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Trinidad Bad Man Suck It lyrics

Browse for Trinidad Bad Man Suck It song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Trinidad Bad Man Suck It lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Trinidad Bad Man Suck It.

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Elephant Man - Bad man lyrics

air like this dis one is da bad man anthem for life Shizzle ... air (put dem inna di air) Bad man ah bad man Ah we no rob ... man ohh bad man no freak man Gunshot ah beat man bad man no support caine same way

She Wants Revenge - Suck it up lyrics

thoughts Can't you feel it in the way my body moves You ... make me bad, you make me lose Pretty ... to me, did you lie to me So many reasons why you're just not

Bloodsimple - Suck it up lyrics

Some people can't be found, It seem they are locked in a solitude, It's hard to get by, ... doubt, To take possible positive attitude, Heart scarred

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Bad man lyrics

of me (That's right you're a bad ass nigga) I'mma do what I ... mma say (You think you're a bad ass nigga) Ya understand ... And I've paid my own dues With my own pennies and now [1

Lil' Keke - Bad man lyrics

Muhammad Ali's voice] I'm a bad man [x4] [Chorus] I'm a bad man, ain't no way for me to ... stop Call me a bad man, I'm tyring to take it to the ... top I'm just a bad man, you really want some of this

Elephant Man - Bad man a bad man lyrics

a bun bad mind, but we hypocrites can stay (Yuh too bad mind ... yuh too bad mind, yuh too bad mind) So we draw our line ... tell Satan scubaay (Yuh too bad mind, yuh too bad mind, yuh

Grim Reaper - Suck it and see lyrics

temptation, but I took her invitation, I hope that she don't ... too soon She said "Suck it and see" It was all ... s dream She said "Suck it and see" Can't be

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Bad man lyrics

ooh girl, don't even try So many others tried so hard to tame ... me, so many others cried I'm tellin' ... you baby I'm a bad bad man, that's what I am, I'm bad

40 Below Summer - Suck it up lyrics

dig into my skin You'll ignite so I can burn again Sick ... Played on this, you split me open Preyed on this raw ... you. Stain, change, range (suck it up) Maim, aim, blame (suck it up) Vacate now (suck it

Fat Joe - Bad bad man lyrics

got skills, aiyyo word life Suckers is scared, because they ... scheamer I'm dead-ass, when it comes to this And if you ... of the good times she spent with her son Somebody shoulda

John Cena - Bad, bad man lyrics

John Cena] Aww, you done did it now Chaos you shoulda put ... this one in the vault man! They not ready - they don't ... know what's comin man! Oh we gonna drop this on

King 810 - Bad man lyrics

this girl she's not quite a women but she tries time ... and again. She plays with her baton and she sings all ... and she stands up for her man. She looks the other way

Neon Jungle - Bad man lyrics

way Anything I wanna, got it When I step into a spot, ... You got my girls, you make it hot And when we move, you ... midnight You know we'll be waiting Shades on with my whole

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Bad bad man lyrics

this supermarket city Among the native smiles ... s a raging silence And it's charged with action Got ... for weakness 'Cos I'm a bad bad man Down the streets of

Grand Ole Party - Bad, bad man lyrics

s a bad bad man and he calls your name And ... Lane Make a deal with a stranger Half-past three ... life, he can easily improve it But you'll soon come to

Arctic Monkeys lyricsArctic Monkeys - Suck it and see lyrics

leather headlock Your kiss, it could put creases in the rain ... just post mix lemonade Suck it and see, you never know Sit next to me before I go ... Jigsaw women with horror movie shoes Be cruel

Cockney Rejects - Bad man lyrics

always owe you one you're a badman one day you'll realise ... never buy a round you're a badman you treat your mother as bad as bad could be you even pay

Elephant Man - Bad gal, bad man lyrics

[Cecile:] Sorry [Elephant Man:] Sorry You soon see bout ... sorry you hear, wait till i hold you Rude bwoy ... a so much mouth, and when man have dem ina dem house dem a

Missy Elliott lyricsMissy Elliott - Bad man lyrics

What dem do dem rude badman (Badman) Dem nuh want mi ... shoot badman (Badman) Tell dem, dem be one dead man (Badman) If dem (?) boy play ... badman Smash di place, smash di

Ayria - Suck it up lyrics

your rival To everyone it's clear you're in denial And ... now it's come to this I thought it ... time pending survival When it comes to pricks you take the

