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Hello! Project - Singly - 4. lalala shiawase no uta lyrics

n baby oh yeah let's dance Usugeshou de machi ni de te ... Hazun de aruku Aa watakushi no mikata da wa Haru wa ... Jiman no kono kuroi kami Soyokaze nabiku Aa

Saint Etienne - Pale movie lyrics

lalalala, / lalalala lalalalala, / lalala lalalala, / lalalala lalalalala. / All of his ... and moody, / she is his sunshine girl. / Lalala lalalala, / lalalala lalalalala, /

Karaja - She moves (la la la) lyrics

like it is her heartbeat, up and down, she jumps to the ... in a fantasy and la, lala, lalalala, she goes la, lala, lalalala ... and la, lala, lalalala, we go la, lala, lalalala.

Boyfriend - Lost memory lyrics

lalalala lalalala lalalala lalalala lalalala lalalala la geudaereul bon sungan wae naega nunmuri najyo oneul cheoeum ... bon geunyeo moseube wae jakku nunmuri najyo eojjeojyo nae

Man Man - Black mission goggles lyrics

Ministry of information Subway train's derailing Heads ... to sing to me And I say lalalala lalalala lalalala lalalalala ... Lalalala lalalala lalalala lalalalala She's a warm bodega

Bob Sinclar lyricsBob Sinclar - La la song lyrics

lalala lala lalalala laala lalalalalala Back,back,back in the ... on night when the party funthe Mc,s come drop and test ... Not need to worry,No need to hurry... ...are just for you

Masters Of Reality - Up in it lyrics

Serenaded by the dawn Lalalala, lalalala Lalalala, lalalala ... Setting sun throwing knives Heading south with seven wives Out sung ... by the telephone In outter space all alone Lalalala, lalalala Lalalala, lalalala

Los Colorados - The passenger lyrics

ride and I ride I ride through the city's backsides I ... see the stars come out of the sky Yeah, the ... bright and hollow sky You know it looks so good tonight

Falco lyricsFalco - Cyberlove lyrics

All Systems go Cyberlove - lalalala Cyberlove - lalalala ... Cyberspace Attention - you must be older than 18 All ... liebe dich im Internet Computersex im Online-Net Es wird

Gp Basic - Lalala lyrics

say who~ sijak haeboneungeoya Just wanna be cool~ ... neon kkamjjag nollalgeoya summakhildeut dapdaphae gaseumi ... teojildeuthae negaman yeoreodulkke neoegeman giheoljulkke

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Sleep tonight lyrics

yeah, yeah yeah. You better get some sleep tonight ... You better get some sleep tonight ... Honey, just warn your friends. [Sleep] You ... sleep tonight. They say you watch the sun go down. The

Sdp - Wenn ich du wär lyrics

machst Urlaub auf Sylt und chillst grad' am Meer ich ... kletter über deinen Zaun, denn deine Villa steht ja ... leer. (eey) Ich und meine Kumpels füllen grade deinen Pool

Sf9 - Fanfare lyrics

blow like a trumpet Lalalalala lalalalala What up what up ... what up Clap clap clap clap nuneul ... garin chaero nan umjigine baksu sori ttara Pump ... pump pump simjang kung hago ttwinda nae mam pump

Miss Li - Modern family lyrics

the kids are unhappy, all their parents are ... for two All the playground's are empty, they are ... filled up with mud Kids are stuck by the TV, ... cause no one else gives them love

The Cranberries lyricsThe Cranberries - Schizophrenic playboys lyrics

lalala-a She meticulously curls her hair, her hair, ... with care, with care, the utmost care She puts on ... thinks she's fine Girls, you better watch out,

Bodyrockers - Keep your boots on lyrics

I had ever seen Keep your boots on Keep your boots on ... Whoa Heads keep [unverified] Lips are burning ... We are singing Lalalala, lalalala, lalalaaa Keep your boots

Cover Drive - Twilight lyrics

twilight I’m loving this twi-lalalala lalalala twilight Baby, ... I’ve known you for a long long time I never ... thought that we would find What we’re holding in

San Cisco - Rocket ship lyrics

fold a piece of paper And I put in my pocket Cause I’m about to board The world’s first ... it for as long as I can Until it falls and breaks And ... crumbles like sand And we all

Eurovision Song Contest - Pollapönk - no prejudice (iceland) lyrics

lalalala lala lalalala lala lalalala lala la Life is way too ... Listen to what I say cause every-buh buh buh buh buh buh body looks the same on the

Maria Haukaas - My heart is singing lyrics

I know my name Finally found who I am Don’t wanna be ... don’t need to be lonely Stumbling, got up again Mmh, ... I’m just looking for my love tonight

Eurovision - Pollapönk - no prejudice (iceland) lyrics

lalalala lala lalalala lala lalalala lala la Life is way too ... Listen to what I say cause every-buh buh buh buh buh buh body looks the same on the

