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Laura Branigan - Living a lie lyrics

ve been callin' and there's no answer Now you ... How'd you get in this situation? Now it's your turn to ... cry You're living a lie, you're wasting your time Caught in a dream, you're living

Peterson Griffin - Living a lie lyrics

a left twist and a flick of my wrist There’s a ... drink poured, oh I know you want more You want more You say tilt that bottle all the way ... up Till you can’t see the bottom of your cup

Griffin Peterson - Living a lie lyrics

a left twist and a flick of my wrist There’s a ... drink poured, oh I know you want more You want more You say tilt that bottle all the way ... up Till you can’t see the bottom of your cup

Skindred - Living a lie lyrics

you're not real, you're fake Running your mouth, but ... you made a mistake I see through you, like a ... pane of glass One shot of trouble and ... you're out like 'ras' Screaming about I'm not into this,

April Sixth - Living a lie lyrics

never said that you were wrong But you were ... for me, see If you been playable, I am strong I think we ... might have runned free, now listen ... You wanna touch me But you can't, cause you're blind We're

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Living a lie lyrics

streets down somewhere no place to survive a look in your ... eyes signalized me our prospering love ... We thought it was heaven, never turned into hell ... there's no future for you and I Living a lie cold hearted, time to cry Living a lie love will never survive Livin

Dio - Living the lie lyrics

close to home You're with a hundred thousand people And ... you still feel all alone She was never in the ... circle Or the round would be a square And the more she

Epica - Living a lie (simone version) lyrics

a life that's only One more blade, the ... they told me. I will find a way that will heal All this ... fear. I feel bad at will and pray for The great miracle you paid for, Where the

Epica - Living a lie ~ the embrace that smothers part.. lyrics

t believe what you see Believe in me In my reality I am a man of God God, can't you ... hear that I'm begging you? Don't believe what you hear Believe in

For The Fallen Dreams - Living a lie lyrics

t take this the wrong way I feel like I'm drowning ... Surrounded by takers in a world overcrownded ... Surrounded by liars don't get me started Let's ... see who gets further, half, or wholehearted Don't take this for granted I know

Dark Nightmare - Living a lie lyrics

go beyond the line of trouth And your life is a world of ... doubt You are searching for the hope To keep ... you alive Every night and day your eyes are bleeding As

Much The Same - Living a lie lyrics

s a shame that you think you have to live this way It's a ... shame that you never have known You'd travel so far ... and you'd have so much power If only you

Sneddon David - Stop living the lie lyrics

sits alone at a table in a small cafe Drowning his tears in ... a bottomless cup of coffee And hes tumbling into his ... thoughts His memories are all tied in knots And who is

Black Light Burns - Lie lyrics

m living a lie And it's not the best thing for ... me But anyone and everyone is gonna hear another story I'm building a ... intention To keep it all from coming down I've gotta focus my attention 'cause

Die Fantastischen Vier - Troy lyrics

F to dem A-N-T-A-S alles klar jetzt gibt's megastress ihr ... wolltet grade gehn, ahah vergesst's wir wollen doch ... mal sehen wer hier wen verl�sst ... Thomas: du sagst du liebst jetzt ne and're band i'm

Sinead O'connor - Troy lyrics

ll remember it And Dublin in a rainstorm And sitting in the ... long grass in summer Keeping warm I ... so young then We thought that everything We could ... possibly do was right Then we moved Stolen

Sinéad O'connor lyricsSinéad O'connor - Troy lyrics

ll remember it And Dublin in a rainstorm And sitting in the ... long grass in summer Keeping warm I ... so young then We thought that everything We could ... possibly do was right Then we moved Stolen

Jojo - Lie to me lyrics

like you don't want this love Cause lately I ... don't see you around Feeling suspicious, oh ... It's like somebody else is laying you down, down, down ... Don't wanna live without you baby I try

Guano Apes - Living in a lie lyrics

give me names Youve got it all, took it all from me Drove ... me insane Whod come down to earth, releasing me Healing my ... close the door when youre leaving me Now youll run

