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Deeds Of Flesh - Acid troops lyrics

the trails Through a twisted mass Dosed to kill Rotting soldiers you now pass Killing another Human only to save your ass Pushing forward now Certain death comes fast They take LSD To change the world they see They take LSD To change the world they see

Lords Of Acid - I sit on acid lyrics

come here, Sit on your face, I wanna sit on your face Sit on your face, I wanna sit on your face Sit on your face, I wanna sit on your face Sit on your face, I wanna sit on your

Alcatrazz - Undercover lyrics

Running through gate number nine She just can't miss that flight Her gun is packed and loaded As she slips into the night Rome, London, New York, L.A. ...

Kollegah - Undercover lyrics

yo, Bitch, ich zähl' die Scheine im Maserati Spyder und die Staatsanwaltskanzlei plant einen Undercover-Einsatz, denn ich stapel Millionen, Abermillionen. Ich hab' zwar noch keine Milliarden, aber Millionen. Ey yo, ich steig' in den Wagen, Koffer voller Dollar-Scheine. Bitch, vor

B. B. King - Undercover man lyrics

s a story how it goes Or so they say How a girl came along Took a young boy and stole him away But She loved him so Treated him nice They fell in love once And they fell in love twice Nothing went to waste, no Not one little taste So whatever you de

The Cataracs - Undercover lyrics

other day you said you started to cry And when I asked, you said you didn't know why You keep it, undercover (oh! ) You keep it, undercover (huh) When you laughed you said it, must be nice to have it All figured out I said now I thought you realized You

The Saddle Club - Undercover movers and shakers lyrics

huh, Uh-huh, Uh-huh, Ahhhh Undercover movers and shakers come on! Undercover movers and shakers come on! Closing in on dancefloor action Operation 'Boogie 'till to Dawn' Disco music interception Funky outfits still to be worn Undercover agents Calling others in the nation Lif

Frida Gold - Undercover lyrics

Ich seh dich kaum der Nebel blau, blicke in den Raum Sind auf der Flucht fast wie ne Sucht zu Zweit Hypnotisiert und fasziniert koennen wir uns nicht ent...

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Undercover of the night lyrics

the screams of Center 42 Loud enough to bust your brains out The opposition's tongue is cut in two Keep off the street 'cause you're in danger One hundred thousand disparus Lost in the jails in South America Cuddle up baby Cuddle up tight Cuddle up baby

Danzel - Undercover lyrics

I''ve been dying To see your body in the real It''s just to sexy to conceal I go crazy I feel your vibe Every time I look at you Wanna take you for a ride Into the shadows Where no one knows us We can deal just what we dare Have a secret love affair

Jordan Jansen - Undercover baby lyrics

baby m-I-ne, m-I-ne, m-I-ne Undercover baby Maybe I should I tell you, the way I feel And let these hidden dreams, finally be revealed Do you even notice, the way I stare I can’t help but wonder, if you even care How I care about you Do I dare tell you the t

Selena Gomez lyricsSelena Gomez - Undercover lyrics

I look at you, and all I wanna do, it's just dissapear I got a craving for you, baby, can we get out of here You're a sexy machine, you're a hollywood dre...

Jordan Jansen - Undercover baby lyrics

I should I tell you, the way i feel And let these hidden dreams, finally be revealed, do you even notice, the way I stare, I can't help but wonder, if you even care How I care about you, do I dare tell you the truth I'm your undercover baby and I wonder if it sh

Kids In Glass Houses - Undercover lover (feat. frankie sandford) lyrics

tried so hard to tell you These things I’ve heard about you In your stars They tear you apart I’ve lied so hard to fool you All these things come back to haunt You in the dark They tear you apart I’ve had a good day Doing things the wrong wa

Kehlani lyricsKehlani - Undercover lyrics

know they don't wanna see us together But it don't matter, no, 'cause I got you Anytime you're under the weather Babe we can always go If I gotta pull up on you, on the east side In the late night, in a disguise You know I could pull up on you, kee

Allstar Weekend - Undercover lyrics

I woke up Felt kind of awkward in these shoes Seems all the people on the streets Blocked every way I reached When I try to walk to you I know it's true I'm ki...

