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Rufio - Above me lyrics

I was to walk till time saw no end. If I was to ... climb till the air was too thin. I could not find a ... picture fit the frame. As perfect as you. As ... perfect as you. You showed me life and lived nothing less.

Goldfinger - You say you dont love me lyrics

say you don,t love me Well that,s alright with me ,cause I,m in love with you ... And I wouldn,t want you doing things you don,t want to do Oh you know I,ve always wanted you to be in love with me

Akon - Put it on me (feat. young swift) lyrics

yea Akon, Young Swift Girl, do your ... dance, let's play ring around the ... full of mo cheese Asses, asses, drop 'em to the floor ... please Pick it up, bring it back, put that p****

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Love 2 remember lyrics

it was better I don't want you to leave [Verse 1:] I'm ... my face So I close my eyes, but we both cry And you say ... She said she tired of my shit, she wanna quit The funny

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - You to be be happy lyrics

and night I pray Love will swing you back this way ... Life without you here with me Ain't the same without you G ... Baby hear me, I never meant to hurt you Baby come and

Hatebreed - Nothing scars me lyrics

becomes as red sight sees life Lies ... and the mouths that birth them, sworn to abide Cutting the ... lifeless pieces, rotted by time Strangled by shadows in the

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - To love somebody lyrics

s a light , a certain kind of light that ... never shone on me I want my life to lived with ... you, lived with you There's a way everybody say to do each and every little

Divinefire - To love and forgive lyrics

again Please father give me the truth To love and ... forgive When something goes wrong Tell me why ... see beyond The ego is strong, our pride is our jail Ah -

R5 - Love to love her lyrics

the record off Reminds me of the girl of my dreams She ... Sounds better with her next to me But she’s gone, gone ... Yeah she’s gone, gone And I’m alone, alone

Bleachers - Who i want you to love lyrics

twisting I always scream To follow down the strangest ... back seats indoors I will love what you want me to love I ... will bleed when you want me to bleed But I don't want to

Foghat - I want you to love me lyrics

you to love me baby, love your baby slow, I want you to love me baby, love your baby slow, ... I want you to love me baby 'til I drop dead in ... front of your door. I want you to love me baby, 'til my lips

The Left Rights - Force you to love me lyrics

is your bidding, my master? I want to shove ... my lightsaber up your Death Star trench Cover your body with my Sith lord ... stench Kiss you sweet, just like little Anakin And

Barlow Girl - I need you to love me lyrics

Why are You still here with me? Didn't You see what I've ... done? In my shame I want to run, And hide myself. Yeah, ... but it's here I see the truth, I don't deserve You. But

Darren Hayes - I just want you to love me lyrics

don't want someone telling me what to do I don't wanna ... temper grew wings And flew to you Don't want somebody ... telling me what's not right But I just

Manfred Mann - You gave me somebody to love lyrics

it's been hard for me since you've been gone But you left me ... with the strength to carry on Though it hurts so ... much, I've accepted the fact we're ... gift in life I got from you Baby, baby, you gave me somebody to love You gave me somebody to love Wo wo, oh oh oh,

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Gonna teach you to love me lyrics

re setting me up, you're turning me down You're ... turning me over and spinning me round You think you run the ... show and so you'd better get ready I'm gonna

Jamie Grace - To love you back lyrics

the first sunrise You knew my name, You knew I‘d ... fail You over and over, But still You loved me all ... the same, You still love me anyway, The way You don't

A Vain Attempt - Trust is a rarity lyrics

will not pretend, you'll make me descend, I will not feel ... prosperity Times like these will change, but ... it's not in range, cannot reach my ability, to ... say: That I'll soon be ready, just to standing steady, then

Sade - Nothing can come between us lyrics

always hope that you remember We'll never really learn ... the meaning of it all What we have ... of the madness When the time is running out and you're ... left alone All I want is you to know that It's strong still

Gene Clark - Made for love lyrics

well made plans And every time something didn't go right We ... just threw that in to fate's hands You come ... walking up to me Little talons on your feet

