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Axehammer - Walk into the fire lyrics

you think you know the truth its destiny That you ... fall into a deadly game the mighty oak Grows from the ... born in fire will you burn The same, fire A coward dies a

Low - Walk into the sea lyrics

could walk into the sea And choke away the memory Do I have to stay alive ... our dresses white? You come to me in dreams With all the ... other pretty things You tell me about a Savior And how the

Blackchords - Into the unknown lyrics

see this life through the eyes of others and on, on ... burn my town Move with these eyes every life touched by ... time I'll be waiting in the winds I'll be here when you

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - The right girl for me lyrics

I'll hear bells start to chime, I'll hear thunder, and I ... ll be struck with wonder But I won't have to look ... a second time. If her voice is a song, and

Roxette lyricsRoxette - The first girl on the moon lyrics

was the first girl on the moon She didn't compromise When ... she took off that cold afternoon Heading for the northern ... I told her I could come That I could come along.

Ronnie Drew - The humour is on me now lyrics

I went out one morning it being the month ... of May A farmer and his daughter I spied upon me way The girl sat down ... quite calmly to the milking of her cow Saying I

Willie Nelson - The part where i cry lyrics

is a picture and I play the lead but my biggest line was ... Now my leading lady has walked out on me and this is the part where I cried I was great in the scene where she found someone

Missy Higgins - The wrong girl lyrics

floodgates open but nothing comes out I'm feeling no relief ... But my heart keeps telling me 'hold your ground You'll ... bail out now' And I'm lonely again tonight I can feel

Battle Beast - Into the heart of danger lyrics

into the heart of danger Into the heart of danger Tear ... down the walls and crash the gates Don't run away from ... yourself You're on a brave new journey now

Battle Beast - Into the heart of danger (single) lyrics

heart of danger Tear down the walls and crash the gates Don't run away from yourself You ... re on a brave new journey now ... your fist and put a grin on your face Just let go and

Plumb - When you walk into the room lyrics

You walk into the room Everything changes ... starts to tremble At the light that you bring And ... when You walk into the room Every heart starts ... You, Jesus Jesus When You walk into the room Sickness

Dream Evil - Into the unknown (bonus) lyrics

talk to strangers, never meet their eyes Stay away from danger ... never leave the light Don't heed into darkness, it ... evil calls So where's the road where you can go In the

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - Into the dark lyrics

view into the dark Moving your finger You ... gonna make it for sure into the dark Master of duel, ... rendezvoyeur This is a walk into the dark Playing the ball

The Gossip - Into the wild lyrics

want me to be honest Tell you all the words ... a promise And I quickly became your worst fear out here ... [Chorus:] In the wild to the wild We'll self-destruct

Sons Of The East lyricsSons Of The East - Into the sun lyrics

Glances at the pavement The weight it comes too soon ... Supposed to keep on rolling But the race is ... nothing new As the train, it starts to go, And ... I know you wanted to for some time now All this time you

Sarah Mclachlan - Into the fire lyrics

teach me to walk again Milk and honey so intoxicating And into the fire ... I'm reunited Into the fire I am the spark Into the fire I yearn for comfort

Sarah Mclachlan - Into the fire extended remix lyrics

teach me to walk again Milk and honey so intoxicating CHORUS And into ... the fire I'm reunited Into the fire I am the spark Into the fire I yearn for comfort

Butch Walker - Into the black lyrics

vertigo, As I go insane. The sun shines all around me, on the world, and everybody with somebody, while I'm in the rain. ... Cause it's you that can break me and keep me on my back.

