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Dagoba - Waves of doom lyrics

back from the seven seas of Rhyes ? Sinking in the abyss ... : Judgement comes ! Waves of doom Forever stroke the ... sailors' tombs Waves of doom Fill my ultimate room Waves

Savage Circus - Of doom and death lyrics

am, a journeyman In the dusk of time On barren land I'm ... is calling me To the center of it all To meet my destiny ... die Listen to his lullaby Of Doom and Death Of Doom and

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Waves of fear lyrics

of fear, attack in the night Waves of revulsion, sickening ... my chest's choking tight Waves of fear, waves of fear Waves ... nose, I can barely breathe Waves of fear, I'm too scared to

Carlsson Magnus - Waves of love lyrics

so excited Riding on the big waves of love I'm loving this game ... the rhythm Riding on the big waves of love Big waves of love ... My pulse is high cause of you, yeah Don't be a fool

Bathory - Of doom...... lyrics

united force, we are all born of one womb The mightiest of ... belief Hail now the sign of the black mark and of doom... ... moon Hail high the sign of the black mark and of doom...

Crystal Eyes - Waves of war lyrics

the waves of war Far away from mortal ... eyes The sign of Jolly Roger flies over the ... We all remember the ground of the island where we paid the ... price of our greed Watching the sun

Dominus Praelii - Waves of war lyrics

within the night Raging off the sound of drums Brighter ... than hell, shine rays of light Battalions of power ... On danger zone is the Wave of War Kings of dawn, victory

Icf Worship - Waves of love lyrics

breathe You in Spirit of God You presence here ... You cover me endlessly . Waves of Your love washing over me ... Than here at the mercy Merey of my great King . I'm letting

Samantha James - Waves of change lyrics

We can dim the light of day watching colors drift ... Fleeting like the sound of love reflecting light back ... hands, embrace Breaking waves of change Counting down

Liv Kristine - Waves of green lyrics

forget Into these silent waves of all times - eternally ... words been said undone The waves of green They will flow on ... - on Norge's shores Cries of the unheard - will they be

Communic - Waves of visual decay lyrics

this life A constant brief of flashes Maybe this time I ... still remains A sense of fear, am I cynical Have I ... myself All my cases of improvement Disappeared

Asphyx - Waves of fire lyrics

their tales A storm of fire taking land after land ... Evoking a scenery of a joyful death A skyline ... Perished by the fist of steel Waves of fire ... the earth The stench of war can be smelled Spreading

Pandora - Waves of memories lyrics

Are just the remains of the past to me It hurt me so ... is how I feel Between the waves of memories I try to think of something else But I won't ... I feel Deep down the wells of history I just can't think of something else And I won't

Dave Martone - Waves of emotion lyrics

Instrumental ... Instrumental ... Instrumental ... Instrumental ... Instrumental ... Instrumental ......

Willow Smith lyricsWillow Smith - Waves of nature lyrics

it, no Won't get a whiff of that sickness You say you ... Gotta get in your right side of mind Get in your right side of mind If you're tryna fly ... tight Get in your right side of mind Get in your right side of mind If you're tryna fly

Rhapsody Of Fire - Knightrider of doom lyrics

s tragic fear The breath of infernos the rise of the dead ... the portals of chaos the seventh black flame ... MY SOUL TO CALL THE SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE TO DENY MY WISDOM

Senses Fail - Bite to break skin (legion of doom remix) lyrics

anger As the razor cuts a soft spot On your heel. (Each ... To fight by myself (Sick waves) of bitter fashion, (Ripped

Running Wild - Wheel of doom lyrics

it's too late The wheel of doom, turning circles The ... wheel of doom, your hand on the wheel The ... wheel of doom, light or darkness The ... wheel of doom, no lying, no deal They

Iron Fire - Whirlwind of doom lyrics

consume like a Whirlwind of doom, one for all The hammer ... will crush you Whirlwind of doom, hear the call Ironheads ... united Whirlwind of doom, one for all The hammer of

