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Videokeman Spolarium Eraser Heads lyrics

Browse for Videokeman Spolarium Eraser Heads song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Videokeman Spolarium Eraser Heads lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Videokeman Spolarium Eraser Heads.

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Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - Eraser lyrics

was born inside a small town, I lost that state of mind Learned to sing inside the lord’s house But stopped at the age of nine I forget when I get awards now, the wave I had to ride The paving stones I played upon, that kept me on the grind So blame it on th

Hypocrisy - Eraser lyrics

it comes to subject the terror you forgot No memories from the past The unexplainable starts to appear As your sub-consciousness begins to come back again Reality fades away You try to find a solution Here it's coming now, indecision You're free but you c

Fight Or Flight - Eraser lyrics

hands are shaking Fragile thoughts I'm making So far My life's been suffocating Now I am I'm not giving in I'm not giving in Life won't wait It just takes your place An eraser Who's your savior Time your fate and mistakes you make Your enabler Who's yo

Destillery - Eraser lyrics

evermore Monotonous daily life before Think about the evolution of machines Most are useful, some cruel and mean They erase all bad souls Like ticking time bombs Take control They escort us to eternity Mankind seems defeated Ex

In Flames - Eraser lyrics

just like a worm, Catch a glimpse of the sun through cracks, Everything, I swallow whole, And hide before the flood. The way I see things, I wish they could be true, But take me all the way. The trail of the torment, Is not a path anymore, But take me for

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - Eraser lyrics

you Dream you Find you Taste you F*** you Use you Scar you Break you Lose me Hate me Smash me Erase me Kill

Alice Nine lyricsAlice Nine - Eraser lyrics

nemuri ni oitekarete fusaideiru koinu mada ugokezu boku wa asa ni tsunagareteru... dakara todokanai omou hodo namida wa nagareteku yo karete yuku anemone douka wasurenai de iro asenai chou ni natte itsuka kimi he kaerou kanashimi wo keshite kimi wa kawa

Division - Eraser lyrics

common man with a normal life, well respected and well known A pillar of his piece of the world, friends and family that depend Departs the path one day, leaving a self-shaped hole behind Pretty and popular, known to all, a jewel in her parents' lives A tee

Smile Empty Soul - Eraser lyrics

days are better, they're better than others Can't run forever, you're pushing me under What a way to live my life I'm hiding from the battles I don't want to fight What I've become And now it's going grey All the lines are blurring and decayed I can't recall

Airbourne lyricsAirbourne - Heads are gonna roll lyrics

were you late last night Heard you were with another guy Straight up don’t tell me no lies You better have a good alibi Coz babe if you been naughty Yeah and you been bad One day you better look out honey Coz when I get back baby you know H

Perkele - Heads held high lyrics

don´t need your rules We ain´t nobody´s fool We ain´t a part of your society anymore We don´t need your rules We ain´t your bloody tools Your society is not worth fighting for We don´t need your rules We ain´t nobody´s fool We ain´t a part of your soci

King Diamond - Heads on the wall lyrics

SOLO: Andy I'm in a cold and lonely tomb Surrounded by darkness in my newfound home I'm not alone, anymore, alone, anymore I'm looking back at yesterday I do remember my escape, and what I had to do Have to do, don't you see, don't you see Heads on

The Beach Boys - Heads you win, tails i lose lyrics

time We have a fight We flip a coin To see who's right Why do we have to gamble just to see who's right? Why can't we arbitrarily resolve a fight? But with you're style of gamblin' there's no chance to win That's how it is, and that's the way it's always be

Powerman 5000 - Heads will roll lyrics

will roll, Heads will roll tonight We like to scratch baby, we like to crawl We like our backs up against the wall We like to bite baby, we like to scream And ever night, baby we keep it mean Heads will roll, Heads will roll, Heads will roll, Heads will ro

Monster Magnet - Heads explode lyrics

that thing in your pants You got nothing for me no Your sister knows how to dance She might be more my speed yeah She moves just like a panther baby I'll bet you never knew And I said This is how we go about it To make our heads explode all night This

