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We Desire An Encounter Lord lyrics

Browse for We Desire An Encounter Lord song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed We Desire An Encounter Lord lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to We Desire An Encounter Lord.

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Eric Singer Project - We're an american band lyrics

Rock, put me in a haze Sweet, sweet Connie, doin' her ... act She had the whole show and that's a natural fact Up ... you, poker's his thing Booze and ladies, keep me right As

Grand Funk Railroad - We're an american band lyrics

Rock put me in a haze Sweet, sweet Connie, doin' her ... act She had the whole show and that's a natural fact Up ... you, poker's his thing Booze and ladies keep me right As

Poison - We're an american band lyrics

Grand Funk Railroad cover) Like ... rock put me in a haze. Sweet, sweet connie -- doin her ... She stole the whole show and thats a natural fact. Up ... treat me right, As long as we can make it to the show

Rob Zombie lyricsRob Zombie - We're an american band lyrics

Rock put me in a haze. Sweet, sweet Connie - doin' her ... act, She had the whole show and that's a natural fact. Up ... keep me right, As long as we can make it to the show

Lostprophets - We bring an arsenal lyrics

Cause your tongue is a gun and your brain is the trigger, ... I doubt that mouth could get any bigger, Live in hypocrisy, ... re never gonna be a threat to anybody. You're lying, you're

Don Moen - We've come to bless your name lyrics

grace A part of Your great plan We have come to seek Your ... face Not the wonders of Your hands And yes we need Your touch ... You've given us so much That we just want to thank You For

Majesty - Lord of the damned lyrics

Verse 1] A bloodred moon, a landscape black and grey. A ... are on it's ways. There we're standing, black robes we wear. To call the master of ... The rhyte is starting. We cast the secret spell. He

Black 'n Blue - We got the fire lyrics

mystery Let's get together We'll make it better But don't ... fly 'Cause you know that can crucify Let me be your one ... desire We got the fire We are an institution We got

Kid Cudi - Lord of the sad and lonely lyrics

Lord of the Sad and Lonely) Won't you tell me ... the supreme leader Still want to use like I'm not a human ... eater Move and groove, make the bitch ... linger Want more than the dick, gold on the ring

Jim Reeves - We thank thee lyrics

thank Thee each morning for a ... newborn day where we may work the fields of new ... mown hay We thank Thee for the sunshine and ... the air that we breathe Oh Lord we thank Thee We thank

Insyderz - We will glorify lyrics

glorify the King of Kings We will glorify the Lamb We will ... glorify the Lord of Lords Who is the great I Am King ... Jehovah reigns in majesty We will bow before his throne We

John Schlitt - We worship you lyrics

you, my Lord for loving us We know it's not deserved ... are so forgiving This is why we give our thanks to You We ... lift up our hands We lift up Your name We lift up

Benediction - We the freed lyrics

theorise Germinate and seed Draw into aseity ... Roaring "We, the freed" Corpulent ... law Given enough rope to hang them Rutting with their

Don Moen - We wait lyrics

wait We're not in a hurry O we need You Lord We wait All our ... cares and worries We lay aside for You O how we ... long to see Your face O how we long for Your embrace We

Jesus Culture - We cry out lyrics

lord we cry out, we’ve been lost We need your ... mercies oh god We repent for our ways and we ... turn to you again Oh lord we cry out, we’ve been lost Change our hearts to yours oh god

Lucky Dube - We love it lyrics

love it We need it Oh Lord 'Can't live without it When ... gets hooked on drugs You and I are hooked on music We ... smoke it We walk it And we eat it Make it your way of

Skindred - We want lyrics

people dem just rock up Now we come Fe mash it in a ... different style Yer you know we come kill the tune just like ... a ninja Busting up the place and turn the people dem wild

Lord Of The Lost - We are the lost lyrics

Vers 1] I wanna crawl inside and make you ... feel I wanna kiss the scars that never ... heal I close the door and look it from inside I ... out the light [Chorus] We are the lost We are the

Aesop Rock - We're famous lyrics

After stepping to KCR lit and flexing my shit No gun talk ... Dirty dusty intelligent wit and word murdering A hardcore ... without burglary Potent and shook the shit out of