Skindred - Bad man ah bad man lyrics

sound Union Black Sound Badman ah Badman Niceman ah niceman Tune so good you gotta play ... this twice man Badman ah Badman Niceman ah niceman Put the

Hed Pe - Suck it up lyrics

bring it Just bring it Just bring it Just bring it ... down One, two, three, f*** it up bow down, bow down One, ... two, three, f*** it up bow down, bow down One,

21 Savage lyrics21 Savage - Bad business lyrics

Intro] Yeah lil bitch, yeah Know what goin' on ... lil bitch, yeah Big dawg lil bitch ... Yeah come suck a big dick, yeah Yeah, yeah, ... speed racin' (speed racin') Suck it 'til your knees achin'

Overkill - 21st century man lyrics

it up, it's a new sensation He's a ... 21st century man Hooked on into the new ... freak how, 21st century man Hey damnation, in your face, ... space for the 21st century man Suck it up as the worlds

Garbage - Bad boyfriend lyrics

ve got a fever Come check it and see There's something ... last but we'll have fun till it ends C'mon baby be my bad ... my friends C'mon baby be my bad boyfriend So ripe so sweet

Le Fly - Suck or lick it lyrics

spreng’ diesen Club Keine Zeit für gesampelte Hooks Meine ... wir jam’ euch kaputt Keine Zeit zu verlieren alles was wir ... glaub an den Tag An den tritt in den Arsch der Stars also

Peaches - Suck and let go lyrics

Suck it up Suck it all Suck and let go Suck Suck it ... up Suck it all Suck and let go Suck Suck it ... all Suck it up Suck and let go Suck and let go

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Cry for the bad man lyrics

to be so small Never met a man who's stranger He lives his ... a dollar sign And to deal with him is dangerous He knocked ... m so much wiser I'd rather quit and go back home Than to

I Declare War - The bad man lyrics

bad man stay away from me. Your dark ... shadow slithers next to me. I smell you bad man. I can hear your ... around me. You weak man, you bad man, sending fear in

Chipmunk - Man dem (ft.tinchy stryder) lyrics

Maniac Chipmunk Check it See i can't take these man ... beef but getting no peice man dem Ain't even got a mix CD ... got the cheak to send for me man dem You're not G's man dem

The Kooks - Bad habit lyrics

You gotta let go, come with me Looking for a stranger ... to love You say you want it, but You can't get it in ... You got yourself a bad habit for it Oh look at you,

Kardinal Offishall - Bad like we bad lyrics

people dem Ounno seh dem got it Dem have a clean heart and a ... firm meditation Ounno have dat droppa ... from yo that's a prerequisite Eff etiquette check the T

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - Bad moon lyrics

Funny Man] This is it The bad moon Hahaha [Charlie ... Scene and Danny] I wait till midnight I can feel a ... A silhouette of palm trees With one foot in the grave

Skepta - Bad boy lyrics

That's why they call me a bad boy They call me a bad boy ... They call me a bad They call me a bad They ... call me a bad They call me a bad They call me a bad boy I

Hinder - Bad mutha f***a lyrics

I'm laying in bed With a lit cigarette Can't say if last ... In my coffee cup I'm a bad mutha f***a, heeh (Hehehehe) ... I'm a bad mutha f***a (I'M A BAD MUTHA

Alexander Arthur (june) - It hurts to want it so bad lyrics

s a lot like bein' little and wantin' a brand new ... toy. It's a lot like bein' little and wantin' a baby boy ... to call brother, and it hurts when you want it so bad. It's a lot like bein' a

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Bad - (afrojack remix) lyrics

Kill Come On, Come On, Lay It On Me All Right... I'm ... To Show Your Stuff Or Let It Be . . . I'm Telling You ... They Say The Sky's The Limit And To Me That's Really True

Reverend Horton Heat - Bad reputation lyrics

You've got a bad reputation that's a what you ... got A bad reputation but I like it a ... lot A bad reputation and it's all over town A bad ... reputation and it's going around A bad

Leighton Meester - Bad girl lyrics

..Let's go! They get it rough, don't matter, do it to ... re like a drug, you know how bad you are Let's show among, ... there if you ask So let it go [Chorus] What you waiting for damn? Tell them take

Vybz Kartel - Real bad man lyrics

have di haske-la Wey mek big man scream like Ange-la Police ... cyaa lock me up like Mande-la Yo mad! Head wi open up ... Timeless! [Chorus:] Real badman neva afraid We got bombs

Camouflage - Bad news lyrics

you ain't a man 'cause my heart's carried in ... can see, I love my misery. Bad news It's born in my blood. ... Bad news Some live to undo, ... I feed on my own heart. Bad news It's born in my blood.