I Fight Dragons - Heads up, hearts down lyrics

a number, dear Wait your turn, and don't get out of line Everything you fear Paint it black In the back of your mind You just go on breathing Repeating, Heads up, hearts down Steady as she goes Don't break step Don't make a sound Heads up, hearts down N

Jo Dee Messina - Heads carolina, tails california lyrics

what do you say we just get lost? Leave this one horse townlike two rebels without a cause. I got people in Boston. Ain't your daddy still in Des Moines? We can pack up tomorrow. Tonight, let's flip a coin Heads, Carolina Tails, California. Somewhere gre

Ratt - Heads i win, tails you lose lyrics

re a fake, you're a snake You're a sleazy operator Always on the take You're a liar, you're a cheat You're good at starin' fires but You can't take the heat You're gonna get it now... You're gonna get what's comin' to you You won't forget this time... (The ta

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - Heads shoveled off lyrics

in 'Nam he killed a man A shovel was used to cut his head off Now forever changed lust to decapitate Chop at the neck to keep the skull intact Going insane Come back deranged He buries his victims Only the heads exposed The screams don't

Biohazard - Heads kicked in lyrics

cold winds of war, numb the nations soul They taste the bitter fear as a grim future appears Criminal leaders building hate Under siege the world segregates The day has come, the end is at hand The earth a corpse, a barren waste land Cower in fear, humanity

J.j. Cale - Heads in georgia lyrics

my heads in Georgia but my feet are California bound Well my heads in Georgia but my feet is California bound Cause that good looking woman I got wants to leave these Georgia towns Well we ride them old freight trains rent them automobiles For we rid

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Heads in georgia lyrics

my heads in Georgia but my feet are California bound Well my heads in Georgia but my feet is California bound Cause that good looking woman I got wants to leave these Georgia towns Well we ride them old freight trains rent them automobiles For we ride them old freight trains

Death Dealer - Heads spikes walls lyrics

we ride bring the savage blade We strike tonight win the day There's a reckoning on the way At the dawn of the battle We've prepared to die All the words that lead to this day All are poison lies Bring me their heads I command you Put them on spikes raise

Feeder - Heads held high lyrics

corners just to get where we should be Back to where we once belonged Sending smiles across to fill our lonely lives It's brought it all back home to me, to me 'Cause there's something telling me There's someone calling me back Sometimes telling me that Every th

Pro-pain - Heads will roll lyrics

shall roll!! - the people had cried for revenge for those that died. That day most agreed we were right to stand up and fight. God willing we'd go get the villain, green lights were given for killing. Reminiscent of wars that passed, new theaters, f

Fit For An Autopsy - Heads will hang lyrics

s breath on the back of our neck. The bitter taste of blood, flowing in floods Consuming all the rations, neglect is a crime of passion I don't believe we've earned our keep or deserve this peace, self centered catastrophes Armies of fools will

Marion Raven - Heads will roll lyrics

s a taste in my mouth that I never had before To be a cheater, defeater, are things I won't ignore Like a rat in a trap your head got in the way Nothing left of you, but a memory of a bad lay Heads gonna roll (Heads gonna roll) I'm back in control (back in control) It's a j

Running Wild - Heads or tails lyrics

and deceivers We are a thorn in their side 'Cause we are insisting on our rights Fed up with their tutelage Which we will overcome We will stand, so they will run Evil machinations For power and for wealth They stick at nothing for themselves

Kate Bush - Heads we're dancing lyrics

talked me into the game of chance. It was '39, before the music started, When you walked up to me and you said, "Hey, heads we dance." Well, I didn't know who you were Until I saw the morning paper: There was a picture of you A picture of you 'cross the fr

Skiller - Heads of tomorrow lyrics

is that piece of crap you show me what is it with the one who says: "this is the shit" you make me sick Independent scenes incomplete Bring you down follow me, independent scenes hard to see bring you down COVER ME! Gather

Echo & The Bunnymen - Heads will roll lyrics

politic Heads will roll Mostly politic God must call Till the winning hand does belong to me What if no one's calling God then must be falling If I ever met you In a private place I would stare you You into the ground That's how I'd arti

