunk midwife Who's that ... s that younder all in flames Up jumped the Devil and he

116 Clique - The streets lyrics

Chorus] Hey we bring this to the street Cause they ain't seen ... us in the street But they need this in the street ... Cause it's mean up in the street We're redemmed of the

Group Home - Up against the wall lyrics

pantha, all in your dreams Up Against The Wall they caught ... you can cp And you ain't suppose to die of natural death, ... that's that Got the world carved on mines, f***

King Diamond - Up from the grave lyrics

I look him deep in the eyes... I see only darkness ... him out... good I kind of like that... I must go Up Up Up from the grave Up Up Up ... from the grave Up Up Up from the grave Up Up Up

2 Chainz - We own it feat. wiz khalifa lyrics

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz] Money's the motivation, Money's the ... You on vacation, We gettin' paid so We on ... paycation, I did it for the fam It's whatever we had to

Clou - We have time lyrics

After what you told me on the told me on the phone I ... find a different home but we still have time, we´ll use it ... up together drinking till we wake up on the floor yeah, we have time and its sunny weather You´r the one that always

Forsomeone - Up in the party lyrics

In The Party Up In The Party Up In The Party Up In ... The Party Up In The Party Up In The Party Up In The Party ... Up In The Party You smile, I don't

The Housemartins - We're not deep lyrics

to stay in bed Tucked under the sheets They said if you ... try to get on I'd get on They said there were chances But ... you think about me Thoughts like that sink home To you we're

Jidenna - The let out (ft. quavo/nana kwabena) lyrics

Jidenna:] Everytime I pull up at the let out it's a ... spectacle Heard the shit was jumpin' like the ... wall that border Mexico This the only time we on time and on

George Jones - We go together lyrics

places where we used to meet, we go togehter Step by step like shoes on the feet, we go together Just like the sand out in the sea, what good is sugar if

Peter Bjorn And John - Up against the wall lyrics

call But I just had to waste the phone forget it all Bones ... how it feels you’ve got me up against the wall Maybe we ... for It’s almost that I wish we hadn’t met at all You slap

Rae Sremmurd - Up like trump lyrics

like Donald Trump, up, word? Now you done f***ed up Up like Donald Trump ... Chain swings like nunchucks She gon' chew you up, twerk like she from Russia

Ben Rector - Like the world is going to end lyrics

we found out that the world was gonna end on ... everybody do It's funny how the thought of that can make ... too But I'd be dancin' like a fool I'd be laughin', I'd

Kendrick Lamar - The heart part 4 lyrics

a lie on me I won’t tell the truth 'bout you Don't tell a ... lie on me I won’t tell the truth 'bout you [Verse 1] ... later, my future favors The legendary status of a hip-hop

Jello Biafra - We occupy lyrics

occupy 'cause we ain't slaves We occupy and we're not afraid And just when ... you think that we're at the end We come on back and we ... do it again I was down at the corner got no job to do I've

Chamillionaire - The sound of revenge (intro) lyrics

a lightning bolt strikes in the air, yeah, finally it's here ... Cause y'all are the judge, the day of judgement finally is ... you feel Dis payback for the fact that y'all ain't tryin

Chapin Harry - We grew up a little bit lyrics

some things just can't wait We were just beginning But it ... was very clear We grew up a little bit that year I ... caught on as a meter man You were caught at home When I

Hüsker Dü - Up in the air lyrics

away the hours, hear the footsteps of the past ... Walking up the stairs of time, knowing that ... Thinking that it's better there The warmer climes that we

Reba Mcentire - The fear of being alone lyrics

ordered up one more bottle of wine You ... to take me some place quiet We wound up at the river for the ... rest of the night Somewhere around the ... So don't say that word Not the one we both heard too much

Rise Against - Like the angel lyrics

turn the lights down low, In shadows ... hiding from the world, Only coming out when ... it gets cold The seas part when they hit the ... floor, The voices carry on and out the

The Saddle Club - We can do anything lyrics

into the morning dew, at dawn eyes on ... s on our back home again in the evening's mood withdrawn ... of dreams galloping clouds like i've never seen we can

August Burns Red - Up against the ropes lyrics

up against the ropes. You wouldnt last another round. I never wished for ... you to suffer like this. You would not listen. ... We will survive, the strong, the fortunate, the

Boys Like Girls - Up against the wall lyrics

s so hard to let go So breathe in now And breathe it out The forecast A car crash It's ... looking like another... Breakdown, rebound ... You know I tried to read between the lines I saw a warning

Kristin Chenoweth - The song remembers when lyrics

was standing at the counter, I was waiting for the change When I heard that old ... familiar music start It was like a lighted match had been ... tossed into my soul It was like a dam had broken in my heart

Evan And Jaron - Like the rain lyrics

never smile The way you used to do I see you ... He's just not used to What went wrong And what went right ... Does it come down on you Like the rain Is there something

Legend - The screaming screen lyrics

me, break me up and shake, shake, shake me up ... I’ve never been a mother f***er who wanted to sit ... and stare at the tv screen. Brainwashed and ... f***ed up from the things we look up on the screaming

Meat Puppets - Up on the sun lyrics

I saw that image I saw there was well "So you are ... my daughter." Well, then maybe we've got Something ... so? That gold burns slow Like coal camper's candles All

Much Ado About Nothing 2011 - We go togehter lyrics

spoken] Catherine: How long is this gonna ... take? David: Here we go! Catherine: Don't make me do this. ... love it! [sung] David: We're like a branch and its vine

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