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U Corona lyrics

Browse for U Corona song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed U Corona lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to U Corona.

Related artists: Corona

Jesta - Corona cay lyrics

of chocolates, It makes you fat and it rots your teeth, ... Try to catch the rain you're standing beneath ... Sometimes you need to get away, To live

Shwayze - Corona and lime lyrics

will be my, corona and lime And I will be your, ... main squeeze And if your brother don't like my style, ... girls in the city, dress up pretty Go out and get

Jackass - Corona lyrics

people will survive In their environment ... and the emptiness Of our South The injustice of our ... and the emptiness Of our South There on the beach I could see it in her eyes I only

Alice Nine lyricsAlice Nine - Corona lyrics

no naka inochi wa ima maku wo ake ai wa hito wo tsunagi ... ten wa hito wo aisazuni sekai wa sawagashikute ... peesu wo midasarete ita uchuu wa fukai aosade kokyuu wo boku ni ataenai itsuka kimi to

Corona - Get up and boogie lyrics

m gonna give you all I've got You gotta get ... me higher You gotta do the best you can Unchaining my desire You're ... the best in town, the number one Why don't you prove

Poison The Well - Rings from corona lyrics

I've dragged in venomous beings and all It's nice to ... everything falls into place but it doesn't so guilty so ... weak so lost without you now I know so guilty so

A Forest Of Stars - Corvus corona, pt.1 lyrics

he's hurrying demons from their seats ... around the circle, Hastening to ... complete that ritual before fraught return of ... haste has crowded his cranium, Tenanted now by poison

A Forest Of Stars - Corvus corona, pt.ii lyrics

As spiral enters he spins out of control. All magic ... circles under those eyes Mental ... t stifle their cries, His futility belt all crowded with ... good eye now all a ghastly squint, Head held together with

Nightrage - Solar corona lyrics

A reason for mysteries Don't know where to go My heart was always blind Trying to find my way home...

Ray William Johnson - Bottles of beer lyrics

was chilling with my BUD, SAM ADAMS. We get a call ... having spasms. He said, "dude get dressed. There's ... a chance in hell That we could miss this keg party up in

Albatraoz - Arriba lyrics

Cash cash massa cash tjugofemte nonstop flash ... maxad helg men donken först tugga tugga svälj Gumman ... vänta det medges ej Gussa gussa spring till bussa

Hoodie Allen - Long night ft. chance the rapper lyrics

Oh, this is her mom? Oh, you Mother Teresa? Aw, I like ... [Bridge: Hoodie] Don't you tell me that it's all right ... Because I'm anticipating a long

Neil Diamond - I'm sayin' i'm sorry lyrics

m sitting up here and drinkin' She's ... of Evita Perona And my Smith Corona Keeps saying I'm sorry I'm ... goodnight She's sittin' up there and fumin' She thinks

Cocteau Twins - Blood bitch lyrics

woman Blood bitch There's a corona A corona swelling Pressing ... one or the other Has much form or shape Cold burns ... powerful Has powerful needs Holds back What's my

The Game - Hoodmorning lyrics

[Verse 1:] No motherf***in' typo That's like ... Beverly Hills with no lipo F*** around and jack some five, ... no Michael Hello, a hundred thousand in the

Marco Mengoni - La valle dei re lyrics

questa valle c'è già un re che canta e la sua regina ... che rimane non è la vita Fuori dalla mia proprietà E questa volta non la voglio una ... scusa Fuori dalla mia città Vedrai

Ataräxia - Astimelusa lyrics

prego, metti la tunica bianchissima e vieni a me ... desiderio d'amore. Astimelusa nulla mi risponde, ma con ... la sua corona pare pare un germoglio d'oro, una morbida

Far East Movement - Candy (feat. pitbull) lyrics

Ey If you are tied from behind girl Is ... you are tied from behind girl ... Far East Movement Is you are tied from behind girl ... the women to go ahead And put on their blindfold Spin around the club Swing hard, 'cause we want that beam hot that

Lay Down Rotten - La serpenta canta lyrics

forgotten Vanished before our eyes I seek-i will never ... in holes and pools of blood Corona diabola-corona eternal I ... bend my knee and lay this burden down Junk of minds

