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Human Nature - Walk the tightrope lyrics

the music come alive Let the rhythm get you high If you ... wanna live then you gotta give The best of ... got Foolish people better walk Don't say nothin' when they

Old Man Canyon - The road lyrics

my eye's don't blind me like the lies do cause I'm through ... Blow away the smoke that has been trapped ... around the truth So we all can start ... too See the ones we're passing by as brothers sisters we lost long ago

The Kelly Family - Take my hand lyrics

take my hand, you are my brother so take my hand, you are my ... sister so take my hand, we need each other ... don´t try to walk the road alone Through the dark

Paula Cole - Road to dead lyrics

dead dead dead walking down to the road to dead ... (9 times) Welcome to the church of me Where they ... through me and Four through the heart CHORUS: You walk the road to resurrection And I walk the road to dead And I'm

Editors - Walk the fleet road lyrics

winter wind blows, in from the north, Scratches your spine, ... cold like the forth But you're a long way ... from home, Through the dark we tiptoe, The hospital

Se7en (Čb) - The road lyrics

can see the road In the fading light cross the old ... it all just right So in the setting sun In the rising ... moon The story has begun Road-god's granted boon [Ref.:]

Lyle Lovett - The road to ensenada lyrics

a dream of home Where there's coffee on the table And ... both your feet And as you walk and as you breathe You ain't ... You ain't no friend to me The road to Ensenada Is plenty

Darin - Walk the distance lyrics

still can't explain You were there so suddenly And as you walked away from me I knew that ... to know Will you do what it takes From the mountains to the

Flickerstick - The ones lyrics

feel the pain You've got the ghost Another day What ... most You gotta love Another note When you get high ... you get high Do you feel the pain (I feel the pain when

Eric Burdon - The road lyrics

road, the road is a killer Backed up by ... devious men The road, the road is a killer But you'll ... this rock'n'roll Out on the road, on the road Twisted,

Chemical Vocation - The road lyrics

than I will. Let me be the road tonight. Whose gonna lead ... you trough safely. Let me be the road to home. You're headed walking down towards misery. As

Chris Webby - Take me home (feat. slaine) lyrics

Verse 1: Chris Webby] I'm a walking bad habit, E tabs up in the cabinet Savage rap status: ... beats, I'm Jonah Hex on the microphone Fiends saying I'm ... Jones Scored a hand, I'm the winner playing the Game of

Gwar - The road behind lyrics

I'm traveling down the road And I'm carrying that heavy ... load I walk around in a stupor Sleazy, ... I cant do the show Hanging out backstage ... every page Slaughtered half the crew Caused they ate the

Covenant - The road lyrics

is the road that never ends It doesn’t ... bends From where we came there is no return Nothing left ... but ashes in the wind Nothing left but ashes ... in the wind We walk the line that divides the land

Mike + The Mechanics - The road lyrics

the road gets brighter And the load gets lighter And it's ... better Better every step we take together Ooh look where we ... we'll fall, but We got each other to hold And the road gets

Bloden-wedd - Down the road lyrics

for my dreams against the world I look into the mirror ... to show you that I can Find the answers... Yeah Steo by step ... I've travelled searching for the golden dawn Now you left me

John Schlitt - The road to calvary lyrics

heavy load And you can't take one more step On that rough ... and rocky road When your burdens bring you ... knees Think on Him on that road to Calvary When your

Mike Schmid - The road lyrics

knew just what you had to do The road laid out in front of you ... And following the sun You lined up all your ... to be You traveled down the road Till it started

John Fogerty - The old man down the road lyrics

take a thunder from the mountain He take a lightning ... from the sky He bring a strong man to ... You got to hidey-hidey-hide The old man is down the road

Texas lyricsTexas - Walk the dust lyrics

me But I guess you've lost the way And I see your confusion ... want you to find a reason To walk the dust I want you to find ... a reason To walk the dust Nothing has changed

