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Honne - Warm on a cold night lyrics

a rabbit in headlights They're stunned by all your charm And I feel so damn lucky To have you on my arm And I can't help but wonder How we ended up alright And I love you like no other Cause this has never felt so

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Warm beer and cold women lyrics

beer and cold women, I just don't fit in every joint I ... stumbled into tonight that's just how it's been all ... these double knit strangers with gin and vermouth and recycled stories in the naugahyde booths with the platinum blondes and tobacco

36 Crazyfists - On any given night lyrics

I be any further along when a room leaves nothing? We ... close our eyes to avoid the sound. You were traveling by an aeroplane over ... the ocean. I was deciding the way to perform

Magnum - On a storytellers night lyrics

s a storm lamp on the table Throwing shadows to the gable And you swallow if you're ... able On a storyteller's night From the poorhouse chimes ... seven sisters Every black heart walks the distance On a

Cold War Kids - Cold toes on the cold floor lyrics

and the lights are off, honey Trying to find my head Don't recall lying down In this ... black bed Cold toes on the cold floor [x2] Feeling up the

Collins Kim - On a cold day in september lyrics

a cold day in september on a cold day in september On a cold day in september on a cold day ... in september on a cold day in

Danzig - On a wicked night lyrics

my lady in black Now I see you're back Haven't seen you for a while ... Kinda miss your deadly smile On a windy night On a windy night On a wicked night On a wicked night Hey my lady in death Have you come for

Liza Minnelli - On such a night as this lyrics

s something in the air that you can sense Elusive but ... unbearably intense The stars are hanging there in bright ... suspense As they prepare to light immense events On

Chicago - On the last night of the year lyrics

On the last night of the year) The crowd of strangers ... storm the Square The countdown and the ... cheers They’ll freeze their a$$es off out there But me

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - On through the night lyrics

wait is done, the battle's won So count the cost before you ... run 'Cos on and on your time was power The ... clock on the wall ticks away the hours Come on down, you

Lafee - On the first night lyrics

look into you eyes I can tell what's on your mind ... But the time ain't right to feed the fire ... Please uinderstand I'm not ready I've been dreamin' of the

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - On a foggy night lyrics

a foggy night, an abandoned road in a twilight mirror mirage ... with no indication of a service station or an all night garage, I was misinformed I ... was misdirected cause the interchange never

Metric - On a slow night lyrics

beautiful one What have you gone and done I can ... see all your moves are new Tell me what did that ... salesman do to you That catalogue replaced The fine

N-dubz - Cold shoulder lyrics

Na Niiiii Dappy: (Yeah)why dont you come over (Yeah) Warm ... up your cold shoulder (Yeah) Yeah we can get crazy baby all night before we get sober ... Look at yourself Now that aint good for your health If

Cryptopsy - Cold hate, warm blood lyrics

last night at rest with my mate I'm visited by a victim of ... hate A spectoral group, yet they're one and ... the same They would never live Nor ... would they have a name A baby too young to walk or to talk Rocked to sleep with a big

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - Cold shoulder lyrics

it's plain to see you're givin me a cold shoulder You put a chill on ... every thrill with a cold shoulder All the time I wait ... aroud to get a little squeeze But nothing

Sza lyricsSza - Warm winds (with isaiah rashad) lyrics

hey Hey glory child, don't you worry Stuttering, shaken off your fear Beauty's ... never given in a hurry So condescending, leave your questions here Hey glory child, don't

Van Morrison - Warm love lyrics

at the ivy on the cold clinging wall Look at the ... flowers and the green grass so tall It's not a matter ... comes to shove It's just an hour on the wings of a dove

Passenger lyricsPassenger - House on a hill lyrics

an old house on a hillside Next to the sea Far from the madness, that folds ... around me Peaceful and gentle, like sails on the ... breeze In an old house on a hillside Next to the sea

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Cold chill lyrics

young and full of fun Hangin out with my crew Hot to ... trot and about to pop Tryin to find ... to get into There she was fine as can be Hair braided ... out But before sunrise she said I must leave It was a cold chill on a summer night