Ray Davies - One more time lyrics

the coast road When the harbour came in view It was there I ... saw the hilltop That I used to walk with you We'd ... sing of the old country Now it's such a lonesome

Elio Pace - Crocodile rock lyrics

remember when rock was young Me and Suzie had so much fun Holding hands and skimming ... Chevy and a place of my own But the biggest kick I ever got ... the other kids were Rocking Round the Clock We were hopping

The Cranberries lyricsThe Cranberries - Waiting in walthamstow lyrics

bed While I was thinking about you when I wondered if you ... thought about me I’ve got a pain in my ... And I was waiting there for you-u, you were waiting there for

Bi Rain - La song lyrics

ppeonhan geureoke haneun geureon nomeun anieyo Geureoneyo ... Malsseong manchiman sunjongjeogin geureon gwiyeomdungieyo Yeppeohaejwoyo La~ lalalala lalala lala lala lalala~ La~

Frankie Cocozza - Little miss no name lyrics

miss no name. Oh you are such a teaser . Mentioning no ... names. But I would like to be with ya. Little ... miss no name. What would it cost me to keep ya. You

Anberlin - The unwinding cable car lyrics

unstable you're like an unwinding cable car Listening ... for voices, but it's the choices that make us who we are Go your own way, ... even seasons have changed just burn those new leaves over

Na Kopni To - Jack and kim - kiss the girl lyrics

Kiss the girl... There you see her Sitting there across ... She don't got a lot to say But there's something about her ... And you don't know why But you're dying to try You

Oh My Girl - I found love lyrics

lalala lalalala I found love lalala lalala lalalala mundeuk museoun saenggagi ... deureo neoneun aninde marya naman deultteoseo honja ireoneun ge ... sarangiran daneoga jeokhin sumgyeonoheun maeumeul chajgi

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Psychodelic vision lyrics

Intro) Lalalala-lala-lalala Lalalala-lala-lalala Lalalala-lala ... lalala Lalalala-lala-lalala [B-Real] I ... of sin Psychodelic visions would ensue My view feelin the

D'espairsray - Love is dead lyrics

ryuusei negai no ROULETTE Kami no mizo shiru yuuwaku no MAGIC Mabushisa ni ... ikareru Mental games... lalalala... Love is dead... Rip it up ... Break it down Dance! lalalala... Love is dead... so far...

Gd&top - Turn it up - top lyrics

hey, hey Nan ni gomagae sum gyeo reul baet ji Igeon neo ... reul yu ok ha neun mae ssae ji Turn it up now, ... turn it up now Nun ddeu go neun bol su omneun mongki

James - Born of frustration lyrics

All this frustration I can't meet all my ... Self copntrol has just expired All an illusion ... Only in my head you don't exist Who re you ... need a shrink or an exorcist Lalalala lalalala lalalala la

Red Velvet - Ice cream cake lyrics

Lalalala Lalalalala Lalalala oh haessal nunbusin hangaron ... hyuil yeppeun saehayan wonpiseureul ipgo ... oh oh nan jibeul naseotji kotnorae naoji Lalalalala Lalalala neon nareul

Per Gessle - På promenad genom stan lyrics

genom stan Tjalalala lalalala Tjalalala lalalala ... Tjalalala lalalala Heyheyhey Å det var juni ... och enkla beslut Fast tusen ting stod tungt på lut

Akb48 - Boku no taiyou lyrics

LALALALA LALALALALA LALALALALA LALA LALALALA LALALA... ... Kimi wa ima Boku no taiyou Hito sashi yubi Sora ni mukete makitsuke you Shiroi kumo to Moyamoya shita kimochi

Big Bang - Turn it up lyrics

hey, hey nan ni gomagae sum gyeo reul baet ji igeon neo ... reul yu ok ha neun mae ssae ji Turn it up loud ... turn it up loud nun ddeu go neun bol su omneun mongki

Mblaq - Mona lisa (japonská verzia) lyrics

Thunder] Leggo, everybody on ... Everybody, everybody in the house say Lalalala oh lalalala ... oh lalalala [Mir] Baby say yeah yeah ... no, no, no Te ne shita kanjou wa kimi kara hanarezu no, no,

Block B - Jackpot lyrics

ja ja ja jackpot The 7th album, 7members, 7seasons ... Poptime, check it out Z i c o Inganui yoksimeun ggeuti eobtgo Gateun silsureul banbokhaji Neo geureobge

Jill Scott - Spring summer feeling lyrics

I do It's hard to keep focus One minute staring at the ... moon Next into your eyes And it's no surprise ... weaken At the lovely words you're speaking La la la la It

Los Fastidios - Saremo uniti lyrics

cazzate vecchi attriti, stupidi diverbi siamo stufi di ... questa situazione skinheads, punks e ... di capire che i ragazzi sono uguali tanta voglia di lottare