Mournful Congregation - Heads bowed lyrics

Bowed... A moment of bitterness overcomes me The object is there but I am not ready The spirits are whispering waiting to engulf me Mesmerising chimes distant and abstracted ... The Descent... I enhance the object of stone, a statue Concentrating m

Boy Sets Fire - Heads will roll lyrics

kingdom’s rotting from the inside out Your god must be so proud The infidel must accept submission Blood lust with divine aggression The dead air is deafening Easy targets to avoid the real enemy Provocation gagged and bound Bodies drop we ignore the sound

Exodus - Heads they win (tails you lose) lyrics

turn of a card may decide file or death You better take this lesson from me Some have it all, then a roll of the dice Can take them for everything Night after night you bet all you have Hoping you won't find yourself in a ditch More unpaid debts, snake eyes again! The

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - Heads off (my niggas) lyrics

Big Sam] Aight, motherf***ers [Lil' Jon] Bitch niggas run and hide! (Ha, Yeah) I'm doing this for my niggas! (NIGGA!) [Big Sam] C'mon, C'mon C'mon, C'mon Lil' Jon, C'mon, C'mon [Lil' Jon] M.O.P MOTHERFUCKERS! Lil' Jon, Eastside Boyz Bitch! [Chorus x2] [M.O.

Hawkwind - Heads lyrics

of the infinite Have never been defined A spirit lies in atrophy In a state to late to unwind Trophies on the back shelves Procreating all our race Ideals of our fantasies On which all things are based Collecting every prospect Running through your tests

No Bragging Rights - Heads of fire lyrics

the fire and wrapped it tight around me, Took the fear I had and cast it out to sea, Left to fight alone? Left to die alone? Alone but not in vain. If your day should come, Take your light and make it known, Look how far you've come, Stand your ground and stan

Rage - Heads off lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

George Sampson - Heads up lyrics

something like this, Guess who's comin'... I've got a fake id like a secret agent to get in and out of here when the rhythm changes. I'm a bad super hero, I bring truth to the winners, To the bruisers losers, cheaters to the non- believers. *chorus* All the girls in the

Finger Eleven - Sensory eraser lyrics

s always gonna be the same And the memories never change when I think about you And even though I know you're gone You're all I hold onto If I keep looking back, it's a past that never ends I know you're a liar I know you and truth just can't be friends Sense Sensory

Kreator - Soul eraser lyrics

the sky it came to bring the seeds of slavery from a mind insane an armageddon fantasy cure religion for the weak foundation of all laws redefines philosophy a tyranny from above soul eraser - penetrates your dying mind soul eraser - takes

The Black Keys - Mind eraser lyrics

I need to replace her I am the mind eraser Anything goes, yeah, anything goes Got this sin in her brain But she ain't gonna see me again See me again, this I know But oh, deep down I can't let go Oh, don't let it be over, over oh Oh, don't let it be over, let it be over, over

Municipal Waste - Mind eraser lyrics

pours down my face Laying in the strangest place Body aches from constant pain Blurred thoughts fill my brain Legs too sore to even walk Throats dry can't talk A modern day Jekyll and Hyde Throwing up hating life Once again it's taken its ho

Courtney Barnett - History eraser lyrics

got drunk and fell asleep Atop the sheets but luckily I left the heater on And in my dreams I wrote the best Song that I’ve ever written Can’t remember how it goes I stayed drunk and fell awake I was cycling on a plane And far away I heard you say you li

Kara - Tear eraser lyrics

bwado ootji anhgo...gateun malman banbokhago... jiroohan pyojeong deulman boyeojooneun neo... ibyeorin deut nan dooryeoweojyeo... pyeongsowaneun dareun maltoo...cheoreom boneun dareun noonbik... nal wihan ddadeut hameul irheoneorin neo... nanibyeorin ge ne

The Fugees - Nappy heads lyrics

am I trapped in a cage? (THE NAPPY HEADS ARE COMIN OUT) Barber can I get a fade? (THE NAPPY HEADS ARE COMIN OUT) Teacher teacher check my grades (THE NAPPY HEADS ARE COMIN OUT) I grab the mic in a RAGE... You maintain to put a negro in pain you used to diss me ''You

