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Ja Rule - Thug life ft. case lyrics

Ja Rule] Ja Rule, yeah Irv Gotti, uh, huh Big Rob, haha It's how we do it Yeah, it's my life [Case] What's the matter with your life? [Ja] Everything from the evils to price, from the guns to mic I'm livin' my life runnin' through hell with

Ja Rule - Thug lovin' lyrics

up, Gotti, yeah This is how it’s goin’ down (All we need is a a stage, God Ha-ha, yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah, come on, ha-ha-ha) It’s on and poppin’, baby (It’s on and poppin’) The Last Temptation, ha-ha He’s back Y’all know who I’m talkin’ ‘bout To

Ja Rule - Livin' it up lyrics

Ja Rule] Yeah, yeah, yeah We all my... Yeah C'mon, c'mon, uh To all my bitches that be givin' it up, uh To all my niggas that be livin' it up, we say... To all my bitches that be givin' it up, ah C'mon [Verse 1: Ja Rule] Baby, you're such a typical, everyday, one

Ja Rule - Ja rule - x lyrics

Ja Rule] C'mon, let's get Pop in love I know you pop-u-lar Admitted the club But I just wanna toss you up Before I Swallow you whole I need to wash it down Tell your girls Avion indulge you to hang out +Intoxicate me+ Free your mind Free my mind Freak all night It's evi

Ja Rule - Pain is love lyrics

Chorus: Ja Rule] Love don't love me Is the only thing that seems to hold me God can you explain why Love don't love me Is the only thing that seems to hold me God can you explain why [Ja Rule] I sit alone in my four cornered room staring at candle

Eminem lyricsEminem - Tupac ft. eminem - black and white lyrics

all comes down to we gotta survive I mean even warriors put their spears down on Sundays We got to survive here in this country For us to survive we need White folks, Black folks, Korean folks, Mexican folks, Peurto Ricans We gotta understand each other I mean you need to do somethin

Ja Rule - Strange days lyrics

Intro/Chorus: 700 & Ramzo] No wonder we ain't got a love (got a love) We livin in strange days (strange, strange days) Spend it all and we ain't got enough (got enough) We livin in strange days (strange, strange days) [Ja Rule] Heh; yeah! No me, no you, n

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Thug love (feat. destiny's child) lyrics

y'all know about this fab shit, huh? TE baby come on, uh-huh Trackmasters uh-huh Look we can shop together mama, his and hers Fifth Av. shit baby, Fendi furs I ain't tight with the chips girl I'm down to splurge If it's ice you like I'll light up your life (Ooh) VS2 Cla

Antonia - Ft tom boxer morena my love lyrics

said morena morena morena i give you my love x4 Why, oh why You dont love me and you say goodbye If you leave me I will make you cry Boy you set my heart on fire Why, oh why You dont love me and you say goodbye If you leave me I will make you cry Boy you set my

Ja Rule - Down ass bitch lyrics

Ja Rule - talking] Ja Rule, Chuck B-more Every thug needs a lady And every thug needs a down ass bitch, huh, feel me Every thug needs a lady Baby I'm convinced, you my down ass bitch [Chorus - Ja Rule] Baby say yeah, (baby say yeah) If you'

Method Man - Grand finale ft. dmx, nas & ja rule lyrics

DMX - dialogue] I ain't goin back to jail Next time, the County or the State see me it's gonna be in a bag UHH! This is it baby! End of the road, ha hah! When you a dawg, you a dawg for life! You don't hear me though, you don't hear me though Yo

Ja Rule - Blood in my eye lyrics

Intro Hussein Fatal] And what ever it is then that's what is gonna be nigga Hussein Fatal, the outlaw don, "Blood In My Eyes" Shyea', Triple O stand up, Got your mind's back right Jerse's mobbin' these cowards all the time You know gunning them down, Every thing lik

