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Under The Gun Intruders Marky lyrics

Browse for Under The Gun Intruders Marky song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Under The Gun Intruders Marky lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Under The Gun Intruders Marky.

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Foreigner - Under the gun lyrics

t take no less Walking up the west side She bought a ... ticket for the long ride Well she's ripe ... for the take But it's no show, ... says yes when she means no Under the gun She can't walk away

Aldo Nova - Under the gun lyrics

the man ridin high in the desert near the Rio Grande ... sleep, doesnt take time to understand Cause the girl that he ... went away and ran off with another man But he followed them

Jorn Lande & Trond Holter - Under the gun lyrics

You say you'll never make it, there's nowhere left to hide. ... You just can't face the demons you carry deep inside. ... I'm doomed by my temptation, the hungry prince of night.

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Under the gun lyrics

They) searched for love under the moonlight Sailed on the ... storm, they touched the sea (All) hell broke loose, they felt the cold wind blow On the wings of the cold and rainy

Doro Pesch - Under the gun lyrics

and ill tell you an lies the future has been twisted and ... rehearsed for its demise The warning lights are flashin' ... and their circlin' in the sky but no one feels the

Asia - Under the gun lyrics

the world is caving in From the pressures of the day And you ... to stay We have to toe the line It's so hard to take the pace You're a better man ... that I In the perfect human race So...

Phantom ( Usa ) - Under the gun lyrics

lines are dawn The dragon rides on the winds of ... war Set loose on the world once more As we sit ... and watch the skies For his final flight Under the gun The world, it

Kiss - Under the gun lyrics

ll get it my way Let's hit the highway, I'll take you down ... Shoot out in the night, lookin' for action The main attraction is back in ... town Press the pedal to the metal, on your mark, set, go

Lita Ford - Under the gun lyrics

you a hero, or are you the lonely one? Do you ever get ... don't you ever feel pain? Under the loaded gun You are a ... with nowhere to run You are the winner that loses in the end

Kris Kristofferson - Under the gun lyrics

at a heaven Gone to hell under the gun See the child, ... and hungry Growing wild, on the run And he'll die reaching ... for freedom He was born under the gun Swollen men, blind

Danger Danger - Under the gun lyrics

in the shuffle the hustle and bustle of the city ... a hurry No one showed her the right She met a man, he ... her hand one night Out on the street all the people you

Dezperadoz - Under the gun lyrics

ride into the setting sun. Hide your fears ... you are under my gun. (I feel no regrets. Now ... Blinded for A moment. By the midday sun moving. Too ... slowly falling you're under the Gun. You're done, You're under the gun Warm blood,

Paragon - Under the gun lyrics

A spreading desease Brother against brother Blood ... blood Don't look any further Fear reigns the ... thou shalt die [Chorus] Under the gun - Under the gun

Deep Purple - Under the gun lyrics

that it's never right There was a reason but it's out ... down somewhere tonight Under the gun Put death in my ... s right We got no choice Under command We're ordered to

Havok - Under the gun lyrics

your back against the wall No time left, no time ... when, you don’t know who Under the gun Under pressure and ... You gotta find a way Under the gun Or there is hell to pay

Impellitteri - Under the gun lyrics

night I have the same ol dream, An angel ... standing in the sun over me I see you ... rain, you're so far away In the silent night you can hear me ... out your name When you're under the gun, it's a cold

Berlin - Under the gun lyrics

worlds apart Two together Into that goodnight kiss ... away One takes the heart One the other Kiss ... living for love? I've been under the gun I've lost and I've

Molly Hatchet - Under the gun lyrics

Chorus: Our backs against the wall Are we headed for a ... time to think at all Down to the wall just like while it's hot ... it all. Our backs against the wall No time to think at all

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Under the gun lyrics

t real, Wishful thinking, the way I feel, But you sure ... our lives, running away from the law, We all live under the ... But we don't have to live under the gun. We still might