Fugess - Nappy heads lyrics

am I trapped in a cage? (the nappy heads are comin out) Barber can I get a fade? (the nappy heads are comin out) Teacher teacher check my grades (the nappy heads are comin out) I grab the mic in a rage... You maintain to put a negro in pain you used to diss me "you sur

Faithless lyricsFaithless - Crazy bal'heads lyrics

them crazy Chase them crazy bal'heads Chase them crazy Chase them crazy bal'heads Chase them crazy bal'heads out of town! Chase them crazy Chase them crazy bal'heads Chase them crazy Chase them crazy bal'heads Chase them crazy bal'heads out of town! Somebody tell me

Accept lyricsAccept - Shake your heads lyrics

the world around you Deep, dark and grey Grieving heartbreaks all your life Seems to be the way Wars of aggression Mankind's favourite game A press on the button A world in flames Every night and every day Frustrations in your heart Like a one way ticket No return - you're

Judas Priest - Some heads are gonna roll lyrics

can look to the left and look to the right But you will live in danger tonight When the enemy comes he will never be heard He'll blow your mind and not say a word. Blinding lights-flashing colors Sleepless nights... If the man with the power Can't keep it under

Lisa Germano - Small heads lyrics

you ever think of me When you're through thinking of you Do you ever think of when we met Do I ever cross your mind As you're crossing the street All the time thoughts of you in your head The world revolves around you But it revolves around me too So how could we see th

Coleman Hell - 2 heads lyrics

must be something in the water And there must be something about your daughter She said our love ain't nothing but a monster Our love ain't nothing but a monster With 2 heads! I turn to you, you're all I see Our love's a monster with 2 heads and one heartbeat

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - Knockin' heads off lyrics

Lil' Jon] Come on, yeah OK Motherf***er, y'all know who it is Lil' Jon, them motherf***in' East Side Booooyz I got my nigga Jadakiss with me too (D-Block, live son) We gon' do this for all the real motherf***in' niggas (Uh uh uh uh yo) Holla at them niggas J, come on

Skyclad - On with their heads! lyrics

s just a few of the changes I'll make when mankind appoints me king of Planet Earth So pass me my crown (my scepter and gown) Hear the first proclamation of Martin the I Leaders who lied so that innocents died pretending to cry, they beg for One's pardon Protest?

Dropkick Murphys - Out of our heads lyrics

we gonna make it, or is this how we go? (GO!) Are we gonna take it sitting down? (Hell No!) We're gonna cause a riot, we're gonna rip it up We're gonna storm this gates, this place is going' up Here we go, here we go We're out of our heads, and it's starting to show Here we go

A Band Of Orcs - Adding heads to the pile lyrics

at last we have prevailed The geas has been undone One last quest left to complete Before we return home Now the Warchief's come for you to add your head to the pile Stacking bodies in the wall, you'll be staying awhile When the blood on your han

Fugess - Nappy heads (remix) lyrics

Wyclef] Yo Mona Lisa, could I get a date on Friday? And if you're busy, I wouldn't mind taking Saturday-ay-ay, ay-ay-ay Round up de posse, Fugee comin around the way [Wyclef] Yo, hey nappy head [Lauryn] Yo whashup? [Wyclef] Whatchu got there? [Lauryn] Hah, I got some

Mutemath - Tell your heart heads up lyrics

I was young and unafraid, it was all a game, I was wrong to tell you that. And when I thought all was fair in love and war, I was wrong to tell you that. but it always sounds so good in my head, you know I don't have to tell you that. Better watch yourself, you know me well I'm o

Herbert Grönemeyer lyricsHerbert Grönemeyer - Hard heads lyrics

the street, it's blood and boots 'round at mum's, they're tea and smiles on their own they're going nowhere but in their gang they can goosestep miles Get the hard on when they're hunting prowling for their prey in packs real hard cards in real hard toe caps they'd collapse

Jefferson Airplane - Two heads lyrics

want two heads on you body And you've got two mirrors in your hand. Priests are made of brick with gold crosses on a stick and your nose is too small for this land. Inside your head is your town inside your room your jail inside your mouth the elephants trunk and booze, the only k

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