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House Of Lords - Heart on the line lyrics

never told me there'd be days like this It all ... out with a little kiss One thing led to another Then I ... took a shot My heart was on the line I was working

Cheap Trick - Heart on the line lyrics

never told me there'd be days like this, It ... out with a little kiss. One thing led to another, ... temperature was hot My heart was on the line, I was workin

Domain - Heart on the line lyrics

to be free, so free But as soon as you start trying You're ... you're losing yourself No one ever should be cheatin' Only true love hurts I can't ... trust my heart so blue (my heart so blue) Don't believe in

Richard Marx - Heart on the line lyrics

And I knew you had to be the one You walked out of all ... of my dreams Never thought the day would really come ... I’ve been standing in a long desperate line Waiting for

Level 42 - Heart on the line (skeletal) lyrics

Some, lose some That the way I play the hand I get No ... And I get something of a lesson That's a lesson to us all ... answer if he can What am I gonna do If I can't take it like

Brooks Elkie - Putting my heart on the line lyrics

could be happy, sitting alone Walking on my own I need ... without you Putting my heart on the line (You know I am) ... Show me a sign Putting my heart on the line Yeah...

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - On the line lyrics

its over Hard times just don't go away You gotta take ... open mind Gotta put your heart on the line If you wanna ... out and try Gotta put your heart on the line If you wanna

Bonfire - Lay your heart on the line lyrics

feelings too many times they've been makin' you sad ... Girl I'm the man who won't play with your yearnings ... Open up your heart babe 'cause I won't treat you

Tina Arena - On the line lyrics

yeah Don't you feel natural lying ... it so hard to say you care Don't know how to take it Don't ... know where we are How we gonna make it If you can't put ... your heart On the line Line, got to be willing Let the

Blood Orange - On the line lyrics

me if you caught my lie My heart's not true Tell me if we're on the line Are we through ... me if you're in my life Don't go, baby are we on the line ... [Chorus] Baby are we on the line Tell me baby are you

One Way System - On the line lyrics

m walking up the street now To see a friend ... his house now Knocking on the door Until he invites me ... inside Then he sells me a score I ... feel fine tonight On the line tonight I feel fine tonight

Demi Lovato lyricsDemi Lovato - On the line feat. jonas brothers lyrics

Cause i knew that i was wrong. Both: Yeah, i knew,i was ... wrong. One In the same. Never to change. Our ... Know i Wouldn't lie. o: But Tonight, Wel'l Laeve it On the Line. D.: Listen Baby. Nick:

Deadiron - On the line lyrics

the line, hours inch by, years gone, ... can’t remember not why. As the winter months come, and you ... see your work done, not enough can be saved, ... work your bones to the grave, can you still provide

Flow - On the line lyrics

mune no konpasu wa mata arata na mirai wo ... shimesu Mada kono koe ga tsuzuku kagiri ikeru ... utaidashite Mukashi kara ironna koto ni kyoumi wo mochi ... mite wa mikabouzu de owaru Sonna boku ga ima made tsuzukete

Graham Nash - On the line lyrics

I'm starting to frown at everyone I see, I'm taking the calls ... and playing the halls, But staring at walls ... is all I ever see So is the money I make Worth the price

The Limetree Warehouse - On the line lyrics

don’t throw in the towel, Let me dry you off ... shower You with love and then you’ll cower ‘Cause I’m not ... hard-hearted like Jack Bauer. I think

Manfred Mann - Heart on the street lyrics

dreamin' Electronic healer Plugged in the ... you said Have a taste of another kind of fruit boy Why not ... open Put your shoulder to the wheel It's not my feet It's

Tim Mcgraw - Still on the line lyrics

you still there? I've got a bad connection ... rain, 2 a.m. And I'm in the middle of nowhere I don't ... to say (I'm saying it) I don't know what to do (I'm doin'

Diana Ross - Love on the line lyrics

I don't see you And I don't know where you've been There gets to be a question in my ... It hurts to love you And the knife goes through the heart ... of me When you're gone I lose a part of me That's

Barclay James Harvest - Love on the line lyrics

a burning fire Creeping up on you Watch as the flame grows ... Can you see it through? Don't you know the die is cast? ... Got to keep on running faster than time And

