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Joan Jett - Who can you trust lyrics

animal nature Will dominate ya Just wait and see ... This whole deception Is killing me Look what we got It ... gotcha Hey it's so confusing This whole illusion Will

Jeremy Camp - Trust in you lyrics

I can't see You I know You're there When I can't feel You I will not fear I will trust ... in You and I will not be afraid. ... is close at hand Though You're with me and help me stand

Elevation Worship - I will trust in you lyrics

my prayer I surrender to You Every day You sustain me ... Make a way I surrender to You I will trust in You I ... will trust in You I will trust in You 'Cause You're all I

Suzi Quatro - Can't trust love lyrics

down the highway Finding time to do it my way No ... destination Heading for that open skyway And I ... can't trust love no more No I can't trust love no more Well I'm a

The Fray - Some trust lyrics

you fake you're full and you feel tomorrow Coming and you gotta do what you can do to ... get Away with everything you want and still get what you

Alan Jackson - Only trust him lyrics

every soul by sin oppressed; There’s mercy ... And He will surely give you rest By trusting in His ... Word. Only trust Him, only trust Him, Only trust Him now; He will save you,

Mystery Jets - Horse drawn cart lyrics

you don't trust me i'll fall I've wind in ... and the floorboards are creaking below Find me the oars ... say hello Emotion pulls you like a horse drawn cart You

Jaravis - Trust me lyrics

through my cellphone checking texts, instant messenger ... And you don't believe me when I tell you that I've never been with her ... And my word ain't valid ever since you see me

Sloan - Ill placed trust lyrics

I want to do too Every where you go I follow you When I'm on ... my own I wonder where you are People tell me I take it ... too far Ill Placed trust, promises lust Ill places trust, ill placed trust Ill placed

L'Âme Immortelle - No trust lyrics

word you say Every hour you spend Feeds the dagger In ... traitor's hand Everyone you trust Everyone you believe in Will be your enemy Life's a ... game you cannot win No trust, no trust In this world of

Frenzal Rhomb - Who can you trust? lyrics

are you so conservative? Why have you got nothing to give? You´re ... so suspicious in every way Why have you got ... nothing to say? Who can you trust? Who can you trust?

The Black Keys - No trust lyrics

wanna get outta the car in the middle of the road And ... her screaming and hollerin' is getting mighty old She ... check every paper when you step out the room Ain't go

Rea Garvey - My child lyrics

my child Tell her what I think is right Where do I start ... with her? Where will I find the words? And in the end ... I´ll trust in you To see me through And until

Rocco Deluca - I trust you to kill me lyrics

High pitched white boy learning slow I trust you to kill me ... Ask for nothing, nothing in return Catch a fire, watch ... it burn And I trust you to kill me Oh, and I trust you to kill me Ask for nothing

Skillet - I trust you lyrics

again that I am not my own Crawling back to where I belong ... Caught in between knowing You and trusting me Come on take ... a ride out of the in betweens Now I know I need You When I can't see, I will trust you And when I get weak, I trust you And when I just can't

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Trust yourself lyrics

yourself, Trust yourself to do the things that ... only you know best Trust yourself Trust yourself to do ... not be second-guessed Don't trust me to show you beauty When

Hillsong Young & Free - Trust lyrics

that it is not the end I'm trusting you have better plans I ... dreamt of yet I know that You will follow me When everything's against me I put all my

Christina Perri lyricsChristina Perri - Trust lyrics

the wind's blowing Change is fast and growing ... Words, that hurt the ones you're lovin' Hatred for who you ... re becomin' I knew better than Yes, I ... knew better than To trust myself To trust someone else

Ladytron - Flicking your switch lyrics

is the sound of that flicking your switch. 815 194, does ... this mean you don't trust me anymore? Does this mean you don't trust me anymore? I ... m so happy that your coming out to play. Now I'm only

Jonas Brothers lyricsJonas Brothers - Trust lyrics

Intro: Joe Jonas] I don't trust myself when I'm around you I ... don't trust myself when I'm around you ... Joe Jonas] Lately, I don't think I even know me Every time you come around, I'm like the old

