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Virgin Blood Tastes Purest At Night .. lyrics

Browse for Virgin Blood Tastes Purest At Night .. song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Virgin Blood Tastes Purest At Night .. lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Virgin Blood Tastes Purest At Night ...

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Infernal Majesty - Virgin blood tastes purest at night lyrics

ground of the vampire traced where the Tigres and the Euphrates expire Revelations form the middle eastern prophecies time conclealed in stone for none to see Incantations appearing on the scrolls back wings of death slowly starting to unfold Arrival

Barathrum - Virgin blood spiller lyrics

is the colour of virgin blood so pure for this mind's fire there's only one sure cure thirst for maid's liquid of life can be stopped by following act take your sharpest dagger or knife open her veins to drink her blood take your sharpest dagger or knife open her veins to drink her

Mnek - At night (i think about you) lyrics

the morning I'm okay Just fine in the afternoon But at night I think about you Like an echo in my brain I wonder if you hear it too 'Cause at night I think about you And it's just madness How love can lead you to sadness I lay awake and imagine At night I think

Grave Flowers - At night lyrics

want to be embraced cause I am so sad I want to be hidden from this world I have reached the point when nothing pleases me Looking in the mirror and hate what I see At night I wake up and want someone by my side At night I wake up sometimes I want to cry At night I wake

Calabrese - At night i am the warmest lyrics

the Devil's heart, know your plan To hold back the surge of Hell's living dead, Through my eyes I see the world Different than yours, Different than anybody else, No one else. Wandering alone, yeah, And at night, vision's so blurry With the heat steam fro

Neil Diamond - At night lyrics

night On some dark quiet street Baby, that's where we meet When day is through They say That our love isn't right So I wait for each night to be with you Till they realize Our love's not some passing phase We'll just meet at night and pray there For better days I wait

Night Ranger - At night she sleeps lyrics

Alone In her own little room In her own little world Oh yeah Walking alone Down her own little street While the city's asleep Oh yeah Nobody knows her She's a lonely girl in a lonely world Oh yeah At night she sleeps All alone she weeps With her head

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - At night lyrics

deep in the night I sink in the night Standing alone underneath the sky I feel the chill of ice On my face I watch the hours go by The hours go by... You sleep Sleep in a safe bed Curled and protected Protected from sight Under a safe roof Deep in

De/vision - At night lyrics

s easy on the eye When the truth turns into lies Don't protect yourself from shame "I'm not the one to blame" Feel the pain they hold inside See the grief behind their pride Still their love won't ever die And tonight it feels alright You don't understan

Example lyricsExample - At night lyrics

to what your eyes are saying You've heard it all before Don't look up the skies are fading The answers on the floor You don't need to read the papers I've thrown 'em all away Cos' yesterday you said you hate us We only need today And tomorrow And tomorro

Of Montreal - At night trees aren't sleeping lyrics

summer's good for tulips, Though pansies disagree. They find the heat most distasteful, And humidity far too grim to stand up tall And bargain with the bees. They prefer to droop and mope And wait for autumn's breeze. The autumn's good for pumpkin

The Killjoys - At night lyrics

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Manchester Orchestra - Wolves at night lyrics

could of sworn that I saw you knee bent on the bedside, Arms stretched like a kite that time will eventually grow. I'm so sure of it And I've got a reason, too long, for songs That tells why your legs and arms are actually able. Cause I confide in wolv

Dawn Of Tears - Blood on verona lyrics

in and see the show of horror (Time to see) Beyond the gates of beauty Verona (Eternal curse) A tragedy of love, two immortal souls In death they lay while Brujah summon them in endless night A cold crimson shine fall in disgrace I must revenge, his dea

Lordi - Blood red sandman lyrics

called me the Leather Apron They called me Smiling Jack They prayed to the heavens above That I would never ever come back Can you hear how the children weep? Chills of fear like a sawblade cutting deep Once again there is pain I bring flam

