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Wandering Alternative Mix lyrics

Browse for Wandering Alternative Mix song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Wandering Alternative Mix lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Wandering Alternative Mix.

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Radical Face - Wandering - alternative mix lyrics

fall asleep in a comforting mess The room is yellow and the windows the deadest white I smell the ghost of your dinner And the space heater is glowing like a miniature gate to hell I hear the dogs as I dress myself I pin the letter on the back of a paper plate It

Bangtan Boys - Butterfly alternative mix lyrics

saenggakhaji ma Neon amu maldo kkeonaejido ma Geunyang naege useojwo Nan ajikdo mitgijiga anha I modeun ge da kkumin geot gata Sarajiryeo hajima Is it true? Is it true? You You Neomu areumdawo duryeowo Untrue Untrue You You You Gyeote meomulleojullae Naege yaksokhaej

Bangtan Boys - Run alternative mix lyrics

nae hanappunin taeyang sesange ttak hana neol hyanghae pieossjiman nan jakku mokmalla neomu neujeosseo neujeosseo neo eopsi sal sun eopseo gajiga mallado deo himkkeot soneul ppeodeo son ppeodeobwassja geumse kkaebeoril kkum kkum kkum michil deut dallyeodo tto jejariil pp

Him - Pretending (alternative mix) lyrics

is a flame that can't be tamed And though we are its willing prey, my darling We are not the ones to blame Trust is a word all lovers know The glorious art of staining souls, my darling We are not the ones to blame The more we have the more we want

Pulp - Blue girls (alternative mix) lyrics

blue girls that bake in the sun Skin falls in flakes from each one Like leaves from autumn trees They float upon the breeze These girls you have loved Are slowly decaying Ah Drying out in the sun Before your eyes Wild stares in your face They

Bts lyricsBts - Run alternative mix lyrics

nae hanappunin taeyang sesange ttak hana neol hyanghae pieossjiman nan jakku mokmalla neomu neujeosseo neujeosseo neo eopsi sal sun eopseo gajiga mallado deo himkkeot soneul ppeodeo son ppeodeobwassja geumse kkaebeoril kkum kkum kkum michil deut dallyeodo tt

Bts lyricsBts - Butterfly alternative mix lyrics

saenggakhaji ma Neon amu maldo kkeonaejido ma Geunyang naege useojwo Nan ajikdo mitgijiga anha I modeun ge da kkumin geot gata Sarajiryeo hajima Is it true? Is it true? You You Neomu areumdawo duryeowo Untrue Untrue You You You Gyeot

The Exploited lyricsThe Exploited - Alternative lyrics

Something Happened Whatˇs Gone Wrong Going Down The Dole Got To Sign On Millions Of Kids With Nowt To Do You Better Watch Out TheyˇRe After You Chorus : Alternative Alternative /I donˇt Want To Join The Army / Alternative Alternative / I Know Itˇs A Was

The Exploited lyricsThe Exploited - Alternative (remix) lyrics

Something's happened what's gone wrong Going down the dole got to sign on Millions of kids with nowt to do You better watch out they're after you Alternative I don'...

Agathocles - Alternative - another trend lyrics

things You don't even understand Being alternative Just another trend Acting depressed To trick all the rest You say you are you But I can see through you People believe Your lie-based truth Even I must admit Your talks are really smooth Altern

Mercenary - Alternative ways lyrics


Astrovamps - Alternative answer lyrics

my god when will it end I see the world on a killing trend America don't you have a clue All the victims are me and you Alternative answer x4 Nazi black and nazi white Gonna get ready for the ultimate fight I can hear them singing the blues And then they blame it on the Jews Alter

Reel Big Fish - Alternative baby lyrics

i see you up on stage and i don't know just what you're sayin', but you're my hero... and a guy just kicked me in the head, a little girl just passed out dead, i'm in between a big jock and a sweaty skinhead but i love you whatever that means...but

