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Lord Of The Lost - The love of god lyrics

the righteous fighters their bodies cold in unmarked ... a poor reward for faith (The love of God) No chapter ... you choose to pray so breathe another day (The love of God

Hb - The battle of god lyrics

will take the blame or who will pay the price for teaching ... what is false in the sight of God You can be a leader ... preaching of a heathen God without the dull side of

Avrigus - The final wish lyrics

dance in doom and gloom in the hanging tree As I await at the gates of hades My saviour to ... come with the key (As twilight fades at the gates of hades my saviour will come with the key) To

God Dethroned - Under the sign of the iron cross lyrics

ago Tactical supremacy The seeds of disaster already in the plan No more loyalty Strike ... hard, kill fast and claim the victory Defeat the enemy In

Hordak - Under the sign of the wilderness lyrics

the woods of the old Europe, Greenlands of ... entwined trees, The fog hides secrets and rumours ... Elder than the mountain and the seas… Stories about and

Lincoln Brewster - The love of god lyrics

You are with me surely Closer than I can say ... well I am hidden shadowed Under Your wings always Oh where ... else can I turn But to the love of God In brokenness

Rotting Christ - Under the name of legion lyrics

saw the full face of the menstrual hecate Four and ... forty virgins make the form of the gate It is the key ... inside me, it is the glyph of the vision To have a god within

Holy Knights - Under the light of the moon lyrics

lights over the hills tonight So many ... knights into the campfire Smell of acrid smoke on the air Men are just out of scare for their fate. All around

Evil Masquerade - Under the surface of water lyrics

play music, play music for thee As I sing it, can you dance ... before me? Every word, every harmony ... you bleed, make you feel The evil spirit Spirit of the

Frozen Dawn - The triumph of god frost lyrics

the sky turns into dark The moon shrouds the woods And ... when the fog starts to spawn You ... on thy black throne Come to freeze the rings of fire ... Come to bring the eerie frost Come.... god of frost Come.... god of ice

Galadriel - Under the wings of the fallen one lyrics

the mysterious frost of the darkest night Penetrating ... so strong And cold moon will disclose his vicious pale ... face And will show me way, which I will set out I

Demon Hunter - The wrath of god lyrics

at the voice inside Dig a deeper ... tomb and all the self can finally resonate, ... resonate, resonate Tread on the path of pride You can be the ... god and let the faith become your enemy, enemy, enemy,

Drygva - Пад Сцягам Пяруна (under the banner of perun) lyrics

Лютая моц выступае ў паход У вайне пакараць чужаземцаў. Вядома, хто нам нясе свой прыгнёт - Сярод буйных траў знойдзе месца На тварах Багоў попел спал...

Ancient Rites - Under the sign of laguz lyrics

into the Northern waters,onward! Forward to ... tame unknown lands,forward! Alfather Odin be our guide,onward! Under the Laguz rune,forward! UNDER THE SIGN OF LAGUZ WE SAIL

Bastard Priest - Under the hammer of destruction lyrics

of a nation Force of power Clouds of death In the black sky Death from above ... Endless pain Under the hammer of destruction Mass ... graves Of the damned Tormented bodies Corpses of napalm

Darkflight - Under the shadow of fear lyrics

after the defeat And the shadow of darkness is upon us ... inhuman presence Waits for me Entering the woods And ... searching for a shelter From the last massacre The Lord of

Dead Soul Tribe - Under the weight of my stone lyrics

you know Tomorrow s a memory gone by And on the floor ... never read And you wait another day Life has given ... away Before you know All the cracks in the walls have

Elvenking - Under the tree of us'dam lyrics

harmony:] "March to the tree" Step by step, ... we walked the elfdom as far as the pass of ... Helm Now waves of twilight wash our shields,

New Found Glory - The king of wishful thinking (go west cover) lyrics

your feet Just cause you cut me to the bone And I won’t miss ... the way that you kiss me We were never carved in ... And If I don’t listen to the talk of the town Then maybe

Nightmare (fra) - The burden of god lyrics

God, did you create A world of innocents In which, we're ... searching for a source of harmony? When God, can you ... stop the chaos of your land? Your heaven's not

