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Kenny Loggins - You don't know what i feel for you lyrics

heart is beatin' when I look in your eyes I got the feeling ... it's like far you and I When I touch your body I'm out of ... control And I believe I can fly yeah I know I'm

Joe - Feel for you lyrics

feat. Johnta Austin) [Intro:] My Baby Oohh Wooh Woh ... Woh Woh Wooh Woh Woh Woh I Can't Believe That I Am Admitting This To You Coz If You ... Know Me Then You Know How Hard It Is For Me To

Matchbox 20 - You're so real lyrics

I am I hope you think you beat me Hope I start talking ... crazy Before you understand me Are we through ... You think that I'm beneath you But you like the things that

Bananarama - Feel for you lyrics

it over A little longer You know I'm right It's me you ... re looking for It won't be long now Coz I'm ... not like the girls before Where you going? Don't

Nightwish - Feel for you lyrics

were my first love The earth moving ... scent, beauty ardent Distant shiver, heaven sent I'm the snow on your lips The ... freezing taste, the silvery sip I'm the breath on your hair The endless nightmare, devil's lair Only so many times I can say I long for you

Arcane Symphony - What is life for you lyrics

stop improving. just get up and go ... Everyday you are moving And you’ll see this show You know ... life passes quickly so you shouldn’t stop It' is really

George Jones - What's bad for you is good for me lyrics

had a talk with one of your old friends in town today ... And she told me that your new love went astray Now isn't that just the way I said it would be Come on back home what's bad for you is good for me.

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - You make me real lyrics

really want you, really do Really need ya baby, God knows I ... do 'Cause I'm not real enough without you; Oh, what ... can I do? You make me real You make me feel like lovers feel

Jeff Beck - I can't give back the love i feel for you lyrics

want me to say I love you too There's nothing in the ... world I'd rather do You will never know how hard I've tried But I can't change the way ... I feel inside It's nothing that you did or haven't

Semisonic - I'll feel for you lyrics

you're afraid to cry Though you could use it once in awhile ... Nothing will cloud your eyes You've been through ... one of those times When nothing's real or getting through

Tina Arena - You make me feel good lyrics

me baby You make me feel good You make me feel good What ... everybody tells me I'm gonna ruin the day But I'm ... just too hung on you baby To stay away Maybe I'm in love and that shouldn't be

Dusty Springfield - I can't give back the love i feel for you lyrics

s a tear For a souvenir And a dream Torn at the ... seams Here's a promise that you made to me of love It's more ... than I'll ever see And then you're free to go But I can't

Question Mark & The Mysterians - You're telling me lies lyrics

re telling me lies You're putting me down You stand to make ... me cry Your told me this morning You love me so But still I ... know you lie You better stop, girl You better

Air Supply - Feel for your love lyrics

ve got money to burn I've got life on the avenue I ... ve got nothing to learn I just do what I want to do I ... ve got places to go I've got lines on the telephone

Jerry Reed - I feel for you lyrics

to see you there cryin', boy, brings to mine All ... the things I've told you one time I told you she'd hurt you ... And more heartache than you could ever forget So sit

Ends With A Bullet - For you lyrics

re so far away Still I feel you To be near you Would be a ... dream come true Every step I take Takes me further away I've been draming of you Tell

Monarchy - You don't want to dance with me (ft. britt lo.. lyrics

have got to keep my distance The pounding of my ... heart can’t be disguised I feel electrical resistance Oh ... how I want your touch, I want your touch Hold all the crazy inside yeah Don’t want to have

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - What's forever for lyrics

ve been lookin' at people And how they ... change with the times And lately all I've been ... seein' are people Throwin' love away and losing their ... minds Maybe it's me who's gone crazy

Johnny Reid - What i did for love lyrics

heart is torn and tattered Mine was not designed for giving ... up Cus all I’ve ever done that really ... matters is what I did for love So got me with the

Liam Espinosa - For you lyrics

re so far away Still I feel you To be near you Would be a ... dream come true Every step I take Takes me further away ... I?ve been dreaming of you Tell me what to do I miss

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - I feel for you lyrics

grow They're everywhere you go I feel, I feel Rainbow sky Whenever you are by ... I feel, I feel I feel for you I can go on and on and ... on and on I feel, I feel, I feel You know I feel for you

