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Aeternitas - V. sequenz - rex tremendae lyrics

tremendae majestatis, qui salvandos salvas gratis, salva me, fons pietatis. Recordare, Jesu pie, quod sum causa tuae viae: ne me perdas illa die. Ingemisco tamquam reus: Culpa rubet vultus meus: supplicanti parce, Deus. Preces mea non sunt dignae: s

Belphegor - Rex tremendae majestatis lyrics

The coming decay – genesis to the end For the stinking face – of mankind condemned Sacred erosion – the revelation denied De praestigiis daemonum – ominous ...

Daniel Landa - Rex tremendae lyrics

tremendae majestatis, Qui salvandos salvas gratis, Salve me, fons pietatis. Rex tremendae majestatis, Qui salvandos salvas gratis, Salve me, fons pietatis

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Rex tremendae lyrics

tremendae majestatis, qui salvandos salvas gratis. Salva me, fons pietatis

Sigh - Overture / rex tremendae / i saw the world's .. lyrics

I saw the world's end burned by them who want us to repent Fear in my pain will rise again, insane The end in flame is what we need! Then I saw my brides smile Blinded by lies their sanity dies The feeble to deride Deny the evil in disguise I saw myself buried deep i

Celtic Frost - Rex irae (requiem: overture - fourth version) lyrics

INTRODUCTION: Rex Irae ...] [DREAM ENCOUNTER:(King Wrath)(Dream Voice)] You ...... have joined your father's feast Those who saw: Essence or fall Floods of dramatic silence And words, from whom we don't know [OVERTURE/KING WRATH:] Let me dream ... Flee from f

Pungent Stench - Rex paedophilus lyrics

Infants are virginal, incorrupt, innocent, nice Their laughing and merriness that's my sugar and spice I abandon myself to vice To say it the least precise My cock...

Chaostar - Rex mundi lyrics

thou that Lieth Dead but ever dreamth Hear me o Mighty Dragon Hear me Lord of Dreams For the dream life is the only life In the depths of the mind they have sealed ye But those who have risen Shall break the accursed Bonds And thy Kingdom shal

Darkthrone - Rex lyrics

in frost I sailed our dreams Gloomy inner landscapes come to life I am the wolf in the darkest scene Phantasms sweep my role I am Lucifer, I bring you light and pride Three steps for the white A journey for the black No flags for the tens line

Immediate Music - Rex imperium lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental...

Eurielle - City of the dead lyrics

m scared of what's inside my head What's inside my soul I feel like I'm running But getting nowhere Fear is suffocating me I can't breathe I feel like I'm drowning I'm sinking deeper White light fades to red As I enter the City of the Dead Rex tremendae majestatis Qui salvan

Libera - Dies irae lyrics

tremendae majestatis salva me Confutatis maledictis voca me Kyrie eleison Can you tell me if there’ll be One day when we’ll wake and see How to right the things gone by Kyrie eleison Dies irae, dies illa solvet saeclum in favilla cum resurget creatura judex est ve

Luca Turilli's Dreamquest - Gothic vision lyrics

IRAE, DIES ILLA SOLVET SAECLUM IN FAVILLA TESTE DAVID CUM SYBILLA Gothic is that enormous portal That leads to the grey wide hall The masterwork of dark art So holy to have... Fear of heavens carved in a wild frame So attractive, drug for my brain in awe Rex tr

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Requiem lyrics

Requiem aeternam dona ets, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ets. Te decet hymnus, Deus, in Sion, et tibi reddetur votum in Jerusalem. Exaudi orationem meam, ad te omnis caro veniet. Requiem aeternam dona ets, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ets.

Fogalord - A day of fire lyrics

"...and the day had come... great walls of fire generated by the primordial black-magic of the enemies trapped the Army of the Fog... so the Fog Lord accepted his destiny and attracted to himself all those flames of hate... then the warriors

Orphanage - Requiem lyrics

tremendae maiestatis qui salvandos salvas gratis salva me fons pietatis... amen the trumpet scattering it's awful sound across the graves of all lands summons all before the throne death and nature shall be stunned when mankind arises to render

Claymorean - Glory is calling me lyrics

raise my sword now and call the God of the sunlight to ease my soul from the dark I hold deep within me My armour's blazing, my faith will give me the answer am I mistaken, will your light shine once again on me? I dreamed of freedom and days of glory forgot