Smokie - The other side of the road lyrics

really head me running babe There was a time you'd looked at ... trough it And you only do the things you do To prove that ... set me free, I got to see The other side of the road Oh,

Poe - Walk the walk lyrics

dreams silently screamed They drowned like little dolphins ... Hey everybody when you walk the walk You gotta back it ... all up can you talk the talk? Hey everybody when I

Chris Rea - The road to hell full version lyrics

a highway I saw a woman By the side of the road With a face ... in my window Well she walked up to my quarterlight And ... I said 'mama I come to the valley of the rich Myself to

Bruce Hornsby - The road not taken lyrics

in the southwest Virginia town of ... line of little row houses On the side of an old strip mining ... hill She walked along on the jagged ridge And looked as

Lisa Marie Presley - The road between lyrics

on the road between nowhere and hell I ... of my reflection in you But they can't believe I still want ... you around Hung on the line between addiction and

Alestorm - Walk the plank lyrics

display For treachery upon the seas has taken place this day ... your end has come We‘ll take your sword, we‘ll take your ... sharp and pointy teeth Walk the Plank! With your life,

Deuce - Walk the walk lyrics

stop, Reloadin' while we hit the top, I get down cause thats ... job, Y'all better learn to Walk the Walk! You know we don't ... stop, Reloadin' while we hit the top, I get down cause thats

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - The road lyrics

as a fake Handshakes and mistakes Turned into heartaches ... When losers have lost All their give and their take and ... check a mistake turn to heartache [Chorus:

Dark Moor - The road again lyrics

gray mirage flees when the sun light glows I have to ... Now I realize which is the way to go It is time to ... follow the route The road again like a revelation the

Event Horizon - The road to myself lyrics

paper My enemy's always there Looking at me Trying to ... My mind To seek I will take a trip to the scars within ... crumbling fear of dreaming Then I'll reach the sea of

Koffin Kats - The way of the road lyrics

for my soul. Too bad for him there ain't nobody home. I'm ... somewhere out there. Burning the candle at both ends. It's the way of the road. Do what ya

George Strait - The road less traveled lyrics

s a road a winding road that never ends Full of ... bend Goin's rough unlike the straight and narrow It's ... for those who go against the grain Have no fear dare to

Iggy Azalea lyricsIggy Azalea - Walk the line lyrics

off that lier, my life on another tier Lifting glasses for ... would drive you crazy Check the rate that they pay me, a ... forgot my roots I heard that the top is lonely, I wonder if it

June Carter Cash - The road to kaintuck lyrics

goin' west to Kaintuck down the road to Moccasin Gap Down the wilderness road The Dug Road the old Reedy Creek Road The Road down Troublesome Road

Heather Dale - The road to santiago lyrics

townsman's life is even, like the dust upon the road; Not ... changing with the seasons- just fortune's ... and thread to task, I saw the first man walking, I saw the

Lloyd - The road to gundagai lyrics

started out from Roto, when the sheds had all cut out We'd ... we camped at Lazy Harry's on the road to Gundagai, The road to Gundagai, five miles from

Manfred Mann - The road to babylon lyrics

down and wept and wept for these I am We remember, we ... remember, we remember these I am A golden helmet ... ten thousand swords along the road to Babylon A golden thunder

Canned Heat - The road song lyrics

t going down, dark road all by myself Oh don't you ... oooh Flag that train, that's the train my baby's on Well don ... Ain't going down, that dark road all by myself Well don't you

Golden Earring - The road swallowed her name lyrics

and fun and joy But all there's left is sorrow and pain ... gone I'm going insane And the road swallows her name And the memory still remains Saying

Grave Forsaken - The road to damascus lyrics

murder And violence upon the early disciples He journeyed ... to arrest and persecute them Along the way a flash of ... light blinded him, He heard the voice of Jesus He couldn’t