Get Scared - For you lyrics

lost myself in a bottle of gin and I'm wasted all the time (all of the time) One more ... shot for all my f***ing failures might just end my life ... (just end my life) And I think if I'm not mistaken of

Bob Sinclar lyricsBob Sinclar - I feel for you lyrics

can feel it, Can you feel it. I can feel it, Can you feel it. I can feel it, Can you feel it. Feel for you baby ... Feel for you baby, I can feel it, Can you feel it. Feel for you baby, Feel for you baby,

Prince - I feel for you lyrics

baby, when I look at you I get a warm feeling inside ... There's something about the things you do ... That keeps me satisfied I wouldn't lie to you, baby It

Black - You dont always do whats best for you lyrics

tender-eyes me with those baby browns ‘til I ... get around The fact that I still love you and I’m not ... supposed to This is supposed to be over I’m not

Darkheart - You lyrics

re an angel, What keeps me afloat. But for you ... Diving underwater. Thanks for you, I'm flying in the sky. Will you stay with me? Question ... thousands. Ref. Ooooou You are the light of my life,

Maplerun - For you lyrics

to the undecided dark road that I’m on For you everyone’s invited feel I ... don’t belong For you You drove me out of my mind tonight You drove me out of my mind For you I’d cut myself in

Darin - What if i kissed you now lyrics

here we are Trying to talk some sense into our hearts This can’t be love We’re best ... of friends, and that should be ... enough But If that’s true Tell me why I’m holding on to you Like I’d never let you go Chorus

Amasic - For you & me lyrics

would it be, If that there was me? It looks ... so unreal, I just can't believe what I see. Everyday is a ... new fight, Will he ever see the light? He ... s just working for, living for, dying for you & me. Am I the only who sees?... Living the same way everyday, G

Ivanhoe - What love is for lyrics

ve kissed away my tears, that's all ... I need I'm not afraid, full secure, heavens just a ... kiss away You free my mind, I knew what love can do And if you cry, you've lost your smile, as if you're miles away

Kurt Nilsen - For you lyrics

many times have I seen? You only get to keep the ones ... that you love So if not, why bother. If you ... could pick and choose from the top of ... the shelf It wouldn't have worked because

Josh Garrels - For you lyrics

so much I’m dying to tell you But you can’t bare to hear ... me now In a little while I must move on But I’ll send ... my love to you You can, call my name And I will

Candlebox - So real lyrics

in Are you the one about to crash it all ... You take another hit in time youll fall, all the way ... Summertime sidelines Well youre the one about to crash it

Gotthard - Feel what i feel lyrics

much for love You must've come from way above ... Just for a smile and just for an inch I'll run a mile, I ... ll run a mile So much it seems Might only be just mirrors and steam Might be the

Little Brother - For you lyrics

two ya'll we about to set this like this on em Little ... Justus league, Phonte, Big Pooh and it Hey yo yo ... [Verse 1: Phonte] Once again what you're hearing now is Phonte

Gloria Gaynor - Feel so real lyrics

so real I feel so real I feel so real And I owe it all to you Oh, I feel so nice With you here by my side If I just do ... the best that I can do It seems that's enough for you

Mandy Moore - So real (wade robson remix) lyrics

it's real Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, ... now hit it Repeat X4 Innocence is what i've got It ... ll take true love to hit the spot Can't control my ... When we're together we're in the groove Don't care

Kid Ink - What it feel like lyrics

I can tell you what it, yeah yeah I can tell you what it feels like Up all night, ... waitin' for a deal like Nigga, this is real life, real light I ain't have a meal night

Kelly Rowland - You changed (ft. beyonce knowles & michelle w.. lyrics

hate to see the look on your face You looking like someone came and rained on your ... parade And I know it kills to feel those tears in your eyes But I guess your conscience finally caught up with your lies But when my tears dried, where the hell were you It's okay

Mandy Moore - So real lyrics

is what I got. It´ll take true love to hit the ... When we´re together we´re in the groove. Don´t care ... about your other girls- I´m the only one that rocks your world. Gonna hafta keep me

Kate Nash - You're so cool, i'm so freaky lyrics

m a waste of space I don't understand you Send me ... away Tomorrow is important No matter what you ... say So keep your secrets from me And keep yourself away Keep everything to

