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Waking Up In An Empty Bed lyrics

Browse for Waking Up In An Empty Bed song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Waking Up In An Empty Bed lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Waking Up In An Empty Bed.

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Bette Midler - Empty bed blues lyrics

up this mornin' with an awful achin' head. Woke up ... this mornin' with an awful achin' head. My new man left me. I ... m just a bloom in an empty bed. Now, when my bed gets empty

Katy Perry lyricsKaty Perry - Waking up in vegas lyrics

taxi 'cause you're hung-over and I'm broke I lost my fake ... motel key Spare me your freakin' dirty looks Now don't blame ... me You want to cash out and get the hell out of town

Banco De Gaia - Waking up in waco lyrics


Sebastian Bach - In an empty room lyrics

you sit innocent, your beautiful face ... Everything all at once taken away Even ... though not everything can be replaced Yesterday's gone ... you still have today I can see you Hiding behind broken

Parachute - You and me lyrics

my gun and watch the door, pick the ... lock and cut the phone, keep your ... head up love, ain't nobody who can stop us. ... sirens call, we're out the window through the yard, keep it

Parachute - Waking up lyrics

Wake up...) They were tearing down a desert highway, ... still of the heat He was pointing at the constellations, ... she was sleeping in the passenger seat You

Akercocke - Footsteps resound in an empty chapel lyrics

me The Antichrist is coming He who opened his mouth in ... blasphemy Against god and his tabernacle And those ... that dwell in the heavens He denies the

Neil Sedaka - Waking up is hard to do lyrics

slept your night now it's morning time That's the time to ... rise and shine Don't you cry and don't be blue Wakin' up is ... do Just brush your teeth and then get dressed When you

Chapin Harry - Empty lyrics

closet, empty heart. Empty morning, day won't start. ... now that you're gone. Empty mailbox, empty head. Empty ... promise, empty bed. I really can't believe in

Elastica - Waking up lyrics

very hard but i'm lazy i can't take the pressure and it's ... starting to show in my heart you know how it pains me a life of leisure is no ... life you know waking up and getting up has never been

Dangerkids - Waking up lyrics

here I stand, Holding on to memories, A box full ... of everything you meant to me, And it opens up and ... I pull one out, And I slowly start to read. I ... know you're gone, And even though it hurts to see.

Bethany Dillon - Waking up lyrics

m on a flight home this morning And I can't help but stare ... at You My face pressed against this little window The sky ... explodes in praise to You, to You I know

S.o.j.a - Waking up lyrics

m just now waking up To what life is facing us And to what we've all become And I'm just now waking oh I ... It's not, it's not the same And I'm just waking, oh, yeah

Onerepublic lyricsOnerepublic - Waking up lyrics

found varity On Nolan's Avenue Down where the air ... a little for the sake of staying true We cut ties We ... tell lies We hate change And we wanna claim where we feel

Katy Mcallister - Another empty bottle lyrics

was a bit naive, And her Daddy was a blinded ... thief He went and stole away what was left ... Of the remains of a family She'd hide away ... behind a door She kept locked

Kenny Loggins - I believe in love lyrics

see faces! Coverin' an empty 'I' Empty spaces Where ... there used to be a soul inside Nothin' and no one ... ever gets to them Seems the wind could blow right through

Julien-k - Waking up lyrics

up, breaking out This is what it's like ... to be free Rip it up, tear it down This it what ... it means to be free Jet sounds a ... distant roar behind you As you try to clear

Emblem3 - Waking up lyrics

Where’d it go Been lacking all the light we need to ... grow Let it shine, Let it glow (Oh oh woah) ... This war inside, We’re terrified Breaking down these walls inside the

Graham Colton - Waking up lyrics

am waking up for the first time my mind is made up i open my eyes ... i can't shake it off what you ... have slept enough now i'm going outside I can run, every

10 Years - Waking up lyrics

space allow emotions to age into faith Our bodies may end up alone but close Are you ... there can you hear me Are you there can you feel me Just in the

