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Eraserheads - Bato lyrics

No need to disagree Or seek my history You're staring at my ... soul My sanity you stole But then I knew all ... along That anything could go wrong Though I ... can't see you I can feel you I'm so glad you opened the

Amasic - Toto - africa lyrics

tonight But she hears only whispers of some quiet ... She's coming in twelve-thirty flight Her moonlit wings ... an old man along the way Hoping to find some old

Toto lyricsToto - Running out of time lyrics

I gaze into the sun I see myself I've been bought and now ... I'm owned Surrounded by the madness It throws me to ... the ground And kick dust in my eyes Then I hear a voice

Toto lyricsToto - Burn lyrics

can hear you cry From behind the door of your ... troubled mind You locked yourself inside A lonely ... prison of your own design Do you feel ... Does it ease the pain when you close your eyes? Do you

Toto lyricsToto - Holy war lyrics

.. they say it's Armageddon Hide... we ... re very near the end Fear... the ... I have I know, I know You are, you are Trying to ... Sounds like shit to me Holy war... Show me what you've

Toto lyricsToto - 21st century blues lyrics

to be you could trust what you heard The channels were ... seem so absurd The words set you free Now they tell you ... what to think And that the sky is green Am I the only one

Toto lyricsToto - Orphan lyrics

re never alone in the world You're never alone in the world ... You believe in each and everyone of us You're never alone ... the underground Then one day I opened up my eyes Looked

Toto lyricsToto - Unknown soldier lyrics

of my brothers lay before me A hallowed ground ... like ghosts I hear them cry Young men taking bullets ... fear As I enter the valley of death and heartache A

Toto lyricsToto - The little things lyrics

shake up the world When you can't find the pearls You ... once held in your hand How can all these ... keep changing so fast? You can't count on anything to

Toto lyricsToto - Chinatown lyrics

car to Jackson It's a Friday night affair Madam Rose's ... legendary honeycomb With an ounce of ... intuition You can feel it in the air ... This working boy has found a place to roam

Toto lyricsToto - All the tears that shine lyrics

time you wake I can see the smile ... in your eyes How long will it take ... Before I finally realize It's time to let you go And still my heart ... That the thought of loving you was right or wrong I

Toto lyricsToto - Fortune lyrics

.. yeah yeah Judy can't you look at me Or take the ... opportunity to work it out You said you won a bet on me ... Then you say you think my luck is running out It

Toto lyricsToto - Great expectations lyrics

have great expectations for you and me And there's no ... obligations my love We have sailed across ... of a raging sea And it's you that I'm thinking of ... Hello to you good people everywhere New world children

Toto lyricsToto - Bend lyrics

appears Better angels fly Moments of redemption ... Between you and I Over and over and ... just have to bend So many hard lines Are flexible ... would it give to take Only need a moment For it to snap

Toto lyricsToto - Make believe lyrics

refrén:] Why don't we make believe we're ... in love again Who says the crimson moon doesn't ... Where do people go when they're looking for that one of a ... kind Why don't we make believe that we

Toto lyricsToto - I won't hold you back lyrics

another chance tonight I'd try to tell you that the things ... time to realize just how much you cared Now you're gone, I ... m really not the same, I guess I have

Toto lyricsToto - Good for you lyrics

you're dreaming, son don't you rise, I never get lost, so ... deep into eyes I won't give up until you ... give in, But I know you must realize [refrén:]

Toto lyricsToto - It's a feeling lyrics

armchair It's a feeling, you never belonged to me First ... you're on the up and up, I only look down and see I only ... look down and see You're fighting me, you knew me

Toto lyricsToto - Afraid of love lyrics

stole my heart the moment you came to town I said hello ... but you were gone when I turned ... around You can't get away, can't get away, even if you ... try now I wanna tell you but the words just can't be

Toto lyricsToto - Lovers in the night lyrics

matters, and I don't know why You know she's gonna make you cry, you know she's gonna ... make you cry She'll have you walk beneath the ladder you ... were meant to climb You know she's gonna make you

Toto lyricsToto - We made it lyrics

timing for love: you caught me on your birthday ... I could feel your heart break into a hundred ... we'll put it together, it may be forever [refrén:] We

Toto lyricsToto - Waiting for your love lyrics

'cause then the midnight icy winds will blow Eyes, give ... every drop, this ain't the way that should have made her ... don't leave me now, 'cause you're the reason she's here anyhow Words be gentle when you speak into her heart

Toto lyricsToto - Africa lyrics

tonight But she hears only whispers of some quiet ... She's coming in twelve-thirty flight Her moonlight wings ... an old man along the way Hoping to find some old

Toto lyricsToto - Rosanna lyrics

wake up in the morning is see you eyes Rosanna, Rosanna I ... thought that a girl like you could ever care for me, ... middle of the evening is hold you tight Rosanna, Rosanna I