Jake Owen - Sure feels right lyrics

When they get a little tipsy Corona cold in your hand, your brushed back hair I took another ... And I didn't let the ice cubes melt in the bottom of my

Jake Owen - Tall glass of something lyrics

me wanna drink Got a truck full of peaches Single ... beaches round here but we gotta stay in rank ... ice Solos, toyos Lift em up [Chorus:] I need a tall

Simon & Garfunkel lyricsSimon & Garfunkel - Me and julio down by the schoolyard lyrics

mama pajama rolled outta bed, she ran to the ... station When the papa found out, he began to shout, and he ... down and spit on the ground every time my name gets

Skyharbor - Kaikoma lyrics

you pull me in or push me out? The gold corona’s what I ... dream about. Pale skin and crystal eyes ... Stay close to me, come lose yourself, walk into the

Akon - We don't care lyrics

are watchin'! But we don't care The way I am ... touchin' your body Cause we don't care See you ... droppin' and poppin' But we don't care Makes me want ... to keep grindin' But we don't care (oh-ooh) See

Brooklyn Bounce - Another day lyrics

Man from 'Method Man' Puerto Rico hooooo Doo Wop: ... If your Puerto Rican and you know it clap your hands (clap ... clap) If your Puerto Rican and you know it

Bones lyricsBones - Whatwasthat? lyrics

you can get it not offended not a ... problem Cause every single one that came ... my way You know I solved 'em I keep my ... still they calling' I take just what I need Dropping and

Brainstorm (prāta Vētra) - Maybe lyrics

hand My heaven, My land My guardian angel is mine And you say… My dreams, My head My ... sex, My bed And it's my Corona with lime And then I say .

Patrick Bruel - Joue, docteur joue lyrics

? J' sais pas, trs tard... Un coup d' cafard... Tu veux ... laisse dormir... Fais de beaux reves... Les miens s ... achvent ! Plus personne pour m'couter et le bar va fermer

Chingy - Chingy-holidae inn lyrics

ass p****, Ma, oh, you got that bomb, know you got ... it, Ma,oh, you got some bomb ass p****, Ma, ... I know you got that bom bomb p**** ... [Chorus: Snoop] + (Girl) (Whachu

Corona - Baby baby lyrics

baby Why can't we just stay together ? Yeah, ... Baby, baby Why can't we just stay forever ? Yeah, yeah ... I wanna roll inside your soul To know the things

Corona - Baby baby (dancing divaz club mix) lyrics

baby Why can't we just stay together ? Yeah, yeah ... Baby, baby Why can't we just stay forever ? Yeah, yeah ... yeah I wanna roll inside your soul To know the things

Corona - Baby i need your love lyrics

I need your love Baby I need your love ... Baby I need your love Baby I need your love ... I go I feel a light upon me tonight's the night ... can shake the notion that you're gonna make it cos I Need

Corona - Do you want me lyrics

you want me baby, yee Do you want me baby, yeeeeeyeee Do ... you need me baby, eeh, eeeh, ... yeeeeaaah Dirty rumours have been running around ... about me And what I, I say is

Corona - Don't go breaking my heart lyrics

me now Now I know, I need you more and more Don't go ... darling, tell me now Now your love is gonna save my life ... me now Now I know, I need you more and more Don't go

Corona - I don't wanna be a star lyrics

we cry too many tears Because we need love not just money ... We all need someone to call us honey yeah I believe in ... what you're giving me you, you could be a good reason

Corona - I gotta keep dancin' lyrics

dancin' Smiling To cover up my broken heart I began ... pretend, that I don't see Just walked in the door I'm ... weak in the knees But I gotta make believe that I

Corona - I want your love lyrics

want your love I want your love I want your love ... Something's happening all around Yes I've never felt so ... Feeling's growing in my soul You are the only one, I

Corona - In the name of love lyrics

feel lost and found, everytime you come around ... Everytime somebody calls your name I love your voice and ... whenever there's that sound I go crazy yes I go

Corona - The power of love lyrics

of my love Stop the motor running Can't you feel it ... Love the power of love No use in denying Gotta keep on ... We're not seeing eye to eye But we're gonna have a good time

Corona - The rhythm of the night (rapino bros 7'' sing.. lyrics


Corona - The rhytm of the night lyrics

the rhythm of my life You could put some joy upon my ... face oh sunshine in an empty place take ... me to turn to and babe I'll make you ... stay Oh I can ease you of your pain feel you give