John Newman - Give you my love lyrics

keep, I keep Calling and calling ... it in the morning I see, I see The pressure gets ... on haunting I've changed, changed I won't put my trust ... in you to stay, stay Just keep on feeling me

Diana Krall - Love me like a man lyrics

got their soul up on a shelf You know they could never love me ... When they can't even love themselves And I want someone to love me Someone who ... really understands Who won't put himself above me Who just love me like a man I never seen

Dirty Pretty Things - You f***ing love it lyrics

ever ever ever ever get it into her thick head So when ... wake up dead There's no card above receivers Still its all so ... notes (she says) â??I used to have a future But now I don

Meek Mill lyricsMeek Mill - Believe me (ft. dave patten) lyrics

then But that won't let it stop me You know I'll be back ... that I live in It shaped me into the person you see standing ... here I wish you knew me Back when I was young You can

B. B. King - You put it on me lyrics

ain't no woman that a man can trust That they all use juju, and ... make no fuss 'Cause I'm glad, glad, glad, I'm so glad baby ... That you put it on me Oh, I had pretty women in every town And I played so hard when

Flame - Where god placed you lyrics

in St. Louis Dirty 314 It was nothing I was accustomed to see one ... floor With them broke elevators Man that thing ran slow Mom ... and Pops at the crib told me bless my plate That government cheese for dinner we on

Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - Put it on me (featuring dj quik & mimi) lyrics

Dr. Dre] Y'all ready to get dirty? Do y'all really ... wanna get X-rated? Heh, bottoms up [Mimi] Just hit me ... up when you need Sex, endo and Hennessey Won't you

Bonnie Raitt - Love me like a man lyrics

me like a man The men that I've been seeing, baby ... Got their soul up on a shelf you know they could never love me ... When they can't even love themselves But I need someone to love me Someone to

Alex Hepburn - Love to love you lyrics

it's hard to breathe When I look into your eyes I just can't believe ... That you're mine all mind and soul My ... home is where my heart is And ... Did I did I did I Ever tell you That I love to love you

Koffin Kats - Above me, beyond you lyrics

saw the place where I will meet the end The faces that ... will watch, but they won't understand You don't know me and you won't ... cry It's not how it needs to be, but then again that's

Trip Lee - Love on display lyrics

Jesus, I just want to praise you for your love And the way ... that you displayed your love And that you died for us ... yet sinners I'm amazed Lord, I'm so amazed at the way you

Emiliana Torrini - Nothing brings me down lyrics

alone and happy Nothing brings me down Full of wine, ... unsteady Nothing brings me down What's left of the rain ... runs down my roof Nothing brings me down The night is

Korsakoff - Nothing on me lyrics

On Me Nothing On Me Nothing On Me Nothing On Me Nothing ... On Me Nothing On Me Nothing On Me Nothing On Me Nothing ... On Me Nothing On Me Nothing On Me Nothing On Me Nothing

Nav - Wanted you lyrics

Lil Uzi Vert & Girl] Where you at? At my house Let me see ... that ass What you say? I said "let me see that ... ass" That ass Oh, you on some naked shit Hahaha I'm on my

Animosity - You can't win lyrics

never wanted to fall from the top of the world but here I am. ... it's all I can be. Locked up, F***ed up But I know I'm not ... one. I hear that life goes on, But I guess just not for

Ina - I wanted you lyrics

I can do I've been stressing to fall back in love with you I ... t go on this way. I've got to stop it babe You've been ... wonderful in all that you can be But it hurts when you

Mystery Jets - You had me at hello lyrics

went to the desert, because I wanted to find my ... pistol I wanted to see what it would feel like to be invisible But a man I met ... said, boy you ain't seen nothing yet Let me take you for a

Robin S - Love for love lyrics

need somebody, somebody yeah It's so hard to ... find someone special That someone you can love and trust ... It's so hard to put your love on the line You know love ??