Melvins - A history of bad man lyrics

they can't hear us coming? It's easy for me, I got a ... learn to be sick, so cunning It's easy to sing but you just ... you hear that, I got a real bad feeling How many moles do

Lyfe Jennings - It coulda been worse lyrics

always complaining about how bad stuff is. Complaining about ... the light bill, hey its people that dont got lights, ... tell everybody listening man embrace your struggle cause

Busta Rhymes - It's all good lyrics

to you baby I've got some shit to share we your freaky ass, ... I like the way you freak it baby, I love your style The ... The way you give me them little fights and little tussles

Toni Braxton lyricsToni Braxton - Just be a man about it lyrics

real quick Hey, hey Toni, it's me, I was just calling You ... to let you know, don't Wait up for me tonight I mean I ... are different, but You know It's not you, it's me, you know,

Bananarama - Bad for me lyrics

all the things I can't do without No matter what you say ... me, why do they say He's bad for me That's what they say ... Bad for me But I don't care Bad for me What do they know Bad for me When he's standing

Emmy The Great - Bad things coming, we are safe lyrics

come and sit with me I fell asleep and now I ... had that you were in Turned bad, and then it finished And I ... glad to be awake Glad to be with you 'Cause I feel safe when

Kottonmouth Kings - Bad habits lyrics

habits Bad habits Bad Habits Bad habits, Bad habits ... up nine years in this game Bad habits, Bad habits Life ... s fast driving me insane Bad habits, bad habits Daily

Audio Adrenaline - Man of god lyrics

a fake sometimes I'm a hypocrite that everybody hates ... sometimes I watch life go by sitting on the bleacher But I ... my aim Sometimes I'm a man of God sometimes I'm alright

Brian Setzer - Bad bad girl (in a bad bad world) lyrics

plane to Tokyo, Japan I'm sittin' next to a chick with a ... She's not the same She's a bad bad girl in bad bad world A bad bad girl in a bad bad world It's not her fault she's a bad bad girl It's so sad it's a sad

Nick Drake - Man in a shed lyrics

there was a man Lived in a shed Spent most ... rotten let in the rain Said it was enough to drive any man ... insane When it rained He felt so bad When ... very big and grand For him it seemed like some very distant

Godsmack - Bad magick lyrics

it feels so bad when you're taking a drag and ... tired eyes When you stare at it dead and you're giving it ... come alive Oh yeah If it feels so bad - bad magic

Hands Off Gretel - Bad egg lyrics

end of my tether I feel so bad I could choke from the rain ... day [?] weather I am a bad egg [?] I am a bad egg it ... sick that I could choke [?] with this wonderful weather

B-52s - Bad influence lyrics

it bad My bads my bad influence Big town holds me ... your difference They call it bad influence Chorus Free ... mind, free soul It's time for liberation to flow

Cesarion Kim - Bad thing lyrics

night On the New York City lights From my hotel room. ... But I'm without you You can tell me little lies Over telephone lines ... ve shown! Don't need to be a bad thing, a bad thing! Don't

Sondre Lerche - Bad law lyrics

my story No evidence and no witness to summon or finesse I ... confess, it all sounds unlikely A ... wall The law in all its flaws, me in an oversized ... can love be separate? Baby it's a bad, bad law It's a bad,

Set It Off - Bad guy lyrics

We are the heart of kryptonite I stole the moon I made ... to fly And you made me the bad guy You paint the scene, with the colors of an enemy All

Usher lyricsUsher - Bad girl lyrics

nuff Shawty What it do? Oooooooh Pimpin', oh ... pimp juice, I need me one Bad than a mutha I hear you ... sayin' I need a bad girl If you're a bad girl

Laura Branigan - Bad attitude lyrics

Than givin to desire And with an arrow through my heart ... I see You know you got a bad attitude I wanna love you ... filled You try to tell me it's alright You say you're

Guns N' Roses lyricsGuns N' Roses - Bad obsession lyrics

re better off left behind It's a bad obsession It's ... always messin' It's always messin' my mind It ... s a bad obsession It's always messin' It's always

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