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Akanishi Jin - Scream it lyrics

DJ play my song yureru Your Body asobase te The Ladies ... say urayan de Jealous shiteru yori Come and join us itsu demo koko de wa kimi ga ... VIP Oh let me hear you say Oh I ‘ m ready to go

Ivanhoe - Madhouse lyrics

for a different stage With the toys in your hand and ... that young old face Doctor Mad ... watch how you play and if you have no luck today You are ... s way In a doctor magazine you have nothing to say You scream but no one hears what you

Bananarama - Some girls lyrics

tell me 'I can make your world go round' I'm a young girl, young girls never ... want to settle down You want me, I think you need to ... feel secure You don't understand me, I need

Nonpoint - Piper lyrics

open your head And let me pour it in ... these five deadly sins That your mother would not Let you ... see on TV So you creep to your basement And lie about

Brokencyde - Teach me how to scream lyrics

me how to scream te-te-te-teach me, teach me ... how to scream te-te-te-teach me, teach me ... how to scream teach me how to scream scream scream scream scream scream scream They scream my name when

Spice Girls lyricsSpice Girls - Holler lyrics

I wanna make you holler Imagine us together ... Don't be afraid to play my game Boy don't you hesitate I won't keep waiting for you To come and let me take You

Odium - It goes cold lyrics

tight the dangling feet It all seems so final When I play with you this way It came ... There's no one here, scream all you want The setting sun ... There's no one here, scream all you want I felt so

Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - I wanna hear you scream lyrics

wanna stalk you walking down the road I know ... is out me, you can go I wanna watch you ... while you sleep and haunting you in your dreams Cause it's you and only you I can't get out

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - 2 bad lyrics

me that you're doin' wrong Word out ... a man Throwin' rocks to hide your hands You ain't done ... enough for me You ain't done enough for me You ... are disgustin' me, yeah yeah You're aiming just for me You

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - 2 bad ( refugee camp mix ) lyrics

me that you're doin' wrong Word out ... a man Throwin' rocks to hide your hands You ain't done ... enough for me You ain't done enough for me You ... are disgustin' me, yeah yeah You're aiming just for me You

Panic! At The Disco lyricsPanic! At The Disco - It's almost halloween lyrics

carving pumpkins It’s almost Halloween And all ... be The Monster Mash is playing You’re moving to the beat ... And now we’re gonna teach you To do the Trick-or-Treat

Benny Benassi - Turn me up lyrics

the music, play the music Play the music, play the music Play the music, play the music Play the music, play the music … ... You got the love I like I got to

Hands Off Gretel - Teethin lyrics

sleep she doesn't wanna play she just wants the [?], she ... just laying in a crib a little baby bit it's dripping wet with [?] cause she's [?] ... now, now now, now playing in my crib my balls will

Megan Mccauley - Tap that lyrics

snap, look at that, there you go, Where you at,slow it ... down baby, We should go crazy, Tempt you, ... tease you, anything you want to do, I'll give it to you just how you like it boy.

Cheap Trick - Eight miles low lyrics

I was a little boy I dreamed of playing ... with bigger toys I just knew ... else was I supposed to do? Scream, dream, scream, dream Scream ... dream, scream, dream Scream, dream Another notch on

Cardinal - Marionette lyrics

wanna play, do you wanna play? I could give you a heart, ... one that's black like mine. It's filled with hate, from your ... cheating mind And it's taken me this long, to

Faderhead - Naughty h lyrics

your body with my eyes and I can't deny ... I feel boiling up inside As you're dancing just for me, wearing only skin I forget the ... world around, gliding deep within sin See your body come

The Pink Spiders - Stereo speakers lyrics

can't tell you so I'll scream it through the stereo Speakers ... and turn me on I can't tell you so I'll scream it through the ... I guess I'm out of ammunition I'm waving my white flag

Aviators - The surface lyrics

can smell your fear So far away from the ... chaos here I can see your life counting down (down and ... down and) Here I am to play A quick, sick, game to ruin