10 Years - Waking up the ghost lyrics

I keep No one knows What's in my head I can't control The ... I have lost my breath Breaking The pulse of a steady beat ... Pleading for sanity The voices calling out my

Alex Clare - Up all night lyrics

up in someone else's bed, is what i was waiting for ... i done, she saw me sneaking out the door what have i ... been waiting for, been waisting all my time watchin my

Kassidy - Waking up sideways lyrics

shadows of madness, I'm feeling like a fool in the silence, ... I'm waking up sideways, I'm waking up sideways. Well I'm low ... here, Got it right, I'm seeing clear, When it's hard to

Bayside - Poison in my veins lyrics

night sky's black and i'm awake lying on the ... grass beneath my feet is hard and cold just like i've come to ... be. the stars are gone behind the clouds and i can't see a

Diary Of Dreams - An empty house lyrics

this the final end? Is this last frontier ... Are we the reminder that there was someone ... here? An empty house is yours to keep An empty house to fall asleep An empty house is yours to keep An empty house to hide the freak.

For The Fallen Dreams - Waking up alone lyrics

you, It's been some years since we've last spoke, It's ... Last I heard you weren't doing so good, Why do you do less ... have no one left [x4], I finally know the truth, The one

In Mourning - Amnesia lyrics

raping, tear them into pieces Screaming, crying, ... your senses It's happening again I'm waking up in an ... like the days before Examining the stains, looking for

Royal Hunt - An empty shell lyrics

common face, as cold as you can get Without a clue, without ... a cause you're moving forward just because it's in your blood, cuz otherwise you ... re just an empty shell Behind that almost

Jeff Buckley - I woke up in a strange place lyrics

calls to visit With my keys in his pocket Kisses in my ... mouth with his Eyes hanging out of his sockets My ... crumble Under still resistance I was torn out like pages

Matthew Perryman Jones - Waking up the dead lyrics

sun is sinking And I'm still dragging this bag ... With a rockstar swagger And a heart of stone My feet ... are on the riverbed My hands are far from innocent Have

Arcade Fire lyricsArcade Fire - Empty room lyrics

your name in an empty room Said your name in an empty room Something I would never ... do Said your name in an empty room Said your name in an empty room Something I would never

Evergrey - Waking up blind lyrics

the lie you got to find a way Ask yourself why and ... stay Leave the lie I am begging in vain We're all left to ... re not the same. Left behind we are stranded not free In

Buddy Holly - An empty cup (and a broken date) lyrics

lonely night at this drive-in And now I know what a foo ... eight She just drove by with another guy No wonder I can't ... he-elp but cry To think she never cared just tears

Charlie Hall - Waking up lyrics

I wake up, 'cause You're mercy is new And it causes me to sing to You ... Yeah I rise up, 'cause You're mercy is new And it causes me to sing to You ... Praise the Lord, my soul and all of my being Be my all

Gary Moore - Empty rooms lyrics

old. The days are long and the nights turn cold when ... You hope that she will change her mind, but the days ... drift on and on. You'll never know the

Mygrain - Waking up the damned lyrics

hear occult whispers, revolving signs Your prayers inbibe ... from my eyes Ghost of wilting dreams A slave to your ... prophecies Chained upon the guzzling grace Crumbling mirror, the puzzled self

Flatsound - Waking up to the big drill pad lyrics

Forget how you punched her in the mouth And you ask why ... she goes away And doesn't call you dad out ... with me? Be a good girl and put on your special jeans

Hinder - Waking up the devil lyrics

midnight I'm just sittin' at the bar You slide ride up Whisper "I know who you ... are" And you want a little company tonight ... You need a little love, I can give it to you right Be

In Legend - Empty place lyrics

the world A world to me And yet no home For you donʻt ... see – our home to be! No machinery will save us Itʻs got to ... be a mutual sympathy And I donʻt wanna live in an empty place Where the beauty lies in memories Disappeared into thin air… Waste no time, weʻre

