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Sign Of Decay - Tv - lies lyrics

true on tv but it is called reality they show you love but it is hate it´s like a dance on razors blade nothing´s true on tv news promoting anger that´s confuse eye for eye is selling good inspiration for hollywood you think it´s real but it´s a fake always looki

Everclear - Tv show lyrics

walk around in the market, late at night I walk around in the empty aisles And I don't know why I need to be, close to the light So I walk around in the middle of the night I drive around in the neighbourhood I want to lose my house I drive around on the freeway, I guess I

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - Tv makes the superstar lyrics

ll take your chance, to be the one And anything is possible, if you are strong, oh yeah Sometimes you`re up, sometimes you`re down But you feel it in your heart, you can`t go wrong You are so nervous, just every single day Here a voice from heaven, you`ll find your way, oh TV ma

Nina Hagen - Tv-glotzer (white punks on dope) lyrics

rechtschönen guten Abend, meine Damen und Herren. Ich begrüsse Sie recht herzlich zu unserem heutigen Fernsehprogramm Und wünsche Ihnen einen recht guten Empfang. Allein! Die Welt hat mich vergessen Ich hänge rum! Hab's bei allen verschissen Ich sitz' zu Hause!

The Cramps - Tv set lyrics

baby i see you on my tv set yeah baby i see you on my tv set i cut your head off and put it in my tv set i use your eyeballs for dials on my tv set i watch tv i watch tv since i put you in my tv set oh baby i hear you on my radio yeah baby i he

The Misfits - Tv casualty lyrics

are paint smears on everything I own The vapor rub is lying on a table of filth Christmas cards to which I never reply My eyeballs absorb only blue filtered light TV casualty, TV casualty We're all right TV casualty, TV casualty I wish they'd put Pr

Feeder - Tv me lyrics

cover me in the clothes you see And I´m suffocating I try to breathe Only here to let them know Fading out as the hours go Cover me if I walk away Tripping out, I´m in hyper space Till the will it begins to break Feel the wall as it starts to shake Too la

Sergey Lazarev - Tv or radio lyrics


Phish - Tv show lyrics

much anger trapped inside It's so hard to let it go Hope is fading I'm tired of waiting And I'm moving much too slow The stars above I'm cursing And it still seems I'm rehearsing But the cameras have been Rolling all the while This story's getting

Mudvayne - Tv radio lyrics

incomplete me You tune me into Whitewash Spoon fed Brain dead Sloth I'd watch the paint dry before giving in Black out Stupor Inferior Insignifigant False stars above keep us sedated Satellite Astronaut Spaceship The Government I'm

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Tv in black & white lyrics

you get lonely think of me only Prison isn't going to keep me from you Remember Coney Island and how we Went into the water Till the wawes turned blue Nobody does have to know, That our love’s alive Keep it on the low If you want to hide Got that same adress If you want

Magazine - Tv baby lyrics

baby I don't know what to think My mind's on the blink TV baby TV baby TV baby TV baby I'm taking the leap for you Taking the leap for you I leap for you TV baby-oh Be looking out for

Naiv - Tv, tv lyrics

mam spać, co myśleć, co jeść Kogo mam kochać i kim mam być Co dziś jest ważne co warto znać Kto jest mym Bogiem, kogo mam czcić Bądź zawsze ze mną, mój Boże w pudełku Cokolwiek powiesz wezmę za swoje Oddaję ci cześć stworzycielu zgiełku TV, TV, przyj

Puhdys - Tv show lyrics

bist der fernsehliebling der nation Man kennt dich auch in der sowjetunion Aber du du kennst und siehst mich leider nicht Doch ich doch ich will dich Doch leider nur in tv show und video Tv show sterereo Wie oft saß ich am fernseher entzückt Und habe in gedanken d

Zz Top lyricsZz Top - Tv dinners lyrics

dinners there's nothin' else to eat TV dinners they really can't be beat I like 'em frozen but you understand I throw 'em in and wave 'em and I'm a brand new man oh yeah! TV dinners they're goin' to my head TV dinners my skin is turnin' red Twenty

Nina Hagen - Tv snooze lyrics

He is asleep and the TV is on (2x) All night long and he is asleep He is asleep and the TV is on (2x) All night long and he is asleep He gets newsflashes ...

