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Easy Rider - The new jerusalem lyrics

heaven and new earth The first ones had passed away And there was no longer any land, ... tree I saw - Holy city The new Jerusalem Coming - Shinning Wipe the tears, for the

John Rich - New jerusalem lyrics

of these days their gonna lay me down in the ... cold hard ground where the sun never shines and I've got ... t wait till I see those gates and Heaven is mine Cause I'll

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Walk and talk it lyrics

got hearts, ah, in my looney tunes I got dreams ... to your ears, oh I got refined carbon in my eyelids, dear ... I've got no one to love and no one to fear You better walk it and talk it less you lose

Dropkick Murphys - The new american way lyrics

quot;The punishment no longer fits the ... Each day when I wake up and I set my best foot forward I ... be. I take a look around me and I wonder how things change so

Laibach - In the new light lyrics

of mine Do you feel the courage raised by night For the eternal struggle For the ... beauty of the world? Brother of mine Rekindle the flame in every man Let's be strong as

Please The Trees - In the new light lyrics

me from the map Erase me from your head ... Erase me from your heart And I’ll appear in front of you ... Erase me from the map Erase me from your head

God Dethroned - The poison apple (eve and serpentio in the ga.. lyrics

eve, do you like my snakeskin suit? Oh eve touch my skin ... Oh eve, i've seen you naked in the garden of eden Eve come ... with me to the tree of ancient wisdom Eve

Orphaned Land - New jerusalem lyrics

spilled as crosses are rising high Men giving their ... lives, for the Holy See they die Walls surround this ... like a crown of thorns Will the wailing ever cease, will we

Mangod Inc. - The new revolution lyrics

heard you talk about the new revolution i don’t believe a ... single word you said it’s just the same old thing i know so well ... nothing’s changed but the way you pretend close your

Beck - The new pollution lyrics

on each arm She's got the lily-white cavity crazes She ... s got a carburetor tied to the moon Pink eyes looking to the food of the ages She's ... alone in the new pollution She's alone in the

Krampus - The dance of lies lyrics

without face the guests of life’s ballet ... Twirl on your desires Hands in hand chains on you ... The ragged envy wobble nervous ... with friendship The pestered Jealousy clung on the soft arm of Love Courage’s

2 Wolves - Surrounding fields and stars in the sky lyrics

silent road through The patchwork of nature Tonight ... we walk together Into a new daybreak Surrounding ... fields and stars in the sky We don't disturb. We're

Ferry Bryan - Walk a mile in my shoes lyrics

I could be you and you could be me for just one ... hour If we could find a way to get inside each other's minds If you could see you, ... through my eyes, instead of your ego I believe

John Fogerty - A hundred and ten in the shade lyrics

out there in the cotton Sun beatin' down so ... hard Sweat rollin' of this shovel Diggin' in the devil's boneyard Sure like a ... cool drink of water Soft rag to soothe

Authority Zero - The new pollution lyrics

ready! There's something in the air that we've been ... breathing On an all sense, in a sense deceiving Cold to the touch, no burning feeling Or ... maybe it's just me lit up again Gas mask gear to keep plugging away A different frequency,

Born Of Osiris - The new reign lyrics

can't take this. Giver to the waves, I have come to destroy ... I will life this inhibition and we dawn the new day. This is ... a shame calling this name out of reach. Out

Omd - The new stone age lyrics

is the room This is the wall This is the body I’ve ... been hoping for These are the words I’ve been longing just ... to say So this is my goal The aim of my life This is the

Dj - X - The new world lyrics

to goodness the bars werent open this morning ... they must have been voting for a new president of ... something do you have a quarter?" ... i did honest to goodness the tears have been falling all

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - The new stone age lyrics

is the room This is the wall This is the body I’ve ... been hoping for These are the words I’ve been longing just ... to say So this is my goal The aim of my life This is the

Lee Ben - Deep talk in the shallow end lyrics

here I'd slap you senseless Then I'd ask you where you've ... don't you know I worry Sitting up each night in fear And then I'd tell you that I'm angry

