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Alela Diane - The pirate's gospel lyrics

up to heaven I'm gonna sing the pirate's gospel I'm gonna ... sow these feet for dancin' I'm gonna ... yo ho ho Yo ho yo ho Sing the pirate's gospel Add another flame To our forest Where

Eric Burdon - Gospel singer lyrics

and dusty day You could see the heat coming off the ground ... Up the street a man came a-running ... his way And he shouted that the gospel singer Was a-comin'

Meredith Andrews - The gospel changes everything lyrics

gospel changes everything The turning point in history ... me From who I was The story of my Savior calls Me ... to the wonder of the cross The gospel changes everything

The Dandy Warhols - Cool as kim deal lyrics

There's nothing in my art. I'd ... rather be cool than be smart. Hey. ... What I'm thinking of. I'd rather be cool than be loved. ... want a girl As cool as Kim Deal. Hey. I thought that you

Kenny Loggins - The art of the deal lyrics

t me Cant you see Ohooo The only art I've ever been able ... to feel Is the only art that matters the art ... of the deal The art of the deal There's nothing better or

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Rap killers lyrics

Intro: Raekwon] The Vatican, underground academy ... s, hard body Moving through the town, with brown on us ... us, discussed and ropes on The oath, the big mold bread, the

Saigon - The greatest story never told lyrics

Intro: Saigon] Yeah It's the greatest story, ever ever ... know somethin man Change the game, it's a promise man Dun ... It's time for America to hear THE TRUTH! "] [Saigon:]

Common - The 6th sense lyrics

will not be televised The revolution is here yeah, it ... it's real hip-hop music, from the soul, y'all Yeah, check it, ... yo The perseverence of a rebel I

Fat Joe - The crack attack lyrics

Don Cartagena, bring you the best in hardcore hip-hop ... quot; Yea, uhh Yo it's the Don of rap, sippin Cognac, ... hit you on the back with the Mac (CLAK CLAK) slip you into

Silent Knight - The strike of the sword lyrics

come, winters arrived, into the realm of darkness ride ... far to foreign lands, across the plains and ancient sands ... and one again, when I return they'll understand that... Our

Lamb Of God - The undertow lyrics

fingers to point A crooked dealer's blaming spree I'm ... and scared and cutting raw deals But fortune always favours the bold I'll bet it all and ... fold. And I won't shoulder the blame. I am the one who's

Common - The people lyrics

(Repeat) Yeah, it's for the People [Verse 1] This is ... for unsung heroes Ridin in they regal, tryin to stay legal ... daughter found Nemo, I found the new primo Yeah you know how

Group Home - The realness lyrics

Check it out ''the realness''-Mobb Deep Yeah ... yeah. The foundation. B&B kid. ... 183rd. Smiley aka The Ghetto Child: Yo yo my mind ... of crazy weight I penetrate the shit that you love to hate

Jidenna - The let out (ft. quavo/nana kwabena) lyrics

] Everytime I pull up at the let out it's a spectacle ... Heard the shit was jumpin' like the ... wall that border Mexico This the only time we on time and on

Ras Kass - The end lyrics

puglistic linguistic rapping is a mixture of slug 'em ... 'em in Come to spread it The world exclusive Check it ... From the underground producers Turn

Nas lyricsNas - Bridging the gap lyrics

Nas talking] "The light is there." ... I had my first child I named the boy Nasir, all the boys call ... him as a youngster, he'll be the greatest man alive [Verse

Ras Kass - The music of business lyrics

(Ras K.): Yea (Xzibit): The homie John John up in this motherf***er (Ras K.): Yea ... (Xzibit): Mr. X to the Z with a public service ... for all you faggot ass rappers (Ras K.): What's that?

Jimmy Needham - The gospel lyrics

Gospel, The Gospel Fragrancing words. The sea ... when it's hurt. Peace to the broken The captive set free ... May the gospel of jesus wash over me The Gospel, The Gospel My freedom

Lee Greenwood - The battle hymn of the republic lyrics

eyes have seen the glory Of the coming of the Lord He is ... trampling out the vintage Where the grapes of ... are stored He has loosed the fateful lightening Of His

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - (rap) superstar (feat. eminem and noreaga) lyrics

is really involved in this rap shit I didn't know it I ... [B-Real] So you wanna be a rap superstar And live large a ... you're in charge Comin up in the world Don't trust nobody

Angelo - Gospel lyrics

Me no mae tachihadakatta soko no mienai zetsubou wa Kyoufu ni kouritsuku sono karada ni tsukimatotte Konran o sasoidashite yami no fuchi e hikikonde E...

