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Motion City Soundtrack - Floating down the river lyrics

have a few things to say I'll just say what I need to I ... have a few years to go before I'm floating down the river again So it appears I'm alive ... Hey, it's been quite a long time I've spent a handful of

Julien-k - Waking up lyrics

up, breaking out This is what it's like to be free Rip it up, tear it down This it ... what it means to be free Jet ... sounds a distant roar behind you As you try to clear

S.o.j.a - Waking up lyrics

m just now waking up To what life is facing us ... to what we've all become And I'm just now waking oh I hear them call your name It's not, it ... s not the same And I'm just waking, oh, yeah I'm just now waking up To what life is facing

Onerepublic lyricsOnerepublic - Waking up lyrics

found varity On Nolan's Avenue Down ... where the air is sweet As L.A. skies are ... blue The water tried to break it down But it ... held through It gave a little for the sake of staying

Kassidy - Waking up sideways lyrics

in the shadows of madness, I'm feeling like a fool in the ... silence, I'm waking up sideways, I'm waking up sideways. Well I'm low 'cause ... you're here, Got it right, I'm seeing clear, When it's

Bethany Dillon - Waking up lyrics

m on a flight home this morning And I can't help but stare ... at You My face pressed against this little window The ... sky explodes in praise to You, to You I know my

Parachute - Waking up lyrics

Wake up...) They were tearing down a desert highway, like a bullet through the still ... of the heat He was pointing at the constellations, ... she was sleeping in the passenger seat You said we're finally gonna get out,

Emblem3 - Waking up lyrics

the time, Where’d it go Been lacking all the light we need to grow Let it ... shine, Let it glow (Oh oh woah) This war ... inside, We’re terrified Breaking down these walls

Babylon A.d. - Down the river of no return lyrics

with me and light my days Let my faith be ... strong Wash my sins and break these chains ... Carry me on your cross I feel the fire burning up in ... me I drift away, yeah, oh, yeah

Dangerkids - Waking up lyrics

here I stand, Holding on to memories, A box full ... of everything you meant to me, And it ... opens up and I pull one out, And I slowly ... start to read. I know you're gone, And even

Kathryn Calder - Down the river lyrics

I sold you down the river Right in time for the winter I ... sold you down the river Right in time for the seasons ... changing Seasons changing It's only a matter of time You

Katy Perry lyricsKaty Perry - Waking up in vegas lyrics

gotta help me out It's all a blur last night We ... need a taxi 'cause you're hung-over and I ... m broke I lost my fake ID but you lost the motel key ... Spare me your freakin' dirty looks Now don't blame me

Raven - Sold down the river lyrics

from the future Hiding in today Consequences obvious ... But no-one`s getting in your way Sold me down the ... river Take a look and see Sold me down the river

Elastica - Waking up lyrics

d work very hard but i'm lazy i can't take the ... pressure and it's starting to show in my heart you ... know how it pains me a life of leisure is no life you

Graham Colton - Waking up lyrics

am waking up for the first time my mind is made up i ... open my eyes i can't shake it off what you said last night i have slept enough now ... i'm going outside I can run, every step counts

10 Years - Waking up lyrics

and space allow emotions to age into faith Our bodies may end up alone but close ... there can you feel me Just in the way all your fingertips ... touch me They are healing One day we'll all fall

10 Years - Waking up the ghost lyrics

one knows The secrets that I keep No one knows What's in ... my head I can't control The other side ... of me I have lost my breath Breaking The pulse of a steady beat

Hinder - Waking up the devil lyrics

midnight I'm just sittin' at the bar You slide ride up Whisper "I know who you ... are" And you want a little company tonight You need

Pvris - Waking up lyrics

feel these limbs are growing cold to numb. Take a good ... look at what I've become There's a hole in ... my chest And I don't think it's leaving room for anyone

Pvris - Waking up lyrics

feel these limbs are growing cold to numb. Take a good ... look at what I've become There's a hole in ... my chest And I don't think it's leaving room for anyone