Mgmt - Your life is a lie lyrics

the deal Open your eyes Your life ... is a lie Don’t say a word I’ll tell you why ... You’re living a lie Your life is a lie But you ... deny you ever lied Wondering why Bury your

Axxis - Living in a world lyrics

is growing in their veins Flashlights cold eyes Back to ... the start Take a coin for your game The game ... sucks your luck Press all buttons down to play Like a drug - like a derailing train

Dave Matthews Band - Lie in our graves lyrics

I step into the light my arms open wide when I step ... into the light my eyes searching wild would you not ... of the world with your legs hanging free would you not like

Hammerfall - Living in victory lyrics

you remember how we used to say Everything around us are made of clay We were the Kings ... and the others the fools, Playing by our rules Adorned

Dag Nasty - Lie down and die lyrics

just got hit by a ton of bricks But I won't lie down While I'm alive I'm ... gonna get my kicks I won't lie down I'm old and dirty from ... wrong side of town I won't lie down Ain't got no money to

Entombed - Living dead lyrics

Lyrics by Hellid; Music by Andersson] This is the world ... free to explore life is the paradise you've been searching ... for you are the god you try to implore

Hypocrisy - Living to die lyrics

cocoon binds my skin, it wants to keep me alive I am ... the great messiah of the fallen paradise Destroyed by ... my own creations, I cannot cope with life The

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Living in the past lyrics

t you speak of lies to me, After all the deeds are done, After all the smoking guns, ... Don't speak to me of lies. Don't you try to scold me ... try to hold me now, Don't start acting cold right now, Don

Trick Daddy - Living in a world lyrics

Trick Daddy] For all my children, huh, let 'em ... me Chorus: [Children] Living in a world where hearts are ... cold, yea yea ya'll Living in a city where thugs don't

Almah - Living and driftng lyrics

possible away Every possible time ... Everything takes place at once somewhere All we dream and hope Promises and lies ... All that we can think of, all that we cannot devise Adrift in reality that flows

Android Lust - Where angels lie lyrics

greed Drenched in slime that oozes now Receptive in my natural state It's simple as ... I do it now Covered in dreams of another existence just as fruitless Push the moment

Creeper - Lie awake lyrics

hearts break over and over forever, or at least each time we meet. I'm keen to ... keep this agreement we tend to talk but ... never speak. I'm bitter and drunk again, in the living

Quicksand - Lie and wait lyrics

solace in your driven state sieze your right to earn ... the same she wants it how long must we wait ... till they take our side sordid practice ... engine overheated there's no wa to cool turned up on your

Cradle - Living machine lyrics


Killus - Living to die lyrics

evoke the belief for a god So occult and ... imperceptible Lie against our understanding They ... pronounce their rules to dominate Thrown to hell's gates ... differently Rejected by heaven For an insane and damn

Dreamaker - Living in fear lyrics

can´t explain all my emotions And I don´t ... like to speak of myself But I guess that ... is the way The only way To know what I want to say ... Tell me now what you think about me Tell me what are you

Dry Kill Logic - Living witness lyrics

fear of future disaster As I wonder what you truly know ... watching as your dynasty crumbles Never needing anything at all Never needing ... justification Descending darkness takes away the light Fading further than all had

Eviction - Living in emptiness lyrics

the hate you caused yourself The ones you ... loved put back in hell You lie,you cheat,you steal for trade ... Mistakes you wish you hadn't made I hate the pain you

Inkubus Sukkubus - Living death lyrics

left my senses calling, I'm empty without you ... mourning, There's nothing I can do My life was offered as a ... sacrifice, You took the blade Cut out the heart, removed

Iron Savior - Living on a fault line lyrics

many restless nights and all the ragin' fights No one's ... there who can rescue me Oh enough of all ... our talkin' Oh tryin' to keep your ... heart from walkin' All these years passed by like a pain without a cry No one's