Lady Antebellum - Wanted you more lyrics

And a call that never came No, I never saw it coming ... Something in you must have changed All the ... words unspoken, promises broken I cried for ... so long Wasted too much time, should've seen the signs Now

Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu - I wanted you lyrics

I can do I've been stressing to fall back in love with you I ... t go on this way. I've gotta stop it babe You've been ... wonderful in all that you can be But it hurts when you

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Put your hands up [if you feel love] lyrics

It takes a minute when I mean these different places Do ... realise? All we need is love in this life it's true All ... I need is the love I get from you And I want to scream it out

Black Flag - Nothing left inside lyrics

Nothing. Nothing left inside. Love. Love. ... Nothing left inside. Pain in my ... Pain hurts my heart. Nothing left inside. Lies, Your ... lies. Nothing left inside. I built it

Bound By Entrails - Above me, she bleeds lyrics

it ripping through Not ugly, just hungry. Slowly consumed ... of futility. So with pride, I wear this hat and embrace ... cold being that I will become Hand and foot, the shackles,

Alexandra Burke - You broke my heart lyrics

You know that I would follow you ... To the end of the Earth And ... maybe I was kinda bold You shouldn't know my words I ... was waiting for the time to remind you You were in love

Coco Jones - Me and you coco jones ft. tyler james william.. lyrics

Coco Jones] You’re spinning round and round ... round in my head head Did you really mean the words that you said said? This is it I ... I stay or should I go? Show me the truth Is it gonna be me

Faith Evans - You used to love me lyrics

remember the way, you used to love me I remember the days, you ... used to love me You don't appreciate the time I put into this love affair of ours ... baby I couldn't let you walk around Thinking it's

Gruntruck - Above me lyrics

aaw, oh, aaw, oh, aaw Oh, aaw, oh, aaw, oh Gonna sing ... Where all the leads are dying, yeah I'll be calling you ... or me I'll be you and you be me, yeah Cracking up and now

Pj Harvey - To bring you my love lyrics

I been down for years Jesus, come closer I think my time ... floods Hell and high water To bring you my love Climbed ... with the devil Cursed god above Forsaken heaven To bring you my love To bring you my love To bring you my love To

Abigail Breslin - You suck lyrics

hate your dumb tattoo I wish you'd fly to the moon Where ... there are no girls to use or screw over I'm ... laughing 'cause I lied, you know I said you sound like

Jules Larson - You know it's true lyrics

more they come, the more they go it's not a ... lie, I know you told me so but it all works out ... always seems so hard well, it all works out One day,

John Legend lyricsJohn Legend - Love me now lyrics

than I've been before Making me stronger Shaking me right to ... the core, oh I don't know what's in ... stars Never heard it from above, the world isn't ours But I

N-sync - You got it lyrics

oh, oh..right now baby Soon as ... stars shine I'm gonna make you mine Oh baby... You got ... I'll do whatever it takes You got it I need it Your love

Cher Lloyd - Love me for me lyrics

I'm so scared I'm gonna say too much I tip toe around your ... questions Why you gotta dig so deep? Tears ... outside it's alright Long as you looking from fifty feet I

Ben Cristovao - Put it on me lyrics

its been a long road but i love u for ur patience that why ... u want cuz u were with me from the start I put u in a ... Vicky braws we can go to France you and me the

Ben Harper - Put it on me lyrics

cherry pie while she looks you in the eye so easy The ... politics of generosity make me weak You put it on me then ... left me lonely You put it on me, you put it on me There's

Lea Michele - You're mine lyrics

but I was so sure But I wanted you Yes I’m powerful, ... and a little girl But I wanted you And I told you so, wanted you to know We've just one

Jin - Love story lyrics

here Yeah everybody has a story to tell Check this out ... his sneakers What can I say you can tell If he's cool if you ... fire drills girls would want to walk with him He could

Journey - Where were you lyrics

were you When I wanted you to love me through the night? ... Where were you When I wanted you to love and hold me tight ... Where were you, little darlin' When you said

Toby Keith - You shouldn't kiss me like this lyrics

ve got a funny feeling The moment that your lips touched mine ... Something shot right through me My heart skipped a beat in ... time There's a different feel

All That Remains - Let nothing bind me (bonus track) lyrics

nothing bind me Nor stand in my way ... Struggle defines me Adversity, my friend I will ... master I own my sovereignty Your failure is no disaster And ... I'm growing stronger with time Dedication, resolution

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