Silent Scream ( Ger ) - Silent scream lyrics

does it take to bear the tears in your eyes Is it the sorrow for a ... how they calmed the voice in your scream How many times have you died in your dreams Can you solve the riddles of traditions Did they curse you to

Bob Catley - Scream lyrics

different yet the same And it lies in wait, to shine, to ... say 'it's over' once again It seems to me, such a tragedy, ... my one and only friend It's a tribute to the thousands,

Ektomorf - I scream up to the sky lyrics

under I have a pure mind with hate and rage in my blood ... I scream up to the sky let me know ... now Why is this sentence? You killed someone innocent

Melissa Etheridge - Kiss me lyrics

what you doin' tonight? I'll go ... anywhere that you want to go jump into my car ... pretend I'm someone that you don't know I'll ask you ... if you would like to dance Slip

Good Charlotte - Sex on the radio lyrics

s got a smile so sweet It's every little thing from her ... Cause when I turn around it's like she singing to me And ... every word she means Like it could be about me (it could

Cold - Cure my tragedy lyrics

all the times we used to play You were lost and I would ... save you I don't think those feelings ... will ever fade You were born apart of me I was ... My thoughts break me, do you understand What you mean to

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Egg cream lyrics

I was a young man, no bigger than this A ... syrup Seltzer water mixed with milk You stir it up into a ... fro Tasted just like silk You scream, I steam, we all want

Alien Ant Farm lyricsAlien Ant Farm - Movies lyrics

slow speed we all seem focused In motion we seem wrong wrong In summer we can taste the rain I want ... And just like the movies We play out our last scene

Hands Off Gretel - Eating simon lyrics

and play in my house I have a game ... for us little boy, don't be shy give me ... then run and hide Simon played in my house he's as timid ... go down (down) railed in spit I watch him drown he begged

Corbin Bleu - We come to party lyrics

Intro:] You ready? I don't think you are ... We come to party, [Chorus:] ... Turn it up, Turn up the song, Here ... s how it's done, We come to party, Breakin' down

Sacrilege (swe) - Silence in a beloved scream lyrics

the soil off my soul Silent you are, yet so loud Beautiful ... so violent and harsh As you bleed so beautifully I wach ... and stunned of the pain you bring Repeat first

Lmfao - Scream my name lyrics

time it's the same old thing You lead me out like a beauty ... queen. I don't mind if you play your game. Cus i know that you'll scream my name. Scream my

Marauder - Bastards lyrics

from morning to night You want to scream you want to ... run You want to touch the light. The ... of society is trying to smash your brain. But it's your time,

Krank - Rock the house lyrics

Dreamers just the same You can work your fingers to the ... And they don’t even know your name But if you don’t like ... what you see On the stage tonight

Lea Michele - Louder lyrics

This could be the moment Are you ready to fight? Don't you ... know? You know? You're not the only one Why so ... low? So low? What are you waiting for? All I ever hear are

Grendel - Rotting garden lyrics

Those loaded guns These playful hands Their wrists are ... bleeding Onto kitchen floors So bring forth ... all your dying daughters So bring ... forth all your dying sons Leave your

Gabrielle lyricsGabrielle - Play to win lyrics

brought a change, Now your life will never be the same. ... No it just ain't fair. No. It's not the way it should have ... arrived and shattered all your dreams. And now you want to

Savage Messiah - Silent empire lyrics

The vacant shadows raise your throne To mitigate your ... soul They scream my name over again They are ... impulse drift They scream my name over again They are

Lita Ford - Scream lyrics

Aching like psychopath You are so neurotic You're ... pretty oh so pretty But you're a train wreck oh it's such ... a pity Sinful thoughts inside my ... head You scream for me and I'll scream for you You're crazy oh so crazy

Annisokay - Monstercrazy lyrics

will be back in the night You won't escape again with no ... I need a shelter I need you to pretend we're really ... darkness gets a chance to bite Sing me a song and hold me

Mötley Crüe - Primal scream lyrics

that mother out You just gotta say, hey, aoaw! You gotta scream (scream) And ... shout (shout) Oooh, tear it out You just gotta say Hit it Can I say, as a man to

