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We Can Dance Under The Moonlight, Right Up To The Light Of Day lyrics

Browse for We Can Dance Under The Moonlight, Right Up To The Light Of Day song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed We Can Dance Under The Moonlight, Right Up To The Light Of Day lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to We Can Dance Under The Moonlight, Right Up To The Light Of Day.

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Blue Man Group - Up to the roof lyrics

want you have not got. Tried to use things you sold me, no ... matter what the cost Tried to go the way you told me, but ... each time, I got lost The stairs didn't lead me

Link 80 - Up to the top lyrics

up to the top, get knocked down to the ... ground. When will all the bullshit stop? What goes ... is measured by comparison to you, your time's come and

Accept lyricsAccept - Up to the limit lyrics

many things happened today Too many words I don't wanna say ... I wanna be cool but the heat's coming up I'm ready to kill 'cause enough is enough ... All I can say - out of my way Before I get to the top All I can feel is wild

Seo In Guk - We can dance tonight lyrics

sutetekita ashita miru Sunlight omoi wa Large sawagu Energy ... My page (Everybody) Here we go (Rock your body) It’s my ... let’s go Good time, hands up, clap your hands madamada

Jakszyk, Fripp And Collins (a King Crimson Projekct) - The light of day lyrics

woke up into day light Wishing I was far away from ... But I still hear the distant ringing that pulls me ... back This is the moment when the world begins to shake The

Pulp - We can dance again lyrics

have made a choice - no we don't want to die We want to ... look the future firmly in the eye Speaking personally I ... have to say that I Would like to dance again Yeah, we know that

Metalium - Light of day lyrics

Ehre] Time goes by Out of sight Will somebody hear my ... is telling me that I can fight it Pray for the light ... Light of day Bound in desperation Will

Green Carnation - Light of day, day of darkness lyrics

dreamed I was insane I saw the unseen I heard the unheard ... I rode the sky above the earth I felt the breeze of the world What was lost I ... real Was long gone within of me Crimson tide A wave of

Intervilles - We can dance lyrics

I had a lot of money I’d move to another ... name Or maybe I'd go back to school Major in something ... do it cause I'd have a lot of money Here I am holding on to childhood's dream Sitting

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - We can dance lyrics

thought miracles were make believe It's hard to ... hold what you can't see I find the faith I ... Every morning when you wake up next to me If all the shit

Ll Cool J - To da break of dawn lyrics

(To da break of dawn) All my sex involved ... As we get funky Rhymes so bizarre ... Everybody knows When it come to a situation like this Little ... more effects And I can't resist So we get funky in the house Youknowmsayin? L.L.

Jimmy Needham - Light of day lyrics

s a road I'm walking on Full of promise and of woes And the ... But as it goes, I want you to know Wherever I go, I'll ... take your hand, baby Into the light of day 'Cause we'll

Alexander Klaws - Light of day lyrics

do u have to be so angry isn't it always ... done enough I suddenly see the light of day, it's finally there 2 light my way I have been ... sleeping at the wheel all this time Thought

Joan Jett And The Blackhearts - Light of day lyrics

One, two, three, four Well, I've been out of the woods ... for six days and nights now And I'm a ... hot wired but I'm feeling alright now I got some money in my

Dawin - Light of day lyrics

you deal with such pain every day? Ignore the cure that could ... Chorus] I was like, oh, all of that stress gonna go Away ... him go [Chorus] It's like the moon is in the way And you can't see the light of day It's

Pink Cream 69 - Light of day lyrics

flowing through his veins The picture's getting clearer, the truth starts to stain No ... you break your back just to get through the day The time ... has come for him to face the day Darkness hides away fear

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Right next to the right one lyrics

if we were meant to be together What if you were meant to ... be the one I could hide a million ... years and try to believe That any time the ... and rescue me Cause you're the fire, you're the one But you

A Lot Like Birds - The blowtorch is applied to the sugar lyrics

me down easy. There’s no reason to tease me. ... on my chest and its casting stones. It's casing parts, each ... one of them antagonist. And I’m trying