Foreigner - Love on the telephone lyrics

three days and more Pretty soon you don't know anymore ... Friday, the sixth day, Saturday seems ... late Don't know how much longer I can wait Ooh, could

4him - Lay it all on the line lyrics

don't go wastin' your time ... Holding on to your life There are treasures that I have ... possessed Meant the world to me But they never ... filled the emptiness I needed something

Foo Fighters lyricsFoo Fighters - The line lyrics

black cloud coming out of the blue I was wrong I was ... right I'm a blood moon born in the dead of night ... Break my bones I don't care All I ever wanted was

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Lover on the line lyrics

ll be your lover on the line I'll be your lover on the line One day I'll see I let you ... go away One day I'll think that ... everything is okay One day I'll feel that it won't

Bay City Rollers - Lay your love on the line lyrics

ain't gonna crash, I ain't gonna burn I ain't gonna lose ... out a second this time Taking it high ... leaving it low Make it the fast lane I'm taking this ... time Friends and lovers soon discover It's a fact of time

Roy Orbison - She won't hang her love out (on the line) lyrics

Oh, it's such a pity, she won't wanna kiss me She won't ... hang her love out on the line No, she won't hang her ... love out on the line A mystery to me, she's

Lee Ben - Still on the line lyrics

you hide It's so strong, it's just where it belongs ... getting closer I can't shake the feeling inside And this isn ... getting closer I can't shake the feeling inside I'm still on the line I'm still on the line It seeps in, it's underneath the skin The world

Adrenaline Mob - All on the line lyrics

feel I'm not the same I'm alive but something ... every leaf that is falling to the ground It's still alive but ... not the same These are the times we all feel pain A

Bella Morte - On the edge lyrics

am lost within myself I felt the chill of doubt, And nothing's ... ever been the same With just one last wish, This time will ... not ever fade With just one last wish, My life matters once again [Chorus] I am on the edge Waiting for this night

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - Life on the line lyrics

end is near the time has come You've lived ... life and now that life is done Can't run away, you'll ... RUN OUT OF TIME YOUR LIFE'S ON THE LINE This is the end -

Chris De Burgh - Man on the line lyrics

s a man on the line, he is wasting my time, He ... s got nothing to say, And at the dead of night when I turn out ... the light, The telephone rings, it's him again; I

Evacuate The City - Life on the line lyrics

The City - Life On The Line Evacuate The City - Life On The Line Evacuate The City - Life ... On The Line Evacuate The City - Life On The Line ... Evacuate The City - Life On The

Ratt - Got me on the line lyrics

you It's some fun hot afternoon Whenever I'm alone I sit ... and pick up the phone, give a call She's so hot ... She said "I'll be your one and only" I know what

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Your life's on the line lyrics

me, but that's okay Cuz I don't like y'all anyway ...And I ... don't like y'all anyway F*** all ... Wutup homie For bitches who don't know me ...They wanna blow

Giant - Lay it on the line lyrics

hard 'cause my daddy was gone My momma said "Son, ... easy And if you wanna win then you gotta be strong", I ... gotta be strong I heard her say "It

Grim Reaper - Lay it on the line lyrics

Shedding too many tears I'm gonna let my anger show I've ... got to pull myself together Ain't got much time Got to ... get myself together And lay it, lay it on the line I must have been blind To

Sheena Easton - Voice on the radio lyrics

Voice on the radio, voice on the radio Voice on the radio, ... voice on the radio) Well late a lonely ... evening, the sound on the radio The musics not my

Kool G Rap - On the run lyrics

Verse 1:] I got a job with the mob, makin G's Doin some ... and transportin keys Yeah they got me like a flunkie I'm ... my trunk G And I'm holdin the suitcase With a half a million dollars right in my motherf***in face And I'm tryin to

Mastodon - Trampled under hoof lyrics

will issue days and strike them hurry to mystic plains go ... lifesblood hurdle in the path struck down all is

Demonaz - Under the great fires lyrics

gods of the furious black burning skies ... spears and swords high on your ride Along the great ... of fire and ice Warriors on horses attack from the ... sides Fires shall flame to the skies all battalions stride