Mr. Mister - We belong to no one lyrics

say we're born alone And then we leave the same way ... Can anything be colder? And while we both are here We can put the fear away I only want to hold you We belong to

Enter Shikari - We can breathe in space lyrics

what comes next? A chance to save ourselves? ... magma encrusted in rock And on the surface of this world ... of the lives of the stars. We can breathe in space, they

Enter Shikari - We can breathe in space, they just don't want.. lyrics

what comes next? A chance to save ourselves? ... magma encrusted in rock And on the surface of this world ... of the lives of the stars. We can breathe in space, they

Gil Scott-heron - We beg your pardon (pardon our analysis) lyrics

d like to do an idea for you that was related ... blues In March of 1973, we wrote the Watergate blues, and some 17 months later, then ... story didn't end there, so we didn't stop there We have

Itchy Poopzkid - We say so lyrics

got an issue There is something ... Going round our heads And it is no good We wer told ... Is not able to let love grow And our hatred you deny Will ... come back in a row We say so It ain't over 'til We say so It ain't over 'til We say so You got an issue

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - We are young (feat. the earl grey & mary has .. lyrics

had Call all your friends, we're gonna trash it all ... Alright! Alright! We only have one night to be the ... Party all night! It's all we've got to do Tear this place

Empire Of The Sun - We are the people lyrics

can remember swimming in December ... for the city lights in 1975 We share in each other Nearer ... than father The scent of a lemon ... drips from your eyes We are the people that rule the

Falloch - We are gathering dust lyrics

in silence We won't pray Time can't heal ... us We will wither and decay When the sullen ... voices cry Dust will settle We're an echo of a past some ... what is the point of living and dying Look outside these

Ingrowing - We create another future lyrics


Okkervil River - We need a myth lyrics

need a myth We need an amethyst bridge We need a ... high hanging cliff Jump, fall and ... lift We can make it But we need a myth We need a path ... the mist Like in our beds, we were just kids Like what was

Seven Witches - We are the coven lyrics

truth Bathed in moonlight we praise the earth mother Soon ... you shall have your proof We are the ones who rejoice the ... earth´s power Nature is our true friend

Flame - We appologize lyrics

for doing people wrong And we apologize but praying through ... His love will still be seen And you can run to Jesus Please ... beauty of the King Guess what were saying is man he can fail u

Newsboys - Presence my hearts desire lyrics

King of glory I hold out my hands To The One who is worthy ... for Your presence I long, Lord, I need Your touch [Chorus ... ] Come, oh Lord, and fill up my life With the

The Green Children - Encounter lyrics

shadows on the wall A strangely colored boy and girl ... Followed a bell into the world ... Strange Encounter Strange Encounter Tiny footsteps traveled

Koke K - Lord knows lyrics

like When it gets dark, and the guns bark Police are ... enemy they want our Cocaina pura, filhos ... I rise through the fire My desire to get higher is higher Than

Diabulus In Musica - Encounter at chronos' maze lyrics

a storm of silent souls No answer to my quest, just silence ... tears and prayers Awaiting for so ... long there is an open door Whose threshold I ... knows what's beyond? Come and fly to me (through eterenity

Sheard, "kiki" Kierra - Desire lyrics

You are mine Take my heart, and my mind Open the eyes of my ... heart Reveal Yourself Lord I want You It's my desire ... [Chorus:] O-o-oh You are my desire [Verse (x2):] Hear this

Jeremy Camp - We need lyrics

places Into the lost and the lonely spaces Bringing ... the hope and the life You've given I'll ... Showing the love they were never given Open my eyes

Lord Belial - Possessed by fire lyrics

Possessed by fire - my pure desire Embraced by flames and its ... Possessed by fire - my pure desire Lord of fire, grant me ... This demonvoid is mine and mine alone I shall rule

John Dowland - Lord in thy wrath reprove me not lyrics

correct me in thy rage, O Lord, I thee desire. For I am weak, therefore, O Lord, Of ... mercy me forbear; And heal me, Lord, for why? thou ... soul is troubled very sore, And vex'd exceedingly; But, Lord, how long wilt thou delay To

Deicide - Go now your lord is dead lyrics

of death, book of fools and ignorance Without a trace, ... in god atlas has died. Aged and faded, Christianity, dying ... die this way, Go now your lord is dead. Human failure,