Newsboys - Step up to the microphone lyrics

hello To anyone who's listening Put ... So here goes Steppin' right up to the microphone I say ... hey man! There's only one way! One God ... alone If you don't know Then ya need to be told! I

Baccara - The devil sent you to lorado lyrics

still remember the piano Playing the same old ... melodies The late-night crowd Was wild ... and loud But then a shot Outside the bar-room ... ... And then I saw you for the first time The way you

Gun Barrel - Rise up to the storm lyrics

up to the storm Been in and out of trouble ... saw my first guitar I've had to get outta town on my double ... I ain't runnin' anynmore Thunderheads are building Threaten to swallow the land Gonna lean

Pain - The third wave lyrics

tried to build a nation, greater than ... anyone But what they didn't know was that someone ... else would have control The mob starts infiltrating, at ... gunpoint they will roam They show no mercy and the

Custard - Up to the sky lyrics

hundred years of slavery no will to fight ... against the lord of damnation and misery we know ... is lost. I always tried to live my dreams But every ... time I failed Hidden from the sunlight In the dungeons of

Betzefer - The devil went down to the holy land lyrics

devil went down to the Holy Land Saw it was already ... f***ed and he thought to himself "What a mess, ... be trusted even by his own brother And the people were scared

Lee Hyori - Can't fight the moonlight lyrics

think that you won't fall Well just wait until 'Til the ... sun goes down Underneath the starlight, starlight There's ... a magical feeling so right It will steal your heart tonight You can try to resist

Chris Salvatore - Dance all night (falling in love) lyrics

can dance all night Tonight is the night I'm gonna ... you mine It's a feelin in the air I can't deny Tonight I ... m gonna dance I'll be your partner in

Leann Rimes - Can´t figt the moonlight lyrics

you think that you wont fall Well just wait untill 'til the ... sun goes down Underneath the starlight, starlight Theres ... a magical feeling so right It will steal your heart tonight You can try to resist

Lindsey Buckingham - The right place to fade lyrics

let me live Been living in the past let me rise today Led a ... how long how long how long we wait Waiting for the light ... that might light our way Waiting for the right place to fade You were

Marc Cohn - Dance back from the grave lyrics

used to wake up every morning saying I must ... with something here Every day was like parole before the ... levees overflowed; I refuse to think it could all just

Timbaland lyricsTimbaland - We belong to the music (feat. miley cyrus) lyrics

find a crazy outfit 'cause tonight it's all about you I can't wait to show you all my new ... like this outfit I got y'all right here no need for you to go

Crown The Empire - Punk goes pop - crown the empire "burn" (elli.. lyrics

we don't have to worry 'bout nothing 'Cause we got the fire, and we're ... burning one hell of a something They, they gonna ... outer space, outer space Light it up, like we're the stars of the human race, human race

King Of Asgard - Up on the mountain lyrics

on the mountain Up from this dark valley From ... treacherous marshlands To dead barren rock Up on the ... Whole worlds seen unfolding Too cold the night Too little

Netsky - We can only live today lyrics

t you care Falling back into the memories but we can only ... live today All the realms in one direction ... colours changing the light of day our lives are one big

Sleeping At Last - The safety dance lyrics

can dance if we want to We can leave your friends behind ... 'Cause your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance Well, they're no friends of mine

Banaroo - In the name of love lyrics

the name of love I can't get enough In the name of ... love and peace Forever and a day In the name of love We ... that brings you down But it can also take you higher Right up

Miracle Of Sound - Shadows in the moonlight lyrics

you to the top Behold the distant streets below Times ... forever Never older grow They took my peace They took my ... Secret sign Shadows in the moonlight Clandestine

Duskmourn - To the land beyond lyrics

the winds we sang trumpetly, over the ... mountains Drowning the sea of distant sorrow A gilded fire ... from it's slumber Ascending towards the eastern sky This

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - To the max (feat. lyrics

Oh, ooh, get 'em right Get 'em right, get 'em right ... Get 'em right, get 'em right Get 'em right, get 'em right ... What you finna do, Gus?) Another one (Get 'em right, get 'em