Fifth Harmony lyricsFifth Harmony - Me & my girls lyrics

we play our favorite songs And we scream out all ... night long like ooh ooh When it's just me and my girls All ... the lights, turn them off It's too loud in here to talk I

On An On - Ghosts lyrics

are spirits coming to find me They're ... not stopping until it's done I can feel them ... me that I'll never forget you Every day the ghosts are ... I'm going to try To keep you alive, to keep you alive

Bejelit - Astaroth lyrics

night without moon, the stars don't ... there are only smoke and screams Another war without ... rights, another holy crime You die and I wait for you, You

Darren Criss - High school rock out lyrics

s go to class to kick your ass You're not too sure if you can last Without going back ... to your work But it's alright 'cause you'll be ... trying not to die And you'll be trying not to lie

Vybz Kartel - A.k.a. lyrics

K.A. we don't play F*** all night Smoke all ... day Claat AK Still DJ We play music we don't play When ... nuh response team Man dash weh dem license guns & clips

Snow Tha Product - Play lyrics

ones for y’all if y’all want it This one for la raza, bitch it don’t stop Til 4, 5, 6 in ... rap for y’all and y’all know it But goddamn, do I got that

Barry Manilow - Life will go on lyrics

Can hurt so much My friend It's so sad to see you At love ... been through the pain myself It's really wrong To play it ... strong Go on and cry 'til you run dry It's alright Go on

Metropolis - 15.seconds agony lyrics

only I could scream my soul into my head into ... the heart my heart into yours The more I try the more I ... do more If only I could scream my soul into my head into

Hatebreed - Indivisible lyrics

Are the issues we wait until tomorrow to confront ... Unpunished, Are the deeds we do to gain us what we want ... Have to be genuine so that it may be felt Decisive, We

Kuza - Monster lyrics

sweet dreams turn into nightmares ... Your demons will rise I know ... what you’ve done before We know you really are a monster ... hopeless souls Look into your past and see what you’ve

Deathstars - Cyanide lyrics

is the hand that will blind your eyes and split your spine ... this is the blade that'll visit your flesh and release the ... wine Play! You play with toys that have triggers and

Desmod - Insane lyrics

wants to be the one To take your pain away every night and ... day I´m here to light your way cuz there´s nobody else ... To stay to make you feel okay Never tell me

Blessthefall - Guys like you make us look bad lyrics

scream don't look, you scream don't touch What have they ... And every time I think about your voice I Start to tremble, ... throats aching And anytime you need a shoulder, I'm right

Elvenking - The wanderer lyrics

tempting me Like a whisper sweet or an awful scream I ... pale scythe of the Moon I play with stars around me The ... tempting me Like a whisper sweet or an awful scream I

Elvenking - The wanderer acoustic version lyrics

tempting me Like a whisper sweet or an awful scream I ... pale scythe of the Moon I play with stars around me The ... tempting me Like a whisper sweet or an awful scream I

Kane - Scream lyrics

better find some answers Somebody better learn ... this go on? How long before it breaks up How long I ... wanna scream Oh yeah I want you to know me I wanna scream

James Durbin - Louder than a loaded gun lyrics

left that key You left that key on the table You left my heart You left my ... on the floor I battle on With my battle scars still open ... What is it good for? Tell me, what is it good for? If an apology's

Lunatica - How did it come to this lyrics

nothing comes out How did it come to this? I'm trapped ... I got no air to breathe It's like I'm under water Can you hear me? My silent scream ... Can you hear me? My silent scream Try to reach the surface

Mind Shredder - Run/hide lyrics

a fun. two... i talk to you. three... listen to me. ... near. kind? i'll shred your mind! play! you won't be ... the same. play! i will change your name. play! let me do this game. play!