Modern Day Escape - Under the gun lyrics

engines Let's take this to the streets I got one fist for ... roulette one bullet in the chamber So now your under the gun What fate awaits you my ... son You can run but there's no where left to hide

The Killers - Under the gun lyrics

her halo and wings Hidden under his eyes But she's an angel ... she can set him free And then he says to me Kill me ... a reason to pray His life is under the gun He's got to hold

Blondie - Under the gun (for jeffrey lee pierce) lyrics

t much for words, but when the wise kids made a racket he'd ... I know from L.A. We'll own the Rio Grande. I'll pay you ... t big, just some cats I dig. They said they'd do the gig.&quot

Acid Drinkers - Under the gun lyrics

happiness at once This is the time of dying, they wanna see ... big thing Loading very obese guns They ask you boy, are you ... begin, I'm steady Oh, it's the last time, maybe there I’ll

Dokken - Under the gun lyrics

time to burn it all Down to the core Of your bottomless ... You will have Your day in the sun Close your eyes it's ... gonna burn Your day in the sun Will you ever learn?

Deathstars - The mark of the gun lyrics

barrel looked her Deep in the eye And she said “I want ... you” She looked the gun Deep in the eye The gun ... want you too” Doom strike the tame today Day with a bowie

Savage Messiah - Six feet under the gun lyrics

you spurned Because in truth they were not their, another ... costume that you wear The bitterness burns at you But ... a lie is never the truth A supercilious

Icon ( Usa ) - Under my gun lyrics

m on the run I'm out of the reigns I'm on the loose I'm ... out of the gates to fight I'm ready to ... path I've got ya now You're under my wrath You can't fight it

Babylon A.d. - The kid goes wild lyrics

took his pistol and his shotgun, ready for action Flyin' ... t got fame But after tonight they're gonna know my name" ... Angry and young, under the gun The kid goes wild Rebel

Morning Parade - Under the stars lyrics

gonna stay up late tonight Under the stars I’ll put you in ... gonna set your soul alight Under the stars Under the stars ... So let the street lights shine away

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - The brewery lyrics

my toes close Catch me on the quieter, flip something up ... y'all already know I have a gun team They don't hang, phones ... one ring, dumping flames The XKR, flyer performance Built

In This Moment - The gun show lyrics

to the gun show Hey cowboy how's it ... want to rock Welcome to the gun show Tonight we get wild ... Welcome to the gun show Where the dead come ... alive (Where the dead come alive) Hey

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Under the god lyrics

dance back-a-the condo Skin heads getting to ... flags While you was gone, there was war This is the west, ... get used to it They put a Swastika over the door

Doctor Butcher - The chair lyrics

no remorse no regrets For the crimes he'd commit, violent ... breath that was heard was the victim's final word Another life just passing by, what's ... on the mind when the convict fries Trapped in

Ashok - Under the thumb lyrics

affection, I've fallen for another He made me do some bad ... things but you make me do the worst He's been around for ... centuries, but you were still the first He may have fire and

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Under the same sun lyrics

saw the morning It was shattered by ... a gun Heard a scream, saw him fall ... no one cried I saw a mother She was praying for her son ... Do you ever ask yourself Is there a Heaven in the sky Why

Eminem lyricsEminem - Under the influence (feat. d12) lyrics

with a trash can strapped to the back of his ass so the rats ... I'm like a f***in wasp in the hospital lost Stingin the ... everything I come across in the halls I light a candle and

Hypnogaja - The march lyrics

ve seen the end ahead But I still keep ... on Nowhere to go but off the edge All sense we had is ... on Although we're one Under the gun While you're at home We

Darkest Hour - The sadist nation lyrics

nation under the gun Where forward thinking is ... justified Is just another pride Under the surface ... from blood flowing green The myth of protection Is a sick

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - The gun lyrics

man has a gun He knows how to use it Nine ... you mess with me Carrying a gun, carrying a gun Carrying a gun, don't you mess with me ... Carrying a gun, carrying a gun Carrying a gun, don't mess