Axxis - Blood angel lyrics

I feel I'm sacrificed The full moon shadows crawling The crowd is hypnotised Praying for you Oh I could hear me cry Echoes resonate at night My body's paralysed – by this devilish rite Bewitched by a temptation Bewitched by a spell Kiss me for my salvation... way down

Madchild lyricsMadchild - Night time kill lyrics

Hook 1] All these girls telling me I was Sexy Paid no attention, now nobody text me I just wanna have some fun, it's too risky Blood runs red when I drink black Whiskey [Verse 1] It's clear I'm Still here not a weary survivor These kids are cubs, I'm a Siberian T

Lizzy Borden - We only come out at night lyrics

only... come out at night We only... come out at night We only... come out at night We only... come out at night We're only hiding from tomorrow We're all of nothing veiled in white We only steal the blood of sorrow Living on the shady side of life F

Crystal Viper - Blood of the heroes lyrics

Defenders Of The Castle Hill] Walls of the castle were no longer strong But the enemies will not break ‘em down He knew it would happen ‘cause the peace was too long He was sure – the war will begin at night! With wild hearts and with swords ready to kil

Motionless In White - We only come out at night wlmd version lyrics

your face, tonight we terrorize this town, coffin case, we gather, our time is now. Ten Thirty-one, we roam the streets in thirst for blood, It all begins, all begins with you, with your life Ten Thirty-one, we roam the streets in thirst for blood, We are the chil

Anthony Green - Blood song lyrics

s gone, buried in the well? Who's gone, buried in the well? Nobody knew him, he had only arrived. Who's gonna break it to his wife? Who's gonna break it to his wife? She died giving birth to her fifth and final one... Who's gonna rescue all hi

Madchild lyricsMadchild - Blood beast lyrics

Intro] "The first creature on earth bullets cannot kill, The Blood Beast" Yeah, ok, yo, yeah [Verse 1] Look, I’m a beast, I’m a vet, I’m a stone cold survivor Got so many stripes, man, I look like a tiger I pulled so many rappers

The Maine - Blood red lyrics

my, my What fangs you have Once upon a time Your eyes were wide not dead Then all the energy Reversed the chemistry Your blood it mixed with all the chemicals in your head Now all you see is red You should have warned me You were blood red Oh you're bl

Motionless In White - We only come out at night lyrics

to them, Children of the night What music they make. Paint your face, tonight we terrorize this town. Coffin case, we gather, our time is now. Ten Thirty-one, we roam the streets in thirst for blood, it all begins. All begins, with you, with your life. Ten Thirty-one, We

Rebellion - Blood rains lyrics

the blackened eve of destruction A king arises with the Promise of light But the Jarls who held him high Were soon to see that they followed a lie Wise magicians and healing women Put to the stake by royal hands Baptized they would not be And so in flames their life di

Siebenbürgen - The roses bleed at night lyrics

brightly shrouded, in dark silver light Abandoned by the tyrants, that rests in vicious death This precious womb, with glimpsing lips, enthrones As shadows cast their splendid dreams, and arose With perfect beauty, death rises with grace Unveiling her tomb,

Oceans Ate Alaska - Blood brothers lyrics

and raised side by side Been closer than close our whole lives We share the same blood, same mother and mind But ended up so different, you and I You was always a brother to me Helped me out in times of need I would anchor down And weather the storms You would stand an

Against The Current - Blood like gasoline lyrics

re so bad for me And I know it But here I am in your arms And, yeah, we're crying like a secret But it's just the calm before the storm Cause baby, your lips like fire And my blood like gasoline When we're striking Burning up everything Smoke is rising It's getting

Face Down - Blood tiles lyrics

shit ends now... Spit it out, what's this all about Why not say it straight to my face? So what if you're right, I still sleep well at night 'Cos snakes like you deserve to die Pick up the pace, I'm breathing down your neck I bet you never thought i