Everclear - The new york times lyrics

sense to me Yeah, I was living in a different world when I ... heard the news I keep having the same bad dream And it makes ... me want to hurt all the people who have done this thing to you When I see your

Killswitch Engage - The new awakening lyrics

lead to nowhere fast Trapped in the haze of this mindless ... false reality Wandering a path laid out by fools ... That they call "progression"

Motion City Soundtrack - Together we'll ring in the new year lyrics

must be it. Welcome to the new year. The drinks were ... consumed, the plants were destroyed, and the hors d'oeuvres dismantled. I ... m not smiling behind this fake veneer. I am

Phil Ochs - In the heat of the summer lyrics

the heat of the summer When the pavements were burnin' The ... soul of a city was ravaged in the night After the city sun was ... sinkin' Now no one knows how it

Juvenile - In the nolia lyrics

Bubba I'm glad you, gave me the green light so I can write ... some shit, for my hood And talk about the shit I see Y ... knahmsayin? I've been waitin for this chance to do this and express my motherf***in self,

Pierce The Veil - The new national anthem lyrics

my hand behind you like a chain behind a truck. Sparks over ... while I chase you through the darkness. Somebody's ... supposed to fall in love, but nobody even calls.

Midnight Oil - Bells and horns in the back of beyond lyrics

Southern Aurora was late again As I waited at central to ... take you home Winking spinning sparkling lights on our flat ... earth You talk about the old groundling ways Where the suburbs summer pulse and play

Lamb Of God - Terror and hubris in the house of frank polla.. lyrics

the f***ed up things trap & punish me I ... cannot explain my problem. Kill my hopeless ... You owe me. Push aside the veil to welcome in the ... Eyes like halogen illuminate the soma peering out of

The Dubliners - The lark in the morning lyrics

lark in the morning she rises off her nest She ... goes home in the evening with the dew all on her breast And ... like the jolly ploughboy she whistles and she sings She goes home in the evening with the dew all on

Paul Anka - I love in the same old way lyrics

remember when we used to be in our teens I wear bobby socks ... I?d like to say I love you in the same old way, a-ha-ha I ... love you in the same old way Mmm I remember when we

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - Adele and danny in the backseat lyrics

No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics No lyrics...

Shaggy - In the summertime lyrics

Shaggy ha Ravyon Sun and fun in the Atmosphere, oh ... yes In the summertime when The weather is high You can ... stretch right up And touch the sky When the weather is fine

Root - The temple in the underworld lyrics

through purple mist Fury in my eyes Beast of prey's look ... I make my way through shrubs of Skeletons ... My target is just around the corner. I weep blood instead of tears Dust of

Fleet Foxes lyricsFleet Foxes - In the hot, hot rays lyrics

a dead weight Still coverin' the street outside So heavy that ... the dogs can't hide In the hot, hot rays Out on the ... sidewalk It's a river where the children go Come and join in

Rain Fell Within - In the knowing of you lyrics

think I see beyond your eyes,your ... I am much stronger than you think I am. My path I'll choose ... I will prove you false.I am in the knowing of you. You

Blondie - In the flesh lyrics

darlin' darlin' I can't wait to see you ... Your picture ain't enough I can't wait to ... touch you in the flesh Darlin' darlin' darlin' I can't ... wait to hear you Remembering your love Is nothing

Current 93 - Steven and i in the field of stars lyrics

within circles We ride through them ... all Circles within circles "In the midst ... of the Southern regions..." There a ... man rests and weeps This year, next year,

Van Morrison - In the forest lyrics

the sacred grove, where the waters flow We will come and ... go, in the forest In the summer rain, we will meet again We will learn the code of the ancient ones In the forest

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - In the name of god lyrics

from the public eye Choose to appear ... you Claim you're just, killing women and children Fight ... you choose to fight Hide in a cave when you're hunted

Elliot Shawn - Shame and scandal in the family lyrics

is me Shame and scandal in the family Woe is me Shame and ... scandal in the family In Trinidad there was a family with ... you will see It was a mama and a papa and a boy who was