Lykke Li - Little bit lyrics

ooh ooh uh ooh ooh uh ooh oooh Uh ooh ooh uh ooh ... ooh uh ooh oooh Uh ooh ooh uh ooh ooh uh ooh oooh Hands ... down I'm too proud, for love But with eyes shut It's you I'm thinking of

Carlos Roberto - La guerra de los niños lyrics

tenido un sueño que ha sido el mas bonito que ... a lo largo de mi vida vi que todo el mundo vivia preocupado tratando de encontrar una salida cuando a mi puerta alguien llamo sin que

Sandie Shaw - Tell the boys lyrics

the boys that now I'm through From now on, I go with you ... the girls that from today You're all mine I've been around, I've had a lot of fun I ... ve been around, but baby now you've come I'm

2am - Be my lady lyrics

eopgo aeindo eomneun illyoil ohu gubakbatneun ... geot bodan jibeseo naseoneun ge Good Choice neowa ... geotdeon garosugil geu jeopyeonen chueogiralkka ... igeotjeogeot saenggagina duri geotdeon geu geori an

Anna Kendrick - Bellas finals lyrics

sale comes first and the truth comes second, Just stop ... for a minute and smile, Everybody ... looks to the right, Can you feel that, yeah, We're ... love tonight, It's not about the money, money, money, We

Ayumi Hamasaki - Is this love lyrics

yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah lalalala la-i lalalala la-i yeah ... yeah yeah anata ga yasashiku mitsumeru shisen no saki de ... wa hosoi kata o shite'ru kanojo ga yasashiku

Ray Davies - Morphine song lyrics

someone help me off of the ground Listen to my heartbeat ... someone help me off of the ground Nelson and Starr He's ... she's the third missus He grooves around intensive

Eleanor Calder - Eleanor and danielle lyrics

I’m loving this twi-lalalala lalalala twilight Baby, ... I’ve known you for a long long time I ... never thought that we would find What we’re holding

Scott Hoying - Princess of china ft.tori kelly & kevin oluso.. lyrics

upon a time somebody run Somebody run away saying ... got to go,I got to go Once upon a time we fell apart You ... ohohohoh, oh Once upon a time we burned bright

Inna lyricsInna - Inndia lyrics

I hear you callin' India) Welcome to ... India, You don't need nobody but India ... She's enough to make your body go wild. I can live my ... It's a little bit scandulous, but she lives her life a

Månegarm - Gillesvisan lyrics

lala raj la lala raj lalalala La lala raj la lala raj lalalala Mjödet i hornet Fläsk ... Raj lalala raj lalala raj lalalala Raj lalala raj lalala raj lalalala Gillet som rullar Tills

Pentagon(펜타곤) - Comeliness - 예쁨 lyrics

la lalala lalalala la la lalala la la La la ... lalala lalalala la la lalala la la imi neon ... jeongjeomeul jjigeun geot gateunde girogeul kkaegoseo tto ... saero sseuneun jung Uh iraedo doena sipeul

Seeu - Run lyrics

haneul bwa RUN RUN dallyeobwa JUMPING HIGH☆ ... Neul eodubdeon sesangi balka jigo RUN ... RUN dallyeobwa JUMPING Ttwiyeobwa baradeon ... kkkumdeuli boikkeoya Haruga jinago. Iteuli jinado Nae

Aaa - As i am lyrics

no nagare wa haya sugite furikaeru hima monai hodo Ano ... hi no kioku ga marude kinou no koto no you Monokuro no ... sekai no naka de iro aseru koto no nai mono Gisei ni

Angela Aki - Reflection lyrics

idai na josei ga itta "hito no kao o yoku minasai ... quot; to "Sore wa kagami to onaji de ... jibun ga utsutte iru hazu da" Ima made kidzukanakatta

Chiddy Bang - Mind your manners lyrics

Take a second look and you'll see (And we pretty much ... is no one like me (Mind your manners) Like me There is ... me And all the peoples should be raising their glasses

Chiddy Bang - Mind your manners feat. icona pop lyrics

take a second look and youll see(and we pretty much ... is no one like me x2 (mind your manners) And all the ... peoples should be raising they glasses ... the madness I never thought I would deliver no

Funkist - Go now lyrics

suru hono no ishuni Bokura wa nani wo okoseru no ... Sennen mai no oshi ga kagayaku Yoru ni yoru ni Rijikai ... Nani wo tamera wo koto ga aru no Mienai asu wo wo sore

Girls Dead Monster - Highest life lyrics

no mama de moufu ni taore Doushite konna ni muki ni natteru ... n darou Futo yogitta Nobotte mita ... toki hirogaru sekai ha chiisai hodo kimochi ... ii Dakara mubou na hodo takai kabe ga ii

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