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - Who do you trust? lyrics

m crawling with the rats and the ... Imma need to check all your coats cause You never know ... enemy approaches Who do you trust? Tell me who do you trust? I see em coming at us But

Q Fish - The trust lyrics

say: In god we trust believe him and you're ... allright you told me that you need - much more time to trust in me - but you'll never do ... something has happened with u in the

Alana Grace - Mess of you lyrics

Oh I'll make a mess of you Oh I'll make a mess of you ... Oh I'll make a mess of You can trust me, trust me ... Sometimes we fall Into our desires And leave no

Kurt Carr - Why not trust god again lyrics

seems a greater problem's waiting there For each step ... I get pushed two steps behind Don't think I'm going to ... make it sometimes Don't think my nerves can take it this

Angelo Kelly - I trust in you lyrics

run but I can't hide Cause you´re my creator You know my ... thoughts Your grace has brought me this ... far You've given me so much I've ... given none in return Forgive all the sins I've done I trust in you

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - In blood we trust lyrics

blood we trust! In blood we trust! In blood we trust - ... of the dead For we will drink them tomorrow Breaker of ... Come fill up my grail! In blood we trust! In blood we trust! In blood we trust -

Queensrÿche - The needle lies lyrics

OUT!" [Dr. X:] "You can't walk away now." ... all I saw was his face Smiling, the needle crying Walking ... afraid I heard him scream You'll never get away Cold and

Astral Doors - In rock we trust lyrics

Mr devil, your songs were right Music for ... I see angels fly A fire in the sky In rock we trust; in rock we trust Play loud; no ... one can break us In rock we trust; in rock we trust Rock hard;

Nightcore - Don't trust me lyrics

And she's a actress But she ain't got no need She's got ... money from her parents In a trust fund back east T-t-t ... tongues always pressed to your cheeks While my tongue is inside of some other girl's

Lauren Daigle lyricsLauren Daigle - Trust in you lyrics

go of every single dream I lay each one down ... at Your feet Every moment of my ... wandering Never changes what You see I’ve tried to win this ... My hands are weary I need Your rest Mighty Warrior, King

Poema Arcanvs - Us lyrics

hundred ninety... worn out! They ... cannot be again... Cannot repeat... She was ... was only him... Never again! There is a dangerous ... earth is dangerous... Can I trust in you? Can you trust in me?

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Trust me lyrics

time I go, they keep telling me no And life's travelling ... fast all around you, whispers about my past I ... can tell you anything I want But I'd rather ... allowed to So let me know if you can trust me If you can trust me, then trust me If you can

Craig David lyricsCraig David - Don`t play with our love lyrics

it, uh [Verse 1] Been sayin' lately its a waste of time You got your problems babe and I ... got mine I know right now we don't ... see eye to eye You got your problems but until we try

La Toya Jackson - Sorry lies lyrics

can't trust a man, can't trust a man You can't trust a man, ... can't trust a man You can't trust a man, can't trust a man You ... can't trust a man, can't trust a man Called his cell, 2 o

The Kinks - Trust your heart lyrics

world And all that it contained I would see your face in ... a misty haze And wish that you were there Yes I wished ... that you were there Darling Fool, I was with you all the

Acid Reign - All i see lyrics

is something that must be earned Lessons ... be learnt Leeches eager for your respect Trust is what they ... a helpful smile, a generous grin They push you in With

Blizzards - Trust me i'm a doctor lyrics

standards, morals or ethics in the quest for braggin' rights ... and a head of white lies. Trust me, trust me, I'm a doctor. ... Trust me, trust me, I'm a doctor. I know, I

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - I don't trust me around you lyrics

re standing much too close to me again ... I'd never once touched you But in my mind I've already ... sinned You're making it hard for me to be true ... I don't trust me around you Seems like every place I

Carola - Faith, hope & love lyrics

s a lot of things we face That seem to pull ... There's a lot of tears and pain That turn our world around ... the hammer always falls against us At our weakest times