Showaddywaddy - Under the moon of love lyrics

s go for a little walk under the moon of love Let's sit down ... and talk under the moon of love I wanna tell ya, that I ... love ya And I want you to be my girl Little darling let's

Cruel Force - Under the sign of the moon lyrics

moon is Rising and closed is the black oath with chants of ... revelation The horsemen are on their way Through the Fields and forest Death is ... what they prey Feel the winds of Mayhem Which guide

Freedom Call - Under the spell of the moon lyrics

the spell of the moon Oh, I wonder, I forget ... I hear the voices of darkness I surrender, I ... I’m chasing a dream, alone in the night Glistening in the

Lunatic Gods - Under the veil of the night lyrics

is veiled by the dark In the night time the worlds unite ... desire In our minds Deep in the night The seed of life Like ... a star Desire will guide us to each other By the moon We are the same

Curtis Lee - Under the moon of love lyrics

s go for a little walk Under the moon of love Let's sit down ... and talk Under the moon of love I wanna tell you that ... you And I want you to be my girl Little darling, let's

Gorod - The axe of god lyrics

have learnt to fight in the forest and live in harmony ... with nature They have knowledge of a ... is hostile to us I know there is nothing they can fear ... But the anger of the Queen The Axe of God The Axe of their

Ll Cool J - The power of god lyrics

yeah Yeah We'll get into the groove Power of God move Somethin real smooth Somethin you ... better way to live You know the way - positive Without all the negative chemicals and drugs

Nokturnal Mortum - Under the banners of the horned knjaz lyrics

the Banners of the Horned Knjaz no lyrics...

Secret Sphere - Under the flag of mary read lyrics

(Mary):] I was born to face the wild winds, my face is ... angelic, my heart's made of stone, on wings of freedom ... I'll die [PRE CHORUS:] The Sphere: So they love as love

Secret Sphere - Under the flag of mary read lyrics

(Mary):] I was born to face the wild winds, my face is ... angelic, my heart's made of stone, on wings of freedom ... I'll fly 'till I'll die The Sphere: So they love as love

Aeternus - Under the blade of the dead lyrics

.. instrumental... instrumental... ... instrumental..

Jon Foreman - The house of god, forever lyrics

is my shepherd I won't be wanting ... I won't be wanting He makes me rest In fields of green ... Even though I walk Through the valley Of death and dying I

Diabolical Masquerade - Under the banner of the sentinel lyrics

and Fire Raping the Sky Lustfilled Desire The ... Ones must Die Warriors of Death shall Rise Tonight ... Coming to Kill the Morninglight Nowhere to Hide ... your Time has Come A Vengeance for Them and a

Diabulus In Musica - Under the shadow (of a butterfly) lyrics

think our life it's so short There're so many place to see ... And no time to realize your dreams ... Over the hills, under the sky Feel the sun, touch the

Highlord - The hand of god lyrics

s destiny is controlled By some transcendental entity or law ... has no control Over his own will On the day the hawk feel ... A new order to enslave the world And for you a new

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Under the influence of love lyrics

high It happens every time Whenever I'm with my guy ... feels so good I can't help myself And I wouldn't if I ... Love's really got a hold on me And there's nothing I can

Kate Alexa - Under the influence of you lyrics

wake up with the morning sun and think about ... you I flip the radio to on, and think about ... Your voice is going round my head I only hear you I'm ... but dream abot what you do to me I'm inside out going crazy

Enthroned - The scourge of god lyrics

as the "Scourge of God", Attila united the Huns ... who were various tribes of Mongoloid warriors, invading the Roman empire from 436 to 453

Folkodia - Under the wings of aquila lyrics

ve marched through the mud Under the lash of a thousand ruins ... I've marched across the sands Of Lybia, to battles a ... world away... My body bears the scars Of

4him - The love of god lyrics

love of God is greater far Than tongue or ... can ever tell; It goes beyond the highest star, And reaches to the lowest hell; The guilty pair, ... bowed down with care, God gave His Son to win; His

