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Revolution Renaissance - Trinity lyrics

love beckons to you, follow him, Though his ways are hard and steep, And when his wings enfold you yield to him, Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you. And when he speaks to you believe in him, Though his voice may shatter your dreams as th

Geezer - Trinity road lyrics

Burning Stabbing Hurting Hating Every Second Of the day Sanitizing Analyzing Criticizing all I have to say I can´t take another second of this Human Race, Inhuman Race Please let me go down Trinity Road. Please let me go down Trinity Road. Pleas

Oliver Onions - Trinity stand tall lyrics

we must travel on to nowhere, nowhere even when we were kids we stood alone all the things that we tried just never mattered they all shattered, so we packed up and we've gone Turn the tables around that good luck can be found you've got to be Trinity Trinity stand tall Turn the

Immediate Music - Judgement day lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental

Amaranthe - Trinity lyrics

is Futile Like the sun comes crashing down You will set the world on fire Deep down you got to know why We prepare for war It’s vengeance or sacrifice Incapability to hide From the predictable desire Time’s up, all in, I will rise to top Going to crush us Put to

Scar The Martyr - Trinity of lies lyrics

our loyalty, a darkness descends I should´ve known it from the start The downward spiral I've seen, my only friend The thorn in my side has pierced my heart I have never forgiven all the years of resentment Every ounce of freedom is the truth Tip the scales of the system an

Eden's Curse - Trinity lyrics

beg forgiveness from the fate of a priest I see their weakness like the man on the street Feedin' us lies, false alibis, state sworn secrets untold Fillin' our minds, some are so blind, the cover up unfolds Standin' on the break of day when the

Lucky Dube - Trinity lyrics

m sleeping with my one eye open 'Cause I think you gonna come for me You're sleeping with your gun in hand 'Cause you think I'm gonna make Me move I've been chasing white people all my life You've been chasing black people all Your life Now that we know where

Paper Tongues - Trinity lyrics

oh I Oh oh oh I Oh oh I Oh oh oh I You got a way of living your way say I want that I try to live my life for the people who need a come back There's too many problems to think that you can fix me My name is called the world and I'm dying of unbelief

Nana Mizuki - Trinity cross lyrics

na hane ga ima furisosoide me no mae no keshiki goto ubau puroroogu Ikiba no nai kono futashika na sora saigo no kotoba mo kikezu ni tonda Mune wo fusagu tokubetsu na iro toki ni kage toki ni yume, tokini wa ai wo Kioku no kakera ga taisetsuni om

Lee Aaron - Judgement day lyrics

., some say it's just a word Some believe you live your life to find your, place there Young girl.., barely turned thirteen Hustlin' on the streets, she never learned a prayer Never learned to trust no one 'Til she met the man He filled her up w

Saxon - Judgement day lyrics

don't need your religion (**) It ain't nothin' to me I don't want nobody pushin' Need to be free You've got to hit hard I've seen those demons fall I'm savin' my soul for the final goal But that day is comin', yeah (***) The judgement is here Look over your shoulder The jud

Deathstars - Trinity fields lyrics

he comes as you pray Like shot lambs you crawl Here he comes as you pray Oh, shot lambs now fall Hear him breathe as you pray His tongue licks your palms Feel him seduce when you pray There's oralsex in his psalms All the seeds That you have planted U

Jedi Mind Tricks - Trinity lyrics

1: L-Fudge] I metamorph phrases to glaciers Have 'em come together in liquid stages Then turn down the temperature and have 'em frozen into a solid foundation Now added to that this well produced amazement The crash is enough, to have the world tipped off it's axis

009 Sound System - Trinity lyrics

Yeah I'm coming home again To you Cuz you're my only friend I'll lean into the spirits hands Believe In trinity again Like it'll never end Black stars Big night You were runnin' fast All of your life I know that feelin' I know it ain't easy (No matte

Argus - Trinity lyrics

reached into the obscure To change the course of the world Now I'm become death, destroyer of worlds At once the birth of a sun Beauty and horror as one A triumph for knowledge but yet what have we gained? A pathway to peace or the door to the world's pain? Batter

Helstar - Trinity of heresy lyrics

the folds of black sleep I am and will always be Boundless as a starless sky There is no end for me Body of rebellion The light has been vanquished Everything around you Engulfed in my darkness Father of tragedies The son of atrocities The ghost of eternal lies Trinity of he

Majestic - Trinity overture lyrics

sword is my name my name is my quitter My heart in your hands leads me the way Heroes are gone the ghost and the godsend spiritual signs fading away Two broken spirits in the way dazzling through the night for the seventh sign Out in the fields sile

Nana - Judgement day lyrics

can't run away. You can't run away. It's payback time it's judgement day. Wake up in the morning pray to god you know why. I believe from bottom of my heart that's no lie. Lord forgive me and every human being I ain't shy. cheatin' whitchin' blaces in the line we all will die.