Michael W. Smith - Lord i give you my heart lyrics

is my desire To honor You Lord with all my heart I worship ... that I adore is in You Lord, I give You my heart I give ... Every moment I'm awake Lord, have Your way in

Mournful Congregation - An epic dream of desire lyrics

has arrived and we are all lonely Gardens stand ... still like stone We look to the clouds for they ... form epic pictures Meaningful to some, meaningless to

George Strait - We really shouldnt be doing this lyrics

We're gettin' way too close to ... the better to resist We really shouldn't be a doin' ... this Only an isolated incident But

Eldritch - Lord of an empty place lyrics

I'm dreaming But you can't see me at all I'm walking ... with spiders of silent pain weaving cold webs in my brain I ... A knight on this way home Lord of an empty place Reign of

3 Inches Of Blood - Lord of the storm (upon the boiling sea ii) lyrics

in the eye, eye of the hurricane Lord of the storm rides in ... of Hell Rider on the night and ruler of the damned ... is on the rise, wrath of an angered deity Batten down the

Kaledon - Lord of the sand lyrics

I'm the Heart of the Man I'm the Burner I'm the Lord ... of the Sand I'm the Tears of the Man ... Soul I'm the Flesh and the Spirit merged together ... the Future I'm the Secret Desire, Unmentionable Between Angels and Men, I'm the Devil I

Timo Kotipelto - Lord of eternity lyrics

that your life has come to an end reveal your sins Anubis ... the feather of truth, soon We'll see An evil heart can't ... heavenly bliss I am the Lord of Eternity I will guide

Logic lyricsLogic - Lord willin´ lyrics

posted, out here chillin' Lord willin', I'll survive, but ... drive I've been living life, and I hope that you do the same ... this music my Novocaine Lord Willin' we over came, it's

Evereve - Desire lyrics

into the void The blooms of weakness I have shattered A ... I'm starving, starving Dance with me for the last time ... the last time It's all about desire Beneath the hollow There's

2pac lyrics2pac - Lord knows lyrics

2Pac] Damn, another funeral, another motherf***er Lord knows ... is choking on blunt smoke] Lord knows [coughing harder] Lord knows [one final cough] I

Demon Hunter - Desire the pain lyrics

dying will. Forced to feed – and over again. Flies to filth, ... greed, wealth. And we take what they give – every ... piece that we can hold. Is it all that we are?

Holly Valance - Desire lyrics

is jumping This feeling I can't contain it Got me reeling ... eyes move Like on my body And the headlights The heat is ... rising Nothing that I can do Can't stop me from wanting you I'm losing my self

Mors Principium Est - We are the sleep lyrics

not Aseer misled by omens And wanting caution wise She ... prophet with tread Vengeance with hands that bear The ... comes The sons of the night, we are, we are She shall also

Raven - In the name of the lord lyrics

Rescued from the grave We got an understanding Me and ... the Lord You send your donation Or ... You know this beats working any day It‘s the only way

Anya - Desire lyrics

you'll be mine I just wanna live my life, yeah I can ... touch you now We have to lay down I just wanna feel your body, oh Param ... ram pampam... Oh, oh, oh Desire, desire Oh, oh, oh I'm

Celesty - Lord of this kingdom lyrics

name. When the sun arises, we open the gates through this ... wall. And behind that wall lies an ... for destiny. I am the Lord of this Kingdom. He is the lord of this world. I am the

Cradle Of Filth - Desire in violent overture lyrics

That had lifted Her dreams And frowned on the winding steps ... gown How sleep the pure Desire in Violent Overture An emanation of phantom madness The

Heaven 17 - An electronic prayer lyrics

fading with the past We’re sending a cypher a code to ... cracked By a curious someone we need to attract Pray for ... endlessly) Repeating constantly (repeating constantly) Can anyone hear ? Pray for me

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - Lord of light lyrics

that you tell to me alone I can't reach things I can't see ... You don't see this strange world quite the same as me ... truth These are things you can't reveal These are things

Lil' Scrappy - Lord have mercy lyrics

Intro:] Dear lord, Hope you can look, deep ... into my heart, N no dat I mean gud, n can forgive me for all ... my sins G's up It's a g thang Yo' moda f***as no me mayne

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