Ian Hunter - Never trust a blonde lyrics

thousand pin-up girls to Stepney to Bombay ... of 6 foot 3 Are gonna leave you broken down on your knees ... Cause in the golden locks and fluttering lashes You say, ''I told you'', all day long Never

Selena Gomez lyricsSelena Gomez - Trust nobody (feat. cashmere cat, tory lanez) lyrics

ma tell you how I want it Baby tell me ... how you need it Hope you're good at keeping secrets ... Said you're good at keeping secrets See you know I don ... t trust nobody I know you don't trust nobody Said only

Brighten - More vacations lyrics

t trust anyone, anymore (x4) The ... doctors say were wasting time With hospitals full ... up to height And we think we have another thing coming ... when you say Don't trust anyone, anymore (Did you find yourself alone, did you lose

Lovex - If she´s near lyrics

m up against the best 'Cause whenever ... and so dangerous But in spite of all we've been ... (This fight) I fight against myself (This time) I'm ... so Hold me down I can't trust myself If she's near So

Fantasia - Trust him lyrics

ooo ooo ooo ooo lately i ain't been myself cause i met the ... he says all the right things' i look forward to his ... time that i open my eyes your'e such a wonderful present

30h!3 - Don't trust me lyrics

she's an actress But she ain't got no need She's got ... money from her parents in a trust fund back east. T, T, T, ... Tongues always pressed to your cheeks, While my tongue is

Marvin Divine - Trap issues lyrics

too many (Verse:1) I know you know me as Marvin Divine but you know baby girl I am Marvin ... amazing A Nigerian London boy ... raised in the US got the world going

Misconduct - Stop the fight lyrics

no guns Time to turn all things around Hey! Hey! Stop the ... I got this situation burning in my mind Is this the end ... of human kind? This question's always on

Hawk Nelson - Tis so sweet lyrics

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus Just to take Him at ... thus saith the Lord" You're the shelter in the storm You're the dearest friend I know ... me home Oh, for grace to trust Him more Jesus, Jesus how I trust Him How I proved Him o'er

Muse lyricsMuse - Host lyrics

ve read you well I just want to get away ... Cos you used my love I just need to ... get away My trust in you has been abused My trust in you has been overused Sick of

Skindred - Big tings lyrics

Verse 1] Big tings running through my mind I think ... all the time I'm gonna do my ting the way I wanna do it And ... everything will be alright Big tings ... burning up my soul I think I'm bout to lose control Do

Downthesun - Eye confide lyrics

waiting For the fall through I ... still know Do you Trapped inside My head of shame Should ... Eye confide Should I trust you I don't know if you'd even care 2x Collapsing,

Fatima Spar - Trust lyrics

prophet himself i do not trust in jesus nor the man whose ... do not dare to pronounce you preach life and immortality ... the bright side of life you'll always see but i do not

Doves - Someday soon lyrics

soon you'll know how it feels to love ... love and all my heart go with you Just look into my eyes and ... what can you see? But all my love and ... time keep with me I'll keep you with me Someday soon you

Joy Division - A means to an end lyrics

Eternal rights we left behind, We were the better kind. ... free too, I always looked to you, I always looked to you, I ... always looked to you. We fought for good, stood

Novecento - The only one lyrics

the morning you’re close to me watching me ... as I leave hoping one day you’ll find a way in my heart in ... So much time has been going by very little has changed

The Left Rights - Citizen lust lyrics

We us lee if you must We lust...It's to the ... How much is that little lust in the window? Who can you trust? Who can you trust? Who can you trust? If you can't trust us?

Pillar - Indivisible lyrics

all the people in the world that don't ... what it is we have here in this motherland See the ... now I thank God it's something I don't have to think about ... Instead my thoughts are on the

Megadeth - Trust lyrics

in a dream Nothing is what it seems Searching ... my head For the words that you said Tears filled my eyes ... This sad scene replays Of you walking away My body aches

Chumbawamba - You cant trust anyone nowadays lyrics

can’t trust anyone nowadays (repeat) ... rather be a coward than pushing up daisies Never rocked the ... ’yes sir, no sir, whatever you say sir’ And when the nazis