Ja Rule - World's most dangerous lyrics

uh, uh, yeah, uh, uh [Nemesis] I could see it in your eyes [JA Rule] Ya'll niggas is scared of us Declarin' us the world's most dangerous [Nemesis] You don't wanna see me rise [JA Rule] Because when we get high we get 'em Should have seen how we did' em Must a b

Ja Rule - E-dub & ja lyrics

Ja Rule] Uh, yeah It's Ja Rule baby It's E-Dub Yeah Def Squad Uh Y'all motherf***ers think it's a game right? Get da name right R-U-L-E baby My shit is airtight Compressed, dead all da non-sense Pass da 4-5th and load up the cartridge E Reved up da 6 We abo

Ja Rule - Lost little girl lyrics

Ja Rule] Yeah, uh, Ja Rule uh uh uh Here to talk about the lost one It's a damn shame F***in Shakin that ass, Shakin that ass, yo, huh [Chorus: Ja Rule] Lost little girl I seen how love can turn to lust inside a Lost little girl I seen how pain

Ja Rule - First degree lyrics

Da Franchise] Uh, {chuckles} Ey yo Chris Man, what you think these niggaz was thinking man? F*** y'all niggaz thinking, man? Ain't no Violators except us man Why these niggaz trying to Violate shit without us man huh? I told these niggaz man a piece of the p

Ja Rule - Put it on me lyrics

Ja Rule) Where would I be without my baby The thought alone might break me And I don´t wanna go crazy But every thug needs a lady (Ja Rule) Girl it feel like you and I been mourning together Inseparable, we chose pain over pleasure For that you´ll for

Ja Rule - The inc. lyrics

Caddillac Tah talking] Yo, that's right Niggas just ain't, doin' it how we doin' it Nah mean son? I G [Chorus (2X)] Murder INC. Takin' flight We go hard Betta get it right [Caddillac Tah] We go hard! yeah Player not for nuttin' I spit fo' and leave a nigga bent up fo

Ja Rule - 25 to life lyrics

Wyclef talking:] Yo to my people doing time, Xzibit, Juvenile, y'all need to (Wake up everybody) Nature, Ja Rule, Reptile come on bring the heat. [Xzibit (overlaps)] Look, I'm inhumane livin' in this house of pain stuck with a thousand street hustlers down on they luck Repeat fel

Ja Rule - The murderers lyrics

Black Child] Word to god Y'all know who the f*** this is You know we would kidnap yo kidz You know what the f*** we do Murder bitch niggaz like you For real, all the time, any place, anywhere Y'all niggaz could get it Act like y'all don't know [rapping] In a world that's

Ja Rule - Down 4 u lyrics

Ja Rule, Vita, Charlie Baltimore, Ashanti… Fat Joe, All Murder Inc… Irv Gotti, Chris, TNT… Whaaaat…… [Chorus:] I wanna be your chick I wanna be down 4 u (Do ya trust me?) Yeah (Love me?) Yeah (You're puttin' it on me Ya must be) Ya down ass bitch I wanna be your chi

Ja Rule - So much pain lyrics

Ja Rule] Rest in peace to my nigga Stretch, my nigga 'Pac So much pain Uhh.. yeah, huh, yeah All my, niggas.. so much pain Uhh.. huh, yeah Yeah, so.. much.. Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhhh Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhhh [Ja Rule] They'll never take

Ja Rule - Smokin and ridin lyrics

Ja Rule] Gangsta.. you know Huh, gangsta, c'mon, hehe Uhh.. got my nigga Vin Diesel in the house, y'know Number one movie in the country and all that Haha! Yo.. [Chorus: Ja Rule] Nuttin but some gangsters, smokin and ridin (YO!) Come on get

Ja Rule - Always on time lyrics

Always there when you call... Always on time Gave you my... Baby be mine Always there when you call... Always on time Gave you my... Baby (Ashanti) Baby, I´m not always there when you call...But I´m always on time And I gave you my all...(uh) now baby be mine (yea ye

