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Rosanne Cash - I was watching you lyrics

on a Texas Road And Hank Williams on the radio Church wedding, they spent all they had ... Now the deal is done to become Mom and Dad And I was watching you from above

The National - Watching you well lyrics

stand now, on yourself A little moon is coming in the ... room. You stand there still Like you were in the arms ... of everyone you ever wanted. I was watching you well. I won't stop you; I won't speak. The water on

Rogue Traders - Watching you lyrics

1 Take me downtown It's where the people rock, ... Three-hundred sixty five ? cos we never stop. ... downtown Cos' peoples runnin' wild. See how we kick it in a brand new style. Take

Samantha Fox - Watching you lyrics

and easy Take it nice and slowly Let's relax and just ... other my baby We've so little time to be Alone ... together Watching you Watching me Let's break free I

Saxon - Watching you lyrics

you ever had the feeling Someone's watching you Listening to everything you say ... Satellite surveilance Creeping high above us all Watching ... every little thing you do 'Cause they're watching

Ayo - Watching you lyrics

you, while you sleep My hand on your breast feels you ... heartbips Wispering in your ears Explaining the way you ... make me feel You make my dreams come true The

Jonah33 - Watching you die lyrics

the despair in the air tonight Filling up your lungs as you cry for help It's like guns in the middle of streets Pointing at your head, I don't care

Natalia Kills - Watching you lyrics

standing outside on your momma’s lawn And it’s 5 am, ... got your curtains drawn, Been 25 times that I called… But, I know that you ... love me. Now I’m all dressed up and I know

Art Of Dying - Watching you watching me lyrics

you sleep, are you awake anymore Can you hear ... me, are you dreaming Hand out of reach, truly impatient ... like the flower Do you believe, can you see me through

Annie - Songs remind me of you lyrics

upon a time there was a girl Who met a boy that said he ... d change the world Promises he only made for me Vanished into what it could have ... been Music so good... Music so clear... Music so good..

Rodney Atkins - Watching you lyrics

through town just my boy and me With a Happy Meal in his ... booster seat Knowin’ that he couldn’t have the ... toy ‘til his nuggets were gone. A green

Jethro Tull - Watching me watching you lyrics

sit by the cutting on the Beaconsfield line. ... He's watching me watching the trains go by. And ... they really fly. He's still watching me watching you watching the trains go by. And

Melissa Etheridge - Watching you lyrics

s a good question Why am I standing out here alone I guess I ... don't know enough to come in from the rain I was watching your window From here ... below I think I just might stay here all day Cause I

Kate Bush - Watching you without me lyrics

What's that?") ("It's four, five, six, seven... ... ") You can't hear me. You can't ... hear me. You can't hear what I'm saying. You can't hear

Beto Vazquez Infinity - Watching you lyrics

words for me are like a waterfall in the desert Your sorrow as well I am ... consumed by What I feel No matter how much I give you my dear Within ... seconds Of watching you Within hours Of thinking of you

Robin Gibb - Watching you lyrics

baby, oh no. Baby, I'm watching you and you watching me. ... let's get together. Have this dance with me. Baby, I'm watching you and you watching me.

Hutchinson Eric - Watching you watch him lyrics

love you From the bottom of my heart ... And that's not gonna' change ... But things look grim When I am watching you watch him I give you the best a man can

Savatage - Watching you fall lyrics

in the dark there's a child and she's waiting Lost in the ... maze of a fait accompli Is it a crime to be just hesitating While we're pretending ... mounted on the wall From this distance I can see it all And I've been out here watching you Watching you fall!, yeah

Hall And Oates - I'm watching you lyrics

ten o’clock Jewel jewel, and it’s time to see you Scan ... around the block Oh, you jewel in the monitor screen I can usually find you near ... 42nd and 8th A whore in a doorway (yeah) I think I’ve found you jewel, wit my t

Nance - Big brother is watching you lyrics

Yeah, Yeah, Nana Nana Na Big Brother is watching you And ... there's nothing much that you can do His eyes are looking ... out, look out, look out Big Brother is in disguise You