Haggard - Tales of ithiria lyrics

coeli movendi sunt et terra Quando coeli movendi sunt et terra Dum veneris judicare saeculum per ignem My son, now listen what I say: Keep in mind what you have learned Wrap your fingers 'round your sword Maybe you will not return Thousands that we once have been

Luca Turilli - Prince of the starlight lyrics

.. light... SHINE! They are coming out from the ice from the furthest deepest caves bringing real pain to all... leading black death to this world... creatures born from ancient fears trapped until this new mystic eclipse... this new eclipse! Now th

Penumbra - Pie jesu lyrics

Jesu domine Dona eis requiem Dies irae dies illa Solvet saeclum in favilla Teste David cum Sybilla Tuba mirum spargen sonum Per sepulcra regionum Coget omnes ante thronum Liber scriptus proferetur In quo totum continetur Unde mundus Judicetur Rex Tremendae majestetis Flammis ac

Preisner ‎ Zbigniew - Dies irae lyrics

tremendae majestatis, Qui salvandos salvas gratis, Salva me, fons pietatis. Ingemisco tamquam reus : Culpa rubet vultus meus : Supplicanti parce, Deus. Dies irae, dies illa Solvet saeclum in favilla, Teste David cum Sibylla. O king of dreadful majesty, Who grantest

Aeternitas - V. sequenz - confutatis lyrics

maledictis flammis acribus addictis, voca me cum benedictis. Ora supplex et acclinis, cor contritum quasi cinis: gere curam mei finis

Aeternitas - V. sequenz - dies irae lyrics

irae, dies illa, solvet saeculum in favilla, teste David et Sibylla. Quantus tremor est futurus, quando judex est venturus, cuncta stricte discussurus

Aeternitas - V. sequenz - lacrymosa lyrics

dies illa, qua resurget ex favilla judicandus homo reus. Huic ergo parce, Deus: pie Jesu domine, dona eis requiem, Amen

Aeternitas - V. sequenz - mors stupebit lyrics

stupebit et natura, Cum resurget creatura Judicanti responsura. Liber scriptus proferetur In quo totum continetur, Unde mundus judicetur. Judex ergo cum sedebit, Quidquid latet Apparebit Nil inultum remanebit

Emis Killa - B-rex cricca lyrics

Ouh! Quest'anno a B-Rex capo, grazie per aver scaricato il disco di Killa, champagne e spine, a sto giro ancora tutto free, a sto giro ancora tutto gratis, offre la mia cricca, B-Rex, ma dalla prossima preparatevi mano nella saccoccia, fuori i soldi, perchè la merda

Raubtier - Hulkovius rex lyrics

har en särpräglad vision som kräver mycken tid Där jag i egen hög person regerar och därvid Upphöjd, mäktig, kejserlig vid triumfens båge står En härskare med gudars gunst, beskåda honom så En segerkrans i stjärnors glans Med krigarens hederskodex Hell

Angel Corpse - Shining one (rex luciferi) lyrics

hate Diabolos crowned The synagogue of Satan nativity in black Semen datura Tetragrammaton defiled Sattaru seirizziim the serpent's path Revel in slaughter fall to fornication Imbibe the poisons of shadow and plague Lord of the world ‒ Pater Tenebrarum Resurrect

Angelcorpse - Shining one (rex luciferi) lyrics

hate Diabolos crowned The synagogue of Satan nativity in black Semen datura Tetragrammaton defiled Sattaru seirizziim the serpent's path Revel in slaughter fall to fornication Imbibe the poisons of shadow and plague Lord of the world - Pater Tenebrarum Resurrect the t

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - Carolus rex (english) lyrics

embrace me It's my time to rule at last Fifteen years have I been waiting To sit upon my throne No allegiance I will swear no oath Crowned by God not by the church As my power is divine They thought I was too young to rule the land Just as they fail

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - Carolus rex lyrics

tid nalkas denna tid går mot sitt slut Hela Stockholm ser mig krönas Kanoner skjut salut Ingen ed avlagd ingen ed jag svär Kronan kommer ej från kyrkan den kom direkt från Gud Jag visar min styrka genom strid Född att regera, att föra krig Knä o

Ash - T. rex lyrics

can feel it coming Feel it coming in the air Times the living is easy It won't be long till the summer is here Days when you wake in the morning &127; with the sun shining through the blinds Days when the living is easy And you know things are going al

City Of Fire - Children of the revolution (t.rex cover) (bon.. lyrics

Well you can bump and grind. If it's good for your mind. Well you can twist and shout. Let it all hang out. Chorus: But you won't fool the children of the revolution. No, you won't fool the children of the revolution. No, no, no Well you can tear a plane.