Puff Daddy - Satisfy you (remix) lyrics

feat. Lil' Kim, Mario Winans) [Lil Kim:] THIS IS THE ... REMIX, As we procede, to give you what you need, 2000 ... get loud muthaf***as. [Mario Winans, (Puff Daddy), | Lil

Allison Iraheta - You don't know me lyrics

m a ghost of a girl that you looked right past I'm a voice you didn't wanna hear I'm ... a page in a book that you read too fast But I'm still ... here You never cared, never tried,

Ill Niño - What comes around lyrics

hate you. I hate you - shut up... You think ... that I'm the one to blame Everything I lose is just a piece of what there is to gain You think it's cool and all is fine Now is the day when you pay, this is my time I feel for you nothing but pain I am what you will be, you are dying in me I

Ill Niño - What comes around (day of the dead remix) lyrics

hate you i hate you You think that I'm the one to blame ... Everything I lose is just a piece of what there is to gain You think it's cool and all is fine Now is the day when you

Samantha Jade - So right lyrics

how you do those things you do I'm really craving you I ... think about you all the time, can't get you off my mind ... I do get through the day I got so much to say I'm really falling sick awaiting

Missy Elliott lyricsMissy Elliott - You don't know lyrics

Missy] Now see, the one thing I like about the niggas Is ... boys That they been sleepin' wit' the same chick, and ... laugh about it But see, a woman, could

Cher - Real love lyrics

you understand just how much I feel for you, do you Do you ... comprehend when I say my love is true, do you Always - with ... me - forever, oh baby I know - we'll be - together

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Strip for you lyrics

baby... What you doin'? Well, stay there. I got ... a surprise for you. I'm on my way over. Suddenly ... I feel like I wanna break loose Jump in my ... six and come and see you Girl, I'm gonna do something

Anouk - Its so hard lyrics

m just thinkin' about the child in me, That I sometimes feel inside And I'm figuring out ... just what it is That makes me feel so small ... Is it you, that hurts me when I give

French Affair - You're so sexy lyrics

so sexy, sexy sexy I need your love, I need no hesitation You´re so sexy sex sex sexy Feel ... me now and stop the conversation No, no, no don´t stop

Boyz Ii Men lyricsBoyz Ii Men - Its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday lyrics

do I say goodbye to what we had? The good times that ... made us laugh Outweigh the bad. I thought we'd ... get to see forever But forever's gone away It's so hard

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - What i feel issues lyrics

m sick and tired of the games you played Every move I make your ass got something to say ... Scandalize my name when you see it in the paper Trying ... to turn it all around when it wasn't that way Everybody is trying to figure me out What the hell is wrong with y'all

Kendrick Lamar - Feel. lyrics

Intro] Ain't nobody prayin' for me Ain't nobody prayin' for ... me Ain't nobody prayin' for me Ain't nobody prayin' for ... me [Verse 1] I feel like a chip on my shoulders I feel like I'm losin' my focus I feel like I'm losin' my patience I feel like my thoughts in the

David Guetta lyricsDavid Guetta - Its allright lyrics

to LA From Japan and even you Paris you can have it and you can do what you want to do it's alright, yes it's alright ... it's alright and it's ok 'cause trouble don't

Hopes Die Last - What i feel lyrics

arms to reach my hands I'm afraid I realized I'm afraid You're gonna leave this ... place Another way To feel again and again What gave ... sense to this What gave sense to my life This is the last time for a sight It's the night that ends all nights I wanna be the last

Lillix lyricsLillix - What i like about you lyrics

.uh uh huh what i like about you you hold me tight tell me im the only one ... wanna come over tonight keep on whispering in my ... ear tell me all the things i wanna hear cuz its true

Blue System - It’s for you lyrics

for you - my baby Its for you - Ill give it all back to you ... Its for you - and maybe Its for you - I know that my heart is ... true Oh, with you - oh, with you Baby all my dreams

Chipz - Its so easy lyrics

just wanna hold you tight I just wanna be with you Shaky ... when you're out of sight Tell me that you feel it ... to I just wanna make you smile Every day and every night

Isley Brothers - For the love in you lyrics

.. Yeah Hey...hey... Ooh Driftin' on a memory Ain't no ... place I'd rather be Than with you, yeah Lovin' you, well, well, ... well Day will make a way for night All we'll need is

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