Bathory - Judgement of posterity lyrics

million barrels at sea. Atmospheric temperature increases. Fourhundredthousand acres a day. Post-generation to pay. Chimneys spew death day and night. Chemicals with every bite. Layer of mist in the sky. Filtering no more the light. Toxic waste. Debris

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - Judgement day lyrics

Bayley, Gers] There are no marks upon a man That can say he's good or bad No label and no tell tale sign That can show he's full of lies By your deeds you will be known Time will tell truth will show As we exhale every breath We all got closer to our death

Method Man - Judgement day lyrics

. there was the collapse of civilization Anarchy, genocide, starvation Then.. when it seemed like shit couldn't get any more f***ed up We got The Plague The Living Death Closing his icy grip around the whole planet Then the rumors started The last hardcore MC's.. were wor

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - Judgement day lyrics

Bayley, Gers] There are no marks upon a man That can say he's good or bad No label and no tell tale sign That can show he's full of lies By your deeds you will be known Time will tell truth will show As we exhale every breath We all got closer to

Ritual Steel - Judgement day lyrics

didn't listen too The warning that we heard Instead we waited for The dawn to tell us more They say in dreams That if you should die If we do not wake It may be good for our sake I've been down this road The endless one which turns Into deja vu It's something shade

Angra - Judgement day lyrics

the cage of your mind Waiting for the day Just a victim of the guilt Living in despair Out on your own in the dark Sinners meet the saints Bloody river overflows You don't really care Setting on fire Your own freedom Played the hardest game Now you will burn Your ete

Dream Master - Judgement day lyrics

horses will ride over the world killing the men and taking their lives away corruption and evil will end so as a phace of pain the end of humanity as we know it Judgement day has come to take our lifes away judgement day has come to end this hell called life Dry groun

Born From Pain - Judgement lyrics

.. It's in the air You can't escape it You can't prepare We've had our chances We've played our part See it coming down Hitting hard Judgement strikes It strikes us down Society's sickness' grown In all our hearts without a sou

Brand New Sin - Judgement day lyrics

I know Ill find my way to say What makes the world a better place, you say My mind is telling me to fight for my rights Ive learned my lesson done my time Someone please just... Save me Help me please dont break me, I pray (I pray, I pray) Its crazy My hearts pounding, save m

Corum - Judgement rights lyrics

away. Leave me be. I’m very tired, can’t you see? The judgement game—it’s all the same. Day after day, searching on for what the people say. So we play the judgement game, telling you rules that turn you into shameful fools. Criticize because you’re different from

D Devils - Judgement day lyrics

day has come Judgement day It's judgement day In the north, computers are takin' over the world In the east, humans are becoming slave to their own creations In the south, people are running for their lives In the west, you have to choose You can ru

Morbid Death - Judgement day lyrics

many centuries Killing was so inhuman And continues being The true thing that there's No equal rights Courts full of hypocrites and burocrats Condemning innocents, leaving them with No sights! The fears is so much That the autority can't touch Assas

Nightmare (fra) - Judgement day lyrics

spread fear in the subway all day long armed and ready to rape, women in the town they live in new York city, they're coming from the Bronx they use to play the warriors all night long watch for them, catch the thrill, travel at the speed of sound they're th

Pagan Altar - Judgement of the dead lyrics

of dead are smiling, Candlelight is shining, Judgement of the dead. Hooded corpses form the jury, Point with pent up fury, Judgement of the dead. A courtroom filled with the dead. Judge Satan sits at their head. A cloak of black, that hangs to the groun

Silent Scream ( Ger ) - Judgement day lyrics

clouds,the storm and I Are there to rule the sky Eternally The rain,the wind and fire Will force you to admire Endlessly Feel the power of my hand Kneel to the Lord of change Bow down and pray Never forget what lies behind you Your tomorrow starts toda

Bob Catley - Judgement day lyrics

you see ahead? Hold close what's dear Look forward, son, confront your fears The time has come, thy will done You've lived your life what's done is done Can't turn around Don't make a sound Can't turn around As darkness falls, in hallowed halls

Allen-lande - Judgement day lyrics

will try to understand all your intentions It's a whole new world of strange interventions Yet I'm still grown to it, still grown to it We have grown to understand mortal freedom What it leads to the prices we have to pay It's firing back on us, and th

Hilastherion - Judgement day lyrics

day on mother earth A million babies are given birth But to what future will they come? To starvation, poverty and crime We have gone so freaking blind We talk about Jesus love But we cannot reach out a helping hand To all those people needing

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - Judgement of heaven lyrics

lonely cry for help reaching out for help to anyone A silent prayer to God to help you your way I've been depressed so long It's hard to remember when I was happy I've felt like suicide a dozen times or more But that's the easy way, that's the selfish way Th

Jag Panzer - Judgement day lyrics

ve walked into the light on the other side Beyond the door of life I've left behind Followed a path I did not know Washed by many tears Read the pages of my life Retraced the wasted years that scarred my soul Now I must go, someone calls me Someone is tugging at my soul

Lynch - Judgement lyrics

t get me wrong Can you embrace? I will not move against my will Now look straight ahead You can take back what you give there is no time to be afraid I'll show you now The truth of how we got this far make it stay forever in your heart saa ai to shir