Kataklysm - The road to devastation lyrics

I had a chance in life The demons called my name, They ... dragged me inside the chambers of hell No one ... pain Son, confront me... The Road to Devastation Kneel

Amy Macdonald - The road to home lyrics

the leaves are falling from the trees And the snow is coming ... which way to go I’m on the road, the road to home Oh the ... can’t believe I’ve lasted all these years But I’ll still

Sarah Jezebel Deva - The road to nowhere lyrics

will surely die... give up the ghost Now you turn your ... on me... where now... I'm on the road to nowhere It's a ... . how so ? I ended up on this road to nowhere Empty is the

3 Doors Down - The road i´m on lyrics

When you're living in between the lines And all the stars they ... When it feels like I'm towin' the line And no one even cares ... I know you feel alone That's the same road, the same road that

Highwaymen, The (country Supergroup) - The road goes on forever lyrics

was a waitress At the only joint in town She had a ... her legs She'd ride down to the river And meet with all her ... friends The road goes on forever And the

Aaron Lewis - The road lyrics

down southbound 35. I got the hammer down, Detroit made ... tells me that I'm back out on the road. I got a full grown ... No, not 'round here. I got the bird dog on, radio cranked,

Endless Heights - The underestimate lyrics

more than one home. Seize the day, taste winds of change. ... sleeps, but tonight we’re the only ones who’ll have a dream ... sing. Push comes to shove, walk the road in front. As the

Factory Of Dreams - The road around saturn lyrics

head Widely spread Across the Saturn's rings The infinite road taking me Into the horizon ... of long fought wars The scars seen down the road The road around Saturn The

Fates Warning - The road goes on forever lyrics

so cold in the shadow of distant lights and ... it will be over soon and there we find the courage to ... climb the hill sometimes I lose ... lights still burn bright and the road goes on forever year

Mirel Wagner - The road lyrics

hay hung low where the road leads I will go and it’s a ... a dead man’s unwedded bride the hay moves slow where the road leads no one knows and it’s

Rocka Rollas - The road to destruction lyrics

of the vile and foul, tells her ... of sadness Sightings of the demons flame, everywhere ... around us Druids from around the land, gather in the forest ... Sacred ritual of the gods, lightens up the

Rocka Rollas - The road warrior lyrics

around in the hot desert plains For the ... warrior of the road it's just a game He never ... tries to pick a fight For the warrior of the road it's just ... a play in the niiight Road warrior, road warrior He's

Asking Alexandria - The road lyrics

tomorrow I won't recognize the world Home bound, but I want ... of empty faces standing there screaming up at me And I ... a normal life again Is this the end? Is this the end? No

The Pant - The road to ethernity lyrics

driving far and around to the ethernal hell in underground ... driving and driving there is ni way you are calling ... ? driving and driving there´s no way back i am fading

Toto lyricsToto - The road goes on lyrics

by way of an apology For the things that I have done Do I ... set my boat upon the sea So like thunder I am ... breaking free In the landscape of the heart It's

Carcer City - The road journals lyrics

searching all my life For the right time, for a reason to ... searching my life. I am the wanderer, the lost boy And I ... talk to me, tell me I'm on the right path. Show me the way.

Donovan - The road lyrics

little garden gate Far over the hill and down The bright road, The long white road goes ... winding Through the town. I often peep between the bars When I am tired of play

B. B. King - The road i travel (hard luck blues) lyrics

the rocks is my pillow The cold ground is my bed The ... might as well be dead I'm walkin' and walkin', seems I have ... t even have a change of clothes And this road I've got to

Dominion ( Uk ) - The voyage lyrics

spirit from within, leaving the body behind Gazing down at ... pale and as still as death The flowers withered and life ... my body remained sleepless The blinding light reveals your

Everything But The Girl - The road lyrics

last night, you break with the past tonight. I hope you ... find some beach house on the coast out there with plenty ... of light. Cause I know the road is very long But in my head

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