Michael Buble lyricsMichael Buble - Cold december night lyrics

are hung with care childrens sleep with one ... eye open now there´s more than toys at stake cause i´m ... older now but not done hoping The twinkling of

Jethro Tull - Cold wind to valhalla lyrics

ride with us young bonny lass --- with the angels of ... the night. Crack wind clatter --- flesh rein bite on an ... shod winging sky blue flight on a cold wind to Valhalla. And join with us please --- Valkyrie maidens cry above the

220 Volt - Night without end lyrics

icy landscape lay silent, and I'm all alone where did ... the system fail, nothing could go wrong ... There must be someone somewhere who's enjoying ... the show Laughing to what they've done, it's another

Dixie Chicks - Cold day in july lyrics

moon is full and my arms are empty All night long I've ... pleaded and cried You always said the day that you would ... leave me Would be a cold day in July Your bags are packed not a word is spoken I

Koke K - Cold roads lyrics

can you trust when it gets on top When you got no home no ... dough stuck out on these cold roads Not a damn soul cos ... nobody cares I look around and nobodies here Sometimes I

Die Verbannten Kinder Evas - On a faded violet lyrics

colour from the flower is gone, Which like thy sweet eyes ... smiled on me The odour from the flower ... is flown, Which breath of thee and only thee A ... withered, lifeless, vacant form, It lies abandoned on

Kendrick Lamar - Night of the living junkies lyrics

remember, uh All my uncles, Sir Smokers on ... the landra, in front of our building They was my ... shit is so dope you might wanna be my crackhead This shit is

Jason Michael Carroll - Happened on a saturday night lyrics

Carroll, Jason Michael; Davis, Brian; Mcgehee, Vicky ... Bobby's out with Suzie Q And Larry's here trying to down ... a few cold ones to get her off his mind He

Kilmara - Cold rain lyrics

can´t believe this has occurred she just came over ... for a talk layed with me magic from the start Only one ... glimpse of her black eyes made me surrender to her light

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Blood on stone lyrics

blood's on stone It's running down the ... frozen wall His hand's so cold He's trying not to fall ... Oh will he make it now One slip and he's lost It's

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Cold white christmas lyrics

and gown in purple and gold You're 22 years old ... And a woman now you're told Aunt Beth and Charlie cut a ... check For the graduating niece And you marked

Clan Of Xymox - Cold damp day lyrics

can’t escape this bitter taste And it’s all because of ... you When you’re gone I feel alone And my patience is wearing thin When I dream in my ... bed My pillow is wrapped around my head I need your warmth , taste your skin And all the noise is growing thin And there’s

Hacktivist - Cold shoulders lyrics

s a shining at the skyline and its twisting manifesting ... into something big you can try to hide but it won't do a thing next level more than anything seen we take over

Hammock - Shipwrecked (flat on your back) lyrics

a cold night We lay down Under starlight We ... breakdown Spend our whole life ... Seeking shelter Til the last time, Gone forever..

Magnum - On christmas day lyrics

a tree on the skyline Nor a bird in the wing Whispers ... frozen for all time No man's land will be king Left ... deserted a cold smile From the way they've

Ray Charles - Night time is the right time lyrics

know the night time, darling (night and day) Is the ... right time (night and day) To be (night and day) ... With the one you love, now (night and day) Say now oh baby

Lulu - Night time is the right time lyrics

know the night time, darling (night and day) Is ... the right time (night and day) To be (night and day) ... With the one you love, now (night and

Neil Diamond - Brooklyn on a saturday night lyrics

they come for the dance And some they come for the ... fight Either way take your chance In Brooklyn on a Saturday ... night Yeah, that's how they happened to meet

The Downtown Fiction - Hope i die on a saturday night lyrics

s a dirty bomb in my head And I've been swimming in this ... hotel bed for days I think it's time that I ... step outside Everything's gonna be alright Cuz David says

Greyson Chance - Hold on til the night lyrics

the minute hand Frozen solid not moving ... Still we believe we can But we're afraid of losing ... Watching from over here It's hardly worth competing I'm almost out of here While breaking a heart that's beating