Mick Jagger lyricsMick Jagger - Wandering spirit lyrics

all the twelve Apostles try to ring me on the phone Take a message but I won't return their call For I have no eyes to see him and I thought I lost my way And I know I've lost the keys to your door And I climbed the highest mountain and I looked down on the sea And I saw

Anathema - Alternative 4 lyrics

s killing you, you're killing me, I'm clinging on to my sanity, All I need is a short term remedy Come and hide me from this terrible reality... Dreaded memories flood back to me But there's still a wilful mind behind these cold, psychotic eyes, Now I tre

Barenaked Ladies - Alternative girlfriend lyrics

in an all-girl band Your futons second hand Your parents understand but you dont care I have a job in a shop Im an undercover cop I make sure the customers arent thieves Old at being young Young at being old Everythings on hold within our evolution Chorus: Youre my a

Coconut Records - Wandering around lyrics

of my days are blending into one lonely night I keep hoping that you're on your way over but I'm probably losing sight Just when I started to feel good You called me up on the phone Askin' how I've been and what am I doin' and I say, "Nothing much at all. In fact, I

Dub Fx - Wandering love lyrics

dickory dock the mouse ran up the clock all the clock struck one, the mouse ran down hickory dickory dock (2x) Well I know it's late and it's probaly fate that I can't get trough to you, but I needed to hear your voice in my ear to start my day anew, but your phone was off

Alex Parks - Wandering soul lyrics

m wanting your body Your mind and soul for a moral-less state Of that which I can't get out of my Endless thoughts of The sharp edge of you Cuts my voice When I say your name I'm thinkin' that I'm just a wandering soul Waitin' for someone to take hold And I'd choo

Great Big Sea - Wandering ways lyrics

to the whiskey, tobacco and smoke! Farewell to the rum and occasional coke! Farewell to the girls who came ready to play! For this is the end of my wandering ways. Woke up one morning to the slam of a door. My lady had left me, she could take it no more

Dan Fogelberg - Wandering shepherd lyrics

shepherd, wander no more Wandering shepherd, wander no more Wandering shepherd, wander no more Lay down your troubles, your worries and woes Traveling pilgrim, rest for the night Traveling pilgrim, rest for the night Traveling pilgrim, rest for the nig

Kate Rusby - Wandering soul lyrics

comes around, And he knows he is homeward bound, His heartbeat is the only sound he's known, He once lost his way, He knows now that was yesterday, He fell down on his knees to pray for home. We'll sing to the morning, We'll sing till the bells they

Portishead - Wandering star lyrics

could you stay awhile to share my grief For its such a lovely day To have to always feel this way And the time that I will suffer less Is when I never have to wake Wandering stars, for whom it is reserved The blackness of darkness forever Wandering stars, for

Ben Folds - Wandering lyrics

s a million miles away from me seperated by a hollow wooden door some time we can't erase serves me right to let her in the first time that she knocked and all this wandering got you nothing you were ready to but never could things you never saw in me she'll

Celtic Legacy - Wandering free lyrics

down the tracks of life I never wanna settle down I never need a woman to bring me down As I move from town to town Living down south In blues reel, mojo country There I began to understand There's nobody else, nobody else but me 'Cos I'm a wander

Kina Grannis - Wandering and wondering lyrics

have been wandering and wondering Oh and I could not remember a time when you sounded so sad, sad And I can't become the one who'll make you happy again. I have been talking with people at night, At night people have told me that you've been looking my way W

Devin Townsend - Wandering eye lyrics

the seeds that come for me are protecting your lie Why fight? Just come towards with forces, do it now! I crawl around ivory thrones and your wandering eye, your wandering eye, your wandering eye, your... Oh, sing it loud! Those wandering eyes are so w

Bob Marley - Mix up, mix up lyrics

Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord, yeah Well its not easy (easy) Its not easy (easy) Speak the truth, come on, speak it ever ...Judge it wisely He who he who had a wrong idea Surely did the wrong thing still (Ooohhh) Get in the studio of.. studio of time and experience (Aaahhh) Here w

The Dandy Warhols - Alternative power to the people lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental...