The Presets - My people lyrics

m here with all of my people Locked up ... with all of my people So let me ... hear you scream if you're with me Tall and tan and young ... all around the world for you And you'll find out tonight

Ayria - Cutting lyrics

is dream I don't know what you held on to To get this far ... happening Today the pain It got so bad I had to scream ... what to do To be as numb as you I must be doing something

Prince - Don't play me lyrics

t play me I'm over 30 & I don't ... smoke weed I put my ass away & ... music I've played aint the type of stereo U ... re tryin to feed Don't play me Don't play me I use

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - Coming up lyrics

it's a snow white original mix and she's ... does is everything I love it's all i ever need yeah it's ... .. is all i ever dream you ask me why i use it it

Bang Sugar Bang - I scream lyrics

the heat caressed them they were far too hot to care the ... s stare when she said I scream you scream mmmm love they ... was spinning but they stayed young and bare the waves were

Ozzy Osbourne lyricsOzzy Osbourne - Let me hear you scream lyrics

me hear you scream I'm black and bruised, beat ... all I need is blood and sweat and skin and bones I'll ... take this rage, rattle your cage, nobody said it's easy

Gob - Custers last 1 nite stand lyrics

remember late last night? Were jumping curbs in the ... parking lot, We shared some good times And ... some bad but we always knew What he had you ... maybe even stay away. But it makes me scream, ya ya ya.

Captain Jack - Dream a dream (dumonde shortmix) lyrics

a dream, lover, take me in your dream Take me anywhere you ... please, boy, you're making me scream Dream a dream, lover, love ... is just a dream If you wanna set me free, boy, you

Rival Sons - Play the fool lyrics

took a while before I figure it out Don't wait the girls ... all of my doubts But then you weapon above the golden moon ... Uuh, you know I play the fool Uuh, you know I play the fool Well I'm a man

Manowar - All men play on 10 lyrics

"why be proud, don't play so loud, be like us and get ... a sound that's real thin. Wear a polyester suit, act happy ... them and said, "hold it, right there!" Well it

Dionne Bromfield - If that's the way you wanna play lyrics

I first saw you standing there, I didn't ... know what to do. It seems like everyone's ... together, Except me and you. So you took my hand and you ... made a vow, And you held me close as we danced

Lizzy Borden - Psychopath lyrics

want to play… I see that you’re all alone I’ve got the ... need to follow you home I’d like to be the ... stalks I’ll lash out send your nerves into shock You

Hüsker Dü - Eiffel tower high lyrics

the boulevard She's studied it all before She buys herself ... a seat And sits on the floor Taking in a ... doesn't know where to go Is it a film, or is it real? She

Crematory - Alone lyrics

devouring civilization, humanity eliminated and swallowed by ... the earth Suddenly you hear a scream, suddenly there ... is a voice So you are not alone There is some

Jim And The Povolos - Holiday club lyrics

ve become a stranger again You are my life right now and I ... t remember how I ever did it without you I'll be thinking ... about you today Today, today, today

Maxwell - Let's not play the game lyrics

1]- So if this is you Here's what you should do Don ... come up Don't even say stuff You know it ain't true Baby what ... s the use Let's not play the game She used to be the

Confess - Scream lyrics

you take your time. I'll leave you ... standing there to reconnect your spine. You are a walking ... lie. You got to stand up straight or ... kiss your ass goodbye. I always

Pink Cream 69 - Dead man's scream lyrics

underground sad but true it's gonna shake you ooh, have you ever heard a Dead man's scream, dead man's scream a wailing ... cry of the one man's dream it breaks you down, down to your

Múm - Time to scream and shout lyrics

the morning When it's dawning That's when we go ... Put our clothes on Time to scream and shout It's time to scream and shout While the sun ... sets Orange dust cloud Sweeps into the ground We storm

Anthrax - Riding shotgun lyrics

it, drive it, drink it, smoke it Choke it Two steps ... One hundred steps back We're going the wrong way It's ... backwards, it's backwards Cuffed and

Bastard Priest - Last scream lyrics

bog A perpetual stench From your own form A rancid smell of ... form As the dead walk again It’s a march of the insane Your last scream As the feed Your last scream Let it bleed

Puffy Amiyumi - Urei lyrics

a muddy road : How far does it go? You not only get dirty, ... But your teachers' directions are ... and around and then stuck It's still dark out but morning