In Extremo - Intro - ecce rex / bandary lyrics

von den vier Vaganten, die ihr Glück in der Hölle fanden. Behangen mit Fetzen und Schellen, die so laut wie Hunde bellen. Ihr lachen ist Sturm und Gewitter, feiern und zechen bis kommt, der tödliche Schnitter. Verehrt und angespien sind sie bekannt im ganzen Land, von all

Nostalghia - Nervosa rex lyrics

head is spun Thoughts on the ground This painful tongue Has tied me down Why don't you need What you have found If I am queen Where is my crown You lead me to the triple tower The flower princess has my downer Take me now and I wil

Enthroned - Alastor rex perpetuus doloris lyrics

u r living your last millennium of light, your final chapter of Joy in god embrance. Dooggs!! U r existing for the last day of paradise, but you can already Your graves to entomb the world you are live f***ing. The armageddonic hordes are ready fo

Landser - Fridericus rex lyrics

Berlin unter den Linden,da steht ein Monument, Von unserm grossen Koenig Friedrich,den jeder gute Deutsche kennt. Wie oft bin ich dort gewesen, bei Regen und Sonnenschein. Und da fiel'n mir immer wieder, die schönen Worte ein: Grosser Friedrich, steig hern

Pellek - Carolus rex (sabaton cover) lyrics

embrace me It's my time to rule at last Fifteen years have I been waiting To sit upon my throne No allegiance I will swear no oath Crowned by God not by the church As my power is divine They thought I was too young to rule the land Just as they failed to unders

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Children of the revolution (t-rex cover) lyrics

Well you can bump and grind If it's good for your mind Well you can twist and shout let it all hang out But you won't fool the children of the revolution N...

Siouxsie & The Banshees lyricsSiouxsie & The Banshees - 20th century boy (t. rex cover) lyrics

say he's fine friends say he's good everybody says he's just like Robin Hood I move like a cat talk like a rat sting like a bee babe, I wanna be your man well it's plain to see you were meant for me I'm your toy your 20th century boy 20th century toy I wanna be your boy

Cardi B lyricsCardi B - Girls (feat. rita ora x charli xcx x bebe rex.. lyrics

name is Lara, we learned a lot ah How to do it, like we do it, like we wanna We just know We just know I ain't one sided, I'm open-minded I'm fifty-fifty and I'm never gonna hide it You should know, eh You should know, ay All summer we've been in the 'bu

Moonspell - Goat on fire lyrics

It is the dawn of a new morning at the Mountains of Silver and I would rather live in the ice than in the middle of the modern virtue and other southern winds' (Friedrich Nietzsche) When the cold winds blows the fog away releasing dark shining shape

Rhapsody Of Fire - Act iii: the ancient fires of har-kuun lyrics

amaro or piega il fiero volto Tersa paura al suo levar l'occhio si' stanco Fredda visione dal mondo dimenticata Antica porta ch'al morto sol al vero mal conduce Har-Kuun! Seven black towers tearing the skies Seven the guardians of the underwo

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - Long live the king lyrics

are seldom shattered By a bullet in the dark Rulers come and rulers go Will our kingdom fall apart? Who shall we now turn to When our leaders lost their heart? Lives are lost but at what cost Will the grand dream fall apart? Killed by his own or by his foes

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - Konungens likfärd lyrics

stod för dörren denna kalla vinternatt Bragd om livet stod det skrivet när hans öde hann ifatt Vem skall oss nu leda i en tid som runnit ut Mist vår kung vår sorg är tung när hans styre tagit slut Kom skottet från hans egen här tanken tär Trehundra år och ingen vet hans döds hem