Icon ( Usa ) - (rock on) through the night lyrics

Tonight's the night We come here to play Turn ... music I've got something to say I've been out on the ... streets I'm back on my feet Tear up this town And I'll be on my way Raise

Killing Joke - Night time lyrics

sun Countdown - pulsing like a machine Conflict - cars and ... people, steel on flesh Night time - desperations sweat on ... breath Bloodstains - night covering the crimes Daytime

Krokus - Night wolf lyrics

walk the city streets And I'm looking for some tushie ... I want to feel, I want to touch And not just some ... hoochie koochie 9 to 5, half alive Devil in a sheepskin

Mims - On & on lyrics

got one question is he still around Been a little while now ... in style Is he still rockin Canterbury apparel Is it all ... good when willy buried a smile Is he still waitin around for that applaud Is

David Hasselhoff - Crazy on a saturday night lyrics

! all right ! hum Wooo, don't the nighttime make it, man ... what a show Whoa, when I really right, yeah, don't the ... feelings show, baby Don't the feelings show 'cause

Willie Nelson - Texas on a saturday night lyrics

there's nothing quite like Texas on a Saturday night Nothin' ... can compare to it no matter how you try Nevada never ... it's nothing quite like Texas on a Saturday night Everybody's

Hasselhoff David - Crazy on a saturday night lyrics

! All right ! Hum Wooo, don't the nighttime make it, man ... what a show Whoa, when I really right, yeah, don't the ... feelings show, baby Don't the feelings show 'Cause I get crazy on a saturday night Just us baby refers at the

Copeland - On the safest ledge lyrics

t look ahead, just run to me Each step ... will find the next one recklessly We'll find ... ourselves on the safest ledge Well pardon me, I ... t help myself Girl, fall into your life here If only for a while, I'm here

Loreena Mckennitt - Night ride across the caucasus lyrics

on Through the night Ride on Ride on Through the night ... Ride on There are visions, there are memories There are echoes of thundering hooves ... There are fires, there is laughter There's the sound of a

Deaf Havana - Night drives lyrics

long weeks and I've thought myself into ... this hole, Just like I always do With your glass green ... eyes and your deep blue soul. In ... the morning you say, it won't mean anything And it doesn

Impellitteri - On and on lyrics

goes on and on all through the day On and on, ... my love will remain Don't you know it's never too late To turn the hand of fate ... were, burned by love Left a bitter taste, a heart of stone Now you're strong and you

Alabama - On this side of the moon lyrics

folks looks through a telescope And dream of ... flying high above the stars They say it won't be long ... 'Til we can haul on a ship to Mars I'm just a ... simple man There's a lot that I don't know But as long as

Baby Bash - On the cool lyrics

Chorus: DJ Kane] Let's keep it on the cool ... (keep it on the cool) It's between, me and you alright It's the freaky things we do Cause baby I ... it, I like it Let's keep it on the cool (keep it on the cool

Machine Gun Kelly - On everything (ft. tezo) lyrics

What's really good? Niggas tell me that I made it when ... I hit the hood Old girl gave it up like I knew she would ... When you saw me, you ain't swing like I knew you

Kaiser Chiefs - On the run lyrics

got hit and who hit first? Who was bad ... and who got worse? Who got caught up in the life? Who ... went down and who got higher? Who ran back into the fire? Who was really hypnotised? And if I

King Charles - Bam bam lyrics

said, she said, she said I will never be your ... queen, ah Oh God who is this But ... your beautiful daughter She may be the cure ... God who is this But your beautiful daughter She may be

Seventh Avenue - This night lyrics

s summer and I am on an avenue A street you can still ... walk at night It's summer and not cold at all, but strangely I still quiver Anonymous yet satisfied they walk

Borknagar - Cold runs the river lyrics

runs the river Warm runs my blood The old ... signs quiver And my mind mountain releases a ... flood A life nerve in a barren era Raised in the heat ... of the sun I drink its potion from well and caldera

Albert King - Cold women with warm hearts lyrics

women with warm hearts is my kind of woman Cold ... women with warm hearts is my kind of woman If ... you got a woman that's cold 9 times outta 10 she can't

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