Karl Bartos - Tv lyrics

the news on the screen Is it real or a dream The whole world at my command TV guide in my hand Every place, every time Politics, sex and crime I press the key and watch TV Watch the war on the screen It is safe, it is clean Silent movie, b

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - Tv crimes lyrics

day in the life of the lonely Another day on the round about What do they need Somebody to love One night in the life of the lonely There's a miracle on the screen What did they see Somebody to love He guarantees you instant glory Get your money on the line G

F.t.island - Tv radio lyrics

wanted to meet on top of the hill so what do you say? I'm taking it back I've skied on the track not losing a moment anyway I feel like a bird my view of the world right under my wings I'm one of a kind not easy to find so take it or leave it I wanna be there and do

Mando Diao - Tv & me lyrics

down in a fight It was a bloody pleasure Though I couldn't walk I'm not dead I smell the pavement At the end there's a light And so pretty women Though I couldn't see I'm not blind and inside my mind Fright night on the radio starving Jun

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Tv talking song lyrics

time in London I gone out for a walk Past the place called Hyde Park where people talk About all kinds of different gods they have their point of view To anyone passing by and it's who they're talking to. There was someone on the platform talking to the folks Abou

Kaiser Chiefs - Tv lyrics

TV's getting me down, but I don't know what I'd do without it Everybody's getting around, but I don't know if I'd even like it No, I don't know if I'd even like it No, I don't know if I'd get excited No, I don't know if I'd even like it No, I don't know if

Magna-fi - Tv killed me lyrics

killed me. In league with the boredom. Alone and my life was such a mess. Im throwing the towel in. Picking my hat up from the ring that i just can't compete in. 'Cos TV killed me. You're so perfect. So perfectly vacant. You shame me with your worrying and scurrying. Yo

Blink 182 lyricsBlink 182 - Tv lyrics

I'm at work, ya, I always rush right home for lunch So I can check out what's up on the Brady Bunch And when I'm walking through the front door at night I gotta see who's winning on The Price is Right, oh I never dreamed that I'd spend my days Staring at some tube emitting cathode

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - Tv tv lyrics

Sun came and changed our name Made our lives this simple stain Drove the children from their chores Handcrafted housewives into whores Society snake it ate our brains Injected poison in our veins T.V. minds hip swing grinds Faces cracked and filled with lines Black sun

Pulp - Tv movie lyrics

you my life has become A hangover without end A movie made for TV Bad dialogue, bad actin', no interest Too long with no story and no sex Is it a kind of weakness To miss someone so much To wish the day, go away? Like you did yesterday Just like you did yesterday A

Procol Harum - Tv caesar lyrics

V. Ceasar Mighty Mouse Holds his court in every house Spied in every crack and corner Watch you eat your TV dinner Creeping in through eyes and ears Finding out your secret fears T.V. Ceasar Mighty Mouse Shares the bed in every house T.V. Ceasar Mighty Mouse Gets the n

Skanners - Tv shock lyrics

and liars The players Upon your screen Gangsters and killers The thrillers You've always seen They seem so far Although they're coming to you Every night They're coming tonight....... There is no barrier To the master of fear No kind o

Beautiful Bodies - Lies lyrics

taking off, off, off to the dark side Gonna grab my bow and arrow I’m never, never gonna be your white bride Shoot you down like a wounded sparrow Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies You’ve made off, off, off like a bandit But the heist has quickly go

Carlene Carter - Lies lyrics

you told me that you love Would be good for me But you lied, lied, lied Told me that you'd do what you Should for me But you lied, lied, lied Who do you think you're foolin' Tellin' me those lies What do you think you're provin' With your lies, lies, l

