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Aim For The Sunrise - Wear the crown lyrics

hold the sky in my hands, I wear the crown. Not even God can ... break me down, because I hold the sky tonight. ... But if I would stray away. I'd never let this go,

Shaggy - Wear di crown lyrics

di gal dem Big yard Fi di gal dem Hair ... style fi ready Nail manicure and peddy Let dem ... know you kna give no heady Cash flow river run steady Ah, mi get di crown Some gal a come around When dem dress

David Phelps - We shall behold him lyrics

sky shall unfold Preparing His entrance. The stars shall applaud Him With thunders of ... praise. The sweet light in His eyes, shall ... enhance those awaiting And we shall behold Him, then face

Emmylou Harris - We shall rise lyrics

that resurrection morning When ... the trumpet of God shall sound We shall rise, (hallelujah) we shall rise. Then ... the saints will come rejoicing and ... No tears will e’er be found We shall rise, (hallelujah) we shall rise. We shall rise, (hallelujah) we shall rise (amen)

Garth Brooks lyricsGarth Brooks - We shall be free lyrics

comin' from no prophet Just an ordinary man When I close ... my eyes I see The way this world shall be When we ... all walk hand in hand When the last child cries

Marit Larsen - We shall be free lyrics

comin' from no prophet Just an ordinary man When I close ... my eyes I see The way this world shall be When we ... all walk hand in hand When the last child

Pete Seeger lyricsPete Seeger - We shall overcome lyrics

shall overcome, we shall overcome We shall overcome ... someday Darling here in my heart, yeah I do believe We shall overcome someday Well we ... ll walk hand in hand, we'll walk hand in hand We'll walk hand in hand someday Darling

Demis Roussos - We shall dance lyrics

shall dance, we shall dance The day we get a chance ... To pay off all the violins of the ball We ... shall dance, we shall dance The day we get a chance ... To get a dime to buy back our souls We shall dance, we shall sing My dear love, O my

Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy - We shall go lyrics

Shall Go We shall Go... no God can Stop ... the steps no Hands can Mute Silence he Lives in ... Dirty thoughts he Rapes the Clearest ones We shall go - so let Bells Ring We shall go - through Endless Plains

Pete Seeger lyricsPete Seeger - We shall not be moved lyrics

Shall Not Be Moved (Pete Seeger) ... We shall not, we shall not be moved, (2x) Just ... like a tree that's planted by the water We shall ... not be moved We're young and old together, we shall not

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - We shall overcome lyrics

shall overcome We shall overcome We shall overcome ... some day CHORUS: Oh, deep in ... my heart I do believe We shall overcome some day 2. ... We'll walk hand in hand We'll walk hand in hand We'll walk hand in hand some day

Nahko And Medicine For The People - We shall overcome lyrics

I'm not here to be a superstar after all Maybe I'm here to ... pray for all those who have lost hope along the way ... the edge of my destiny Free fall backwards, great mystery

Emerald - We shall rise lyrics

shall rise... to the heavens, in the epoch of steel ... tempting with might Fight… against the forces, holding us ... back Feel… the powers awakened in us We shall rise…

Chastain - We shall overcome lyrics

garden of Eden has faded away A paradise turned hell The ... moon is bright Yes, it's a holy sight We sense the darkness spell We shall ... overcome In the east well before the light We all

Gogol Bordello - We shall sail lyrics

brother stranger you know we shall sail Even if even if only to ... fail 'cause winning and losing keep journey amusing ... down down Your destiny trail Hey brother stranger you

Graveland - We shall prevail lyrics

shall rise, and we Shall hasten On the paths of our ancestors We will pick up our ... broken and rusted swords And we will pierce them, for the death carrying steel A tribe

Deadlock - We shall all bleed lyrics

heart another life just another test another murder another lie just another death ... and ours is to suffer for you want always more and ours is to ... suffer cause you kill all that we adore I don't need no

Forgotten Tales - We shall see the light lyrics

.. oh... Angel who came from the sky. Remember why ... you've been sent here. Trapped in this mortal shell. Aware that your mission is near. ... But you'll have to make this journey all alone. To

Amon Amarth - We shall destroy lyrics

and spear Wall of shields Standing ... On this their chosen battlefield Form the lines ... by shield Side by side We’re marching into destiny March as one Don’t look back