Lindsey Buckingham - The right place to fade lyrics

let me live Been living in the past let me rise today Led a ... long we wait Waiting for the light that might light our ... way Waiting for the right place to fade You

Ayria - The gun song lyrics

down the gun. (13x) Put it down. &quot ... me!" So watcha gunna do cuz looking at a space ... all a bit to real now noise the cycle will continue boys

Cash Cash - The gun ft. trinidad james, dev & chrish lyrics

I never should've dropped the gun down, baby Oh, I never ... oh, I never should've dropped the gun Bang bang, chicka, ... demoted I thought love was the motive, I was wrong Trust

Nightcore - The gun song (nightcore) lyrics

down the gun. (13x) Put it down. &quot ... me!" So watcha gunna do cuz looking at a space ... all a bit to real now noise the cycle will continue boys

Rufus - The gun lyrics

Feel Yeah, I fall Feel the gun And I'll stop hanging on ... In this field of grey Feel the gun And I'll stop hanging on ... my Feel and all I see is other worlds And I can't help it

Modern Day Escape - The syndicate lyrics

this far PRE-CHORUS The nights we spent Fighting ... all Of our dreams between the Battles and the wars Don't ... Don't let em take you down There's are storm that's rolling

Jim Reeves - The gun lyrics

is the story of love that came ... undone This is the story of two men and a gun of ... two men and a gun. A man that I'd never met ... consumed my soul Hate was the creed by which I lived and

Rush - The weapon lyrics

not fatal tragedy? Not the faulty units in this mad ... machinery? Not the broken contacts in emotional ... glove We are sheltered under the gun In the glory game on the

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The ashes from the oath lyrics

night, we saw the rainbow in the sky Filled with hope, ready ... to cry Roaring thunder, and the moon was passing by Crack in ... the wall, light in the sky Early morning, and the

Force Of Evil ( Den ) - Under the blade lyrics

1799 when the moon started to shine Bodies ... in the open ground Their heads were nowhere to be ... It’s a haunted place out there The people no longer care

Poison Girls - Under the doctor lyrics

get a new job Have another baby Maybe you're an artist ... Or just blame it all on the men... What I'm trying to ... be strong Cos nothing takes the pain away For long I don

Public Image Ltd - Under the house lyrics

the house Under the house It came out of the ... wall A single cadaver (under the house) It went under the ... house Scream in the trees Under the moon (scream in a dream)

Paula Abdul - Under the influence lyrics

I first spotted you among the crowd Your eyes met mine ... And that's when the room started spinning around ... Suddenly I couldn't breathe I felt my knees Getting

Curtis Lee - Under the moon of love lyrics

s go for a little walk Under the moon of love Let's sit down ... and talk Under the moon of love I wanna tell ... let's walk Let's talk under the moon of love You are

Inquisition - Under the black inverted pentagram lyrics

dark lord I sing to thee With pride I stand under ... stars Chanting dark hymns

Massari - Under the radar lyrics

never see me coming under the radar So I lay low, lay low ... They never see me coming under the radar So I lay low, lay ... low They never see me coming under the radar So I lay low, lay low

A-teens - Under the sea lyrics

The Sea (text) The seaweed is always greener ... You dream about going up there But that is a big mistake ... Just look at the world around you Right here

Cheryl Cole - Under the sun lyrics

stuck in a phase I can see the sun shining Bright right on ... through the haze I can play it safe Is ... sure you'll tell me anything under the sun Like how you think I

D.r.i. - Under the overpass lyrics

to defend our rights At the risk of his own ass Now ... sleeps in a cardboard box Under the overpass Under -- under the overpass Like discarded ... Seems to be no place for them in this mess A dime or a

The Damned - Under the wheels lyrics

I’m born Sent here to fall Under another spell, blindly Green ... sacrifice me Float down the stream Over the waterfall, ... me Smiling faces through the ages, animated, innocently

Demonaz - Under the great fires lyrics

gods of the furious black burning skies ... high on your ride Along the great legends born of fire ... on horses attack from the mountainous sides Fires ... shall flame to the skies all battalions stride

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