Mudvayne - Under my skin lyrics

inside my head, F*** this I don't need your shit, All the ... Thorns, splinters, pushing, Under my skin, They want in, ... Sharpened tongue to penetrate me, If you

Gabriella Cilmi - On a mission lyrics

got a plan I'm sticking to The word is that I'm over doubt ... But I don't let it get me down I ain't ... nobody's push around If they could only see me now There's only one thing on my mind

George Jones - The shoe goes on the other foot tonight lyrics

a shoe goes on the other foot tonight We'll find out if ... two wrongs can make a right Tonight I'll push my heartaches ... out of sight 'Cause the shoe goes on the other foot tonight. How long did you

Needtobreathe - The heat lyrics

hurry's gonna bring you to your knees I ... much is true Your eyes are gonna rob you of your thunder ... caught when are hands are off the wheel And our foot is on the

James Brendan - World on the streets lyrics

saw the truth and it made you sad ... up again Love was lost in the indecision Pacified by your ... television And you hope the chance remains to live with a

Phish - The line lyrics

push it out, I can hear my heart pound, a hero’s what I’m not ... flashes flare, frozen as the people stare, my crucifixion ... shot Friends were electric on the western side while

Crimson Shadows - On the eve of battle + freedom and salvation lyrics

+ Falling through the cracks within my mind I hold ... be but this is my declaration I know the path that's ... is my detainee Crossing the seas, the tides splash upon

Eagles lyricsEagles - On the border lyrics

down the center of a two way street ... Wond'rin' who is really in the driver's seat Mindin' my ... bus'ness along comes big brother Says, "Son, you

Elton John lyricsElton John - Heart in the right place lyrics

ve got a good by-line, they all know my name The queen ... of the sly line, I feed on your fame But I got my heart ... in the right place, it's all in the ... got my vote But step out of line boy and I'll go for your

Iron Fire - On the edge lyrics

ve got a monkey on my back And my soul feels ... so high into a toxic sky On a trip to Hell To the sound ... of the judgement bell Still on the edge of another breakdown Alone in the dark I'm lost in a

Donnie Munro - Heart of america lyrics

see the flags in the morning rain as they flutter ... out the road at the start of a new day where in the light of the morning runs ... Sharon Springs and the old hotel feel my heart rise

Adema - Enter the cage lyrics

many times throughout the song) Silently pacing, all ... crowd chanting loudly, one goal pursuing, one thought consuming. Now you're stepping ... trained for this moment, no one else could can own it, keep

Aviators - The magic inside (i am just a pony) (remix) lyrics

show you who I am Threw off the veil, it's finally time There's more to me than glitz and ... what I was sold I did all the things that I was told But ... I know That I am just a pony I make mistakes from time

Chris De Burgh - The ecstasy of flight (i love the night) lyrics

midnight We must head for the town, Keep under cover till ... With a bagful of wine; The night is alive, look in the ... shadows, Because now is the time, out in the shadows, To

Meiko - Under my bed lyrics

to do Here I am, with my heart on the floor And my love out ... You should be knocking But there it goes I got nothing to ... show for It's the pictures I posed for But I

Thomas Anders - On my way lyrics

uuh Uh-uhu I can hear you on the telephone Asking you, ... where did you go? Down on the line, down on the line with ... rin' words that can break my heart It's hard to take that we're

Patty Loveless - On down the line lyrics

to make a livin That's the bottom line It ain't easy ... into a dime Sweatin' for the dollar Workin' for the man ... Half goes to the Landlord, Lord And half to

Aldo Nova - Surrender your heart lyrics

got a hold on me I can't escape this ... part of me You take but you don't care 'Cause you think that ... a heart never mends So you run from ... me time and again Don't go saying you love me As

Shawn Mendes lyricsShawn Mendes - Heart on fire (jonathan clay) lyrics

down I wanna begin but I don't know how To let you know, ... how I'm feeling I'm high on hope, I'm reeling And I won't let you go, now you know I ... close, always hoping With a heart on fire A heart on fire,

The Qemists - On the run lyrics

x21 I'm on the run! They know its my destination ... Cross the line and I'm lost forever more ... looking) If i'm caught, its the end of it, its the end of it

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