Group Home - Up against the wall lyrics

pantha, all in your dreams Up Against The Wall they caught ... me 'cause you can cp And you ain't suppose to ... die of natural death, that's that ... Got the world carved on mines, f***

Kaipa - A complex work of art lyrics

as the clouds are passing my blue ... skies I catch a glimpse of heaven in your eyes, Now ... our days they're dancing on the edge And through the time

Outline In Color - Something we can dance to lyrics

And now I know what it means to Wait! The kind of pain that ... do you remember now We never had the same lives We ... never had the same eyes Those are the

Jake Miller - Party in the penthouse lyrics

we gon' party in the penthouse Haha, well alright ... alright, alright Yeah, look This ain't no ... ordinary average kind of night, come on We know that we just can't afford and do this

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - The dead can dance' lyrics

more dead than alive But the dead can speak The dead can ... dance Who's gonna welcome them when they arrive? The ... dead can speak The dead can dance What's gonna happen

Twin Shadow - To the top lyrics

know it's not the right time tonight But I won't move until ... this stops Go back to the top Back to the top You ... never belonged to me Now I can see the light That you are

Ayreon - To the quasar lyrics

quot;On our journey, we receive the radio emissions of a pulsar -- an imploded ... neutron star." [THE TAURUS PULSAR] Within a ... distant nebula in the Taurus zodiac I hear the

Eternal 2 - Up to you lyrics

s up to you It's up to you It's up to you It's up to you If you make it in time ... We can rock this party all night ... people in line Waiting for the DJ to play a song It's up to you If you wanna party all

Jesse Mccartney lyricsJesse Mccartney - We can go anywhere lyrics

have been a little crazy Right now It's time to get away ... You can find out What it is you're ... Time is on our side C'mon we're leaving everything behind

An Cafe - We can do it! lyrics

shakai de migi ni narae to naranderu Sukikirai mo ie ... own way Be yourself Seize the day to reach for another day ... o kama shi te koi (Here we go) We Can Do It! Hajime

Donovan - The owl and the p****cat lyrics

Owl and the P****cat went to sea In a beautiful pea green ... boat. They took some honey, and plenty of ... money Wrapped up in a five pound note. The ... Owl looked up to the stars above, And sang to a

Queen Adreena - Cold light of day lyrics

arch my back to touch the stars as they fall from my ... hand for tommorrow the sun will rise again a pearl a ... grain of sand i let the clothes slip from my bones i step into the stream for tommorrow the

Bonnie Raitt - Stand up to the night lyrics

s a time when the light inside of us feels the night ... And we're runnin', there's no place to hide There's ... a time when we have to stand alone With our eyes on

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The world is my oyster lyrics

I feel I'm a comin' your the go ahead kind. You are ... warmly invited to come inside. You have five ... Because I'm a comin yeah, to cut your throat. yeah give me

Gaelic Storm - The bear and the butcher boy lyrics

Wrapped up in brown paper, tied up with ... He would whistle as he went When he was happy, he ... would sing Well- Billy Batty was a butcher ... s dirty back streets at the dawning of daylight He loved

N-sync - Up against the wall lyrics

know we don't care at all let me see ... you up, up against the wall I was just doin' my ... thing Hanging out at the spot You know the place we ... go The music's john blaze hot And

Rakim - To the listeners lyrics

s to the listeners (whispered 4X) ... *musical interlude* It's to the listener (repeat interlude ... [Verse One: Rakim] It's to the listeners, for those that

Razorlight - To the sea lyrics

on She keeps it all locked up right inside While up above, ... where the looking glass skies Go on ... and on, on and on She can't say a word, she keeps it

Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - We can get it all together lyrics

up in sorrow Illusions I can't by words explain Caught up ... brokenness Deliver me so we can get it all together I ... thank you Father For giving me life beyond the grave Blood is the power So

Alestorm - To the end of our days lyrics

day goes by, another setting sun As the light ... begins to fade Upon this silent ship I now ... a course Yet no wind blows these tattered sails For reasons

Aqua - We belong to the sea lyrics

me to the ocean blue Let me dive right ... into Anything I´ll ever capture ... You can wait up all night Waiting for wrong ... or right I always knew where I had

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