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U Order A Drink lyrics

Browse for U Order A Drink song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed U Order A Drink lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to U Order A Drink.

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At The Gates - Order from chaos lyrics

parasites we grovel - through the dust A temple devoured ... - by the ancient fires Autumn falls hard on restless ... flesh Persistence buried in the sands of time

G-eazy lyricsG-eazy - Order more (ft. starrah) lyrics

Intro: Starrah] I got racks on the menu She need more ... shawty cash on the menu Show some more, need that ass on a menu Make it clap cause we got cash on the menu

Obsession - Order of chaos lyrics

s something within all of us It's eating away all the trust Confusion from living in ... fear The fires of hell drawing near Living in a state ... of disarray There's always a price to pay As we learn the

Iced Earth - Order of the rose lyrics

down through centuries The Order lives and feeds upon them A ... global fraternity Philanthropy, tactical deception ... In plain sight throughout all time Contriving human

Forevermore - Order lyrics

Order finds me Havoc flees I find myself, my ... reason I am only a fragment of her physique We say unto you, dispose of all you ... possess Embrace us Law scribed on our hearts The Order states My purpose and my place: To be a part of the body

Psyclon Nine - Order of the shadow (the heretic awakened) lyrics

heretic awakes in me The death of all and what will shall ... be The serpent spoke this unto me under the blood red ... moon Promises the end of days: the sacrament of doom

Septicflesh - Order of dracul lyrics

times of endless wars The blood awakes the beast ... The Voivode of Walachia Will feast in Tirgoviste ... The dragon had a son A mad impaling prince Known by

Dot Hacker - Order/disorder lyrics

you want disorder? Well I don't believe you. ... I heard you order yourself around "Do this, move that ... " Why? Why? To left and right. Order disorder.

Hellyeah - Order the sun lyrics

and grief, Keep us suffering Send the poor to war ... Send the rich up to their suite Stranglehold, Hope unbeknown to me A sentence for ... the feeble and acquittals for the king Command the

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Order / fade to black lyrics

Yes) Bad blood, (yes) black night, (My God, yes) all ... the world, (Yes) Red mouth (yes) insane (yes, My God) Order, (See) Firestorm (see) black ... death, (do you see) burning there, (Yes) Red smile

Misery Index - Order upheld / dissent dissolved lyrics

triumph of boredom in everyday life carries the wounded back to the frontline. These starving men will fill your ... cities and bring their broken dream to

Iggy  Pop lyricsIggy Pop - Drink new blood lyrics

!! Stupid is stupid, Dumb is dumb, Bloody is bloody, ... Cum is cum, Fake is fake, A dick is a dick, You're a target in the new demographic. ... We most need victims to be beaten, Real rotten samples to

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - Drink to me lyrics

to me, drink to me Drink to me, drink to me Drink to ... me A rose, a carnation, the lily and an orchid make such a pretty bouquet (Drink to me, drink to me) But only

N.w.a. - Drink it up lyrics

DRINK IT UP BABY! (drink it up baby) GULP IT ON DOWN! (gulp it on down) COME ON, SUCK ... IT UP BABY! (suck it up baby) SIP IT AND PASS IT AROUND ... (pass it around) NOW I CAN START WITH CROWN ROYAL!

Brocas Helm - Drink and drive lyrics

down the motorway six pack by my side You know I really need it girl, it keeps me alive I've got old number 7 in ... the back seat, For good measure Have you ever seen the way these people drive? It makes me wonder why I'm still alive Makes me think, I need another drink Drink and

Alestorm - Drink lyrics

You Give me some beer! Piracy's a crime and crime doesn't ... pay And we go home poor at the end of the day But I'd ... rather live my life in rags Than be chained to a desk

Anti-flag - Drink, drank, punk lyrics

gulp, gulp Gulp, gulp, gulp I want to drink more beer ... until I puke Drink drank punk! Drink drank punk! Drink drank punk! Drink drank punk

Ghoultown - Drink with the living dead lyrics

was sittin in The Thirsty Devil, ... one sheet hung to the wind when the bat ... wings doors creaked open and a stranger sauntered in he ... moved his head from side to side and glared

Justin Timberlake lyricsJustin Timberlake - Drink you away lyrics

sweet thing, could this be a dream Or just the same ... nightmare that keeps me awake Feel it in my brain, tall ... shot of pain Pour a little up now, for the love that we made I feel it in the morning