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Gospel plow lyrics

Mark, Luke and John All these prophets so good and gone ... But I've been told streets up there Are lined with gold Keep

Kool Savas - Rap über rap lyrics

begin.” „Oh, er macht nur Rap Rappt nur über Rap Rappt ... nur über Rap Rappt nur über Rap“ „Oh, er macht nur Rap Rappt nur über Rap Rappt nur

Max Herre - Rap ist lyrics

immer gefragt: "Warum rappst du nicht mehr?" Ist ... immer noch mein Ding hier Rapmusik (Rap ist mein Talent und ... [1. Verse: Max Herre] (Rap ist) Wenn du es wieder

Nightmare (fra) - The gospel of judas lyrics

am the tyrant maybe a preacher or a ... spy? breaking the rules in religion's lines I ... am the regent in a gospel of a new kind I'm calling ... lies I blow, I spread the winds of delusion when Jesus

Borixon - Rap daje mi siłę lyrics

dzięki niemu przeżyłem Rap daje mi siłę rap daje mi siłę ... zawsze w niego wierzyłem Rap daje mi siłę rap daje mi siłę ... mi to co potrzebuję Mam bit rapuję mam płytę promuję Nie

Kc Rebell lyricsKc Rebell - Rap rebellizzzy lyrics

mit denen? Bring mir den Rapper, der Welle macht und ich ... wär mein Name Phillip Lahm Raps Zinedine Zidane, meine Songs ... extrem Spucke Bomben in das Rapgame, bin ein Monster, wenn's

Fler - Rap wieder hart lyrics

Hook] Ich mach Rap wieder hart, bleib du weiter ... Untergrund Deutscher Rap will Ghetto werden, doch die ... weiß nicht wie (x3) Ich mach Rap wieder hart, bleib du weiter

O.s.t.r - Rap po godzinach lyrics

jest rap po godzinach - chwila prawdy ... państwie pełnym nienawiści Rap po godzinach, i luz ponad ... wszystkim. Rap po godzinach Rap po ... godzinach Rap po godzinach Rap po godzinach Tak kopie

Bushido lyricsBushido - Rap lyrics

geht Zahnstocher-Rap, Butterfly-Rap. Fresse, du ... Berlin back. Cordonsport-Rap, Air-Max-Rap. King Sonny ... zeig' Respekt. Zahnstocher-Rap, Butterfly-Rap. Fresse, du

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - Gospel lyrics

like a raven I knew right then my soul needed saving ... way out of my league back then Go anyway, be a man I ... on your step Back to before the love in my mind but I don’t

Shindy - Rap leben lyrics

mehr Mr. Nice Guy, denn Rap ist nur so cool wie deine ... deswegen, die leben Rap nicht, weil sie nicht von Rap ... deswegen, die leben Rap nicht, weil sie nicht von Rap

Bushido lyricsBushido - Rap leben lyrics

mehr Mr. Nice Guy, denn Rap ist nur so cool wie deine ... deswegen, die leben Rap nicht, weil sie nicht von Rap ... deswegen, die leben Rap nicht, weil sie nicht von Rap

Screaming Trees - Gospel plow lyrics

you how Keep your hand on the gospel plow Hold on(3x) ... you how Keep your hand on the gospel plow Wakin' up ... i'm on my own Comin' down the sky burns into my soul And i

Fabri Fibra lyricsFabri Fibra - Rap in guerra lyrics

sposti da qui finche il mio rap è in guerra mi sposti da qui ... sposti da qui finche il mio rap è in guerra mi sposti da qui ... Se c'è una cosa che odio è il rap positivo quando penso che

Abradab - Rap to nie zabawa już lyrics

kujon przez pingle Wykładam rap rozdaję jak cuksy Gierek ... się finalnie Ref. Nasz rap jest dużym chłopcem ... Bo na zabitej wiosce ma do rapu dostęp Twoja córka wydaję

Delilah - The gospel lyrics

aren't right but right now they can't be wrong. And so ... your voice denies. Along the way mistakes that you've made ... you'll have to escape the troubles you may face. And

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Gospel train lyrics

board Train is leavin' And there's room for one more God, ... don't listen to the devil He got ways to move ... to rain Get on board, it's the gospel train Don't listen to

Alabama 3 - The gospel train lyrics

warnings on the radiogram SOS, distress ... signals from the apogeal goin' to the mainland ... mountains tumblin into the sea phone lines open'd up so ... deep you can hear the devil breathe you better