Highlord - The scream lyrics

heart beats, I will keep on screaming Stopped living in the ... what I could have been And it makes me feel free Though it ... metals turn to gold This is it, melt your body and your soul

In Flames - Scream lyrics

are ordinary people We all live different lives In ... the end we're pretty much the same We´re just living in different ... lies We just live in different lies,

Nightcore - Fallen angels (bvb) lyrics

are the in between cast down as sons of ... lightning on this world we’re torn We won’t cause ... their law Take joy in who you are We know our wings are

The Beach Boys - Pom pom play girl lyrics

rah pom pom play girl Pom pom play girl ... (Oooooo) You see her in a short skirt down ... s a-thinking 'bout the boy sittin' up in the stands Rah ... rah pom pom play girl Pom pom play girl

Nightcore - Generation lost (motionless in white) (nightc.. lyrics

the air Let's start this shit We are the name of the ... The wrong side of the tracks It's not the fame or the game We crawled out of the dirt ... can't fill my pockets With my name on your shirt

Fearless Vampire Killers - Bow ties on dead guys lyrics

might not be your saint but if you're looking ... To light an effigy outside your gate, well, I guess I could ... be weirdo of the week, Is it such a sin to indulge My

Halsey lyricsHalsey - Don't play lyrics

away Tryna take back what you say to me I don't give a ... damn what you say to me There ain't no ... I had some space to deal with it I'm moving on It's ... and find a place to deal with it Yeah, don't even trap Can

Alyssa Poppin - Scream out lyrics

wanna scream out jump around turn up my ... music loud.Scream out jump around turn up.I ... want i wanna scream out jump around turn up my ... music loud.Ay Ay Ay,i wanna scream out jump around turn up my

Escape The Fate - Ungrateful lyrics

So listen closely, cause what you don’t see That there’s not ... Falling from grace You have been replaced But you ... are the one who will leave with the beating With bleeding

Krypteria - Scream lyrics

the urge to bid the world farewell - disenchanted by the taste ... of your personal hell ? I don’t ... need no sympathy just a little honesty would that really

Moxy And The Influence - Breathe.scream.survive. lyrics

enemy, you keep coming back Armed with ... lies and your disguise Continue your ... attack It’s daily, and you’re to blame You crushed my ... can I survive? Breathe, scream, survive This is our fall

Smokie - Don´t play your rock ´n´ roll to me lyrics

t play your Rock'n'Roll to me, That ain ... t the way it's meant to be. I ain't so ... that I can't see, Just let it lie and let it be, So, don't ... play your Rock'n'Roll, no, Don't play

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - The scream lyrics

The Spring sun hanging slower, colder in the sky And your ... voice sounds strange, your voice sounds strange Yeah ... paler in the sky And your eyes are too bright your

Captain Jack - Dream a dream lyrics

a dream, lover Take me in your dream Take me anywhere you ... please, boy You're making me scream Dream a dream, lover Love ... is just a dream If you wanna set me free, boy You

Brokencyde - Disappearing hearts lyrics

love you. I love you so much boo. I cant stop ... thinking about you, It kills me. As soon as the ... splashed across the ceiling, You ran, forgetting about these

Cloudscape - Scream lyrics

another bloody day. You wonder what there is to do. Your scream is echoing. Your ... nerves begin to crawl. You're tired of those days in ... silence. You have no fantasies. (Scream, scream) Screaming in the night to

Pegazus - I'm on fire lyrics

fast straight to my brain Hit the stage with an almighty scream Heavy Metal music is what I ... the faces in the crowd Raise your fists screamin' loud We play our music 'cause we are proud

Sugababes lyricsSugababes - Run for cover lyrics

I shouldn't run from It doesn't really matter ... Sometimes we run for cover I'm always on ... that i lack Sticking to your ploy Is this something you ... enjoy? Publicity and insecurity Just wanna be me It's my

Digitalism - Circles lyrics

good times When they chill with me behind I didn't have ... stuff, on my mind Oh when you're trying to rewind You're ... up in a never-ending circle; we play it again And again and

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