Toto lyricsToto - I'll supply the love lyrics

refrén:] You supply the night, baby, I'll supply ... the love You supply the night, baby, I'll supply ... I see a horseman in the sky, It makes me turn and wonder

Toto lyricsToto - Georgy porgy lyrics

I'm walking in my sleep Well I'm talking baby ... can't you see Well all we need is a ... song So people let me hear you say Na na na na na It's ... not your situation I just need

Toto lyricsToto - Manuela run lyrics

t look now You better watch that sword ... that's hanging over you It's a long hard road and ... they will spit you out When they get through ... with you Don't hang your head So the wise man said

Toto lyricsToto - You are the flower lyrics

old man time" always pulls you through It's ... the morning dew For the rose you plant in your bed tends to you Hard and blue Some ... folks take money Some take their life Some

Toto lyricsToto - Girl goodbye lyrics

road And the devil's got my soul And I'm looking for the ... Lord In New York City Yeah I'm out on the run Got ... some heat, got a gun If they don't find me soon It'll be

Toto lyricsToto - Takin' it back lyrics

think I'll go it alone You should've shown me if you ... Few would have known me if they dared 'Cause I'm takin' it ... it all back if it'd just make you understand Girl how I've

Toto lyricsToto - Rockmaker lyrics

t know quite what to say Haven't seen you in seven ... ages Can you tell that it's me Or is my ... on torn out pages? And you think it's real But it's ... just another future deal And you know you're right 'Cause you've waited for it all night

Toto lyricsToto - Hold the line lyrics

s not in the way that you hold me It's not in the way you say you care It's not in ... the way you've been treating my friends It's not in the way ... that you'll stay till the end It's not in the

Toto lyricsToto - Angela lyrics

Can't seem to find time anymore Somewhere she weeps Her ... hair gently brushes the floor I know my ... way I know that I'll find her ... child in her womb And I pray that she will be calling soon

Francis Magalona - Pikon lyrics

Dati career namin ay dead at least ... ngayon ay nasa Dredd ... wala namang tato Bato-bato sa langit tamaa'y wag ... magalit Pag may nawawala maghanap ng kapalit

Gloc 9 - Upuan (jeazell grutas of zelle) lyrics

po na naka-upo, Subukan nyo namang tumayo, At baka ... matanaw, At baka matanaw ninyo, Ang tunay na kalagayan ko. ... (Ganito kasi 'yun eh.) Tao po, nandyan po ba

Miky Mora - Zly syn lyrics

to ani neviem,jouu toto je remix vyjebany.toto je ... remix remix remix vyjebany toto je remix skurveny pojebany ... remix,toto je vyjebany remix zly syn zly syn je spat

Radikal Chef - Downtown lyrics

eej downtown, toto je vyjebaný downtown ee-eej ... downtown, toto je vyjebaný downtown ee-eej ... downtown, toto je vyjebaný downtown ee-eej ... downtown, toto je vyjebaný downtown Stratený v

Parokya Ni Edgar - Bagsakan lyrics

Nandito na si gloc 9 Wala syang apelyido Magbabagsakan ... Nandito rin si gloc 9 Wala syang apelyido Magbabagsakan ... Kailangan galingan hindi na kayang tapatan ang tugtugan ng

Gamba - Bolo nebolo lyrics

stali sa svojim snom prvy pohlad stacil, vedeli, ze oni ... svoji su prekazky su nic a ze vzajomne sa ... ponesu prve bozky v aute, spoznavanie, dotyky ... na telach prsty citia ako tuzi ako sa tam

Radikal Chef - Afrodisiacum /prod. pilate/ lyrics

zomrieme dnes? Slnko asi vyjde, my budeme preč Spomalené ... Adam a Eva a každý z nás psychopat Zahoď ten Adderall, ... sa za to, treba sa s tým iba vyrovnať Tvoj bývalý bol sebec,

Radikal Chef - Def***to - renesance feat. radikal lyrics

všechny naše hip hop-ové odchovance ... za rap a ne za falešné vyjebance V době kdy stačí ... V hajzlu sou maximálně ty co neví Už dávno sem řekl že

Radikal Chef - Sokrates (prod. pilate) lyrics

2x) Toto všetko je už za mnou, toto ... keď ti špinia meno a ty cítiš sa jak fake boy, viem ... to je keď si mladý slovak, vydre tie tisíce a nie iba par

Radikal Chef - 07. veci so mnou spojené lyrics

idea, freestyle, Radikal, Dramatikz, sever ... Yaksha, Stopercent a Masif, ... tejp jedna dva, Výsledok doby, Morfium, veľká hra, Sony ... cez milión pozretí, Antiparty, Chuligán, nominant na klip,