Polica - Wandering star lyrics

ooh When the day is done And I lay me down I sit alone in my lonely bed And I think about The day we had And it makes me sad 'cause you're gone When the day is done And I lay me down This sheet's so cold And your space is dark And I hear you whispering something swe

Emergency Gate - Alternative dead end lyrics

am the one who’ll never see the fire I am your pain and your last sin How can I live with all my fatal failures? In this broken world covered in shards This is the end of all my dreams I can’t reject them! This is the end of all my hopes I have no regrets

Empire Of The Sun - Wandering star lyrics

me and you, What I see in you I remember too Never stopped Looking now at you What I really do Just one look on you Don't leave me now Don't you know when you crossed my path Felt like fate Don't you give all to who we are Fate don't fade We'r

Brian Eno - Alternative 3 lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

4everfreebrony - Wandering eyes lyrics

knew it'd never last 'Cause too much time has passed Don't know how long we'll have She's growing up too fast These pictures on the wall From back when she was small She's had her bumps and falls She's gonna be so tall She rides the winds of curiosity A

Ed Harcourt - Wandering eye lyrics

say I got a wandering eye It strays too far from the flock Always going where the grass is greener A skeleton key for each lock You can be my judge and my jury Condemn me to the soil and the Earth Tied me to the end of four horses Place a bet on which

Kimbra - Wandering limbs (feat. sam lawrence) lyrics

m gonna dangle my feet over the wire Despite your despair, I'm going over to the other side There's a break in the clouds where the crimson connects Anticipate my demise, the world's different from up here Am I caught in the background, a part of the scene?

Archons - Wandering the burning land lyrics

we are witnessing today is a struggle between the end of an old era And the beginning of a new one We are walking the path of extinction This pain and fear can seem unfair, it's beyond our limitations The earth will put an end to us, and this is reality What's happening to

Cirith Gorgor - Wandering cirith gorgor lyrics

roses of damnation thorns of oblivion, dreams unfold. Stars enlighten a darkened sky like reminders of ancient stories, still untold. As shadows dance through the landscape the dreamy spires now grow bold. Like statues of gods once fighting autumn wars, the r

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - Wandering musician lyrics

don't tell me what to do 'cause even if I wanted to I couldn't throw my life away by listening to what you say I'm a-tellin' you Ain't nothin' you can do to change my ways Hey, hey, hey Ain't no way you gonna make me think like you do No matter if the su

George Jones - Wandering soul lyrics

lend me a hand please Lord and guide me And help lead me down the road that is right Oh, carry me through these hours of darkness And show me the path the shining light. I'm a wandering soul, I'm lost from my Saviour A sheep that has strayed so far from the fold Just tarrying alo

100 Monkeys - Wandering mind lyrics

were always in control You were never out of hand You were so damn perfect It was hard to understand Oh why? Well you always had a goal And you always had a plan And if you had the control Then I'll never understand Now you're talking like a man Who's been wal

Lionel Richie - Wandering stranger lyrics

am a wandering stranger Lost all alone I am a million miles away I know you're waiting for me To come home again But I am searching for an answer Please try to understand And I love you And you love me Someday we can make it together Just you and me, oh just you and me

Belle & Sebastian - Wandering alone lyrics

alone on the ridge of a coast Lost to the world he had known as a boy He knows his lover lies south in the city Passing along and sleepy as night Warm in the woods that conceal him from the light He is accustomed to hiding from people Taking his t

Dark Quarterer - Wandering in the dark lyrics

few breaths, so few moons Too many regrets in my life Venerated as Amon Ra, hated as Anubi I lived my days Surrounded by honour and riches Without suspicion that someone was trying to kill me I tried to be a just king for my loyal subjects Perhaps my descent was unpu

Joe Bonamassa - Wandering earth lyrics

s left to love me So I wander this earth alone Nobody's left to love me So I wander this earth alone Ain't got no money babe No place to call my own I'm going to leave you here now Sure its on the beach of something I'm off to find fortune and fame I'm as serious as a loaded gun