Matt Redman - We shall not be shaken lyrics

re okay. You'll heal in time. Just catch a train ... from here down to Mexico and Communicate, but keep in ... mind The Language isn't all you have to know You

Andrew Jackson Jihad - We shall all die alone someday lyrics

things happen everyday. Cancer and murder and herpes and ... AIDS. We'll all die alone someday, I hope we don ... t die alone. And our vices make it bearable

Six Degrees Of Separation - We shall start the fire lyrics

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Echt! - We shall lyrics

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George Jones - If you want to wear a crown lyrics

ve got to run to win the race Go along the way and quick ... the pace So remember when you're ... worried faith is fallin' down That you got to bear a cross if you want to wear a crown. Our Lord is testing

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - Wear you to the ball lyrics

m gonna wear you to the ball tonight Put on your best ... dress tonight Did you hear what the man said baby Well ... be your best 'cause this gonna be a musical test So come to

Memento Mori ( Swe ) - Crown of thorns (part ii, iii & iv) lyrics

don't know what you've done you're heartless like a serpent with ... virtuous eyes you're a crawling lie just a fool's ... disguise. Crown of thorns perpetuate your

Collective Soul - Crown lyrics

s gonna be my savior now that I've learned to believe Who ... s gonna be the answer To all of my questioning Well I ... I'm not lost But I think that hope is now distracting And

Blessthefall - You wear a crown but you're no king lyrics

YOUR EMPIRE FALL!!! You'll never stop ... 'til you get what you want You think you have ... control? You tried to take mine! But I won't leave ... 'til I get what I want Over and over, bending and breaking

Chimaira - Crown of phantoms lyrics

of the fittest denial of existence Missing a ... piece inside of me I must awaken Revival of everything I'd ... live and die for Too late to go back now the walls are crashing down Walk with me

Lifehouse - Crown of scars lyrics

about the fight to wear the crown of scars Cause you've already won Forget the pain and leave the tears behind you Bury ... underneath your feet the remains Of what's been left

Dream Asylum - We have nothing lyrics

night, another day Another moment fades away The ... King of Loss I wear my crown Out at sea where I´m left to ... drown Long ago there was a dream There world was set

Finding Favour - Hallelujah we shall rise lyrics

can almost hear Your voice I can almost hear Your song Singing out from ... the heavens That it's time to come home And Hallelujah! We shall rise And Hallelujah! We shall sing

Dark Funeral - As one we shall conquer lyrics

fo fire speak of death Enchantress of Hell, reborn! I ... will have you on your knees And the beast I hold within Shall be fed with your hungering ... screams For we shall own the night And destroy

Mystic Circle - And evil we shall die lyrics

don't know who we are (sons of cretins) Calling ... you snakes a compliment You don't know ... who you're up against (sons of cretins) He who ... conjures up hell burn instead The one who came from the

Agathodaimon - In darkness (we shall be reborn) lyrics

on the fields of death we meet again Surrounded by all the light - in vain This ... is our burden - this is our last home This is the ending – ... this is absolution - this is our final

Hanzel Und Gretyl - And we shall purify lyrics

plays Demon orbits Deep inside ... The inner sanctum of supergalactik Cosmic blackness ... Mesmorized and tranformatik Sanctify Crucify ... Demonizer Purify Levitate into the astral Place of

Battlelore - We are the legions lyrics

are the legions of the damned, the legions of saints ... Together as one we stand, we are the legions of light The ... legions of dark, together we shall arise We will cast the

Seven Witches - We are the coven lyrics

are the ones that you come to discover You shall witness the truth Bathed ... in moonlight we praise the earth mother Soon you shall have your proof We are the

Abyssos - We hail the entrance lyrics

witch is dead Burn black messiah, enlighten my path ... with thy flames Guide me through thy ... kingdom, in this godforsaken rain And reveal all my pain Again and again... Where the

Conquest - We are the ones lyrics

me free. Let us see the heaven. Hold on me and agree That's we are lost together. ... Playing dead we'll get much closer. I will ... feel your every breath. We shall melt that all is frozen And will love until the end.

