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We Fight March On To Victory lyrics

Browse for We Fight March On To Victory song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed We Fight March On To Victory lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to We Fight March On To Victory.

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Coldrain - March on lyrics

the stars in the sky we shared light Built a fire ... every night just to survive We were lost for so long but I ... Because I knew you'd be the one to catch me when I fall

Omen - March on lyrics

Do you really know the truth We hear it from the mouths of ... You must aim above the stars To make it further than you are ... [Chorus] March on metal warrior March to

Erasure lyricsErasure - March on down the line lyrics

out my way I'll stand up to anything Move on out this ... let's play the game And march on down the line I've got ... lots to share About the way I feel

Good Charlotte - March on lyrics

eyes and know There's someone else out there that feels ... this way I'm singing to you Cause I know what you've ... through and now It's not so long ago I felt the same Like

Good Charlotte - March on (acoustic) lyrics

eyes and know There's someone else out there that feels ... this way I'm singing to you Cause I know what you've ... through and now It's not so long ago I felt the same Like

Safura - March on lyrics

battle has begun and we must move as one Despite ... what we’ve done we can achieve And yes we bleed ... and we scar But we can’t forget who we are Now we’ve reached the stars We

Arrow Cross - We are arrow cross lyrics

don´t like junkies, we don´t like drugs We don´t like ... like queers, we don´t like mugs We don´t like ... reds, we don´t like gooks We don´t like SHARPS and we don´t like jews! We are aryan

Shoot The Girl First - March of glory lyrics

no mind can ever grasp, we found our own we cannot fall. ... up, rise up, the time for us to show the brave tonight we fight or go to hell, I swear on my ... mother's grave. We're leavin' we're fallin' we

Basement Jaxx lyricsBasement Jaxx - We march on lyrics

fall from the sky, Millions of tears for sunshine to dry ... Millions of kisses fall from the sky, ... Millions of tears for sunshine to dry ... rivers, rivers of being. WE MARCH ON!!! [x4] Love is

Running Wild - March on lyrics

with blood and fear One by one they are casting the ... the free - like you hanging on a tree Law and order is ... you if you fall See them marching - hear them screaming

I Declare War - March on lyrics

March on. Wipe away the cross at all ... cost. March on. False prophet be gone. ... Feed Christians to the lions; burn them on the cross. Don’t bother putting out the fire

Hymny - Bahamská hymna - march on, bahamaland lyrics

up your head to the rising sun, Bahamaland; March on to glory, your bright ... of your bearing! Pledge to excel through love and unity. ... Pressing onward, march together to a common loftier

Mad Max - We fight in white lyrics

someday we have to decide What's the answer? ... What is wrong or right? No, it won't be ... easy, maybe we get lost War is a devil we ... can never trust We fight in white All we need is

Inferis - We fight! lyrics

hundred years, long ago Virgin land was forced ... the name of the faith) face to them we stand lances up ... ready to strike again (owners of the ... brave men valiant warriors, Sons of the untamed woods and

As It Is - We fight back lyrics

that we were after was an escape To ... the things that made us who we are And oh, the way you ... shattered and swept away The bigger piece of ... happiness we'd found 'Cause if this is

Rebecca St. James - We will not bow to the world lyrics

will not bow to the world, We will bow down to the Lord, ... Take up the fight, take up the armor, We'll ... take up the sword, We'll stand with Him. We'll fight on the beaches, We'll fight

Hades - On the iliad lyrics

shores What will it take to make you see the light ... Yesterday's patronizing tears To prove the gods ... wrong or right The road to ancient prophecies is long

Q-tip - We fight we love (feat. kanye west and conseq.. lyrics

hop, uh When i fight you fight we don't fight fair so i ... Ye... Yeezys Please be easy To kill the animosity that's in ... the air I'll touch every curve of your body

Azrael (jap.) - (we can) dream on lyrics

up Don't you go back to the past Rise up Show ... that has grown Rise up Don't you ever never look back ... Rise up Fight against your weakness When we stumbled