Vanilla Ninja lyricsVanilla Ninja - Undercover girl lyrics

inside She's always in disguise Destined to kill What she thought was real Yeah she's a high class baby With some attitude She's wicked and wild And makes you go blind and grind She's undercover Girl That's all she's got She's taking you high and makes your

Kehlani lyricsKehlani - Undercover lyrics

Verse 1] You know they don't wanna see us together But it don't matter, no, 'cause I got you Anytime you're under the weather Babe, we can always go, if I gotta pull up on you On the east side, in the late night, in a disguise You know I could pull up on you, keep you all ni

Dj Drama - Undercover ft. chris brown and j. cole lyrics

Chris Brown - Verse 1] I aint gonna lie, I’m fiendin’ cause I need it And I’m diggin you a lot, now you still catching feelings But I’m feeling on your spot, no kidding when I hit it I be leaking on your spine, playing with your mind I aint gonna stop w

Tina Turner lyricsTina Turner - Undercover agent for the blues lyrics

was my lover, he was working undercover The fellow knew all of the moves He really had me romping, bare footing stomping He just kept igniting my fuse He was blinded by the blackness of my long silk stocking He would rock me with an optical illusion And this ain't how I thoug

Acidez - Acid thrash terrorist lyrics

want to destroy to any Rich man And f***ing police who ruined his life He was declared guilty for a No commited crime Acid thrash terrorist 210 polonium kill the judge Amino biphenol will cause the mutation Acid thrash terrorist Plutonium

Brennan Heart - Acid & dubstyle (unknown analoq) lyrics

is acid - Acid [x2] And I love acid This is acid - This is acid Acid - Acid [2x] This is acid [3x]

Scooter lyricsScooter - Acid bomb lyrics

Move on up We're going to the wild wild side Ready Hey you bomb bomb Hey you bomb bomb Hey you bomb bomb Acid acid bomb Yeah Move on up We're going to the wild side Yeah Move on up We're going to the wild side Yeah Move on up Move on up Move on Going to the Y

Far East Movement - Acid (dirty bass reflip) lyrics

Acid Acid Acid I lo- ,I lo-, I lo-, I lo-, I lo-ve that Dirty Bass, bass Uh, I love that I love that Di-Dirty Bass I, I, I love that, I love that Dirty bass I-I love that, I love that Di-Dirty My girl's from acid I love that Uh I love that ac

Firehouse - Acid rain lyrics

re clueless, and we got all the answers We're brilliant, we got no cure for cancer Don't stay out in the sun too long Don't you dare eat meat, don't do nothing wrong Did you see the news, can we breath today? They say the rain is on the way Ye

D.r.i. - Acid rain lyrics

our children look back with hatred or despair At a generation of idiots who just didn’t care About the fossil fuel fumes and the aerosol sprays That put holes in the ozone and let in the rays That can cause cancer in humans? And what is it all worth Heating up our globe, destroying

Kill Hannah - Acid rain lyrics

you in the rain, Semi-torn apart, With those Alice Cooper eyes watching the storm, And you were so strange in that hurricane, That I knew that I was just too late, I will run with you, In a silent film under the acid rain, No one sees us cry under the acid rain, So

No Doubt lyricsNo Doubt - Undercover lyrics

A cat up in a tree Want you to get me down But I'm scared of what I'll see I need a private eye To see through your disguise ‘cause I wanna know everything Oh I'm lookin' down deep inside you And I want to climb in but I can't do it I'm so scared of what I might find there Do

Tina Turner lyricsTina Turner - Acid queen lyrics

your child ain't all he should be now This girl will put him right I'll show him what he could be now Just give me one night I'm the Gypsy - The acid Queen Pay before we start I'm the Gypsy - The acid queen I'll tear your soul apart Give us a room and close