Ja Rule - Life aint a game lyrics

Chorus x2] Life ain't a game (nooooo) If you feelin me (say yeah-yea) Flip the bird where (in the aiiir) F*** the world (we don't caaare) [Ja Rule] It's time to ride out Niggaz stash your cash at the hideout The Murderous I-N-C's en route (Y'all hear me) feelin my shit the sam

Ja Rule - Mesmerize lyrics

yeah Whattup ma? How you been Yeah I know, I know, hehe It's all good.. (Murder Inc.) [Chorus: Ja Rule + (Ashanti)] Girl your stare, those eyes I (love it when you look at me baby) Your lips, your smile I (love it when you kiss me baby) Your hips, thos

Ja Rule - Rock star lyrics

hehe [Ja imitating guitar] Eh, uh, uh - here we go Yea, yea Murder Inc, uh, uh - classic shit Yea y'all I'm a rock star bay-bayyyyy (yea) [coughs] F***in with these niggaz! [laughs] Yeahhh, yea, yea, uhh [Chorus: Ja Rule] I'm a rock star bay-

Method Man & Redman - 4 seasons ft. ll cool j & ja rule lyrics

Redman] Bitch! Brick City, yo Yo, yo Funk Doc straight lunatic since young At 8 paint chips the rare moon ---- That pair mics, my maintenance I battle you and then me and Meth exchange shifts For money, to your house arrest anklet I take it all, if not, here's a thousand B

Ja Rule - The manual lyrics

Ja Rule] Yeah, yeah, yeah You talk too much shit You know niggaz always talkin bout bitches ain't shit Money over bitches But give all our money to the bitches any f***in way (I love my bitch) So I'ma send some love out to the bitches, holla [

Ja Rule - Extasy lyrics

Ja Rule] Yeah.. yeah.. Uhh, uhh, you don't want it You one of them jokers there Split it in half nigga Gimme that vodka water too.. yeah.. World get on one, if you not afraid to fly You need to get on a flight and fly tonight Run up in the hottest clubs so high That toni

Ja Rule - Murder me lyrics

Ja Rule] Uh, uh, yeah We back up in this motherf***er Murder Inc Ha ha I go by the name of the Rule You know Got my nigga Chink Santana in the house My nigga Buck, my clique niggaz My murder by number niggaz My nigga black, 0-1 you know My new nigga life...w

Ja Rule - Survival of the illest intro lyrics

Uh, it's on now, haha Yeah, haha, Ja Rule Niggas let me in baby, it's on now My niggas Def Jam niggas, Russel Simmons niggas Leo Cole, haha yeah Real shit, all my thug niggas Big Pre, Big Chaz, motherf***in black hands Check it [Verse 1] For th

Ja Rule - Thing's gon' change lyrics

Verse 1: Ja Rule] First off f*** the snitch and that unit he claim F*** Dre partial, and Eminem Plus the world heard it before, they tired of them And they waiting for that thug shit from Rule' again And Proof can bomb Proof your hummer then Put a vest on yourself and your chilld

Ja Rule - Grand finale lyrics

DMX - dialogue] I ain't goin back to jail Next time, the County or the State see me it's gonna be in a bag UHH! This is it baby! End of the road, ha hah! When you a dawg, you a dawg for life! You don't hear me though, you don't hear me though Y

Ja Rule - How many wanna lyrics

Intro] Yo, yo, uh Ja Rule, heh, Murder Inc. Come on, come on Yo. yo [1] - I'mma ride to the end of the road baby This life will drive me crazy Be gettin' right lately On the real, will it overtake me? Where all my gangsta's at? (Yeah) Where

Ja Rule - Murda for life lyrics

Ja Rule] Busta ass niggaz Busta ass niggaz Let's ride on they ass This is murda for life This is murda for life This is murda for life This is murda for life Hater, it's murda What the f*** you gonna do? Murder I-N-C We gangstas y'all p