Marduk - Gospel of the worm lyrics

and stiff limbs of shame Crapulous orgies - Consuming sin ... black thirst Livid with the hue of mould and death ... for maggots Mere fuel for the flames Saying grace at the

Method Man - The glide ft. raekwon, la the darkman & u-god lyrics

it is (Oh shit... that's the Wu niggaz man) aiyo ... [Raekwon] From out the air space, I'm rockin' leather pants in the tenth grade My ... pen blaze, now we in the wind gate, killin' haze Put

Panic! At The Disco lyricsPanic! At The Disco - This is gospel lyrics

is gospel for the fallen ones Locked away in ... permanent slumber Assembling their philosophies From pieces ... Oh oh oh oh oh oh this is the beat of my heart (2X) Oh oh

Fabri Fibra lyricsFabri Fibra - Rap in vena lyrics

lavoro in città io spruzzo rap in vena Io spruzzo rap in ... lavoro in città io spruzzo rap in vena Io spruzzo rap in ... stomaco se pretendi anche un rapporto mi sveglio e vado al

Kc Rebell lyricsKc Rebell - Rap rebellution lyrics

als Gage Mister Mister Rap Rebellizzy Ich mach aus der ... Promiwelt Sex and the City Physisch stabil ... psychisch labil Rap Rebellizzy Führer im Spiel

Job For A Cowboy - Unfurling a darkened gospel lyrics

to spread his darkened gospel In the past the crowned once ... held the covenant to shape and develop ... a better world Their influence and supremacy ... perception offerings to their herds of sheep Time

Jedi Mind Tricks - Rise of the machines lyrics

gonnna rip his heart out, I'm the best ever I'm the most ... and most ruthless champion there's ever been My style is ... [Verse 1: Vinnie Paz] They call me Kublai Khan, ready

A Tribe Called Quest - Rap promoter lyrics

It's a fly love song To the effect of nothing, effective ... by her beside Used to watch the show on channel 4 called ... cold out-Tide, that's how the runnings go If there ain't

Beta Band - The beta band rap lyrics

re the Beta Band and we're nice and ... with chicken or fish In the world of fashion there's two ... lights Nancy and Caroline they helped us alright And

Closure In Moscow - The church of the technochrist lyrics

in the eye Jetsam on the tongue You’re lost in your ... flesh, you covet the impermanent No sisters, no ... brothers No fathers, no mothers No daughters and no sons

Deivos - Gospel of maggots lyrics

fingers they twitch - organic dysfunction ... - bodily corrosion even the most sublime flesh - destined ... to wither once silky breasts now ... apart - for worms to slither on this is ultimate

Lay Down Rotten - Gospel of the wretched lyrics


Pezen Noon - Rap robie lyrics

związany ze swym podwórkiem rap robię Bym nie musiał w życiu ... Tak często próżny, lecz w rapie serce Rap, Grammatik, ... koneksje Na zawsze osiedle w rapu kolebce, w walce o siebie W

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Gospel song lyrics

with Jesus till I can't go another mile And people will see ... all the good that's concealed And ... Jesus till I can't take another stone And people will

Bt The Roots - The good the bad and the desolate lyrics

Now this one is dedicated to the good the bad and the ... desolated. And The Roots crew you know them ... Yo you should see some of these cats that vocalize They

Futuristic - The greatest lyrics

Verse 1] Yo, I'm the most underrated Everybody ... say they spitting fire like a dragon, ... nigga, watch me come and slay them Coming from the basement ... Double XL, man, I want the cover, there's no way that I

Ice-t - Don't hate the playa lyrics

Bunch of players listenin' to the seventh deadly sin Short ... my nigga Ice-T Don't fake the funk [Ice-T] Ice-T baby, ... out to all you haters out there Actin' like a brother done

Eminem lyricsEminem - The way i am lyrics

just let it run Aiyyo turn the beat up a little bit Aiyyo.. ... bag Of this weed it gives me the shit needed to be The most ... All this tension dispensin these sentences Gettin this

Eminem lyricsEminem - The way i am (feat. marilyn manson) lyrics

just let it run Aiyyo turn the beat up a little bit Aiyyo.. ... bag Of this weed it gives me the shit needed to be The most ... All this tension dispensin these sentences Gettin this

Limp Bizkit lyricsLimp Bizkit - The story lyrics

certain minute when you feel the lightning strike Danger is the only level of that moment ... f***ing own it. Glorified in the grace by your victory When

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