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Dolly Parton - Out your door lyrics

, I'm outside your door, knowin' you'll welcome me in. Don't have to knock twice, it feels so right bein' with you again. Might not be the right thing to do, but I sweat it doesn't feel wrong. Might not be forever, but never say never, I'm standin' outside yo

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - All wash out lyrics

come chilly preacher Stumbling 'gainst the wind Singing love, love is something to believe in A prayer and the sea And twenty tons of me Crying love, love is something to believe in To my child of wonder rambling All my crooked fingers pointing blame Let it all w

Light This City - Your devoted victim lyrics

a child, monsters always haunted your panicked dreams. This time you're the vampire, and though it's cruel reality, you're still trapped in a suffocating fantasy, living out your most gruesome reverie. When will you let me wake you from this painful dreaming? Don't you rea

Iglu And Hartley - Out there lyrics

time I call out your name, Respond to me, yeah. When you're out there, out there, out there. Every time I call out your name, Respond to me, yeah. When you're out there, out there, out there. This is an old car (old car), That just don't work, do

Walk Off The Earth lyricsWalk Off The Earth - Climb out your window lyrics

never hear it on the radio you never see it in the video they never play it at the disco so watch out, we play it everywhere we go they try and change our ways, our love, our faith, our home, our heads we play it everywhere we go we play it everywhere we go Can't re

Atmosphere - Your glass house lyrics

Woke up to that familiar feeling Staring at an unfamiliar ceiling Still got your jeans on but you're topless Headache and the stomach feels nauseous Grab your shirt ...

Boston - Stare out your window lyrics

s downright into herself, it's so untrue She's dolled right in so well, this can't be you So come down, so come see You don't want to wake and believe You don't know, you don't dream But somehow you make me so dizzy I wanna stare out your window You don't want

Ingram Hill - Burn out your flame lyrics

re comin' around just to give a new plan They say that it's done, better leave while you can Well fallin' apart never did much good But how will it feel when they're over you So when failure looks you in the eye And there's nowhere left to run and hide And all you've g

Nickelback lyricsNickelback - Hold out your hand lyrics

men with stars upon the chest Save yourselves, your family, don't worry 'bout the rest Small child receives light through the crack The human mile, they're never coming back Hold out your hand and ask for some Now and again she sits beneath the tree

James Blunt lyricsJames Blunt - Calling out your name lyrics

you can stand there waiting for a rainy day Close up your heart and hide your dancing shoes away And cut yourself with your mistakes Leave all hope lying in a line of chalk Everything you need is disguised in double talk So wound yourself and let it ache But if you're waiting for s

Entombed - Out of heaven lyrics

sin is easy Tainted empty v Your eyes are heavy by the things you see An uncontrolled addiction You're all hooked up A lost generation that's all corrupt Why don't you know that you're all being sold Chased out of heaven Down into the hole You don't know Life it a

Fightstar - Hold out your arms lyrics

this is our last feast Then I refuse to dine alone So I let the food go cold As you left this place Without saying a word And my shadow grabbed me By the feet and grew taller than I am Hold out your arms Break me inside Your embrace Until they arrive Hold out

Ill Niño - Rip out your eyes lyrics

mind is awakening, your soul is repenting Stop pissing away all the hours and days Take one last look at me, this is what you will be If you keep on this way we will all turn to fire! All these pictures turn our eyes into stares Their reaction proves that they

Loreen - Crying out your name lyrics

ve emptied out the minibar Did it all myself About to go and key his car Yeah-yeah, I'm what you call a mess I can't remember what went wrong I started talking to myself I even hate my favourite song What would a damsel in distress? And if you ask me where I'm go

Lydia - Empty out your stomach lyrics

empty out your stomach, so everyone can see that you are as black as the basement, and just as wicked as me. But my God, what a mess I've made, My God, what a mess I made. You stare in a way I once thought was stunning, Oh but I will try, try and fake it.