The Glitch Mob - Tv on the radio – red dress (the glitch mob r.. lyrics

jackboot, f*** your war 'cause I'm fat and in love And no bombs are fallin’ on me for sure But I'm scared to death that I’m livin' a life not worth dying for Not worth dying for [4x] Hey Jackboot, f*** your war Go ahead put your red dress on Days of

Gto's - Tv lives lyrics

m a television baby My father's a knob And my mother's a tube When I'm sad my horizontal dips And my vertical skips But when I'm glad, my brightness meter shouts brightest

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - Tv comes to life lyrics

in the Devil's drop, I walked out in the snow And climbed up to the mountain top, a push from death below Brother fell protecting us, somewhere far from home Lay him down to rest with us in fields of earth and coal Sailing out away from this, to ports of foreign sho

Mcfly - Lies lyrics

TOM] Better run for cover You're a hurricane full of lies And the way you're heading No one's getting out alive So do us all a favor Would you find somebody else to blame 'Cause your words are like bullets and I'm the way your weapons aim [DANNY] I

Quo Vadis - Tv lyrics

Jak byc dobrymJak spokojnymJak cierpliwymJak szczesliwymJak sie ustrzec przed dzialaniemKrwawej fikcji na ekranieNie moze dobrze bycNa szklanej tafliPeln...

Amen - Tv womb lyrics

These legs are spread Guiding tomb Gun in the mouth Open wound (They fly around me) (Do they see what I see?) We can't kill the witness (With all the children ...

Aria - ТВОЙ ДЕНЬ (tvůj den) lyrics

вернулся в жизнь, в наш непрочный дом Полный странных лиц и чужих имён Как в измерении другом Тебе дышалось не легко Нежеланный гость - человек войны Словно ржавый гвоздь в сердце чувство вины Но ты сдаваться не привык И не требовал любви Твой День - день, когда т

Aria - Твой новый мир (tvůj nový svět) lyrics

мечтал родиться, сотни лет назад Битса на турнирах, в блеске черных лат Закат багровой краской, твой покрасил щит И враги бы знали, ты лишен души Ты так мечтал, с утра и до утра Все меняет время, в мировой сети Ты бессмертный воин, лучше не найти

Babybird - Tv lyrics

we go, going by, here we are, ’til we die. Watch the window, watch the window, watch the window, watch the window. I’ve tried and I’ve tried, but there’s nothing inside. Nothing passing, #### molesting. Watch the window, watch the window, watch the window, watch the window. He

Black Flag - Tv party lyrics

V. party tonight! T.V. party tonight! T.V. party tonight! T.V. party tonight! We're gonna have a T.V. party tonight! Alright! We're gonna have a T.V. party alright! Tonight! We've got nothing better to do Than watch T.V. and have a couple

Toni Braxton lyricsToni Braxton - Lies, lies, lies lyrics

Verse 1] I see you coming through the door Creepin' It's a quarter past four And I smell the scent of cheap perfume Who is she? You step in the room With a guilty look upon your face Busted And you started to say “But really baby I can explain” Save your breath

Crystal Viper - Tv war lyrics

Bonus track on the first edition] [Accept Cover] T.V. war is part of life Entertaining & far,far away What a story & how they fight Let's gamble & guess who will win Danger is nowhere We still got the chance to s

Graham Nash - Tv guide lyrics

you ever wonder why There are cameras in the sky? I can see them all on high, Looking at the people Did you ever wonder when They'll come and take you in again? Well, they've been listening on your line, Looking through your T.V And the ghost of G

Ministry - Tv ii lyrics

me something i don't know show me something i can't use push the button connect the goddamned dots live-in thief in my bedroom bathroom commodity sodomy glass autonomy promise everything take it all away give it a rest you're lying through your teeth you'

Linda Ronstadt - Lies lyrics

Lies I can't believe a word you say Lies, Lies Are gonna make you sad some day Tear, tears I've shed a million tears for you Tear, tears And now you're loving someone new Someday I'm gonna be happy But I don't know when just now Lies, lies You're