Sinate - Order of the dragon lyrics

terror Of the infamous impaler Reputation for cruelty ... Shrouded in mystery A driving need for torture ... Disembowel, burn and boil Longer, productive death Vowing vengeance Vengeance! Revenge! Order of the

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - Drink on it lyrics

girl, hey where ya goin'? Come back and sit back down You look too good to ... be heading home so early now You say you gotta ... work tomorrow Got a lot on your mind Let me buy another round Girl I think you and I should just Drink on it Put our heads together and think on

Eidolon - Order of the white light lyrics

suffer black silence I am your God Searching for an answer ... What do you want me to this time? If your ... flowers are dying And all is lost Shout! Your plea

Heather Nova - Drink it in lyrics

many days are left And what to spend them on? Should I ... keep working Or sit and marvel at the sky? I think about your skin, your fragile skin ... The heaven of life we're living in

The Dubliners - Drink it up men lyrics

the pub at the crossroads there's whiskey and beer ... There's brandy, strong cognac that's aging for years But ... for killing the thirst and for easing the gout There

Eric Church - Drink in my hand lyrics

Monday morning to Friday at five, Man, I work, work, ... work and I don't climb, climb, climb ... Boss man can shove that over time up his can, All ... you got to do is put a drink in my hand Fill it up or

Gordon Lightfoot - Drink yer glasses empty lyrics

up and I'll tell you what you'll do Forget about music and ... alcohol to Forget about yer baby, we've got other work for ... you Better drink yer glasses empty now, it's time to

Candice Accola - Drink to my freedom lyrics

good together So it didn’t last forever It’s only been a ... week But when we speak it’s like it’s been a year ... Your picture’s still in my wallet I drew a stash and a mullet I have to say you look a little better than you did on

Bourbon Crow - Drink till you aint ugly lyrics

I saw you for the very first time a hunch back a uni-brow with a lazy eye it´s gonna take two ... bottles hell maybe four I´m gonna drink till you ain´t ugly anymore I´m gonna drink till you ain´t ugly anymore

Kenny Chesney - Drink it up lyrics

it up, don't waste a drop Squeeze every second out of that ... old clock Kick it back man, enjoy the ride Keep living ... every day like it's Saturday night Cause you only get

Gaelic Storm - Drink the night away lyrics

set sail at half-past morn, looking for a new ... we're coming home, so we'll drink, and we'll dance, and we'll ... drown our sorrow! Weigh-hey! Hey Laddie Hey! Weigh, hey, hey!

Lords Of Acid - Drink my honey lyrics

La La La La Drink my honey La La La La La Oh baby Drink ... my honey - Taste my body Drink my honey - Taste my body Drink my honey - Taste my body Drink my honey - Taste my body Aah Aah Drink my honey - Taste my body Drink my honey -

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - Drink one for me lyrics

don't know how bad, I wish I was home Can't wait to get back, But while I'm ... gone Y'all carry on Drink one for me, for all the old ... times We tore up that town, raised hell alright Tell the

Al B Damned - Drink the blood lyrics

call my name, I hear them screaming in the night, ... They hide in shadows waiting for the fright-nightlife ... Could I change myself and live without the sun?

Brian Setzer - Drink whiskey & shut up lyrics

whiskey and shut up I might pour you a beer Drink whiskey and shut up I might ... pour you a beer And if you don't like what I'm servin' ... Take your money Get out of here Drink whiskey and

Electrik Red - Drink in my cup lyrics

killa killa, you know how we do Ah you know ... how we do Ah yeah you know how we do Radio killa ... killa, you know how we do Ah you know how we do Ah yeah

L'arc~en~ciel - Drink it down lyrics

ni haritsuku kanshoku yami to wa fukaku ajiwau mo no ... Karadajuu e ukeirete kanji you (Drink it down, enjoy the black around taste the Darkness) ... Let down 'you feel trust falls' Break Down Semari kuru

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - Drink you pretty lyrics

of drugs and dancing feet Sick of bars where ... people meet Smell of crotch and sheets not clean Hairy men ... in magazines Every city looks the same Running from the threat of

Luke  Bryan lyricsLuke Bryan - Drink a beer lyrics

I got the news today I didn't know what to say. ... So I just hung up the phone. I took a walk ... to clear my head, This is where the walking ... led Can't believe you're really gone Don't feel like

Sia lyricsSia - Drink to get drunk lyrics

eat food to satisfy my hunger I drink water to quench ... my thirst I use my mouth and air to blow balloon up I ... prick with pin to watch it burst To make noise I use my

Buckcherry - Drink the water lyrics

alright A curse of deception it urgent We ... re self sufficient but blind Time to create ... tormented butterfly So instromental it's ... easy Deadlines, commitments, drink the

Clutch - Drink to the dead lyrics

> Pure Rock Fury > 12 - Drink To The Dead If Knee Deep ... In Catnip At The Old Ice Box, I ... Recommend You Whistle And Give The Box Three Knocks.