Ja Rule - Die lyrics

Tah Murdah] Yea We about money and murda The f*** y'all want to do Either pass that paper Or we gonna have to kill you It's like that nigga Don't question why Cuz when it's murda motherf***er Everybody gotta die Die motherf***er die Die mot

Ja Rule - It's murda (freestyle) lyrics

Intro Ja rule] It's Murda... (ha ha ha) It's Murda... we back up in this muthaf***a! It's Murda... y'all know who we be Yeah, aiyyo don't let me catch ya runnin from the back of BET either nigga (my nigga Fatal on tha muthaf***in ones and twos) Holla back you bitch as

Ja Rule - Worldwide gangstas lyrics

Black Child talking] What's up Chi-town? Yeah, Murder INC. back up in ya area On that gangsta shit ya know Connect worldwide Worldwide gangsta shit nah mean? From Chi-town to Miami Houston to mother f***in' LA, we connect nigga With some gangsta shit [Caddillac Tah] Mot

Lil' Keke - Love for ya lyrics

Talking:] E.S.G. (huh), Lil' Keke the Don Ha-ha, it's long overdue baby (Huh, been waiting for the Southside That swanging and banging, to put it down what) Mr. Slim Thug, Northside Southside let's do this homie (C.M.G. Boss Hogg Outlaws, we platinum in the ghetto tell em

Ja Rule - F*** you lyrics

Ja Rule] Yo [01] Yooo.. uh [Ja Rule] Rule nigga Ja Rule.. 01 [01] Uh [Ja Rule] [01] Yeah It's our world.. please believe Niggas ain't real.. please believe It's murda.. please believe I-N-C.. niggas what's f***in with me? R-U-L-E.. love me or hate me.

Ja Rule - 6 feet underground lyrics

are rolling, Knives are out with thee present danger all around I don't say they mean harm, but they'd each give an arm to see us six feet underground. see us 6 feet under ground It doesn't matter what those morons say [Chorus] It's Murda I N C Uh, the Lord is calling me My de

Ja Rule - Niggaz theme lyrics

Case] [x2] It's plain to see You can't change me Cause I'm a be a nigga for life [Black Child] Chorus: For life we gonna be niggas F*** the world it's yours my niggas Load the nine and blaze my niggas [Ja Rule] Yeah, cause I'm a nigga for life [Ja Rule] Whos th

Ja Rule - What's my name lyrics

18 second intro about the Bible] [Ja Rule] Yeah, yeah (woo!) woo (we here, geah) C'mon (we ain't goin nowhere, c'mon) Remix, c'mon (now, this is Jimmy Cliff Notes) (I'ma run through the roster man) Let 'em know (on Murder INC) Uhh (startin with Ashanti

Ja Rule - Between me and you lyrics

Inc. shit Uh... uh, uh, uh [Chorus: Christina Milian] Now every little thing that we do (that we do) Should be between me and you (me and you) The freaky things that we do (that we do) Let's keep between me and you (me and you) Cause every little thing that w

Ja Rule - Body lyrics

Oh Here We Go Now Shake Your Body Like A Tambourine Give It To Me Now You Know Shake Your Body Like A Tambourine [Hook:] Baby It's Your Body Your Body Your Body Can't Complain It's The Thing That Make Me Say Yeah Yeah Yeahhh Baby It's Your Body Your Body (My Body Body) Y

Ja Rule - Clap back lyrics

Intro - Ja Rule] Yeah, yeah.. haha yeah! I gotta get my headphones All my gangsta niggaz is in the building on this one! You know! Yeah yeah ya know It´s real!! Hussein what´s happ´nin nigga? I see you, aight Shadow what´s poppin BLAT!! Haha haha, yeah my nigga O-1 in

Ja Rule - Count on your nigga lyrics

Ja Rule] Uh, yeah It's Ja Rule nigga Uh, uh, yeah Feel this Uh, Ja Rule nigga Def Jam, Ja Look at my life style it's dangerous When I was young this sorta life was contagious Hustlin' hard like them sharks down in Vegas My gat and I come bust spontaneous This world ma