Eve 6 - Trust me lyrics

the floor I got the saccharine smile Been flashing it for ... a while My jaw's starting to get tired, to get tired ... It's nothing personal, dog But if you're

Rebecca St. James - I can trust you lyrics

I know that You have paved a path for me Yes ... I know that You see what I do and don’t need ... it comes to the deepest things I have a hard time relinquishing control Letting go

Little Big lyricsLittle Big - My way lyrics

you have a bro to confined in? Or anything your land could ... proud of And some one share your breath in this lifetime ... Whatever happens gives you the last dime? (x2) Yeah,

L'ame Immortelle - No trust lyrics

word you say Every hour you spend Feeds the dagger In ... traitor's hand Every one you trust Every one you believe in Will be your enemy Life's a ... game you cannot win No Trust, No Trust In this world of

Acϟdc lyricsAcϟdc - Rock or bust lyrics

yeah Are you ready? We be a guitar band ... We play across the land Shootin' out tonight Gonna keep you ... up, alright You hear the guitar sound Playin

Ac Dc - Rock or bust lyrics

yeah Are you ready? We be a guitar band ... We play across the land Shootin' out tonight Gonna keep you ... up, alright You hear the guitar sound Playin

Bodyjar - Don't trust anyone lyrics

can you stand there and tell me That ... you've never lied behind my back? Don't think that your little excuses make The ... sound of emptiness go away Don't tell me,

Clan Of Xymox - In love we trust lyrics

soul I don't want these strings It's time to move on I ... my way Don't pick my brain It's just causing pain Inflating by the day In love ... we trust they say we must In love we trust they say we

Centaur - New beginning lyrics

the vast unknown reaching point, asking myself is this ... really it? Is there nothing else What is this all ... supposed to mean Is everything important, or is it meaningless Is everything good, or

Chastain - Don't trust tomorrow lyrics

think you know the answers You think you know it all Well you must believe in magic Cause ... everything you know is a lie I live for ... today I don't trust tomorrow It's all just a

Allen-lande - Who can you trust lyrics

yeah, woah, who can you trust? Trust! Eyes on the back ... of your hair Always awake and ... aware Watching the movements around us ... Building a fortress of stone

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - No money down lyrics

know you're disappointed in the way I handled things You ... re thinking I misread the times and ... acted cowardly And since what I do affects us both ... And you feel that I let you down You're paying a price

Funeral For A Friend - Red is the new black lyrics

t pretend that you're nothing special You've got to look ... at all of your options You can't decide what to go for ... When it's all about trust (it's all about trust) You

Alice Cooper - Why trust you lyrics

with a great big smile But your teeth are as sharp as a ... crocodile You promise me the moon and the ... stars and the sun But you never did nothin'for anyone

Jesse Mccartney lyricsJesse Mccartney - All about us (deluxe edition) lyrics

on cloud nine I end your sentences, you start mine ... When I’m wrong, you say that I’m right I never ... the way I do when I’m with you But it’s been part time

The Ark - Trust is shareware lyrics

all your life you’ve cared about people you ... don’t really care about You’ve heard them shout and you’ve heard them out Now what’s ... and starvation The friend you need is a friendly invasion

Lostalone - Doooooooooomaggedon lyrics

life’s what you trust but life’s let you down In ... whom do you trust You trust yourself You can’t trust nobody ... else to protect you Would you trade this life? Fake your

Filter - What's next lyrics

just keep swallowing us They just keep hustling ... us They just keep beating us down Down They just ... keep holding us back Wished I could just ... attack They just keep beating us down Down It's time

Kaledon - A new man lyrics

Till now you were a simple captain, Now your rank will be more important. ... I trust only in you, I want you. I trust only in you, I want you. From now

Refused - This trust will kill again lyrics

I'll survive with selfrespect intact And you?? Every ... freedom needs a trust This trust will kill again for you And ... believe that it's true This trust will kill again for you

Diana Krall - Only trust your heart lyrics

trust the stars When you're about to fall in love ... Look for hidden signs before you start to sigh Never trust ... the moon When you're about to taste his kiss

Kimberley Locke - I trust myself lyrics

I heard your phone ring after midnight When I saw ... on display When I thought you're lyin' there beside me, you ... me? Why is it so hard to let you go But I can't deny what I

Gallows - Victim culture lyrics

you think they're out to get you? Do you often become ill? ... Are your nerves in poor condition? Are you living off of pills? Do you ... nervous breakdowns? Are you frightened for your life?