Mayday Parade - Your song lyrics

say that Gainesville's got no soul Well that sounds like a good excuse for coming home And all these Tallahassee skylines They keep singing out a song I know it's your song (your song) They've been singing all night long And this Galley Alley rooftop Just keeps

James Blunt lyricsJames Blunt - Calling out your name lyrics

you can stand there waiting for a rainy day Close up your heart and hide your dancing shoes away And cut yourself with your mistakes Leave all hope lying in a line of chalk Everything you need is disguised in double talk So wound yourself and le

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Hold out your heart lyrics

m imagining a letter I would write to you How it might make me feel better To get this message through I would put it down so clearly In black and white Just how much I need you really And just how much I might Compromise - to make - us work Yeah, compromise -

Pepper - Your face lyrics

know I really had to use my sense now I, slam the door right in your face Hows it feel, hows it taste And look how, you won't dance with me Well has this symbol made you so mean that you're looking so far past me You say what you say but don't walk away My tongue

Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas - Break out your stained brain lyrics

some noise ! In my imaginary world, I’ve slaughtered you countless world Sharp knife blade your skin Rips your flesh apart I love to hear you scream in pain and go break in tears It is all this world’s fault Nothing really went wrong with us It was just our nature G

Kowloon Walled City - Your best years lyrics

your grand plans and gritted teeth. all your pride. They'll cut you down to count the rings. Measure out your worst years. Count off the days. Write on the walls. Who wants to live this way. Bent by the breeze until you stay or you break. Yeah, we've had better

Anti-flag - Bring out your dead lyrics

Spend a lifetime working for these people To make what they earn in one day There are options to choose, I call it Social Progress Progress to not be abused They were ar...

Cadacross - Bring out your dead lyrics

end is near, but have no fear Take a vacation to pits of Hell First-class flight awaits you all We fly to Hell via Twilight Zone The bell tolls noon, the bell tolls doom So bring out your dead and bring your friends too For we're all doomed, no turning back Last day d

Hillsong United - Your spirit lyrics

lay down my life at Your feet Humble myself under Your mighty hand For I have sinned and fallen short before But I know Your grace abounds Pour out Your Spirit on us Pour out Your Spirit on us Upon us now Spirit come and fill this place Sweet presence Jes

Melissa Etheridge - Your little secret lyrics

know what you're thinking baby I used to be just like you You move when she's not looking baby One sugar ain't enough for you You, you're taking out your loans You're burying your bones Before your cover's blown You better take it home I li

Naglfar - Bring out your dead lyrics

caress the cold blackened Skin. A Whore soon dead as Life has fled. Necrotic scent unfolds. My tainted Touch burns in her Veins. A husk diseased, gagging to breathe. Soon nothing left but Bones. You can find me at the Cemeteries. There, where Death i

New Found Glory - Your biggest mistake lyrics

do you think inside your head I want to know Do you think this Could end up breaking you You life is a time bomb Set to explode You talk out your ass And everyone knows For once you should listen Or care what i think Or I'll be gone before you

Nick Cannon - "your pops don't like me" lyrics

females dads be trippin’ for real I mean, I’m a player with ma, right And see what had happened was I was hollerin’ at this chick in front of the 99 cent store Well, here’s the whole story She was a tall slim, oh, chick I met last week At the mall, cute feet with t

Shaggy 2 Dope - Your life lyrics

Karma... Its All About Karma... [x2, Then Another x2 In Background Of Next Line] Your Life, Your Life, Your Liiiii...I-Iiii...I-Ife [Verse 1:] I Awake, Floatin 3 Feet Off My Bed, An Old Cardboard Box, No Shoes, No Socks, But Lots Of Karma, I'm Sm

David Guetta lyricsDavid Guetta - Your love ft. showtek lyrics

#1] All I can speak is that truth Anyone can see there's a fire in you Come let out your heart If you wanna be free Show me your love Show me your love [Interlude] All I can speak is that truth Anyone can see there's a fire in you Come let out your heart If you w

Cipes And The People - Your song lyrics

awesome place you got to go Some place you got to be! (Lord...) Well, baby - maybe if ya took the the coolaid car, then darlin', darlin', darlin' you would see! You got this pivot, that puts you in a position that is a gift and a mission; So why not give to me? Why not give to me?