Ja Rule - Murda 4 life lyrics

What y'all niggaz want street shit, Memph Bleek shit, Ja rule shit You heard nigga It's all real in the field nigga [Chorus] Niggaz live wit it, money drugs and murdah for life Bitches deal with it, only lovin them hoes for the night If your feeling it, get high its

Ja Rule - Pop niggas lyrics

Ja Rule] How many niggas hit the scene like Rule Benley GT, pushin through bock flooded, with jewels H-2 with the hungerous Rule beside me Armed up the army, don't play that with nobody Rule, Murder & Gotti We hittin bitches like Lowe's be hittin switches, 16 at

Ja Rule - I cry lyrics

Lil' Mo] [Chorus] When I cry, you cry We cry, together Said I cry, you cry We cry, together Said I cry, you cry We cry, together Said I cry, you cry We cry, together [Ja Rule] I love my life, I love my wife A bad time to prevail, it overwhelmed me I'm li

Ja Rule - It's your life lyrics

yo, yo, yo, yo Ja Rule, Uh Shade and Irv Gotti Niggas don't want none of this [Ja Rule] Ladies call me white Kane, pure as snow Like cocaine, cutiepies powder they nose I've been preaching to the stars Ladies be livin real harder A lot of icons, but consid

Ja Rule - Damn lyrics

Chorus] Baby, baby I'mma be where I'm at (I am who I am) Love me for me (You'll leave while you can) (Damn!) We can do bad all by ourselfs, we don't need each other to bring us down (I've been thinkin) What happend to me and you Baby, baby I'mm

Ja Rule - Furious lyrics

Rule nigga Ja Rule, O1 [Ja Rule] Yeah It's our world, please believe Niggas ain't real, please believe It's murda, please believe I-N-C niggas what's f***ing with me? R-U-L-E love me or hate me baby Refer to 3:36 baby That's the rule please niggas don't get it

Ja Rule - Dial m for murder lyrics

Ja Rule] Gotti, here we go again, yo.. Two two-nine and seventy-six, get off my dick, niggaz I'm born The future problem's, kickin and carryin on Cause I got blood in my lungs and can't breathe, just conceived And a nigga already fixin to leave t

Ja Rule - Last temptation lyrics

Ja Rule] Yeah, yeah, heh You feel that Can you feel that Yall cant feel that, heh, yeah We gonna do it like this Real old school, shit Take them back to the parks and shit Do it like, we used to do it, you know DJ Irv days, and shit [Chorus]

Ja Rule - Uh-ohhh! lyrics

Ja Rule (Lil Wayne)] Murder Inc. nigga (Young Money just crept in like uh-ohhh!) Em-pire, em-pire! Hehe, let's get 'em~! Inc Gang nigga, young money Cash Money, collabo' Listen, listen [Chorus: Ja Rule] To all my niggaz my bitches my bitches my niggaz my gangsters Hoes, pimps

Ja Rule - We here now lyrics

Intro] Yeah, Here we go, feel this shit, Into the new world, the new day Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, nigga, Its Murda . . . [Chorus by Irv Gotti] Yea we here now, don't get scared now Ja Rule nigga bout to tear shit down What y'all thought y'all was gon eat fo

Ja Rule - Murder reigns lyrics

[echoes] I feel the rain comin down on me nigga, heh [echoes] When the sun gon' shine? [echoes] My lord, somebody help us all, heheh [echoes] [singer: repeat in background] I think the reign is calling murder I think the reign is calling murder I think the reign is calling murder

Ja Rule - I'm real (murda mix) lyrics

Jennifer Lopez (Ja Rule)] (What's my motherf***in name?) R-U-L-E (Blowin back on this Mary Jane, I'm analyzin the game) And the game done chose me (To bring pain to p**** niggaz and p**** hoes, it's one in the same) Ever since you told me (There's only room for two, I've been makin

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