Pro-pain - To never return lyrics

Reap all of what has been sowed. Do we even care. Yeah. ... Live, therefore we die. We shed no tears. God knows we ... tried to see the light and all the

Chastain - We must carry on lyrics

ll be defiant We'll do as we feel We must carry on No one can stop us We're far, far too strong We must carry on We ... can't hear their empty words We got the need and the nerves

Domain - On stormy seas lyrics

see the stormclouds coming, I see the ... waves Above the dark horizon, I feel the ocean as it ... rain, at war again The ocean fights, this lonely ship tonight

Basslovers United - We only live once to night lyrics

na na na We only live once for tonight Tonight we ... live for the run Run to have some fun Two more steps ... in the right direction And we will find our satisfaction

Pixie Lott - We just go on lyrics

when the sunlight starts to fade? What happens when I ... love you comes too late? When things go wrong, ... we just go on What happens when you got ... no more to give? What happens when

Tracy Bonham - We moved our city to the country lyrics


Medea Rising - We were never meant to be lyrics

[Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental]... - We cannot go back to the past. lyrics

cannot go back to the past. we cannot go ... back to the past. we cannot go back to the past. ... , we cannot go back to the past

Nazareth - Hang on to a dream lyrics

she’s walking away From what we’ve seen What can I do still ... It’s all a dream How can we Hang on to a dream How can ... What can I do she’s saying we’re through With how it was

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - We all go back to where we belong lyrics

dreamed what what you were offering Imagine lying ... next to me You should, and your ... reputation talks I will write our story ... quot; I can taste the ocean on your skin That is where it

Andy Biersack - We don't have to dance lyrics

Steve Miller Band Tattooed necks and tattooed hands ... Oh, how don't you drown in a rain storm? ... Fresh regrets, vodka sweats The sun is down and we're

Ella Eyre - We don't have to take our clothes off lyrics

word from your lips You just took for granted that I want to ... brain Night is young, so are we Lets just get to know each ... the floor Shake our bodies to the music Maybe then you'll

For All Those Sleeping - We're all going to die lyrics

that you need Come on and let it out! All you ... Be whatever you need Come on and let it out! Go on, ... change how I live I'll keep on doing me and you keep wishing

Ellie Goulding lyricsEllie Goulding - We can't move to this lyrics

to roll in perfect motion, easy Lips like Tanqueray ... sunrises, never sleeping I don't know what changed All I ... want to do is feel the rhythm of the ... in the eyes Being called into the heat Even if it's

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - On the tequila lyrics

on the Tequila oh On fire on Tequila oh My friends and ... I meet hours before We make some home made pizza We do some funny bits back and ... buckle I laugh so hard We might end three sheets to

Nofx - We threw gasoline on the fire and now we have.. lyrics

something dumb You create to desecrate the villain I've ... become A prophet, not to be made but heard Speaks in ... tongues and sarcasm To me it's plain, to you absurd

Carpark North - We hold the stars lyrics

are the sky We hold the starts, tonight ... out every locked window We rode a lion's mane and fell ... upon the rain We can reach the constellations ... are breaking out No, we're never gonna turn to dust

Puddle Of Mudd - We don't have to look back now lyrics

a change in mood We'll let go of everything we ... Chorus] You and I will ride tonight 'Till the past is out ... of sight We don't have to look back now From the dark

Rage - On the edge lyrics

came along last night I knew again ... there was no end in sight. We all had too much. We needed ... a break to let it out our guts. So we ... turned it on to its highest point Shot far

Santa Cruz - We are the ones to fall lyrics

oh eh oh we are the ones to fall We are the ones to fall ... We are the kings of a night time ... hypocrites arch enemy We are the ones to fall for our ... The most wanted outlaw for felony We are the ones to fall

Blindside - We're all going to die lyrics

up, don't you close your eyes ... Breathe life little flower You've got 20 t-cells left to burn Please choose life with ... its sweet and sour Don't sing your last lullaby I don't think it's time We're

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - We weren't born to follow lyrics

Weren´t Born To Follow This one goes out to the man who mines for ... miracles, This one goes out to the ones in need. This one ... goes out to the sinner and the cynical.