Pripjat - Acid rain lyrics

if your everyday life Would be over in a second? What if no one would tell That radiation crushes your cells? Poor, forgotten, voiceless No help is on the way Evacuation is not an option On toxic ground they all shall stay! Doomed to pay the price For mistakes they did

Natalia Kills - Acid annie lyrics

followed you to the mall, I pulled up right by your car. And darling, I saw it all, yeah I followed you to the house, I watched you there on the couch. And honey, I saw it all, yeah If your wondering why your windows smashed, your shirts are slashed, your

Lords Of Acid - Acid queen lyrics

want you to give me a show I'll give you a show, i'll give you a show Show me your p****, show me your p**** Show it to me, show it to me She's an acid queen if you know what i mean Hey bitch, now i want you to go down on your hands and knees Come on, on your hands and knees, on your

Pastor Troy - Acid rain lyrics

Verse 1: Pastor Troy] (C'Mon!) The pain enhances the misery swells (C'Mon!) I'm screamin' ya name from a mountain in hell (C'Mon!) I'm so lonely the grounds above me (Yeah!) It seems as if no one cares to love me (C'Mon!) Maybe I'm crazy, addicted to pain

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - Undercover genius lyrics

I'm the Man, I'm smarter than you and you can't deny it I'll get what I deserve You're selling your soul, I'm not gonna buy it And it's a shame that you don't like me 'Cause I'm your greatest fan You'll always be a step behind me Catch me if you can A choir of an

The Fratellis - Acid jazz singer lyrics

let me tell you something, let me tell you so This could be the one thing that you really need to know You got to stop once in a while and shake off that face of yours Cause nothing comes easy no it just comes free You could sing it better if you'd

Alexis Jordan - Acid rain lyrics

J.Cole] It ain’t hard to tell, I excel and prevail Young n-ggas rising hell but talk well Make sales, I managed to re-fake jail Blast on the road to success was unpaved land But here we are, breathing, f-ck demons Never get caught sleeping I’d rathe

Enter Shikari - Acid nation lyrics

in this acid nation with apprehension, You are expected to gulp down hindrance. This is a celebration of spirit and of mind. When your bodies resignation is heard you can ignore. This is an assignation. WE WILL PERSEVERE This is an acid nation. WE WILL

Glay - Acid head lyrics

NOISE ni oboreteiru ACID HEAD no wakarazuya no taisetsu na Rock 'n' Roll nigiri tsubushiteyaru furatsuku munamoto ni Beat o kizame katte ni tsuki ga odoridashitara ijiketa taiyou negative na getsuyoubi taikutsu na yoru mo (guruguru mawaru) street o ketobaseba kuda

Asap Rocky lyricsAsap Rocky - Acid drip lyrics

Verse 1] Feelin out of place plus it’s gettin kinda late Tryna make it home safe and I get raped where you live? Tina tummy ache, Gina got the funny face I’m sniffin dope, so was Dom, was leanin on the red I bet you wish you had a Benz cause you just

Aviators - Acid rain lyrics

don't be shy I'll take you to the sky We'll fly away To better days ahead Hello, take my hand There's poison in the sand Don't worry I Can purify What's dead I can't let you slip away The world's in disarray No one should have to stay I will take aw

Angra - Acid rain lyrics

the world had a tragic fate We were draining the poisoned sea Though the scenes were indeed too sad Only prayers were taking lead Oh! Just some of us survived At least a discent woman and a man Wide awake! Am I alone in this place Someone hea

Cimorelli - Acid rain lyrics

Paint me a picture Show me your colors I’m gone when I’m with you But I’m better than ever Lauren: I breathe you in You breathe me out You just take it all away You’re acid rain in an endless drought But you make it all okay Katherine: Take me to your

Municipal Waste - Acid sentence lyrics

body No punishment No crime to pin on him Disposing of his victims Dipped in acid was his sin A background of religion In this case had led to harm The only evidence left Was just a fragment of an arm A psychopathic killer Immune to being ca

Public Image Ltd - Acid drops lyrics

does it mean, what does anything mean Sending out signals I see the smoke screens What is not dirty, what is not clean What should we not hear, what shouldn't be seen Running off verbals like a runaway truck Who censors the censor, can I do that myself