Billy Talent - Lies lyrics

conversation Hidden agenda You think we´re stupid how dare you! The rug has not been pulled over our eyes you fool We can see right through! Tip toeing villian eyes on the ceiling your false intentions have worn thin... But we´ve been in your room And in your closet too

Billy Talent - Lies (acoustic) lyrics

conversation Hidden agenda You think we´re stupid how dare you! The rug has not been pulled over our eyes you fool We can see right through! Tip toeing villian eyes on the ceiling your false intentions have worn thin... But we´ve been in your room And in your clos

The Click Five - Lies lyrics

told me you loved me So I don't understand Why promises are snapped in two And words are made to bend The bigger, the better Some stolen from Japan Collected from around the world They'll catch you if they can Lies, lies, lies, yeah [4x] Do I have t

Cult To Follow - Lies lyrics

at what you've done; Betrayed our youth again I'm feeling numb from your greed And I'm reaching for my gun, If you run your mouth again So your blood will run To hide the scars of your sins Memories of you fill my head with. Lies! Lies to hide the shame, lies to kill the pa

Fenech-soler - Lies lyrics

up look up im bleeding How long how long till were in love Wait by wait by your feelings Am I am I just dreaming I want you to stop with me tonight I want you to stop with me tonight Look out look out I?m screaming How many times do ya have to Lies lies

James Maslow - Lies lyrics

yeah These rumors flying around my head (around my head) They say you've been sleeping in another bed Tell me it ain't nothing (console me) Show me baby I'm still the only All these fingers pointed so watch you now, now. Got me thinking about t

Cyndi Lauper lyricsCyndi Lauper - Lies lyrics

street light Through my window Makes me feel secure There's no one to distract me I'm locking the door You cannot barge into My own little world You can't take the joy From the soul of this girl Telling me your lies, lies, lies Don't tell m

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Lies lyrics

dripping off your mouth like dirt Lies, lies in every step you walk Lies, whispered sweetly in my ear Lies, how do I get out of here? Why, why you have to be so cruel? Lies, lies, lies I ain't such a fool! Lies, lies in my papa's looks Lies, lies in my history books Lie

Body Count - Lies lyrics

don't want you anymore and you don't love me... I can see in your eyes when you talk to me, You don't fool me... We had our time but it's over girl, Now it's deceit... I know your sleeping around on me, I know you creep... Your knives are stuck in my back so

Andrew Allen - Lies lyrics

there time for just one story I promise you won't be sorry, For making the time This one starts just like it ought to The leading character is you And this interesting life Oh you you, and true true, something about 'I'm gonna have to lie to you' Oh you you, I see through

Hilary Duff lyricsHilary Duff - Lies lyrics

you've been actin' so shady All you say is I'm crazy When you know you knew Save me from these walls as they cave in All of our magic is fadin' Cause when you know you knew We're falling apart, we're falling apart Like a house of cards And I know in my heart, I know in my hea

The Frames - Lies lyrics

think it's time, we give it up And figure out what's stopping us From breathing easy, and talking straight The way is clear if you're ready now The volunteer is slowing down And taking time to save himself The little cracks they escalated And befo

Glen Hansard - Lies lyrics

think it's time, we give it up And figure out what's stopping us From breathing easy, and talking straight The way is clear if you're ready now The volunteer is slowing down And taking time to save himself The little cracks they escalated And before you know it i

Hypocrisy - Lies lyrics

this the end of time, and how come we are still killing ourselves? Going back and forth. Loose control. Always try to open new doors. Don't get too close, you might disappear. They will bury your bones, in the sand. Break away, from the waves. Into the oceans of, lies

Peter Bjorn And John - Lies lyrics

were such a fan of me, now I've made our history Look like a burnt-out fag, yes I stabbed you in the back And I always did believe that you and me would always be But now I've ruined all 'cause I can't tell lies No, I can't tell lies no I can't tel

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