Lethian Dreams - Wandering lyrics

long September evening dies In mist along the fields and lanes; Only a few faint stars surprise The lingering twilight as it wanes. Night creeps across the darkening vale; On the horizon tree by tree Fades into shadowy skies as pale As moonlight on a shadowy sea. And, down

Richie Havens - Wandering aengus lyrics

WENT out to the hazel wood, Because a fire was in my head, I cut and peeled a hazel wand, And I hooked a berry to a thread; When white moths were on the wing, And moth-like stars were flickering out, I dropped the berry in a stre

Lil' Keke - Mix it up lyrics

Talking:] Uh that's right, we back in the building nigga Young Fever Presidential, 1-8-7 Presidential H-A-Dub, courtesy of Ghetto Dreams nigga uh We got diamonds, the size of you niggaz eyes this time It's VS2 Clarion on this one, we bout to f*** the club up [Hook: x2]

Misty Ways - Wandering spirit lyrics

the snow falls in the streets and when the sun goes down to west when the distant pipers play and the city breath will rest So high I see, so deep I fall The chill in the air and the smell My life is slowly fading and the lovers turn to dust But the light up in the

Agressor - Wandering soul lyrics

heart bleeds Pain engulf my soul I feel despair Loneliness tear me I'm a damned soul Condemned to suffer So dark so sweet Are my thoughts Would you embrace death and follow me till the end With this thorn in my cold stoned heart and my shat

Alchemist - Wandering and wondering lyrics

feel and I smell and I taste and I see experiences they dub reality I'm living life's journey the best that I can but sometimes I find I don't know where I am I often perceive the world out of context The more that I wonder the more I'm perplexed So I look to

Foreground Eclipse - Wandering, never wondering lyrics

keshita akari wa tenohira de kakusu youni tojite yuku ano hi no ano atatakasa ga iro wo tsuyomeru tsumetai mono ga anata wo wasureru hodo ni kono mi wa omomi wo masu ochite yuku hito toki no nemuri mo sugu ni yasurageru hi wo kureru no deshou keshite onaji de wa na

Gothmog - Wandering viking lyrics

stride everyday crushing the ice upon the snow Stepping over the dead I walk to the north and search for a land To sack and to sate my thirst for blood I take their lives, slay their bodies See death in their eyes, death in their eyes I see extinguishing

John Lee Hooker - Wandering blues lyrics

night I wander all by myself Every night I wander all by myself Thinkin' about the woman I love, lovin' someone else Boo-hoo, I just can't keep from cryin' Boo-hoo, I just can't keep from cryin' I'm worried about my baby, she's on my mind Sometimes I wonder, do she

Carlsson Magnus - Mix lyrics

One way ticket Choo choo train tuckin' down the track gotta travel on it never comin' back Ooh ooh Got a one way ticket to the blues. Bye bye love my babe is leavin' me Now lonely tear drops are all that I can see. Ooh, ooh Got a o

Epic Music - Mix 20 best lyrics

22 - SkyWorld - Two Steps From Hell 3:19 - Kara Kul - Mark Petrie 4:15 - For The Win - Two Steps From Hell 5:46 - Tree of Life - Audiomachine 7:41 - Becoming A Legend - John Dreamer 11:11 - Destiny of the Chosen - Immediate 13:16 - World Without End - Brand X Music 16:21 - Garador

Brand New - Mix tape lyrics

got a twenty-dollar bill that says no one's ever seen you without makeup. You're always made up. And I'm sick of your tattoos, and the way you always criticize the Smiths... and Morrissey. And I know that you're a sucker for anything acoustic. But when I say let's keep in touc

Dan Balan - Johanna (radio alternative) lyrics

Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Feel me Touch me Gimme some more Please me, please me stop at the store And make me nicer, brighter, wiser Buy me some more, more, more Feel me, touch me, gimme some more Call me, text me, answer the phone And make it faster,

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