Ecliptica - Watching you lyrics

come along with their designed lies in the name of right and protection. Corruptionists with their hearts in ... their wallets and eyes blinded by their might. They

Arion - Watching you fall lyrics

you think you're flawless You'd sell your soul for the ... fortune and the fame Useless, you are so ... worthless A human stain that we need to wash away

Lit - You tonight lyrics

another look, do you like what you see? i've been standing here, watching you, watching me we could skip the get ... to know you tell me everything i don't even need to know

Go Fish - You are mine lyrics

Are Mine Go Fish Your busy day is at an end It's ... time to go asleep again Before your dreams take you ... away Hear me when I say You are mine, I will never leave you I will see you through the night and be here in the morning

Ruff Ryders - You, me and she lyrics

m sittin down in da corner,chillin wit all my boys mr.biggs ... is in the house..) (chorus 1) you, me, and she what we gonna ... baby (get at the party, city of venis) (eve) i did it to myself, couldn't help the

Maria - You, me and she lyrics

like lately, you're far away Even when you're ... sitting near Drives me crazy, that you don't ... to care Feels so lonely, I know that something's wrong I can tell with just a touch I

Dave Days - You've been on my mind lyrics

know how we happened we just kind of did I was being sarcastic and asked for a kiss You've ... been on my mind Waaaoooohhhh You've been ... on my mind Waaaooohhh I don't know what to call us

From First To Last - You, me, and the significant other lyrics

sweet nothing's into your ear The kind I knew you'd ... always want to.. Oh wait but I was wrong You sold me out so ... fast Quickly inditing me into the shit that is your past

Cascada - You (cascada and robin stjerrnberg lyrics

do you remember How we would stay ... up all night Talking 'bout our destiny And I ... played the piano And you would strum on your guitar ... Those were the days If only you could see me now I live my

Dove Cameron - You, me and the beat lyrics

need a reason, just get up and dance When you turn up a music, let it blast You and me ... the whole world, in the palm of our hands ... Don´t let it go, don´t let it go, don´t let it go

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - You don't want these problems lyrics

Pre-Hook: DJ Khaled] You haters can't stop me, I'm a ... franchise You're now rockin' with the best, put your hands high [Hook: Big Sean] Do ... it, do it, I'mma f***in' do it These niggas try to hold me

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - You don't want these problems (feat. big sean.. lyrics

Pre-Hook: DJ Khaled] You haters can't stop me, I'm a ... franchise You're now rockin' with the best, put your hands high [Hook: Big Sean] Do ... it, do it, I'mma f***in' do it These niggas try to hold me

Of Montreal - I was watching your eyes lyrics

want to write something beautiful, Something so beautiful ... That I just can't sing it without getting that incredible ... feeling, The one that just ... my senses. Because it's the only thing I have, It

Naked And Famous - Girls like you lyrics

Run, whirlwind run Further and further ... away Into the sun In, 20 minutes Everyone will remember ... you when you’re gone And your heart, is a stone Buried

Signs Of Betrayal - Watching silently lyrics

ways to not be wrong Wearing this burden on my own Sanity might be lost in the fight ... the screams seem louder tonight Don't know if things will ... be alright Sent away to protect

Schultz Mark - She was watching lyrics

always called her daddy's little girl She was four years ... old Waiting by the door to run into his ... arms Each time that he came home And ... every night he tucked her in and read to her in bed When she

Katy Rose - Watching the rain lyrics

wish there was a photograph that showed me ... here with you And I could kiss the photograph and make my ... wish come true I wish I was a humming dove so I could sing so sweet I wish that I

Deep Dark Robot - You mean nothing to me lyrics

for you your not there, I can't find you anywhere You ... re leaving on a plane Covet me I ... secret you, want my love but not my ... truth. treat me like a plague You mean nothing

Highwaymen, The (country Supergroup) - Songs that make a difference lyrics

Babe, do you remember Back in nineteen sixty-nine? We ... gathered round the room You sang yours and I sang mine ... We took turns with the guitar In the front and center

Sondre Lerche - I'm always watching you lyrics

over trying to be alone And brushing up on feeling free ... Cellphone’s a weapon of surveillance All the distractions I ... don’t need Your naked body in my dream last night It was

Christian Death - Songs of songs lyrics

him kiss me with the virgins love thee Look not upon me ... because I am black. I am the rose of Sharon and ... the lily of the valleys As the lily ... among thorns so is my love among the daughters.