John Butler Trio - How you sleep at night lyrics

left your mark on me I'll leave my mark on you This war we fight you'll see Scorches all but the truth Suffer now will the fool and I've been wonderin' How long you think this lasts Do I dare to believe in something more Yes, do I dare to bel

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - Catholic in the morning satanist at night lyrics

we pray, alone we can't decide Catholic in the morning Satanist at night Invocate the crucified To hell he went by testament Onward into war we ride We raise the cross, the sacrament In fire born, my soul is now divided... (tonight!) My mind is torn,

Sum 41 lyricsSum 41 - Blood in my eyes lyrics

don't believe in the secrets you keep But I do wanna know How do you sleep at night? And I'm over you - congratulations Thank you for all the pain Cause it made it be so much more fun There's nothing to say now The feelings are already dead ( they

Bloodbound - Blood of my blood lyrics

seal the night into the black Serpents turning fire's burning tall I'll take the fight knife into the back Master you will fall Die! My servant I'll Kill! The unborn from Hell! I spawned Sacred believer I'm calling your name Fight by my sid

Onward - Night lyrics

unborn darkness lives in day The youth of dark will soon grow older Mature until the air of black Steal your blood from nocturne prey Embrace a million suns much darker Caress the other world of night The night cooling refuge From southern's sun so e

Crystal Viper - Blood and gasoline lyrics

night on the Highway, smell of hate in the air Another Season of knowing that there's nobody there so you race down the runway, leaving hope on the rails with a spike in your memory and the marks of the nails Gold and silver shed a light that's blinding hot and cold yo

Skullview - Blood on the blade lyrics


Essence - Blood culture lyrics

starts with the nature of the human race As cryptic phantom symptoms All dwelling in the thinnest veins but Nothing can reveal the course for this pain No biopsy or surgery will tell what lies inside of me Vascular system infected by bacteria Lymphatic system's overheating -

Ash Koley - Brighter at night lyrics

can dance on my head I wouldn't mind It wouldn't be the first time When we're kickin' up dust Reflecting light It's much brighter at night It's much brighter at night We can speed in my car Under traffic lights With no sun in our eyes We can do what

Cimorelli - Up at night lyrics

(Dani) I put on my jeans with the holes in the front I’m tryna pick out just the right outfit to get your attention You in that plaid shirt could give me a heart attack Thinking to myself this could be trouble but sometimes I like that I can see my breath

Johnossi - Break into school (late at night) lyrics

o'clock break for lunch, elementary school when you sneak in to take back what's yours no one's around, grab the key from the wall adrenalin as you drop 'em in your pocket such a great plan, now it's finally the time gonna break into school late at

Bebopvox - Don't mine at night lyrics

my helmet on my head Figure out what that zombie said Lava all over the room Gotta' half heart left, man, I am doomed Don't have any iron bars Pick just broke into some shards Scary noise what should I do Go left or right I'll have to choose Visions of l

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Fan [freak at night] lyrics

t let that pretty face fool ya See that girl she's hot like fire Don't judge a book just off the cover That girl right there she'll blow your mind, yeah, yeah Behind closed doors yeah, she's something like an animal Behind closed doors yeah, you know that girl a profes

Corey Hart - Sunglasses at night lyrics

wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can Watch you weave then breathe your story lines And I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can Keep track of visions in my eyes While she's deceiving me, cuts my security Has she got control of me, I

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - Gardening at night lyrics

see your money on the floor, I felt the pocket change. Though all the feelings that broke through that door just didn't seem to be too real. The yard is nothing but a fence, the sun just hurts my eyes somewhere. It must be time for penitence. Gardening at night is never whe

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - I cry myself to sleep at night lyrics

think you like it a lot I think you like what you see I know you like what you got, babe That's what you got with me [Chorus:] This heart, these hands Are made to understand This girl and that man If we don't make it no one can Oh baby O