Satan's Host - Into the veil lyrics

1st verse) With the lights of the full moon we ... move in the night and the gods of the underworld by ... our side Secrets of dark visions flashing through our minds

Gerry & The Pacemakers - She's the only girl for me lyrics

you left me I felt sad and blue, Cause I ... nobody else but you, Each time I pass you by, I feel as ... though I'm gonna die You're still the only girl for me If you would only

Sathanas - Into the massacre lyrics

storm upon the land The kingdom now flows with Blood ... Warrior's fight until their end Engage into the onslaught Mercenary's ride upon A crusade of blood and hate

The Jam - Girl on the phone lyrics

on the phone keeps a-ringing back Her ... voice is smooth but the tone is bland She’s telling me ... this and she’s telling me that She talks about me and

Embalmer - Into the oven lyrics

on the table, prepared for gore ... my ghoulish chore Below the crypt, beneath the tomb ... Cremation stench fills the room Skin is seared, ... brains pulsate Parts melt off, on the tray Flesh

Emperor - Into the infinity of thoughts lyrics

the Darkness creeps over the Northern mountains of Norway ... and the silence reach the woods, I awake and rise... Into the night I wander, like many ... but centuries ago. Under the moon, under the trees. Into the Infinity of Darkness, beyond the light of a new day, into the

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - Into the light lyrics

of lies Got a mind in the gutter I feel like I want to ... die I’m the king of nothing with a broken ... been taking a beatin’ but I wont back down Free me from

Artension - Into the blue lyrics

on the wings of a dream into the morning they fly there's no ... place that they'd rather be above the clouds so high ... Light years are days the bravest of hearts lead the

Burning Point - Into the fire lyrics

t ask me no questions, and I tell you no lies ... of my life could light up the sky And bring pain like a ... Pre-Chorus ---------- You don't have to know me My actions

In This Moment - Into the darkness lyrics

You repulse me) I am beautiful (I hate you ... ) I am worthy (You disgust me) I am pure (I'm letting you ... go now) Please don't go (You'll burn in hell)

Iron Fire - Into the abyss lyrics

on the edge, and I'm looking down Into the darkness, everywhere and ... I see people fall and lose their grounds Another war and ... another thousand deaths Everyday the streets are painted red So

Breaking Benjamin - Into the nothing lyrics

on the inside I am frail and withered Cover up the wounds ... Walls that lie between us The saint within the sinner I ... have lost the nerve But it's all right

Bullet - Into the night lyrics

haunts me when the darkness arrives It compels ... me when the night comes crashing down I race the ... city streets through the neon lights Out on the highway, I

Cut Copy - Into the desert lyrics

s happening? Who's there? Just the leader of the ... tribe He's the one that gave me the horse So I can ride into ... the desert On the horizon I see the

Tony Bennett - This time the dream's on me lyrics

my hand And you'll look at me adoringly But as things ... stand This time the dream's on me It would be fun To be ... certain that I'm the one To know that I, at last

Harry Connick Jr. - This time the dream's on me lyrics

someday We’ll be close together, wait and see Oh, by the ... way, this time the dream’s on me You’ll take my hand And ... you’ll look at me adoringly But as things

Reel Big Fish - The jokes on me lyrics

no fun Im not sorry that they're gone I don't miss them ... and I won't miss them and it was always wrong ... Everything I've ever done From the beginning and to the ending and things never got

Emma Bunton - Girl like me lyrics

you get is what you see Let me tell you basically This is ... it's gotta be Can't - with a girl like me Can't change my ... So if you wanna get next to me Gotta treat me faithfully

Kate Ryan - Walk to the beat lyrics

Down Tryin To Tease Me Down On Way Avenue This Girl Ain't ... So Easy Guess You Can't Enjoy The View Think You Got That Part, But It Don't Mean Anything

Pretty Maids - Walk away lyrics

Can't seem to make a move Don't know which way to choose ... We used to fly into the heavens On the wings of an ... eternal cruise Those were the good times Stolen moments

Oh No! Oh My! - Walk in the park lyrics

day for a walk in the park. Nice day for a drive ... through the city. This world is a warm, ... Nice day for a talk with your girl. Nice day for your shop to

Foxy Shazam - The temple lyrics

that too So this might come as some surprise, a bit ... unusual When I lay down the rules You got my heart, ... want my body Keep my cool, girl you lucky you's a hottie Ain

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Walk through the fire lyrics