Neil Sedaka - Waking up is hard to do lyrics

slept your night now it's morning time That's the time to rise and shine Don't you cry ... and don't be blue Wakin' up is hard to do Just brush ... dressed When you comb your hair you'll look the best Now

Evergrey - Waking up blind lyrics

the lie you got to find a way Ask yourself why and ... give yourself a reason to stay ... Leave the lie I am begging in vain We're all left to fight with why You're not the

Mygrain - Waking up the damned lyrics

up, hear occult whispers, revolving signs Your ... prayers inbibe the tears from my eyes ... Ghost of wilting dreams A slave to your ... prophecies Chained upon the guzzling grace Crumbling mirror, the puzzled self

Flatsound - Waking up to the big drill pad lyrics

go away Please, it's not as easy to Forget how ... you punched her in the mouth And you ask why ... t call you dad out loud Until she's crushed by your ... look at me Sheryl, are you still with me? Be a good girl

For The Fallen Dreams - Waking up alone lyrics

up alone is all you do, The only friend ... that's left is gone, There's no one there ... to comfort you, It's been some years since we ... ve last spoke, It's hard to come to terms I

Charlie Hall - Waking up lyrics

I wake up, 'cause You're mercy is new ... And it causes me to sing to You Yeah I rise up, ... 'cause You're mercy is new And it causes me to sing ... to You Praise the Lord, my soul and all

Matthew Perryman Jones - Waking up the dead lyrics

sun is sinking And I'm still dragging this bag of bones ... Like a home-sick beggar With a rockstar swagger And a ... stone My feet are on the riverbed My hands are far from innocent Have mercy on my soul

Banco De Gaia - Waking up in waco lyrics


Funeral For A Friend - Waking up lyrics

a lie just the truth Uncovered ... and relinquished A passion for all young fools Is a lie more than truth A question ... unanswered To feed the failure of our choices And in

Saga - See them smile lyrics

can say your winter tan Is fading much too fast And ... that all your clothes Are tailor made to last You can say ... your Gucci shoes They really have the

Chapin Harry - Roll down the river lyrics

keep looking out my window At the driftwood floating by Like a flock of birds in falltime You're just itching to fly I know I cannot ... hold you Cause you live life to the hilt So go on get

Heart - Down the nile lyrics

right beside you all the things we done This I didn't ... plan now I understand we're one We ... belong together no more time to fight Underneath the skin we can let it in and float it through the night And I ain

Mallory Knox - When are we waking up? lyrics

memories are all I have to live with now you’re gone And I ... won’t sleep tonight No I won’t dream at all about days ... alone And the words cut like a knife back when you said

Anette Olzon - Floating lyrics

birds are singing from the trees Walking ... Gentle grass under me as I sweep On and on and on, on ... and on I´m Floating - Floating Someone´s calling me

Anubis Gate - Waking hour lyrics

saw them coming in a haze from afar The distant rumbling, we thought this meant war Fled to Sector X ... - The pitch black blinded me Silence was deafening

Leverage - Follow down that river lyrics

re pulling your harness Saying that you're gone too far ... No-one guiding your footsteps No-one ... They say you're about to bring them shame What does it

Milky Chance - Down by the river lyrics

by the river I was drawn by your grace Into ... tempest of oblivion and to the lovers-place I ... was stucked in a puddle full of tears and ... unwise Dark doings now I know that we’ve paid unlike

Bowling For Soup - I'm waking up today lyrics

life is skipping like a broken record I keep ... repeating all the same mistakes I used to get caught up in all the wreckage But I am ... waking up today When you left I

Coalesce - Sometimes selling out is waking up lyrics

take ourselves too seriously. We sneak as may politics as we can. But, who will be ... the last to realize that sometimes selling out is waking up? So, here we are,