Matt Redman - Your grace finds me lyrics

there in the newborn cry There in the light of every sunrise There in the shadows of this life Your great grace It’s there on the mountain top There in the everyday and the mundane There in the sorrow and the dancing Your great grace Oh such grace From the creati

Caesars - Your time is near lyrics

it took a long time but you've finally worn out your smile That's when I knew it I've run outta bar a time? You always used to say that you could learn a lot through wasting time And that if you look hard You'll see yourself in your lovers eyes Your time is nea

Nahko And Medicine For The People - Wash it away lyrics

a part of something special We’re a part of something special We’re a part of something special It’s a crack in time, a wrinkle Fallen from the nest, young eagle I will pull my feathers out, stay humble Stay humble, stay humble ohhhhohh Stay humble, stay humble mmmmm, well

Lifehouse - Wash lyrics

meant to waste your time never meant to fall out of line I was trying to get closer to you Now it seems with every step feels like I'm losing my breath I don't know what else I can do But you wash over me you wash over me like rain and you wash over me you wash ov

Paul Gilbert - Wash my car lyrics

I wash my car You know I'm gonna feel all right If I wash my car You know I'm gonna feel all right If I wash my car I'm gonna feel like a star tonight If I keep it clean And drive it out to Hollywood If I keep it clean And drive it out to Holl

Ian Hunter - Wash us away lyrics

the very first decade that we got to dream in Our fathers were angry, our mother's were screamin' At the clothes we were wearin' and the music we got off on Hitler was dead, welcome to Babylon Carved our initials out across the sand The heart and the arrow, no-one u

Jamie N Commons - Wash me in the water lyrics

m winning , yeah I made it, But I've been raising Cain. Cuz the path I'm on seems much the same. But in the cold night, I can't help but ask for more Seems to be the pain That I've been asking for So wash me in the water Take it all away Wash me in the

Coasts - Wash away lyrics

days are lost, in the summer heat Our voice is soft, in the twilight games Like an orange peel, you're my sweetest fear The slidest hold that my mind can call Would you be the one? Would you be the one? Could you be the one to wash away? I'm a loving fool, in your lover

Black Lab - Wash it away lyrics

it in the sea Let it soak all night Wash it in the sea Let the saltwater wash it away Soak it in bleach Till it's white on white Soak it in bleach Till the blood just washes away Hang it in the wind Let it blow all night Hang it up high Let the high wind blow it awa

Kelly Clarkson lyricsKelly Clarkson - Wash rinse repeat lyrics

can't take the pressure of new Gimme old Rip it off Lets see if it sticks to the wall again They're too dumb to see, see the truth Give it to em They will never notice So what's stop, stop, stopping us Does it sound familiar? Does it linger in your ear?

K'naan - Wash it down lyrics

you here in the water and you feel like it's order releasing your tension, the stress and disorder is big in America, Stephanie, Erica, both of them suffer from livin in hari cause, Livin is very competitive, hassling creditors, hazardous, accidents, d

Last Tribe - Wash your sins away lyrics

s something dark inside Blood is rising you can't hide it See a flash of something scary The burdens heavy cross Your memories refuse to fade Feel the pain increase in time Sense the time of new day coming Reveal the truth confess your guilt And wa

A Band Of Bees - Wash in the rain lyrics

try and I fail Sometimes I even succeed If you look at my life I can´t complain If you know what I mean And it is all the same If your holding out you can wash in the rain Wash in the rain, wash in th rain I got salt you got pepper Maybe we could get it together I dig a

Revive - Wash away lyrics

want to be yours, but my heart has a mind of its own, I chase after things that seem to satisfy. Sometimes I wonder how I became a different man, but now I see... That you changed everything when you moved in, Wash away, wash away, wash away. I've opened my soul, now make change