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - The love of god lyrics

love of God is greater far Than tongue or ... can ever tell It goes beyond the highest star And reaches to the lowest hell The guilty pair, ... bowed down with care God gave His Son to win His

Behexen - Under the eye of lord lyrics

I am with the wrath of lord Satan Blessed I am with ... the unholy power O' Father of Hell... grant me immortality ... and let me be one proud spirit in your

Hezekiah Walker - The lamb of god lyrics

this guilty soil And to become THE LAMB of GOD O LAMB OF GOD, SWEET LAMB OF GOD I love the ... HOLY LAMB OF GOD O wash me in Your Precious Blood My ... Jesus Christ the LAMB OF GOD! Your gift of love, they

4him - The voice of god lyrics

have dreamed of being Moses Standing on the ... mountain top When he heard the voice of God And I admit that ... even sometimes Ive imagined I was Paul on the road to Damascus When he

4him - The hand of god lyrics

hope I long for peace To fill the void of reason that my heart ... can only see There is a pull there is a need I see in part I ... for more I long to know the mysteries of why and who we are of what has been and what's in

Ragnarok - Under the wings of satan lyrics

.. rape the cosmic creation And bind an ... declaration. Feel the great storm which fulfils the ... And sacrifice all fear. In the greatest kingdom of my inner

Rilo Kiley - The absence of god lyrics

absence of god will bring you comfort, baby, And ... planning's for the poor so let's pretend that we ... re rich, And i'm not my body or how i choose to ... Folk singers sing songs for the workin' baby. We're just

Arachnes - The power of god lyrics

this world, feeble light in the universe, misunderstood ... voice in the darkness, in the middle of (the) planets and (the) stars... Fear, fear and ... suspicion hold sway, but there's no trace of enemies, and

Blood Stain Child - Under the sin of grief lyrics

of ice pierce me and my body is stained red I´m ... Nobody knows we on open my mind I stand the hill of ... despair everyday That´s the place of sorrow That´s the

Opera Ix - Under the sign of the red dragon lyrics

raise my eyes at dead of night I hear the silence ... moulding my body I hear the damp and living ground ... I belong to it. I'm the guardian of this land, I'm

Candlemass - The light of thebe lyrics

a virgin tower, I'm taking to the stars I dream of ancient ... power, glimmers in my eyes Four devils guide my ... days I travel with the dragon to learn and tjame the

My Dying Bride - The crown of sympathy lyrics

the light and feel my warm desire, run through my ... veins like the evening sun. It will live ... but no eyes will see it. I'll bless your name before I die. No person in

Of Montreal - My friend will be me lyrics

wish I knew a man Someone to steal me from this ... d run her fingers through my hair and kiss me Wish I didn ... That when I'm talking to the floor I'm talking to you If

Dark Funeral - The arrival of satan's empire lyrics

war, when Satan's demons are smeared in blood. Feathers fall ... from angel wings, from the sky. Father Satan gather ... your legions, it is time to claim your throne. The

Amorphis - The lost name of god lyrics

Religions so many, which one of them are so real, That it ... us to believe ? Crushing the chains of faith To find the way of immortality, We're ... hiding behind the cross To find shelter, we

Antestor - The crown i carry lyrics

holds When passion abandons The bonds no longer clutch And the rope screams you name A ... path of daggers But where to step A ... hallway of illusions Of what was Duty heavy as a

God Forbid - The end of the world lyrics

it's our affliction The remains of yesterday Help us ... get away from the destruction of our world Running for cover ... as the ghost walk as man Running ... for cover as the world comes to an end Will this be a

Blutengel - My saviour lyrics

is falling down The Streets so cold and empty I ... m on my Way to another Nightmare I'm searching for ... to hide I want you to be my Saviour you can brake this

Sodom - The sin of sodom lyrics

plains, the human race Guilty breed, no ... Sulfer rain A city on the desert plains Defied by ... and sacrifice Bring 'em to their knees Armageddon’s ... battlefield Rising up the pentagram Victims of a

Panychida - Deceased under the splendour of stars lyrics

are riding the night, one is black and other ... yet innocent lives. Čech! Meduna! He is the man and she ... follows gods, children of fortune, born in the name of

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