Hezekiah Walker - Trust him lyrics

1 Only trust Him for He's never let me ... down. Oh I will only trust Him until I die, oh. Chorus ... 2 Oh I will Only trust Him for He's never let me ... down. Oh I will only trust Him until I die, oh. Verse 1

The Last Goodnight - One trust lyrics

know somehow I will, get over you My father, he told me, ... bend the truth, sometimes' Your eyes they lie to me, tonight ... One love, don't you chase it One life, don't you

Keaton Henson - Good lust lyrics

of chemistry Tell me what you want from me And I will sit ... and wait for you to sleep And eyes gleaming ... And in the heat, clothed only in ... Too soon Can I get lost in you? Can I get lose in you?

Opeth - To rid the disease lyrics

Let these matters be, Don't trust what you see Take hold of your time, Step into the line ... There's innocence torn from its maker ... Stillborn the trust in you This failure has made the

Alan Jackson - 'tis so sweet to trust in jesus lyrics

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, And to take him at ... the Lord." [Refrain:] Jesus, Jesus, how I trust ... Jesus! O for grace to trust him more! I'm so glad I

Cashmere Cat - Trust nobody (feat. selena gomez & tory lanez) lyrics

Selena Gomez] I'ma tell you how I want it Baby, tell me ... how you need it Hope you're good at keeping secrets ... Say you're good at keeping secrets 'Cause you know I

Eldritch - More than marilyn lyrics

brings the rain, she brings the pain She likes to ... an actress more than Marylin But things are getting ... it’s just a lie How could you trust in all the moves she

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Sacred trust lyrics

meant to fight it to the finish but you made me forget ... though it's possible I'm dreaming, don't wake me yet You know ... I love you I can't see the day for

Rooney - Simply because lyrics

guess Why I haven't called you back I said I'm screening ... calls Even your calls Why am I Such a ... bad guy I'm just doing other things Like you do ... other things I could never really

Shawn Mcdonald - My salvation lyrics

run for dear life to You my God And I never live to ... regret it Do what you do so well and do what you do ... mess Upon to my feet You, my salvation You, my

Claps For Caroline - Vixen lyrics

pretty face is just a f***ing fake every little boy ... always dance around you they just give a whistle ... then you jump in the car innocently ask now what the f***

Neon Trees - Trust lyrics

you got your head in a scream, And im, i'm trying ... to get your attention You appear as a child put your ... heart on a seam, But you're acting exactly as you do in my dreams I said you; you

Lord Huron lyricsLord Huron - The stranger lyrics

can't trust anyone or anything these days If you are who you say you are then show your ... Came out of the ocean like you came out of a dream Your ... voice it sounds familiar but you are not what you seem All

Manchester Orchestra - Don't let them see you cry lyrics

t let them see you cry When the dam breaks down ... and the city is covered in water Cause I believe we fly ... shape and I dose off, on your shoulders I trust that you see it too So breathe

Brian Setzer - Don't trust a woman (in a black cadillac) lyrics

Black Hair, baby blue eyes You wouldn't know the devil If ... she came in disguise Sittin' on the corner With a wicked ... grin She'll take the soul of a ... man Just because it's a sin Don't trust a woman Long

Dag Nasty - Minority of one lyrics

back on what they told you and see what truth can't ... hide the government controls you and brother that's not just a ... line but don't trust them to tell you what is

Catherine - Lets pretend like its 1910 lyrics

feel as if the ground is folding The playing field has never ... been on your side Blame them all for the ... pain you're inflicting Look at you, you're just

Atomic Rooster - People you can't trust lyrics

you can't trust (x's 4) will always let you ... down They will say trust in me, but you see they will ... always let you down They'll cheat you - ... always 'round that's People you can't trust will always let you down People'll say that you're their friend, the love all

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