Lee Rocker - Sold us down the river lyrics

us down the river Sold us down the river To many people, ... dyin in the sand To many people, ... want to hear a marching band To many people, listen to the lies To many

Page France - Up lyrics

say they couldn't speak, And I heard someone hear they ... couldn't hear, And I saw someone see they couldn't ... see me, You see everything here And I saw someone

Lcd Soundsystem - Never as tired as when i'm waking up lyrics

And you about the same But still I want to get it On with ... you tonight When I was a little boy I laid down in the ... grass I'm sure you'd feel the same if

Fifth Reason - River of lust lyrics

concealed away from reality The dreams that I've ... dreamt and the years that I've spent I'm no longer free, ... I'm not me The river of lust They come with

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - Up on the mountain lyrics

think about those better days I ... didn't know these evil ways Love and hate and ... the best of me Late at night I lie in bed And fight ... the fight inside my head I think it's time to put it down

Alison Krauss - Away down the river lyrics

There's no need to cry Cause I'll see you again It might be ... a while before you understand I ... m just away down the river A hundred miles or more ... Crossing over Jordan To the other

Jakob Dylan - Down on our own shield lyrics

s a struggle, it's a scrape It's all give and no take ... Whatever, it is now, it's right up to our waist It's a pity, it's a shame to see it all ... slip away I've seen you worried babe, but never this way

Hurricane - River gold lyrics

day Back to when the wind was free and honour stood with purity yeah If we could ... look back and remind ourselves then think what ... could be I know of such a place just

Men At Work - Down by the sea lyrics

by the sea I found your hidden treasure Just you and me ... overdosed on pleasure Yonnies in the wind, We're ruggin' ... up for winter Putting out the bins In cold and windy weather Down by the

Aaron Sprinkle - River of lead lyrics

tight memories We’ve all gotta turn in ... sometimes Fall back, take a seat ... Cause I never made it past the headlines And ... could ever understand the obligation that was forcing my

Obscure Sphinx - Waiting for the bodies down the river floatin.. lyrics

the pain, I count how many breaths I have ... left Inside the pain, I count how many heartbeats I ... have left Inside the pain, I feel the lack of impulse in

Laura Brehm - Waking dreams lyrics

a dream You have a dream in your mind Don’t be sleeping ... it is waiting for you There is no one in the world That is ... like you, and it’s waiting for you I could sing

Willie Nelson - Down in the everglades lyrics

1 Theres a boat race down the river Theres a slow boat ... on my mind Everybody's going like crazy I'm taking my own ... sweet time I'll drift down to Big Shark River Take a

Alabama - Clear across america tonight lyrics

outside of Austin I turned on my radio Tuned it in to a satellite station She ... was talkin' on a call-in show She said it was over, ... she'd made her choice Her mind was made-up by the sound of

Jeremy Loops - Down south lyrics

didn't want to leave you down south When I said that I will call you, squeeze you a little bit of love I didn't ... want to but it's good to see you Tell me how you're doing

Pete Doherty - Down for the outing lyrics

down Down the river The one you sold me down ... Where all my timbers shiver You hold them down And ... as they're flailing Yeah as they drown You ... say "oh look they're waving" Oh Britannia

The Game - Down lyrics

That's Lloyd Bank's momma singin' You betta tell your boy ... to keep his mouth closed Or he gon' get ... And a free wake How my bow tie lookin'? You ready? Let's

Elliphant - Down on life lyrics

are waking up in a pile of shit The whole bay is full of it ... And it keeps growing out of our ears But we ... keep swimming in this wide oceans of salty tears I

Elliphant - Down on life [ep] lyrics

are waking up in a pile of shit The whole bay is full of it ... And it keeps growing out of our ears But we ... keep swimming in this wide oceans of salty tears I

Elliphant - Down on life [london future remix] lyrics

are waking up in a pile of shit The whole bay is full of it ... And it keeps growing out of our ears But we ... keep swimming in this wide oceans of salty tears I

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