Excelsis - In the highlands lyrics

the dales of Scotland I walked in the spring The colors and scents and I said that was ... good I wandered in the summer and I thought that ... was the best To the beeches of the highland I

Van Morrison - In the garden lyrics

streets are always wet with rain After a summer shower when I ... saw you standin' In the garden in the garden wet with ... rain You wiped the teardrops from your eye in

Pretty Maids - In the flesh lyrics

and the boys are bound for trouble ... Cruising the city round the midnight hour Just went out ... my fire-power Every now and then We got a little to go

Killing Joke - New jerusalem lyrics

communities Staring at their screens in silence All ... night surfing til the dawn Everyone´s hooked on ... online porn All the people indifferent to torture The

Andre Rieu - The holy city lyrics

words by Frederick E. Weatherly Song Lyrics Last ... night I lay a-sleeping There came a dream so fair, I ... stood in old Jerusalem Beside the temple there. I

Affector - New jerusalem lyrics

saw a new heaven and earth, for the first heaven and earth had passed away and the sea is no more I saw the ... holy city, New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven And he

Migos lyricsMigos - Walk it talk it lyrics

Uh [Chorus: Quavo] Walk it, like I talk it (walk it) ... Walk it, like I talk it Walk it, walk it like I talk it ... (woo) Walk it, like I talk it (yeah) Walk it, like I talk it (walk it) Walk it, like I

Against The Current - Talk lyrics

a story I've heard before and damn boy you must think I'm ... as if I don't know about things you´ve done got a girl in every city but somehow ... you´re still lonely I'm not the one to sit around waiting by

George Jones - New man in town lyrics

d like to introduce myself Though you've ... seen me 'round Well, I'm a new man in town. You won't ... It's upside down Well, I'm a new man in town. When my baby

Grimmark - The kingdom lyrics

at the threshold See a brand new dawn arise From the ashes of ... the beast And the rotten flesh of fallen man The time has come for victory The day of His return No one knew the hour No one knew the day

Lil Kim - In the air tonite lyrics

here is go back (go back) Way back (way back)- back into ... time (into time) Chorus: [Phil ... Collins] I can feel it coming in the air tonight Oh Lord

Hanne Sørvaag - Talk of the town lyrics

a whole lot of make up Who's in her life she decides She ... anyone you've ever met You think she has a soft spot And you ... keep wondering when she's had enough She

Natalie Imbruglia lyricsNatalie Imbruglia - Talk in tongues lyrics

you beat on that drum Talk in that tongue You’re just ... scratching On the surface So tell me what it ... to a scream Slowly fades away Then you wake up And

Chris Brenner - Talk to me lyrics

me I'll resist your shimmering shimmering smile Talk to ... asleep I'll heat your shivering, shivering heart Still ... feel like I'm brushing the hair off your shoulder The

Lyle Lovett - Walk through the bottomland lyrics

New Jersey lady I knew long ago And she was a lady ... she met a cowboy who rode on the rodeo And he stole her heart ... straight away The New Jersey lady she loved him so

Attila - The new kings lyrics

a look at who's standing before you, how does it feel ... to know you shunned us from the start. When we were begging ... to try, you shook your head and acted like it was a joke.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds lyricsNoel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - The man who built the moon lyrics

was there Diamonds in her hair Singing out a dead ... man's song Here am I With the mighty and the high Feeling ... I don't belong Yeah it's you and your book of Who's Who Acting like you just don't care We

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - The window lyrics

do you stand by the window Abandoned to beauty and pride The ... thorn of the night in your bosom The spear of the ... age in your side Lost in the rages of fragrance Lost in the rags of remorse Lost in the

Bobby Darin - Talk to the animals lyrics

I could talk to the animals, just imagine it ... Chattin' with a chimp in chimpanzee Imagine talking ... to a tiger, chatting with a cheetah What a neat ... it would be If we could talk to the animals, learn all their languages I could take an

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