Andrea Bocelli - Domine deus lyrics

Deus, Rex coelestis, Deus Pater omnipotens. Domine Fili unigenite, Jesu Jesu Christe. Jesu Christe. Jesu Christe. Domine Deus, Rex coelestis, Deus Pater omnipotens. Domine Fili unigenite, Unigenite, Jesu Christe. Domine Deus, Agnus Dei, F

Jay-z & Kanye West - H.a.m lyrics

Verse 1: Kanye West] It was all good just a week ago, niggas feel theyselves And that Watch the Throne drop, niggas kill themselves What niggas gon' do, Hov? This a new crack, on a new stove I'm in the two-door, true that, niggas telling me "You

Septicflesh - Titan lyrics

.. Misty moon of Saturn A veil conceals your face Methane rain keeps falling, clouds roaring Your vivid landscapes With deltas, lakes and seas Massive mountain stones, glassy frozen thrones Titan... "Rex est mortuus, vivat rex!" Your nam

Inme - Beautiful sky gardens lyrics

m a dog with a glass half full of dirt I'm a dog accustomed to years of hurt I'm a dog with no chip on his shoulder Hell, these burdens on my back are as heavy as boulders Still as I've got older I've learnt to make the hurt invert into pleasure for bett

Rhapsody Of Fire - Symphony of enchanted lands lyrics

I: Tharos last fight "Oh, cruel destiny... the tears soon covered the warrior's face and Tharos, the beloved dragon, spread his wings for the last time, happy to have found the freedom at least in death... Fly... fly high, mighty Tharos... your name will a

Rhapsody Of Fire - Ira tenax lyrics

sit tibi tenebrarum rex ab initio ad finem sacra ultio cruenta pugna et epicus furor contra mali discipulos Ad perpetuam gloriam lucis furor ira tenax contra iniuriam et ruinam rabies ira tenax Male sit tibi tenebrarum rex cruentus

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - The wake-up bomb lyrics

I...was...cool) I look good in a glass pack I look good and mean I look good in metallic sick wraparound blackout tease I scud along the horizon, I drink some sweet tree tea I get high in my low-ass boot-cut jean I like being seen I look good with my drink-eat-no-sleep,

Bauhaus - The three shadows part ii lyrics

classic gentlemen Say your prayers To the wind, of prostitution To your faces, and Rex complexes Riddle my breast Full of the oppressed puss Oh gentlemen, with your fish The you surround, all around And you man, will always point Your fishes, at me But I will

Dark Moor - Wind like stroke (attila) lyrics

terrois imparata Terra mortes est sembrata Demonorum generatjo Romanorum contestatio From east came storms leading fire and iron By grim demons gathered all as worms Track the trails and find the place to environ Breaking through wind

Dark Moor - Dies irae (amadeus) lyrics

maledictis, Flammis acribus addictis. When the sun is flustered And the moon is free The great little master Write a bitter melody The notes fevers in my breast, Aches to be away Eternal wisdom In glorious kingdom That is my sole wish The first violins lead me while th

Lordi - Where's the dragon lyrics

you see the dragon You told everyone you had You're too out of bragging Oh sir you are so bad Wanna see the head of the leviathan That you said you probably slayed Show me where's the belt of the mighty Kong And the t-rex that you tamed Take me to your wonder v

Mann - Mvp lyrics

ooo ooo ooo ooooooooooooo Wes Young Mann J J J R Official entertainment Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Let the games begin This double end Step up in the funk shit looking swagged out (chyeah) Here we partying Girl bring a couple friends And your boyfriend he's

Rhapsody Of Fire - Act vi: erian's lost secrets lyrics

majestic peaks We hail the fallen kings Great warriors born to win Celestial blazing steel Millions of swords and shields Flaming the coldest wind Dark gate, primordial sin Black legends now revealed Legend revealed! Tarish, your blood colored the sno

A Perfect Circle - Sadeness lyrics

in pace In nomine Christi, Amen Let us go forth in peace In the name of Christ, So be it Cum angelis et pueris, fideles inveniamur We shall find the faithful in the company of angels and children Attollite portas, principes, vestras et elevamini, portae aeternales et introibit

Dysangelium - Maniachrist lyrics

To die Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum Bringer of slavery and the king of the slaves Nailed to the cross, abandoned by God Predetermined for death Dream is lost Burried in dust Cheering crowd Under your cross What we get from your death Did you die fo

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