Chemical Vocation - We're not here to give up lyrics

of the waiting and I'm ready to forget everything I never ... So I just spill the cup on the floor I'm sorry to be ... My life is based on a crappy movie Except for

Daniel Schuhmacher - On a new wave lyrics

else How does it feel to live in a new world I'd ... really really really love to know love to know Tell me ... all this new thing And how to forget all that has been I'd

Electric President - We were never built to last lyrics

on your own now. We’re tired of lending hands. ... mouth of yours closed. Don’t need opinions. Just work ... them hands to bones. We stood in place and watched them

Evile - We who are about to die lyrics

on the sand Where the gladiators stand Thunder from the ... Hail Caesar Those about to die By the turn of his hand ... Commit your blood to the sand Roar from the

From First To Last - We all turn back to dust lyrics

soul, You're finally here to live and breathe, Your every ... of love and hate, Smile and touch, Hope, despair, Loathing ... and lust. Who we are, What we all are, It's

Green Adam - We're not supposed to be lovers lyrics

from danger. a nicer place to cash your chips. i'm not the ... you hostage. squeezed inbetween my lips. we're not ... supposed to be lovers. or friends, like

Gun Barrel - We will carry on lyrics

we all stand together as firm as a rock No ... for losers no step back cause we can't stop All time winners ... all the time on the run Don't try to stop me cause we

George Jones - We're gonna try to get along lyrics

re gonna try to get along everyday We're gonna search ... and find the way From now on we're gonna sing a happy song ... Everyday we're gonna try to get along. Yes, we love

Rough Silk - We all need something to hold on to in this l.. lyrics

hope when the ghosts arrive - we all need Something to hold on ... Remember who you´d planned to be What you dreamed of, too ... and all you wanted to see Don´t let those memories cut you

Sabrina Carpenter - We´ll be the stars lyrics

are young, we are gold Trying things we ... every locked window Rode a lion's mane and fell upon the rain ... We can reach the constellations Trust me, all our

Scott Calum - We don't have to take our clothes off lyrics

from your lips You just took for granted that I want to ... simulate my brain So come on baby, won't you show some ... class Why'd you have to move so fast? We don't have to take our clothes off To have

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - On to the next one lyrics

Beats -Chorus) I got a million ways to get it Choose one ... (choose one) Hey, bring it back (bring ... it back) Now double your money and make a stack I’m on

Escape The Fate - On to the next one lyrics

love is bittersweet. It’s always incomplete. ... you have changed and I’m the one that you blame. Chorus: ... NOW YOU’RE GONE! And you’re on to the next one. This time

Demonical - March for victory lyrics

is cold, silent and wide as we head towards the core side ... by side we are all pounding on guided by a burning torch ... destroy and ruin is our call we bring the fury from the north

Ritual Steel - Victory lyrics

victory Oppression drove us To the state Of ... riot, resistance and rage! We forged new blades Of shining ... steel! We might have been Just ... peasants, But we turned another page, When

Amon Amarth - We shall destroy lyrics

Wall of shields Standing strong On this their chosen ... by shield Side by side We’re marching into destiny March as one Don’t look back

Debauchery - Victory awaits lyrics

Demons, And Dragons armed for War Armies of ... Life Killing and Bloodshed We live in an age of Strife ... In the Fires of Hell we fight and we fell Victory Awaits

Ironsword - War hymn lyrics

arms Warcries fill the air To the battlefield they ride Fight... Kill... Die... Warhymn... ... Warhymn... Scarlet dragon banners Unfurled in the ... Knights in golden armour March on to victory Following

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