Hellyeah - Drink drank drunk lyrics

m a madman and I came to go, I'm on the move, I ... wanna screw, I wanna f*** til' I'm sore, We're here ... to throw down, And drink up all the booze that you got in

Jaron & The Long Road To Love - Drink, pray, love, and fight lyrics

Hannan, Gary; Lowenstein, Jaron This little town's got a ... little white church And a rundown motel, and a corner bar ... That share a parking lot full of the same damn cars This

Justin Cross - Drink the water lyrics

know of sin by the things momma prayed I know of heaven by ... the line at its gate I know of truth and America's way So come drink the water if you want to be saved

Eisley - Drink the water lyrics

wicked boy, come out and shake my hand 
I come from where ... you come from
, I’ve seen what you’ve seen
 Come lay under ... my wing, fade into the night 
I love you

End Of Green - Drink myself to sleep lyrics

now here tonight, this ruin we cannot hide, A language ... we cannot speak, it comes all down on me. So follow me ... down, my life, I know a place to hide. Come closer and

Hide - Drink or die lyrics

mo no jikan kogane no mizu no Showtime Shinshi-shukujo ... mo otoko mo onna mo chi-tai o sarashite mamuse Zoui go ... hi you koeta sake wa yama hodo aruse Horemarin shin ke

Sinead O'connor - Drink before the war lyrics

you tell us that we're wrong And you tell us ... not to sing our song Nothing we can say ... will make you see You got a heart of stone You can never ... feel You say oh I'm not afraid - it can't happen to me I

Sinéad O'connor lyricsSinéad O'connor - Drink before the war lyrics

you tell us that we're wrong And you tell us ... not to sing our song Nothing we can say ... will make you see You got a heart of stone You can never ... feel You say oh I'm not afraid - it can't happen to me I

A Reason To Breathe - Order and disorder lyrics

xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx...

Bare Bobby - Drink up and go home lyrics

sit there a crying cry in your beer You think you got troubles well my friend listen ... here Don't tell me your troubles I got enough of my own ... Be thankful you're living drink up and go home I'm fresh out of prison six years in the

Bloodbath - Drink from the cup of heresy lyrics

from the cup of heresy Feel the enchanting powers Dismantle the ... government of lies Stand up against the ultimate sinner ... Our lord is vapor In the corner of the eyes

Evil Conduct - Drink! lyrics

I'm going out, I don't know what it is A couple of beers and ... I'm feeling kinda pissed Silly conversations ... I don't know I think I've had enough, it's time for me to

Ingrid Michaelson - Drink you gone lyrics

can't lie Words stay once said Hard to live, so I play dead I can't drink you gone I ... can't smoke you out I can't eat away the way that you ate my

Necromantia - Order of the black sphinx lyrics

ruby stone decoded The way of Lucifer unfolded Exposed ... by the formulas Of the emerald tablet The brain, the heart, the genitals In formalin ... preserved Serving the greater scheme Unlocking the five

Avail - Order lyrics

With who knows who And it never really Matters if ... you win or lose Passively reject Let the rats race on Stand sound until they are gone Have you rejected

Band-maid - Order lyrics

wanna be with you give me a rest Douse kage de wa waratten darou Akiramewarui yatsu ... datte Aiso o furimaite wa Juujun o enjiru hibi Jibun de mo ... kerakerakera... Erasou na sekkyou nanka iranai Never wanna cry Never gonna give up

Brian Setzer Orchestra - Drink that bottle down lyrics

s a man supposed to do When the blues ... have got him down What's he gonna do When the blues have got him down You go ... down to the liquor store And you drink your bottle down

Marek Grechuta - Order uśmiechu lyrics

gonisz po boisku to zaklętą minę masz, oczy pełne ... złego błysku, grymas ci wykrzywia twarz...

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