Poison - Living in the now lyrics

no time to think about good intentions Got no ... time to think about indiscretions Don't wanna think about past reflections ... Don't wanna think about tomorrow Chorus Cuz I

Serj Tankian lyricsSerj Tankian - Lie lie lie lyrics

lie lie lie Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie Lalalalalalalala lie ... lie lie Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie My baby, my baby let ... me know because you love me, you love me

Serj Tankian lyricsSerj Tankian - Lie lie lie [live from myspace's the list] lyrics

lie lie lie Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie Lalalalalalalala lie ... lie lie Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie My baby, my baby let ... me know because you love me, you love me

Chumbawamba - Lie lie lie lie lyrics

lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie Lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie I failed the audition for celebrity squares ... Your life is a dream, then you wake up You watch

Freak Kitchen - Lie freedom lyrics

are you to tell me what to see? Who are you to tell ... me who to be? Who are you to tell me what to read ... Who are you to tell me what I need? You f***ing

Kix - Lie like a rug lyrics

you wanna say yes then you wanna say no You're just like ... the rest, they come and they go I know that you're ... his but you say that you're mine Instead of making my love you're making up lies You lie like a rug You lie

Otep - Lie lyrics

ll think of me when the rain comes down You'll think of ... of me When you try to dream You'll think of me When all of your lies collide (I ... hurt so easy but I'll never show it)

James Arthur lyricsJames Arthur - Lie down lyrics

my eyes deceive me? Yea, I never saw a creature like ... you But I ‘m confused so I am brave I’m brave enough to ... tell you “you are one hot motherf***er!” And I don’t wanna marry you And I don’t wanna see you sleep

David Cook - Lie lyrics

whisper that you are getting tired got a look ... in you're eye looks a lot like goodbye hold on to ... your secrets tonight don't want to know i'm okay with this

Evolove - Lie to me lyrics

you whisper in my ear? Tell me things I want to ... hear Tell me that I am the best you've ever had ... Even if you have to lie to me These are words I need

Brantley Gilbert - Lie baby lie lyrics

s three in the morning I haven't slept all night I'm ... looking like some crazy fool sitting by this TV ... light You lied to me baby You lied to me girl The

No Sleeves(no3b) - Lie lyrics

wo kanda kimi wa suterareta neko no you ni uwame tsukai ... de mite boku no kimochi wo tameshiteru kokyuu sae mo ... hodo omotteru no ni kotoba no hatataba wa naze ni uke

Awolnation - Lie love live love lyrics

been waiting here for hours yeah I ... really love you so This has turned into disaster lately ... the only ones who know Lie love, live love, lie love thy

Axxis - Lie after lie lyrics

are killing lives But you say "I am sorry" A ... million people starving all the time And isolation ... be enthroned on the "last day" I hear lie after lie You believed and

Gabz - Lie there lyrics

i just, take my heart and let go of your hand and ... bury it right in the sand and just lie there just lie ... there just lie there ijust, get a box and

Chris Isaak - Lie to me lyrics

is a woman, far over the sea. Standing and waiting, praying for me. Here I lie ... sleeping, a girl by my side. Who am I ... hurting, each time I lie? Lie to me, lie..... Lie to me, lie..... There is a woman,

Like A Storm - Lie to me lyrics

a bitter taste, in a bitter place When you lie to me again ... Written on your face, and it won't erase When you lie to me, lie to me, lie to me ... Got a bitter taste, in a bitter place When you lie to

Marina Łuczenko - Lie more lyrics

m looking for Lies heard before I know what for ... Don't have to tell you why Lies like the air Don't want to ... share Just need you care Don't want to run and beg

Myra - Lie, lie, lie lyrics

tell myself that I don't love you I tell ... myself that you're not good for me Your ... eyes are green, grey, blue, whatever But I don't look at ... them And I don't look at you I tell myself that I

The Pretenders - Lie to me lyrics

not honest nothing you've said why don't you tell ... someone who'll believe you instead? 'cause i got ... this feeling is it what they call deja vu? i'm

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