Pvris - Waking up lyrics

feel these limbs are growing cold to numb. Take a good ... I've become There's a hole in my chest And I don't think ... it's leaving room for anyone There's a burning love

Pvris - Waking up lyrics

feel these limbs are growing cold to numb. Take a good ... I've become There's a hole in my chest And I don't think ... it's leaving room for anyone There's a burning love

Icarus Witch - In the dark lyrics

and scheming I sit alone in an empty room Struggle to find ... did not choose You made your bed, I'll make you lie in it too ... My soul's on fire - My mind's a bitter mess You got one

Incrave - An empty soul lyrics


Funeral For A Friend - Waking up lyrics

lie just the truth Uncovered and relinquished A passion for ... young fools Is a lie more than truth A question left unanswered To feed the failure of

Pastore - Empty world lyrics

complain against The humankind You believe you were ... betrayed You think you're living In an empty world Take a ... of men I feel what is right and wrong You were hidden

Holy Moses - In the slaughterhouse lyrics

Break 2x] Waiting for the bestial death - in ... Bull's approaching feel his breath - blood's ... streaming out his mouth [Break 4x] ... rack - his battle cry sounds in my ears The axe is falling

Neck Deep - Up in smoke lyrics

out my head "Get out of bed" she said So self ... destructive Up in smoke, all came to nothing ... Being broke and lonely doesn't make much

Burning Point - In the night lyrics

or worse, What will it be in the end? Sleepwalking in a ... daydream Waking up in a middle of a scream And ... the nightmare closes in Merging two worlds in my mind In

Art Garfunkel - Up in the world lyrics

ve come Up In The World, And it's all to your credit. ... You made something of your life Like you ... to the girl I used to know and all those halcyon days of

Chastain - In an outrage lyrics

wanna thank you For your inspiration You've made me ... stronger Through intimidation Survivor till the ... end And we never give up In an outrage, in an outrage

Everly Brothers - Up in mabel's room lyrics

s wine in the cupboard And there's beer on ice Up in ... Mabel's room And if you need it There's Love ... advice Up in Mabel's room There's orange crate tables Cigarettes

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Up in flames lyrics

Hook] We are going up in flames One more night for us ... to burn brighter We are going up in flames One last time ... for us to go higher We are going up in flames One more night

Donovan - In an old fashioned picture book lyrics

take a look with me in an old fashioned picture book ... the girl we see on the sand with the squint and the ... cloth of her cuff A shell in her little tight hand Soon

Armored Saint - In an instant lyrics

seize the moment Era fleeting keep on breathing The ... fall from out of the sky And as you stare and ponder why ... then passes you by If in an instant it turns south Can't

Labrinth - Up in flames (feat. devlin & tinchy stryder) lyrics

Labrinth:] And It's All Clear For The Day ... Yeah May The Best Man Walk Away Eh To The ... Bravest When The Roof Blows Up In Flames Eh And It's All ... For The Day May The Best Man Away If, To The Strongest

Londonbeat - In an i love you mood lyrics

YOU MOOD Someone just reminded me of you tonight She ... The words of every song I sing Mean nothing, no!, without ... you, girl {I’m in an I love you mood Oh, I’ve

Chava Alberstein - In an orem shtibele שיכעלעך lyrics

an orem shtibele, In a poor little house, ... ovnttsayt baym koymen, In the evening, by the fireplace ... אַ ליבע מוטער דאָרט shpint a libe muter dort, A loving

Hüsker Dü - Up in the air lyrics

footsteps of the past Walking up the stairs of time, knowing that I'm trapped Cold winds of indifference persuade a ... movement south Thinking that it's better there The

Oasis lyricsOasis - Up in the sky lyrics

you! Up in the sky Learning to fly Tell me how high ... Do you think you'll go Before you start ... falling Hey you! Up in a tree You wanna be me

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