Reverend Bizarre - The goddess of doom lyrics

brought here to spread my Doom in this world of fear. The ... into me was the Goddess of Doom, Christina Ricci. Aeons ... she was born into the middle of the endless forlorn. In

Swollen Members lyricsSwollen Members - Prisoner of doom lyrics

consume. You're a prisoner of doom. Sittin' in my room.. I ... and consume. I'm a prisoner of doom. [Verse 1: (Madchild) ... Please feast on a piece of perfection. Seek inner peace

Carnal Forge - Hand of doom lyrics

So awake the unholy spirit of your soul, Destroy your ... fears and go... My hands of doom, will lead the way A ... fistful of hate is not enough, Your

Hot Action Cop - Doom boom lyrics

you're suckin' on a stick of doom boom!) Oh uh woah uh woah uh ... you're suckin' on a stick of doom boom boom!) Oh uh woah uh ... Through up the YZ first leg of the race baby, I'm a git you

Xandria - Ship of doom lyrics

We are bound to the Ship of doom We will call you all to ... very soon We are the kings of a world that has never been ... Oh, we are bound to the Ship of doom We are born from

Iron Mask - Blizzard of doom lyrics

the 13th of October 1972 Air force ... it's time to pray Blizzard of Doom Deadly Howling of the ... wind In a land of Ice and Snow, No one wants ... only few survive Glacier of Tears Deadly freezing of the

Legion Of The Damned - Doom priest lyrics

lord. Fateful messengers of the horrible pestilence, ... companions to the apparition of imminent doom, prophesied ... omens of-foretold death. The liar's ... ravens feed on the carcasses of the damned" Visions of a world in apocalyptic decay

Samain - The fire of doom lyrics

m coming back out of the spellbound city you'd ... m filling the prediction out of you 'Holy Book Of Lore' Try ... sailed so far on sparkling soften seas and really nothing

Animassacre - Noise of doom lyrics

Invasion confirmed! Noise Of Doom! Everyone! It's the Noise Of Doom! Mother f***ed kick out! ... crowds! Human filth! Noise Of Doom! You are in for The Noise Of Doom! (x2) Hey! Invasion

Exciter - Beyond the gates of doom lyrics

Ascend from the depths of your tomb Looking back at ... world From beyond the gates of doom You've broken all ... Ascend from the depths of your tomb Looking back at

Mono Inc. - Voices of doom lyrics

Of Doom Here’s my confession † My ... Look at me I am the living proof that end can mean relief I’m ... Sing to me † All you voices of doom † Come on sing to me †

Battlerage - The cult of doom lyrics

burns in darkness The gates of hell are open wide ... Enchantments of perversion As the dead will ... will awake The Cult of Doom will take you Your soul, the

Infinity Overture - Temple of doom lyrics

of doom kind people had created ... preparing to fight Temples of doom are calling, follow ... follow the light temples of doom Draw closer each day victory

Emerald - Forces of doom lyrics

has gone You are Forces of doom Your magic cannot help ... evil dies You are Forces of doom Your magic cannot help ... world You are Forces of doom Your magic cannot help

Clutch - Profits of doom lyrics

And A Supernova, Tossed Off The Cliffs Of Dover. Washed ... A Far Away Shore In The Arms Of The Daughter Of The Buffalo. ... His Econoline. Swallower Of Planets, The Profits Of Doom.

Gormathon - Warlords of doom lyrics

and back, thru this stream of woe Enlighten evilness, ... We're trapped by the hands of the warlords of doom Cold ... fire to fight The warlords of doom Warlords from the

Candlemass - Hammer of doom lyrics

Nosferatu Saw the execution of my tomorrow...saw it and ... bowed In the theater, of hellfire...the inferno is now ... To ease my suffering, you're offering...to unlock my fate

Desaster - Lacerate (with rays of doom) lyrics

with rays of doom Solarwinds will bring it ... her command all flesh is doomed Eliminator of all earthly ... engulf your souls Her shades of fire will suerly rule the

Lord Belial - Trumpets of doom lyrics

for war; let the trumpets of doom sound Choose your weapon, ... Majestic hordes of boundless fury Striving for ... ground Sound the trumpets of doom Never fall, never