Bijouterrier - Japanese tourbus ( 日本の観光バス ) lyrics

OBCI MACHULINCE, kumotori yama Toukyou CELÝ ZÁJAZD IŠIEL ... HÁDZAŤ DO ŽITAVY MINCE. kujukurihama boukyou ... DRUHÝ DEŇ NAŠLI V RIEKE 1500 YENOV kumotori yama Toukyou

Maestro - Maestro-riešiči lyrics

riesici palte do pice toto je pravda co nepouziva tlmice ... chcete somnou vyjebat to sa vam nepodari ... oproti mne ste iba vyjebani stokari cezomna ... ja som ta suka co vam ozivy zasitu ranu pravdu si

Dramatikz - Daždivý deň lyrics

Den za dnom plynie, stale nove slova, teraz ... postavy v dazdivom dni dva, su tu ... Meno Zheriaw, definicia kon zly, ktory vam stale vytrvalo ... a Dramatikz rozrazaju kvapky celom. Na mokrej ulici,

Lil Trafic - Všetko stratené lyrics

Lil Trafic, kazdy si zasluzi aspon trochu ucty, ... je stratene. Jeden chybni krok a vsetko stratil, ... stacila jedna mala chyba za ktoru zaplatil, staci

Radikal Chef - R.s.g. - pre našich feat. radikal lyrics

tebe si pre mňa ako Mayday, keď ma už celý svet j*be, ... ale nie len vtedy idem s tebou eurá prepiť ... prebrať futbal, politiku, bitky, sex a ženy Ja viem, že som

Radikal Chef - Počiatok (prod. duffus) lyrics

máme svoju Odysseu, svoju púť, a toto je tá ... prvý francúzák, od vtedy mám tuná flowy čo bodajú jak ... ti celé telo rýmami jak Yakuza, nie, nie sme rivali,

Breno E Caio Cesar - Tranquinho lyrics

Te beijo, te solto, bato e assopro É desse jeito que

Jhomajikero - Namimiss na kita lyrics

na di mababali, kailan man ay di ko kayang sabihing ayoko ... sayo itaga sa bato, ang pangako sayo ay hindi ... sama ka ililibot kita sa palasyo ng pusong ikaw ang prinsesa

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - Bebot lyrics

Be bebot bebot be Ikaw ay Filipino!!! Filipino!!! ... Filipino!!! Filipino!!! Hoy pare pakinggan nyo ko Eto ... nang tunay na filipino Galing sa baryo

Gloc 9 - Nginig lyrics

lyrics Lumalakas ang bawat ... Ang mga hindi mo ina asahan ay nanraan lang sa tabi Bawat ... bulong ng hagin kay parang bang kay lamig Dumampi ... sa iyong balat na siya tulad ay nginig (siya tulad ay nginig)

Los Lobos - Chuco's cumbia lyrics

al dance a pachangear Voy con los batos de mi clanton ... Voy encontrar a mi querer A ... tirar chancla, ay que sabrozon Que suave ... carazon Porque al bailar soy muy feliz Ay chuquitia tu

P.o.d. lyricsP.o.d. - Booyaka 619 lyrics

Booyaka ... 619, 619 ... Booyaka ... Booyaka ... That's my pueblo, that's my pueblo ... ... Booyaka Booyaka 619 (Hey) Booyaka Booyaka That's my ... pueblo Booyaka Booyaka 619 (Hey) Booyaka Booyaka

Rey Mysterio - Booyaka booyaka lyrics

you gonna do when we come for you? Correle. Correle. Andale. ... What you gonna do when we come for you? Booyaka. Booyaka. 619 ... (Hey) Booyaka. Booyaka. That's my pueblo. Booyaka. Booyaka. 619 (Hey) Booyaka. Booyaka. Rey Mysterio.

Demon - Cesta je volna lyrics

staci snad nie? staci tych veci co sa riesia vonku, v ... len nieco predstierat kazdy sa snazi niecim zaujat ukaz ... o tom ? len preto ze si cely zivot zatvoreny za plotom

Luke Conard - Tonight i'm watching you ft. meghan camarena .. lyrics

know you want me I made it obvious ... that I want you too So show it to me I ... look for you on Netflix and YouTube Now rock that figure ... Man I like the way that you move So give it to me

Bacil - O co ti ide! lyrics

na tom je ze vacsina je slabych chlapcov tvrdych no nevytrenovanych,nevyrapovanych bez ... stylov hlasov nenasadenych a drsnych poz dovi zle hranych neviem ci mam plakat ci sa

El-nino - Není nic krásnějšího lyrics

Neni nic krasnejsiho kdyz te mam vedle sebe kdyz nikdo ... neni doma ty me mas a ja mam tebe slysim ... se vedle koupes cekam v postely je mi krasne jsem uvolneny a

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