I touch the fire And it freezes me I ... look into it and it's black Why can't ... should crack and peel I want the fire back Now through the ... smoke She calls to me To make my way across the

Ian Anderson - Walk into light lyrics

out to where you want to go. There's a crowd out there ... re all powered up, switched on, the rig is tight. Step into ... joy. Walk into light. Never mind what some

Jorn Lande & Trond Holter - Into the dark lyrics

I'm so afraid of dying, but there's no use in crying. I got ... sacrifice myself to get it done. [Dracula:] No drugs ... will cover for you. The pain just overflows you. No

Full Force - Into the cradle lyrics

remember when she called my name A new chapter in my life I ... in her eyes She enchanted me Erasing history Never ... She carried my heart away Into the cradle of love It can

Shins,the - Girl inform me lyrics

inform me all my senses warn me Your clever eyes could ... easily disguise Some backwards purpose It's ... enough to make me nervous. Do you harbor ... your lips when we speak Are the valleys and peaks of a

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - The part you throw away (živě) lyrics

slow You wreck it down You walk away, then you turn around ... What did that old blonde gal say? That is the part ... eyes a winning horse a tidy Mexican divorce St. Mary's

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - The part you throw away lyrics

slow You wreck it down You walk away, then you Turn around ... What did that old blonde Gal say? That is the part ... eyes A winning horse A tidy Mexican divorce St. Mary's

Anouk - Walk to the bay lyrics

come around telling me you don't need me no more You say it ... you got nothing more to say then shut your pie hole Just walk away and leave me lonely

Love Like Blood - The silver shot lyrics

would you say When I just walk away With your heart in my ... heart Into the final state? What, would you ... say When i just walk away A teerless cry, an

Freddie Mercury - The golden boy lyrics

didn't hesitate He played, they saw, he conquered as the ... master of As the master of his fate The girl had an iron soul no-one could ... recognize Material ambition that her gentleness disguised

God Forbid - Walk alone lyrics

Solo: Doc] Why would you walk into the fire? Under a ... myself to you Tugging at the strings of my heart Oh how I ... wish you were here Turned on me, and left me empty You took

Paul Wall - "girl on fire" lyrics

Intro:] Eyy Konvict Akon and Paul Wall on fire (she's ... hott) [Chorus:] This girl is on fire (She's hot hott) ... She's on fire (She's hot hott) She

Bonobo - Walk in the sky (feat. bajka) lyrics

walk in the sky So near and so high They're stopping for none And ... when the day's done They agree that the sea Is the ... best place to be Wondrously free They live

Ivanhoe - Into the realm of unknown lyrics

yourself a fantasy And climb the winding road Take my hand ... s shinig bright Ascending in the sky Come real near and feel ... Grasp your heart Hold me close don't let go No need

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - Part ii (on the run) ft. beyoncé lyrics

Intro: Beyoncé] Who wants that perfect ... that hero love that saves the day, anyway? Cliché, cliché, ... cliché, cliché What about the bad guy goes good, yeah? And

Rhett And Link - The five nights at freddy's lyrics

large animal and I'm really into robots and those are just ... two of the perks. Look There's Bonnie the Bunny Freddy the Bear Chica the Chicken or

Ablaze My Sorrow - Into the land of dreams lyrics

where we will unite When the day turns to night Join me - fly with me - into the land ... of dreams We will walk through archways of solid ... in lakes of wine Fly with me - into the land of dreams

Boyz Ii Men lyricsBoyz Ii Men - On bended knee lyrics

Where did we lose our way Girl it's drivin' me insane And I ... know I just need one more chance To prove my ... love to you If you come back to me I'll guarantee

Cattle Decapitation - Into the public bath lyrics

the caldarium we retreat from these days of rape Wielding ... bounty of the harvest that starves this ... world of the essence that makes it worth ... living in... Famished from the killing, the work that we've

For King & Country - Into the silent night lyrics

like I am for you Hear the children singing one of our ... trees, nativities See the world in red and green Into the silent night With your ... by my side Joy in a lonesome world For this boy and girl

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