Reverend Bizarre - The children of doom lyrics

children of Doom. Doom's children. Ready to die for ... their master. The pilgrimage of pain. The call of death ... faster. Perplexed servants of the Snake Lord, seeking for

Metalium - Dream of doom lyrics

You're Selfinflicted Dream Of Doom You Were The Witness ... For Your Shallow Course Of Action To Disproof The ... You're Selfinflicted Dream Of Doom They Are Not Better

Black Label Society - House of doom lyrics

can hide Oh, in this house of doom No one gets out alive ... can hide Oh, in this house of doom Ain't no one gets out ... can hide Oh, in this house of doom Ain't no one gets out

Doom Syndicate - Gathering the armies of doom lyrics

course demons have a way of life they want out of this ... not seem to last your piece of poser trash as the hatred ... as we're gathering the armies of doom now the world will

Iron Savior - March of doom lyrics

coming down On the planet of mankind The hammer blow of ... laying down to die Angel of doom Your name is humanity ... believe To be in control of it all Made the dancer on

Saint Vitus - Children of doom lyrics

of doom We are your father And we ... means We are the children of doom Give us some room ... we grow We are the end Of the endless maze We are the

One More Time - Symphony of doom lyrics

danger! We tell our kids of Robin Hood But then we do ... gloom Listen to my symphony of doom You say that our ... world is full Of crazies and of dangers But have you tried

Bastard Priest - Visions of doom lyrics

of madness Nightmares of rotten death Dogs of war ... A morbid truth Desecration of life Multi death Next in ... line to die For their lies of power Hell is here Putrid

Exxplorer - Valley of doom lyrics


Aeternom - Gates of doom lyrics

Stepping through the gates of doom Stepping through the

Darkseed - Above the edge of doom lyrics

on it's guilt, it crumbles off Ere you were born was ... Find the first conseit of love there bred Faith ... that I have bitter thing Doom's calling Whatever

Doomsword - Swords of doom lyrics

chosen to wield the swords of doom we've got to fight to free ... that made us the bringers of scorn and war "In

Evangelist - Children of doom lyrics

They shall all drown in lakes of blood... Now they will know, ... why they are afraid Of the dark. Now they will learn ... Gather round children of mine, your pilgrimage soon

Knight Errant - Winds of doom lyrics

his way Angels are friends of his soul Now little heart ... leave the life With winds of doom I hear the entreaties and ... its life I listen to anger of fire Little heart now shout

Last Empire - The edge of doom lyrics

all the men brought me this doom Shadow of death under the ... moon creature of night die by my plundering ... my teeth tear through rings of your mail Seasons of grief

Paragon - Halls of doom lyrics

blood of my brother Now crusts on my ... skin Lingering echoes of laughter Feeds the pain that ... die by my hand The breeze of death from the black's ... awaits in the black halls of doom The plague takes hold of

Senses Fail - Waves lyrics

a ghost, waiting in the water of the shallows. You can't ... love till I let go. Into the waves of disbelief, the waves to ... love till I let go. Into the waves of disbelief, the waves to

Catharsis - Three roads of doom lyrics

stand on the top Of the high mountain Three ... roads of doom Lies before me And I must ... It is now, you change Damage of brains ..... once for all ... And so I stand Of the high mountain The

Dawn Of Winter - Anthem of doom lyrics

Don't let me live My song of suffering I give to you My ... song of suffering Anthem of doom Give me a reason To carry ... the void Through the gates of suicide The plague in my

Elvenpath - Cellars of doom lyrics

heritage of wilderness, my legacy of god ... ll see Kept in the cellars of doom my friend Tonight I ... myself Kept in the cellars of doom my friend Forever and

Gloomy Grim - Corps of doom lyrics

of doom, attack! The attack to ... won't hurt anyone Lives of the living dead are worth of ... bomb Kill them all Corps of doom Armageddon Into

Impaled Nazarene - Goat seeds of doom lyrics

you revel in smut Visions of the new world order Finally ... Swallow the goat seeds of doom Take my hand and watch this ... Rejoice for it is the end of everything The end of the

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