Corona - Try me out lyrics

me out, please baby try me out Just take a chance because ... I wanna be yours Wanna love you Try me out, if you just try me out I ... girl for, honey, let me be yours I always like to have

Corona - When i give my love lyrics

your body to be alone Shake your body to sing a song DJ's ... mon Yoo ooh When I wake up in the night I look in to ... your eyes I got a feeling

Corona - You gotta be movin' lyrics

Movin' Movin' Movin' You gotta be movin' Movin' ... You gotta be movin' Movin' You ... gotta be movin' Movin You gotta be movin' Movin' You ... gotta be movin' Movin You gotta be movin', movin',

Counting Crows - Carmelita lyrics

static on my radio And the tubes they glow in the dark And ... down... And I'm all strung out on heroin On the outskirts ... my pearl handled deck The county won't give me no more

Kat Dahlia - Helen keller ft. dj khaled lyrics

DJ Khaled] Miami! Dade County! Let's ride! [Verse 1] ... And all the haters want to push us, try to give us heat ... no holds barred, baby, I’m gung ho They sayin’, “Girl, you

Devin Townsend - The fluke lyrics

am a Fluke in the world I haven't ... word I'll have to wade through the bullshit Baby just to ... own vision of pearl I am a fluke in your world And even though it's a bit absurd I've

Diabolic - Stand by lyrics

is hiphop, get your muthaf***ing hands high! Get 'em up! ... Get 'em up! (x4) One's for the ... Three's for the loaded gat you hold when you wrote your raps

Dj Jazzy Jeff - Mystery man lyrics

wit me y'all (LE) Bounce wit em y'all Now check ... the party dies down Mysterious man showing up in your town ... like lightning, vocals like thunder Neighborhood success or

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Helen keller (feat. kat dahlia) lyrics

Dade County! Lets ride! I’m from ... And all the haters want to push us, try to give us heat ... no holds barred, baby, I’m gung ho They sayin’, “Girl, you

Fedez - Psichedelico lyrics

colorate fuori come fucilate, vedo facce allucinate, sopra proci allucinoggene, zona vip zona ... militare zona erogene, deduci che ti bruci con le proprie

The Game - 25 to life lyrics

I was sentenced to a 5 album deal in '02 Spent the next ... couple years trying to figure out who was who Met this ... it on the yard and he put me down with his crew We

The Game - Spanglish lyrics

Intro] [Hynas laughing] [The Game] Buenos ... Vamonos! [The Game] Picture me stuck inside this mind ... of a loco matador Bout' to comit suicide behind

High Tyde - Do what you want lyrics

up late, don't hesitate You ain't got no work at this ... rate Minimum wage, you ain't got paid Going out ... can't get laid And you can do what you want to, all

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - Why me lyrics

Ice Cube ad libs and shouts for first 20 seconds] ... [Ice Cube] Why the f*** you wanna murrr-dah me? Your punk ass never heard of me I ... never did nuttin to your family Still you wanna

Juicy J - She dancin lyrics

s go She dancing like she f***ing, she dancing like she f***ing The way lil mama ... dancing you would swear lil mama f***ing, ... She dancing like she f***ing, she dancing like she f***ing The way lil mama

Jedi Mind Tricks - A storm of swords lyrics

Verse 1: Planetary] Yo, serious syllable wordplay, verse ... bird plays, niggas where the curb lay Turn pagen, pretty ... shitty on a church day Your city my committee, tussle

Juvenile - Pimpinabitch lyrics

The fiend that'll sell your daughter, The 6th & ... section The nigga who made you who you is, The nigga who put furniture in your crib The ... nigga that'll burn you where you live, The landcruiser snatcher, the coop-filter

Lil' Keke - Baller in the mix lyrics

my, ah, Herschelwood Click You know what I'm sayin', we ain ... t nuttin' but some, uh, ballers Steady ballin' in ... mix, know what I'm talking 'bout? Ballin'...ballin' in the

Kottonmouth Kings - The deal lyrics

P-Town headin' out to Riverside Cruising in ... the ride, doin' bout 85 Starin' at my pipe with ... no bowls to pack Cause in my pocket all I'm ... an empty sack A-yo, we bout to fix that and go fetch

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