Creed - Wash away those years lyrics

came calling One early morning She showed her crown of thorns She whispered softly To tell a story About how she had been wronged As she lay lifeless He stole her innocence And this is how she carried on This is how she carried on Well I guess she close

Five Finger Death Punch - Wash it all away lyrics

ve given up On society Up on my family Up on your social decease I've given up On the industry Up on democracy Done with all your hip hop crusade All the decay I see all of the lies I hate it I'm wasting here Can anyone Wash it all away I'm waitin

Pearl Jam lyricsPearl Jam - Wash lyrics

please let it rain today. This city is so filthy, like my mind in ways. Oh, there was a time, like a clean, new taste... Smiling eyes before me, inches from my face. Wash my love. Wash my love. Wash my love. Sin to sell, buying just a need. Just who planted all the devils seed

The Peculiar Pretzelmen - Wash the ground lyrics

rain come on down Come on down and wash the ground Rain rain come on down Come on down and wash the ground Rain rain come on down Come on down and wash the ground Rain rain come on down Come on down and wash the ground She was a strange gril A cra

Joe Purdy - Wash away lyrics

got troubles oh, but not today 'Cause they're gonna wash away They're gonna wash away And I got sins Lord, but not today 'Cause they're gonna wash away They're gonna wash away And I had friends oh, but not today 'Cause they done washed away They done washed away Lord

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Wash all over me lyrics

a world that's changing I'm a stranger in a strange land There's a contradiction And I'm stuck here in between Life is a like a desert An oasis… too confusing So I walk this razors edge Will I stand or will I fall Turned a blind eye Tried to pretend that nothing is wh

Guano Apes - Wash it down lyrics

all the words we're spitting would be killing inside being trapped in a jungle be cool don't fight there are no enemies no justice but now you need revenge everytime I show my faces to earn your respect I'm an absolute beginner (she's an absolute beginner)

K.d. Lang - Wash me clean lyrics

swim Swim through my veins Drown me In your reign My desire Carries no shame My will Will harbour no pain Wash Wash me clean Mend my wounded seams Cleanse my tarnished dreams Drink Drink from my spell Quench Love’s drying well Wash Wash me clean Mend my w

Rage - Wash my sins away lyrics

me take you far away, beginning of your days, The agony is written in your eyes. This is how you've always felt, You see it through the haze. Remember how you've locked it up in lies. They're coming back from far away, They're coming back, they cannot

Erasure lyricsErasure - Reach out lyrics

t walk away I need you more than words can say I feel for you, this everlasting flame My everlasting flame I will wash away your tears Through the pain and through the sorrow Better days are still to come If you would only turn around and Reach out and

Mcrae Tom - Told my troubles to the river lyrics

feed on fire and confusion, of this crime I’ll rid my soul, gonna slide on down to the river gonna tell her all. So I told my troubles to the river and I tossed them in the deep and I washed my hands in the river but the river brings more trouble to me. I told my troubles to the riv

Cardi B lyricsCardi B - Wash poppin lyrics

need all my money makers bring that cash out I need all my D boys to bring that cash out I need all my scammer niggas bring that cash out Don't you see these big ass titties and this ass out I need all my money makers bring that cash out I need all my D boys to bring th

Edguy - Wash away the poison lyrics

alone now I'm staring at the sea Behind the far horizon Is there a better place for me? Afraid to drown, afraid to dive Scared by fears and the hot sunlight, yeah And I dance in the rain, dive in the pool of life Wash away the poison And I dance through

Hypnogaja - Wash it all away lyrics

m trying to find my way But every direction looks the same Unmasking all my fears Have I been lost for all these years? And I say baby please Can you come down and take away all of the pain Can you come down to ease me and wash it all away You tremble from the c

Monoral - Wash lyrics

all goes slow It's gonna be O.K. There's nothing more to read I say If all goes slow And every other way I fall for you so close my day There's nothing more to do In this coming of darkest time I want to go Where ever you've gone before I want to smell Every smell

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