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Alfa995 - Sans battle - stronger than you (undertale an.. lyrics

s a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming... On days like these, kids like you... Should be burning in hell. Turn around kid, it'd be a crime. If I had to go back on the promise that I made for you so don't step over tha

Natewantstobattle - Ashes - undertale lyrics

this is Genocide The monster inside The voices in your head They're telling you to Wash away The crimson stains To leave us all for dead I know a way that you can cut every last tie The friends you've made How could you watch all of them die? And every world t

Dagames - Dream on (undertale song) lyrics

ran your moral ground Taking on the darkest road A story left untold Don't you leave me again We played our very own games Our choices left our marks We reunite and I Can't afford to leave you again But now we stand apart Your friends are in my heart You try

Dagames - I stay determined (undertale) lyrics

darkened world surrounds my heart They tried to decline me from the start But no matter what they do to me I stay determined, they will see I should have listened to her advice "Stay at home! Don't roll the dice!" But the heart still beats for me

Madame Macabre - Under the veil (an undertale themed song) lyrics

the rabbit hole have an aching feeling deep down in my soul and I swear I've seen before All the faces lurking just beyond the door maybe I can make this real but there's many ways that one can break a seal and I'm scared of what I'll do cause the path ahead

Levy Bettina - Enemy approaching lyrics

Whimsun, Loox Migosp and Vegetoid Moldsmal, Napstablook live in the Ruins! Then there's Snowdrake and Icecap Gyftrot and Doggo Dogamy, Dogaressa and Greater Dog, Lesser Dog, Annoying Dog Aaron, Woshua and Moldbygg Shyren and Temmie Vulkin, Tsunderplane

Levy Bettina - Qna lyrics

there everyone, how are you? Hope you like the show. If you have a question or if There's something that you just Have to know Please write in the comments cuz I'm Doing a QnA Since I nearly have a thousand Subscribers Watching what I create I wrote all the songs that

Levy Bettina - 1 000 subs lyrics

there guys, man I really cannot believe it One thousand subs Never thought I would get this far You are the best I'm so happy you like my Undertale videos Cuz I really like making them. It's so fun to write songs based on Toby Fox's music and To record dubs

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