Narnia - Judgement day lyrics

ve seen them falling everywhere Like candles fading unaware Imprisoned by a world of glass We fight for freedom, but when will we face it Sinners and saints living under the same sun Holding the key to the world in thier hands Our time on earth's drawing neare

Naildown - Judgement ride lyrics

s a twisted world I'm living in It is such a bad dream I'm in This is something I could not foresee This is something that I don't need You wanna succeed? Never take off your mask One way, one aim Take it, use it, crawl for it Want to present a converse illusion? Want

Chelsea Grin - Judgement lyrics

is your last judgement Time to pay the final price This is your last judgement Time to pay the final

Hate - Trinity moons lyrics

got the memory of every grief, I got a war to fight... Never found our way, In this maze of torment! No more can I say, Frozen to myself... We are the war accelerators, Let it all burn! Let it all die! In the search of enlightenment of our souls! I

Royal Hunt - Judgement day lyrics

don`t need a reason-being who I am-I don`t need a reason to try to understand Why we even bother,in the noman`s land,killing one another.For what? Some rocks and sand? But I`ll stop that flow - I won`t let it go Everybody`s losing for a little gain.Everybody`s choosing t

Deafening Silence - Judgement day lyrics

by despair I'm my own enemy I fight everyday with the will to be free Curtain of sorrow that I cannot shoe Feelings I hold don't have to be told The guiding light of morning came Staring at the sun The fairytale is on Judgement day is on the run Then

Dominia - Judgement lyrics

was a time when I could speak to the Lord A burning heart that made a real mystery unfold I won't remember what is lost in tug of greed In an ideal world that was made for me to see It creates the atmosphere of fear Pain, lots of pain come into my ears Drown slowly

Eden's Curse - Judgement day lyrics

it all falls down How Many times did you try and save me? When my Chains were bound Tou weren't around Where the Darkness takes me Look in my eyes I know you're lost Always with you and your cause I know you think you've seen the best of me (you ain't seen not

Inkubus Sukkubus - Trinity lyrics

mysterious ladies, hear unto my prayer And grant me live and to love as you do May your magical souls overwhelm the night air To cast off its shroud and reveal your dark truths Diana, sweet maiden, so pale and so pure We welcome your fresh silver light

Master - Judgement of will lyrics

more dead Worth more dead than alive It's often said The judgement of will will decide Plot to kill A feeling that we've been deprived Those insurance policies Forcing murder violently We've assumed the monthly plan We're accustomed to demand Money spent The bills of the trust must be

Oliver Onions - Trinity is still my name lyrics

s the guy who's the talk of the town with the restless gun don't shoot broad out to fool him around keeps the varmints on the run, boy keeps the varmints on the run You may think he's a sleepy tired guy always takes his time sure I know you'll be changing yo

Abonos - Choir of an ancient kingdom lyrics

svoju elegiju Jadikovanje mracnim carstvima Jednom padose nikad vise Vaskrsli hor drevnog kraljevstva From the dark past, thy renewal Has brought thou to thy ancient throne Embalmed in dust of years before A thousand year curse has been sealed Singing their funeral

Darkest Hour - Choir of the prophecy, fulfilled lyrics

the screams can't carry far enough When the sands of time burn razor marks When the ice burns cold and I can feel no more I'll know, I'll know I've seen this all before I've felt this way before I've heard this song before Before All this sings the prophecy As the

Fades Away - Choir of failure lyrics

all the filth that remains And make me new inside, make me new inside The lions are hungry tonight Hear my cry, hear my cry I'm transfixed by your beauty Your gaze upon me Your lips whisper my name Ever so gently You promised me the world You

Jag Panzer - Choir of tears lyrics

my eyes from the filth and disgust Wash my soul clean of the self-centered lust Backward in time before the first sin Before the decay of a civilized man Forward in truth looking back just to know Disturb not the ebb of life's forgiving flow Lea

Before The Dawn - Judgement lyrics

the events in a row That led me to this point Of no return, no way to go Crossroad without directions A dead end street What led me to this point Of no return, no retreat Is this incarceration An everlasting state Justice of my own creation Judgeme

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Judgement day lyrics

you gonna do on judgement day The time's run out now, you can't stay Screaming and crying, you got to go Turn and say: 'Peter won't you open the door?' Yes, I'm coming (Yes, I'm coming) Yes, I'm coming (Yes, I'm coming) Yes, I'm coming Just like my time alone When I die

Keep Of Kalessin - Judgement lyrics

has come The guilty will fall Unforgiving terror Penetrating wall Harvest you all For their war-machine No-one will live Unless life is given Let the kingdom law be heard! Let the kingdom law be heard!! Ugh! Stoned to death Burned to dust Bleed to live Reborn t

Pennywise - Judgement day lyrics

ever knew there's be days like these when the world could knock us to our knees? We didn't fear the future or regret the past We knew our days we're numbered and it couldn't last The world's gone madit's so hard to believe it's like a bad dream version of

Anathema - Judgement lyrics

inequity of fate The pains of love and hate The heart-sick memories That brought you to your knees And the times when we were young When life seemed so long Day after day You burned it all away All the hate that feeds your needs All the sickness you conceive A

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