Lizzy Borden - Voyeur (i'm watching you) lyrics

watch you only, I wish you only knew I am you solely, I ... m deep in lust with you You show m eplaythings I thought I'd never see But now I want ... to, to touch th ereal thing I'm ready for action, I

Gary Allan - Songs about rain lyrics

this town has closed down way too ... early, And there's nothing to do, So I'm driving ... around in circles, And I'm thinking about you, Today I heard ... got a new last name, Sure didn't know it was gonna hit me

Saxon - Watching the sky lyrics

since I was a young boy I turned towards the sky I ... know there's something out there A message in the ... stars When the night is black And the dark is dark

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - You do lyrics

I am, once again In your driveway, thinking I should be ... leaving I should go but it's so entertaining watching you breathing Here I am, once ... again In your driveway thinking I should be leaving I

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - (you make me feel like) a natural woman lyrics

out on the morning rain I used to feel uninspired And ... when I knew I'd have to face another day ... Lord, it made me feel so tired Before the day I met you

Gloria Gaynor - I've been watching you lyrics

the rose slaps your face Says your pain is a ... state of grace (I think that's right) Mirror ... cracks, image bleeds He'll touch your ... desires but not your needs I stand at an open window, I

Nightshade - Somebody's watching you lyrics

- Although the light was dim I saw the dead rise When it ... s quiet at night - just listen for his heartbeat The ... shadows on the wall say it's time to hit the streets People

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - You always saw the blue skies lyrics

m turned around and lost out here again Feeling ... like there's no way out and without you no way in Where are ... you my friend? I know how hard it is To keep

Eso - We are watching you lyrics

say things that they don’t mean It ... But then they’re too blind to see it Wanting to ... show this But now you can say that The future you ... don’t want It’s nowhere to be here But

Georgia Overton - I'll be watching you lyrics

breath you take And every move you make Every ... bond you break Every step you take Ill be watching you ... Every single day And every word you say Every

Gotye - Don't worry we'll be watching you lyrics

What's your name? Don't worry Don't be ... afraid We won't hurt you Hey Lost your way? Don't ... worry Just do as we say And we won't hurt you It's

H2o - Songs remain lyrics

5 years are gone now, So I've got a plan that's new. I ... m seeing the future. But I can't forget my roots Cause it's still not a concept, ... Someone made up on tv. It's still something real, Way

Diana Ross - I'm watching you lyrics

baby, it's a long time I know you're here I feel you ... to me So much to say but Making all the words I save them ... all inside Then I see you and they disappear Like leaves

Luke Conard - Tonight i'm watching you ft. meghan camarena .. lyrics

know you want me I made it obvious that I want you too ... So show it to me I look for you on Netflix and YouTube Now ... rock that figure Man I like the way that you move So give it to me Super powers and

Joan Armatrading - Songs lyrics

I'm feeling down If I'm ever low I just think of you And the songs Filled with ... lots of meaning With everything I need Spiritually healing ... Words that comfort You told me that you cared You'd

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Watching the wildlife lyrics

the wildlife On my way home, the state ... of Rome People gliding on the floor Pleased with life not needing more Sunset on ... the river People go home in the rain Familiar faces on

Love And Death - Watching the bottom fall lyrics

say it's criminal (It's not criminal) I say it's ... logical (It's logical) I said my last "no thank you" (Where do we go from ... here?) We trust the same lies, trust the same things

Dead Or Alive - And then i met u lyrics

time you'll learn That I am not the sweetest boy in ... town Somehow you've been fascinated In our times We'll ... have the up and down But we'll feel alive

Cal'lex - You need me, i don't need you ft. jamie curry lyrics

Curry: You see my hair is brown, my head is round, ... there's nothing much inside it now, I post a new video ... every night in front of a new crowd, That ... s me now, yeah these likes they're going up now, You

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