Saigon Kick - Acid rain lyrics

rain, acid rain Don't come back for another day I wash my face in the sea of blood I wash my face in the sea of blood Rain, where are you hiding? Gotta, gotta get away Get away, get away I walked on the wings of your mother's schemes I walked

Avenged Sevenfold - Acid rain lyrics

day has come It's drawn in the sky So don't shead a tear now Be thankful for the time Life wouldn't be so precious dear if there never was an end Children still play in the garden Dance as the sun slips away We stand on the edge now We've com

Macabre - Acid bath vampire lyrics

will die by surprise when I take your life I will smile John George Haigh was a vampire who drank old ladies blood then put them in a non-corrosive drum and with acid he'd dissolve them With my knife I make a cut on your neck Your blood fills a glass fo

Project Pitchfork - Acid ocean lyrics

drink the words You eat the meaning You can’t get enough But you’re just dreaming Then you spit it out You despise your role And you wait for the next one To feed your soul All the things we had Life stops in its motion All is melting down Into the acid ocean

Silverchair - Acid rain lyrics

down slowly Seeps into the ground Isn't just flowing water Won't stop until your brain is found Seeps into your little green eyes 'til it meets your brain Runnin' through all of your brain cells 'til it drives you insane Acid... Acid Rain Falls down slowly See

Bernasconi Rico - Undercover lyrics

............................................. .............................................. .............................................

Janne Da Arc - Acid breath lyrics

iku na... nozokikomu na... sono sekai wa ima muhouchitai me o fusaida... yubi no sukima... temaneki shita doukeshi ga warau "nani o shiritai? nani ga kikitai? mujouken ni zetsubou suru MOZAIKU nashi ni hito no omote to ura misete ageru" me ni utsuru subet

Acid Drinkers - Acid drinker lyrics

you can go away And don't try and come back I don't forgive mistakes. don't you excuse yourself You're a scabby liar We need some blood to clean our honor. I am a Titan of patience You will lose your first battle I wont give you my hand. don't follow me!!! You will get lost on

Daysend - Acid laced fiasco lyrics

charge for one and more to go. You'll find that there's no way to know. A though that you had, Though they never knew has been lost in time. And now I'm down so low Acid laced fiasco. Help me brother wake me from this. F***ing disaster, catastrophe. Gut

Jj72 - Undercover angel lyrics

saw you in a river of stardust and golden spray was sent down by the good sun it covered you and made you shine An angel thats what you are but this shining flower knows it can sting I know my mind is taken over by this satellite in the land of

Tanner Patrick - "undercover martyn" by two door cinema club lyrics

she spoke words that would melt in your hands And she spoke words of wisdom To the basement people, to the basement Many surprises await you In the basement people, in the basement You hid there last time, you know we're gonna find you Sick in the carseat, cause you're

I Exist - Acid strain lyrics

the wastelands of the gloomy south, arises high the strongest breed. When the sun loomed again, radiation modified the seed. The seeds they seemed to proliferate with deadly solar flares, multiplying cells at near light speed. The growth atones for the years of darkness and th

Orange Goblin - Acid trial lyrics

sail on the good ship levitation Eyes wired shut with fascination Cold blooded silence in the vacuum Astronauts dining in the backroom Words go unspoken and deeds go undone The mark of the devil engraved on the sun Freaks and fanatics all losing their mind

Panda Bear - Acid wash lyrics

a rope Strung a crossing The gulf As a ship On a sea Cuts the froth With a yell As you've won against The deep Laugh, [into] the chasm Laugh, [into] the chasm From afar For a frame changes course As a flame Gives a ruin a new name With a yell As you've wo

Alice In Chains lyricsAlice In Chains - Acid bubble lyrics

tried to kill me off Surprised I remain A scale tips impossible Afraid of my own name And I always paid attention to all the lines you crossed Forgive this imperfection it shows and know I am the child that lives and cries in a corner Dies in a corner

B - Complex - Acid trip lyrics


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