Fractal Gates - We are all leaders lyrics

decide for our fate You decide for our fall ... We decide to stand and disobey You determine who ... You determine who sees We decide to leave your prophecy

Inkubus Sukkubus - We belond with the dead lyrics

s too late to turn back now For we have slain the ... Sacred Cow For paradise we are bound We were lost, but ... now we're found As the razor cuts the wrist Rejoice

Mithotyn - We march lyrics

kingdom's best men Proudly walk the fields, The forests and the mountains Ready to ... defend it with our steel. We march towards the battlefield ... With hate in our eyes we march. Knighted men we all are. Let the enemies fall for

Petra - We need jesus lyrics

When will the world See that we need Jesus? If we open ... our eyes We will all realize That He loves us When ... will the world See that we need Jesus? When our hearts

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - We've got forever lyrics

INTRO] (We've got forever, forever) ... [VERSE 1] I'll plant you a garden Of laughter and tears ... With rain and with sunshine Love will ... grow through the years The dreams that we're dreaming Have time to come true

Paul Van Dyk lyricsPaul Van Dyk - We are alive lyrics

you seen a mother Kiss her son goodbye. ... Have you seen a dark cloud? Fly so high. I have seen a loved one Telling ... me lies Promise like a boomerang A feeling deep

Dj - X - We're having much more fun lyrics

room has emptied out its time to wash ... your face & throw away your food leave your sister ... home & come with us its not dark ... enough not yet louder than hell will be well love the

Air Raid - We got the force lyrics

fire within Fighting the sands of time Roaring louder day by day Together we'll tear ... down the walls Chained up, united in steel ... Speeding faster on the edge On and on

Sacred Steel - We die fighting lyrics

as f*** indeed - We’re metal to the bone Scourge of you ... hypocrites - United we stand strong To tell you once again - Our spite you’ll get for ... this We are your hell on earth - Repay the Judas kiss

Carolina Liar - King of broken hearts lyrics

lungs lay still but I'm breathing out I know your name ... it won't come out If there's a way to believe I can't feel a ... thing I'm free as a bird with a broken wing Maybe I built this house just to

Melodysheep - The dragons daughter lyrics

came to us as outlaws You came alone, in chains All that ... is in the past Here on the wall, we are all one house I am the sword in the darkness I ... am the watcher on the walls I shall wear no crown, and win no glory Now my watch

Bal-sagoth - The obsidian crown unbound lyrics

the Imperium Storm the Cloud-Capped Palisades of Gul-Kothoth] ... [Chapter 11: The Siege Begins] And so the mighty and ... resplendent armies of the Imperium assembled before the towering

The Cab - Crown lyrics

you're feeling lost and want to be found, wear love ... like a crown, wear love like a crown When pieces of you fall to the ground, wear love ... like a crown, wear love like a crown When you've got

Marduk - Darkness it shall be lyrics

have dreamt the dreams about Satan's beautiful promises Of ... the dark arts, and the blackened powers I possess I have dreamt about worlds burning ... in millions of fires And the worthless christianity

Janet Devlin - Crown of thorns lyrics

silence comes back round again An emptiness where once were flames When I fell upon ... your shoulders like the rain You held me down to drown ... beneath the waves It's over, almost over

Elvis Costello - I'll wear it proudly lyrics

hate these flaming curtains they're not the color of ... your hair I hate these striplights they're ... not so undoing as your stare I hate the buttons on your

Orange Goblin - Heavy lies the crown lyrics

coming down I think my ship has run aground It's been a ... fight since I was born I lost my bearings in ... the storm No stars to guide me to the sea No ... me free I've got to try to carry on Don't wanna be the failed son Time and tide,

Jim Brickman - Crown him with many crowns lyrics

him with many crowns, the Lamb upon his throne. Hark! How ... the heavenly anthem drowns all music but its own. Awake, ... my soul, and sing of him who died for

Rebekka Karijord - Wear it like a crown lyrics

don´t know where this fear came from how I became so afraid of losing everyone never ... been afraid of being lonely now I´m ... becoming the one I´m most scared of being I don´t know

Graveland - Crown heroic my departure lyrics

am a warrior! I grasp the greatness of my people And ... I fight strenuously For a day I may have right upon The ... splendorous heritage of my ancestors By securing the

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