Clean Bandit lyricsClean Bandit - Out at night (feat. kyle & big boi) lyrics

Big Boi:] Yeah, Clean Bandit Big Boi, woo KYLE [KYLE:] Wakes up early, walks herself to work She's all alone from 8 to 5, yeah Keeps her eyes down, doesn't say too much And all her colleagues think she's shy Yeah, yeah, yeah Watching the clock on th

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - Still waters at night lyrics

waters at night In the darkest of dark But you rise as white As the birch tree's bark Or a pale wolf in winter You look down and shiver At still waters at night Your eyes are as black As the blackness you're fearing And yonder a bridge And a voice wit

Blue October - Things we do at night lyrics

we do at night Keeping it together ‘til the morning light When you’re nobody’s somebody You want to be somebody’s somebody Things we do at night Keeping it together ‘til the morning light When you’re nobody’s somebody But somebody forgot to say Hey, where’s the part

The Boomtown Rats - A rose at night lyrics

she comes like a Queen all through the wintertime Skirts that billow long after she's gone Yes I could smell her smell on the pillow late at night She's a rose that blooms at night And all the streets were wet and slicked with rain Outside my green front door Num

Nancy Sinatra - The city never sleeps at night lyrics

man, young man Preacher saying amen Taking up collection Playing on a bass drum How come the city it never sleeps at night Red cars, blue cars Payment overdue cars Cops with indigestion Billionaires and some bums How come the city it never sleeps at night How come

Esoteric - At war with the race lyrics

unto a bastard nation, The dying remnants of our breed. Aura's of,an ancient past, Of those that knew so long before.... But time goes on... Misanthropic breed, Engulf our suffering, Food for the strong. To overcome is the way of the warrio

Gabrielle Aplin - Night bus lyrics

m on the night bus I'm thinking about us The streetlights go fleeting by The man sat next to me Is texting somebody I wonder what that feels like Maybe I'm reckless But I just can't shake this It follows me home at night, at night It's getting clearer every mile we

Kid Cudi - Heaven at night lyrics

you ever been to heaven at nite (heaven at nite) Have you ever been to heaven at nite Heaven at nite Have you ever been to heaven at night Closing your eyes the feeling so right At first you might see this one bright beam of light Crutching your soul? Happy unites and feeli

Lordi - They only come out at night lyrics

know you saw them but no-one ever listens They´ll be long gone by the time the sun has risen You feel 'em lurking, hear 'em howling in the shadows Wreaking havoc on your perfect world They are the tricking trolls They´ve got the bell that tolls Flash at the edge of

Maywood - Late at night lyrics

eight and half past seven This place is awful quiet Have to do my shoppin' Take care of my diet. I run around in circles And never see a soul. Late at night Early in the morning light You can see See them all. Late at night Early in the morning light

And One - Everybody lies at night lyrics

told her one more story About what I felt today It was the last night in love And tonight I will Complete this work with all my love within But the time is tight And everybody lies at night I found the words To pass her door Just told her fairy tales She was

Marc Anthony - When i dream at night lyrics

have been in love and been alone I have traveled over many miles to find a home There’s that little place inside of me That I never thought could take control of everything But now I just spend all my time With anyone who makes me feel the way she d

Arsis - Sunglasses at night (corey hart cover) lyrics

wear my sunglasses at night So I can, so I can Watch you weave Then breathe your story lines And I wear my sunglasses at night So I can, so I can Keep track of the visions in my eyes While she's deceiving me It cuts my security Has she got cont

Cazzette - Shot at night (vs. the killers) lyrics

in a lifetime, The suffering of fools. To find our way home, To break in these palms. Once in a lifetime. Once in a lifetime. Give me a shot at the night. Give me a moment, some kind a mysterious. Give me a shot at the night. Give me a moment, som

Dawn Of Destiny - Alone at night lyrics

is no trace of sorrow left Though we never found that missing link Many promises we haven't kept That love at last is the only thing When I close my eyes I still see the smile upon your face And then we walk alone at night All our hopes and dreams did

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